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  1. I finally caught the rerun today. Where to begin .... Ed needs to cut his hair, loose some weight before people start calling him Oompa-Loompa, and grow a pair! No wonder he’s been single so long, he’s a hot mess. Darcey needs to hire a professional match-maker because so far her choices of men are all wrong. And stop doing that thing with your lips! Maybe Dumbo David and she should get together because he’s chasing a ghost. Poor Yolanda is in for a rude awakening. All she’d have to do is take her laptop to police or a tech expert and they can tell her where all of her Nigerian
  2. I was losing my patience, going from one couple boo-hooing to another couple screaming at each other in the car. My God, what is wrong with these people??? I’m glad Mike left that little fool, she demanded an apology? LOL, dream on. I cannot watch Angela with her fried hair, constantly interrupting Mykul. For pete’s sake woman!! Have a quickie wedding in Nigeria then your big family bash when you’re both back in the US. I think this is made-up drama for a storyline. This Angela needs to put Life After Lockup’s Angela in touch with whoever did her botox.
  3. I posted a link somewhere, or a story, they started filming with some new people. They submit to Bravo for their approval. Bravo sent it back, said it was horrible, start over. Might be looking for a new couple to cast since the first one was so bad.
  4. I was just telling friends that she reminds me of Danielle. This is not going to end well.
  5. Michael, Juliana’s fiancé, reminds me of the actor Michael O’Keefe from Caddyshack. Anyone else? Sasha’s first wife is a straight-up jealous bitch.
  6. If she wants to be a parent, she doesn’t need a full-time nanny. Or maybe she does and we don’t know the details why? At any rate, that’s a helluva lot of money.
  7. I thought she was talking about the pink vibrator that she had lined up with the condoms and lubricant.
  8. Lord, what a mess. I’ve decided that the more times someone uses the word “like” when talking to someone, the dumber they are. The red flags were flying all over the place. The blonde woman with three boys, where is their father? He has no say-so in what’s going on? Tania drives me nuts, she doesn’t realize what a control freak she is. Um, Michael, yes... that 20 year old is only interested in your money. Same way with the woman sending the angry emojis, she’s looking for big bucks. Asking a question about previews...
  9. I want to know who the two newcomers were that were so bad Bravo rejected the first two episodes they shot and told them to start over. Apparently it must have been really bad, and filming has started this month as per usual. All the comments were more interesting than the article. Shep’s big mouth is going to get him into trouble. Probably drunk. Loved this:
  10. I worry about Kathryn driving her car off a clift or something with those innocent children in the vehicle. They would be safer with Thomas. He has the money to hire help. Would it be ideal for the kids? Maybe not, but they’d be alive to grow up.
  11. Where’s the video of him with the mushrooms? It sounds like more of Kathryn’s attempts to keep her child support money.
  12. We’ll never know what June has told her daughter Alana to do until the day comes that perhaps Alana wants to talk about it. June has exposed her to pedophiles, drunks, God only knows who else. Being a “celebrity” might have been Alana’s way of escaping her mother’s bad choices. Memories of Anissa Jones who played “Buffy” on Family Affair come to mind. I knew her, she was miserable and so mixed up by being thrust into a life she didn’t ask for, but one her mother forced her into. Died of a drug overdose. I could see it coming and nothing I nor any of her other friends could do to help her
  13. It was her mother’s idea to put her in pageants and on TV. Alana has never known a “normal” life. All she knows is to pose, smile, do what production crews tell her to do. Yes, I truly believe she’s been exploited for money that June has gone through for years.
  14. Exactly. If she had called police right after it happened, not appearing on TV and staying in his employ, he’d be in prison. It comes across as though she was hoping for some screen time in exchange for her story. Don’t lay all the blame completely on Thomas for his low fine amount and no jail time. And before you assume I’m defending Thomas, I’m not. I’m just pointing out how the law works. For everyone, not just a white man in the South.
  15. I feel so sorry for the two children. Had their mother and father not been fame-whoring-hungry, they’d never have been born and exploited like they have. I despise anyone who uses children as a weapon or a bargaining chip.
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