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  1. I'm glad Whoopi is calling out Meghan's straw man bullshit. Dr. Fauci should have yelled at protesters?
  2. For Meghan, "identity politics" is an underhanded way to be dismissive of her co-hosts, particularly when the subject of race comes up. If a Republican politician gets in trouble for saying something racist, you can count on Meghan to decry identity politics before breaking into "both sides" blather with a generous helping of "intellectually dishonest."
  3. Why would she think this was a good thing to say? "Unprepared" is an easy out that makes it seem as if Meghan usually at least tries to do a good job. She really thought that "I'm not unprepared; I'm just incompetent" makes her look good?
  4. My inner petty self was not just amused that Gov. Cuomo interrupted The View, but that he also used "crises" correctly.
  5. And never, ever wash her hands . . . Ramona's smallmindedness is based on what she thinks Rich People are supposed to be, so she wears her ignorance as a badge of honor. My thoughts exactly. Porpoise laugh is the best and most hilarious description of Ramona's laugh!
  6. Apparently, Tinsley's mere existence hurts and offend Dorinda, and the other Worker Bees are just glad that it's not them. I was surprised by Ramona here. I understand being blindsided and freaked out at Leah's tantrum, but for me, that would be enough to dis-invite Leah and her sister. No vacation, even a Bravo-funded one, needs a 37 year old toddler. Where's Carole to snark on Sonja, the One-Upper? Sonja is yet another Housewife who's driven by intense envy combined with laziness. She wants a successful business/"lifestyle brand" but doesn't want to actually work on it. She wants a meaningful or at least beneficial romantic relationship but humiliates herself at every opportunity and then tries to cover up her failures by playing like she's an Enlightened Courtesan.
  7. More of their provincialism. I thought all of NYC learned about Schadenfreude when Avenue Q became such a major Broadway hit. There's an entire song about it! I know, right? Lower Manhattan is such a fascinating place! Then again, what do I know? I'm from an outer borough. 😉 True, but I totally gigglesnorted when Elyse tried to insert herself into the spotlight and make a snarky comment on the fight and was completely ignored by the grouphugging drama queens. Keep trying, darling. Same here. You shouldn't have to be a flawless person to be able to attend a work party and NOT be accosted by a lunatic and/or accused of being a whore with no survival skills.
  8. The NY Housewives, particularly Dorinda, need to learn the art of shade. Their arguments are noise contests that frequently hit below the belt in ways that are not fun to watch. The NY Housewives' could take some lessons from the ATL Housewives in how to have a funny confrontation. Even though they often choose not to, the ATL ladies are experts in elegant insults. I could see a number of them batting their lashes, smiling big, and congratulating Sonja on picking the very best Alibaba knockoffs for her fashion thing.
  9. Same. I recognized her voice early on, and last night my first words were, "Kandi really is everywhere. Poor, poor Nene!" I need to stop watching so much tv.
  10. If Nene ever decides to get therapy/life coaching for real, the first issue thet should tackle is How to be Happy for Other People. Season after season, Nene's envy has devoured the show. I'm glad Kandi told Nene off because Nene has always been a primary hater since "Tardy for the Party." For someone who's always like "SupPORT me, bitch!" she always has to bring someone else down. Nene needs to leave the show.
  11. Amen, @goofygirl! I see a lot of loving, resilient, and hilarious people on this board, and it explains so much about why Dorinda's bullshit is so annoying. We watch Real Housewives for fun, escapism, and travel/property porn. This season's RHONY premiere cracked me up, and I was happy to see the ladies back without Bethenny and her Cloud of Judgment and Doom. But it's not fun to see Dorinda psychologically abuse Tinsley and use her real pain as an excuse to do so. It's not fun to see Sonja's downward spiral of desperation; I don't think she's been sober for an entire episode yet (I could be wrong here). Leah seemed like she might be a good ally for Tinsley, but she isn't. I DO appreciate that she brought the boxing coach into my life, though. Ramona and Luann are holding it down as OGs, though. They are still snobbish drama queens, but they're not losing control of themselves or getting too dark.
  12. Road Trip! Meghan and Ben can borrow Whoopi's tour bus and travel through Real America!
  13. Waitaminute. Didn't McCain read Chris Cuomo the riot act because he went outside in his own yard after recovering from COVID-19? Now it's all "The Man's trying to keep us down by making us stay at home and deciding that self-involved art-historians-turned-talking-head are non-essential! Waaaaaah! Fight the Power!" Puh. Leez.
  14. Niecy Nash as Star? I know she often gets confused with Sherri Shepherd, but I think Nash can capture both Star's intelligence and her over-the-topness. Pam Grier might work here, too, as a less conventional choice. . Miley Cyrus as Debbie Matenopoulous? If they want to go (and pay) super A-list, they can try to get Helen Mirren or Glenn Close to play Barbara. Jennifer Grey would be a less conventional choice, but I think she might be able to so it. Susan Sarandon or Mary Steenbergen might also generate a lot of interest as Meredith. Geena Davis or Jane Seymour could work, too. Whoopi would be extremely hard to cast. Like her or not, she has carved out a singular presence as an entertainer. The person who played her would have to be extremely talented and okay with pissing Whoopi off. Cynthia Ervio could do it, but she looks up to Whoopi. Maybe Sheryl Lee Ralph? Or Alfre Woodard? (Okay, @Primetimer. Alfre Woodard it is). I think Vivica Fox could be a good Sherri. Phoebe Robinson could also work. Joy should be played by Fran Drescher. Michaela Watkins is my distant second choice. Rosie is another important hard-to-cast role. Meryl Streep? (Just kidding) Megan Mullaly might work. Bette Midler would be awesome, but I don't think she'd do it. Ming-Na Wen is too old to play Lisa, but then again, she seems to own a time machine, so she might work. Constance Wu or Chloe Bennet are better matches. Jay Mohr as The Viewmaster/Bill Gedde. Iliza Shlesinger or Nikki Glaser as Elisabeth Hasslebeck. Nikky looks a lot like Elisabeth to me. Jennifer Lawrence might be able to work it, too.
  15. Of course, they definitely need The Split Screen and Rosie being told Bill Cosby was off-limits. Bonus points for Barbara messing up promos, Star's hustling for wedding freebies, Jenny's Tampon Misadventure, and excerpts from Kathy Griffin's standup about The View.
  16. I wish there was a way to give extra or more intense hearts for this, @UsernameFatigue. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. For what it's worth, my sincere condolences. This hits me a little hard because my aunt died a few weeks ago; we ended up attending her burial over Zoom. She had ongoing troubles with colon cancer and was a pillar of strength after each surgery, but this time, the cancer was in her liver and it was too much. She was given a few months to live, but then the pandemic happened and she was isolated at the nursing home. I can't prove it, but I think the isolation--specifically not being able to see her husband, son, or grandsons--was a step too far for her spirit. The last thing she said to me was that she was so glad to see that I was recovering from MY cancer struggles and that she had been praying for me. As you said, you can tell a lot about who people really are if they use their hardships to be kind to others or as an excuse to tear others down.
  17. Taking my somewhat emotional response to Small Talk . . . Back to the snark - "Wealth whispers," Dorinda. Why don't you? And when did Ramona become the all-wise confidant?
  18. Ugh. Sonja. Leah was right on the money when she compared Lady of the Manor Mrs. Morgan with Turned Up Sonja. She is so nasty. Like, I wouldn't shake her hands without medically treated gloves nasty. Her Wet n' Wild persona isn't fun; it's desperate attention-seeking. I had to work on a grad school project, so I missed the first half. I came in as Dorinda was wailing about wanting to die when Richard dies. I'm pretty sure a part of her did. When she acknowledges and deals with it, she can begin to move on. And she needs to move on. I'm glad she cut John loose. Maybe she can learn to be alone peacefully then learn how to handle her anger. One More Thing: John the successful (slightly smarmy) entrepreneur is so beneath this crowd, but Sonja of the Brown Water and Public Urination (2nd time on camera this season) is acceptable company?
  19. This has been an ongoing Meghan issue. She's just so . . . limited as a conversationalist. Whenever the Funny Things Kids Do convos come up, she can't contribute by talking about something goofy she did as a kid or stories about her siblings or from babysitting. No. Meghan doesn't have kids, so she can't possibly contribute. So now that we're talking Mother's Day, all she can think is, "I'm not a mother yet." She can't turn the conversation to her mother and grandmother because she lacks the conversational imagination. Shallow Note: Sunny looks better with her darker hair and less-Botoxed face. Her face looks really pretty today imo.
  20. Ah RHOA. That was beautifully dysfunctional and just the messy foolishness I needed to brighten my day. Porsha was doing the most, but was at least entertaining. Nene was extra and boring, and therein lies the difference. Nene was doing that thing where she just repeats what someone says to her ("No, YOU'RE the one who's fake!"), building to a crescendo and ending with her saying something crude. Kenya was disingenuous, but I laughed when Nene huffed off and Kenya told her to return because Nene "had no airtime and needed the coins." I was annoyed that Eva of the Socially Distanced Cleavage kept "forgetting" the stuff she said, the shade she threw, and for the second year in a row, saying low-key colorist comments. Don't throw rocks then hide your hands, Eva.
  21. I liked seeing Luann and Jacques together. They might've broken up, but they still have good chemistry. Dorinda and Tinsley seem to have parallel experiences this episode, as both deal with reminders of their glamorous pasts. Tinsley's runway appearance seems to have given her back some of her mojo, though, while Dorinda is swamped with regret. Maybe that's why she's so fixated on Tinsley? What? Sonja's thrown-together music-less fashion show of AliExpress fashions wasn't profitable? In spite of her looking up "luxury lifestyle" models? Or marking up easily-obtained fashions? I'm shocked! Shocked!
  22. Yeah, but as far as I know, Colbert and Meyers aren't getting pre-empted 9 days out of 10. The ladies of The View have had engagement issues for a long time, but social distancing and nearly-daily pre-emption has made them look worse. It's like they went from half-assing their jobs to quarter-assing? eighth-assing? Whatever is even less than half-assing.
  23. Was it my imagination, or did someone originally think Beyonce was on Leah's dress? That says a lot about this crowd. Leah tends to stereotype everyone else so that she looks edgy and unconventional by comparison. It's a very . . . ninth grade approach to life. Then again, compared to people like Ramona, Leah is cutting edge. Oh, Luann. Her baffling sense of entitlement is stunning. I wonder what it's like to go through life assuming that everyone I meet has time for my bullshit.
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