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  1. I didn't think I could love Garcelle more than I do, but it is such a delight to see her sit there stone-faced, like the rest of us, whilst these hags cackle at every illiterate moronic thing fugly Rinna fixes her baboon's ass lips to say. Garcelle, please never change.
  2. This menopausal hag is still trying to act elitist by making this s*** exclusive to skanks married to rich men. Nah, Dummy--Your huzzbin's a thieving lowlife--no different from the greasy used car salesman who rips people off. You're both a couple of low-rent thieves--made MORE unconscionable because of the victims you stole from. Don't try to pretty it up, reprehensible pig.
  3. IF this ratchet prostitute gave her paycheck to her pimp/husband, it was because she thought it was a pittance compared to the billions she thought he had. As Ludacris so eloquently said, "Youse a ho."
  4. I'm so proud of the viewers for their questions. They are handing this skank ho her useless ass. ErICKa is full of it. And the fact that these nitwits are desperately using their few brain cells to bark up and come to this hag's defense makes me want to completely boycott the show. Disgusting.
  5. Of course you showed up every day, ErICKa; you need a paycheck. What else are you going to do--go back to giving knobbers behind the trailer park for moon pies and RC colas?
  6. Shut up, Vyle. If you don't know what's going on, you're even more of an idiot than I thought you were, and I didn't think that was possible.
  7. God, Vyle is insufferable. So glad they showed her bellowing like an ape, in slow motion, no less...such a rube. Ugh...I see Big Pig ErICKa is in the best seat at the reunion. 🤮
  8. Candyass IS low budget with her sad, thirsty "career" machinations, 🙄 and, sorry, but you don't get to bark up constantly with your nasty, illiterate mouth and not get <another> mudhole stomped in your a**. That heifer is foul.
  9. Daonte did NOT just say, "Justin Bieber/Machine Gun Kelly/Post Malone mfer" as a description of Tia. 😆🤣
  10. How do these clod-hopping, unsophisticated, backwards-ass rubes not even know what a conch is?!
  11. Oh, no...Madame Puppet said that she and her fame-whoring loose butthole of a huzzbin will return to the show. Ugh.
  12. Bwah! Oh, God yes! I remember hearing about this and DYING LAUGHING thinking about the sophisticated and accomplished members of Jack and Jill hearing that they were going to be affiliated with some silly, fame-whoring rubes on a Bravo show! 🤣 I KNEW that would be short-lived.
  13. Love this entire post and agree 100%, and that last part is SO spot on. I can't imagine her as a professor OR a commentator on CNN. She looks absurd with this new persona and those big nasty bolt-ons, and I'm glad she's being called out as the inauthentic fame whoring nitwit she is. You don't get to bark about your four degrees and portray yourself as an activist for social change when your disgusting bolt-ons are spilling out of your clothes and you're screeching like a chickenhead on Bad Girls Club or the Maury Show. Silly poseur. Your 15 minutes are almost up, Dr. Dumb Dumb.
  14. Bwah! Dying laughing about next week when Garcelle says, "F you, F you, and F you." Please say, "Who's next?" ala the barbershop scene in Coming to America.
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