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  1. Oscar would take the fall for his own father (Mr. Torres, the super), I would think. Maybe his dad already had a criminal record and even if Zoe's death was an accident, he couldn't risk losing his job or going to jail. Do we know for a fact that Oscar went to prison for 10 years because of Zoe's death or something else? I may need to re-watch because it seems a bit vague. Do the residents still not know about the Hardy Boys robberies? It seems like some people know about these "bad news" kids (Oliver's son) but others seem to be totally clueless (Charles, Oliver). You'd think that a seri
  2. That photo in the first post says that Bunny Folger lives in Apartment 12A. That used to be Mabel's Aunt's apartment (in the Episode 2 flashback at the fountain, 10-year-old Tim Kono says that the Ramirez aunt lives in 12A). That is also where the package with the diamond ring ended up at first, instead of going to Tim.
  3. I am really enjoying this show, especially Martin Short and Steve Martin. Steve Martin was especially hilarious in the cat lover's apartment scene. Gomez leaves a lot to be desired. Is there something wrong with her jaw? She barely opens her mouth when she speaks and it's distracting. Since we don't have a speculation thread, I'll put mine under a spoiler tag:
  4. S13E09: 0.856 million viewers (0.25 18-19 demo) S13E10: 0.717 million viewers (0.19 18-49 demo)
  5. I enjoyed the movies and I hope we get more. I saw a blurb that the director wants to make a movie about one of the old Shadyside serial killers from the 50s but I would like to move forward in the story, not back. Widow Mary had the Devil's book in 1666, was she using it herself? There's no way that the rest of the Goode family didn't know about the pact. Sarah Fier being a victim of a crime (who wants to show you the truth) felt like an homage to The Ring's Samara.
  6. All I can say is, there is no one in this cast that I would bring back for another season. I was watching for Salem pr0n but I barely got any of that. I'm out again! (Thank God for Potomac)
  7. Re the rhyme: yeah, I totally think that Sarah Fier Who moved Fier's body and put the stone there? Ziggy bled on the bones, was killed and then revived, but did not turn into a serial killer. Why is Sam a foaming-at-the-mouth killer when she had the same experience? I preferred the second movie to the first, even though it was not scary whatsoever. In fact, I even shed a few tears at the end . I can't wait for the third movie. I know it's not terribly important but
  8. He has been charged with rape in California. https://www.tmz.com/2021/07/09/marry-millions-star-bill-hutchinson-charged-raping-unconscious-teen-orange-county/
  9. Why are kids hanging out in his house? Perv.
  10. S13E01: 0.959 million viewers (0.28 18-49 demo) S13E02: 0.871 million viewers (0.26 18-49 demo) S13E03: 0.822 million viewers (0.22 18-49 demo) S13E04: 0.836 million viewers (0.28 18-49 demo) S13E05: 0.881 million viewers (0.26 18-49 demo) S13E06: 0.878 million viewers (0.24 18-49 demo) S13E07: 0.866 million viewers (0.25 18-49 demo) S13E08: 0.764 million viewers (0.22 18-49 demo) Sinking and sinking fast... I remember the days when this show would easily clear 1 million+ every week. Soon it will have RHOD numbers.
  11. After skipping the last few episodes (I know I didn't miss a damn thing), I decided to watch this for the possibility of some interesting New England travel porn. I should've known better. Of course they sat around and argued. Leah telling Ramona that she's what's wrong with the country was a real low point for her, and that's really saying something. Eboni demanding to know if the others were "aligned with white supremacy"... we all know she's not abandoning her Bravo paycheck, so what would she even do about it if someone were? This person worked for that network and took paychecks from
  12. The View has an opening. Eboni, that's your cue. I'm of the mind that she's using this show as a stepping stone anyway.
  13. Curious as to why they haven't touched on who the father of Brooke's son is. Don't both biological parents have to relinquish parental rights in an adoption? Was the father simply not told about the baby? It seems like it was a legal adoption, not some black market thing.
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