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  1. LilaFowler

    S02.E24: Inmate or Soulmate?

    Some of these people might be too trashy for even me to enjoy the schadenfreude. Considering the reality garbage I watch, that's really saying something.
  2. LilaFowler

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    I thought he said that he distanced himself from everyone - including the sister - when the divorce happened? I may have imagined that.
  3. LilaFowler

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    All of the women this season annoy me for various reasons. Keith's mom is the clear MVP. What a beautiful, thoughtful and articulate woman. She is miles ahead of any of the quack experts. Jamie gets enraged quickly with Elizabeth but I can't even blame him. I would flip out on her, too. I had a friend who would constantly interrupt and talk over people. It's narcissistic, entitled and rude af. I cut her out of my life and haven't regretted it. Elizabeth really thinks she's special, huh? Bitch, you are basic. Sit down and shut up. Amber... the less said, the better. Matt has finally figured out that she's desperately using sex as a tether to him and wisely cut her off. She looks utterly defeated. I can't imagine her dating life will improve much after this show. Guys will run from her. She needs therapy and to work on herself a lot. Iris is lame and her Big Secret proves it. Keith is smart and knows how this show works. He's going to say and do the right, respectful things and maybe even opt to stay married to her on D-Day, but they'll break up the second the cameras are off. Deonna is mostly okay. I think her whole dating history is suspect but Greg seems happy with her so whatever.
  4. LilaFowler

    S03.E01: Crazy In Love

    Thanks to Avery, Nicole is no longer the dumbest girl on this show. Avery wants to live in Syria! I can't, do you understand? I CANNOT. This is possibly the craziest thing I've heard on this show and that's saying quite a bit. Syrians are risking life and limb to get out of there, and this fool is trying to figure out a way in. What a little idiot. Ceasar is so obviously getting scammed. These Ukrainians and Russians need to offer courses in this because I need to take it. Some fool needs to send me $800 a month, dang. Rebecca could do better than her weird, scary-looking Tunisian. Maybe she just needs to move so she can have a different dating pool or something. I don't care about the Russ and Pao wannabes. The ex-fiancee is territorial and annoys me, though. She's got a pretty sweet deal, getting Russ-wannabe to support her kid.
  5. LilaFowler

    S09.E08: How Can I Trust You?

    I almost wish that AJ from Philly were on this season to call Matt out for his poor treatment of Amber. I don't think anyone on this season has the balls to do it. Dr. Pepper and her Stern Face just aren't going to cut it for me. I need someone to lay a smackdown on him in a real way. Whatever issues you have experienced with your family, none is an excuse to treat others poorly.
  6. LilaFowler

    S09.E08: How Can I Trust You?

    That's not hard, though. Amber is a total basket case. Matt's a POS and he needs to stop having sex with her because it leads her on. He really needs to just move out and call for an early divorce but we all know that he has no money and no home, so he'll stay. The experts really failed with this one.
  7. LilaFowler

    S09.E07: Where Is My Husband?

    If I saw Amber on the street I wouldn't think twice about the way that she's dressed. She's one of those younger people who is perpetually ultra-casual and makeup-free. Personally, if I were on national TV I would probably dress a little nicer and wear more makeup than I normally would in daily life.
  8. LilaFowler

    The Family Chantel

    River, please. You will show up if the cameras are there. This show seems 100% contrived, producer-driven nonsense.
  9. LilaFowler

    S01.E10: Rolling the Dice

    MTE. He went down there to propose, the dummy. But like someone else said, I think it's all fake for exposure for their little bar. Sumit's tall, handsome friend called it: Jenny is as needy as a newborn baby. She's been there a month and can't even get from A to B by herself. Why the hell would someone like her move to India in the first place? Stay at home, shop at your local Target, never leave your zip code. I don't really care about the gambler and the bad mom. Someone spoiled their present situation for me, so now IDGAF. Same for Paul and Karine. Laura and Alladin are the most interesting to me. They sounded like a real, honest couple when they were arguing in the car. Why couldn't she find a nice guy in the States, though? I like her.
  10. LilaFowler

    S09.E07: Where Is My Husband?

    Or that Daddy is better in bed? Too far?
  11. I couldn't stand Darcey after her first season and subsequent appearances on the show. However after watching her on Pillow Talk I kinda love her! I'm excited that she and her weirdness are back.
  12. Update! TLC posted the first hour of E01 today. https://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/90-day-fiance-before-the-90-days/full-episodes/crazy-in-love-part-1?
  13. TLC posted a 7-minute first look on their website a couple of days ago: https://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/90-day-fiance-before-the-90-days/full-episodes/90-day-fiance-before-the-90-days-new-season-sneak-peek Apologies if it's been posted.
  14. LilaFowler

    S09.E07: Where Is My Husband?

    Amber is a basket case. Go to therapy for your obvious abandonment issues or stop talking about it whenever there's a conflict. She's so unappealing to me, the worst of this bunch. Her "hot husband" is hard at work making himself emotionally, mentally and now physically unavailable to her. I have no idea why he wanted to do this show but Amber is not his person and no amount of trying (on her part) is going to change that. He's already made his decision concerning her. If they stay married at the end of this experiment it will be because he needs a place to crash and spending money. If Jamie goes back to Beth after the things that she said to him (on national tv), he's a huge doormat. Insulting a man's sexual performance is something you say to someone you never want to see again. Why did she stop there? Should have called him poor and ugly as well, really touch all the bases. Iris is a wet blanket. I had to laugh at her losing her shit over juice. Keith said on Unfiltered that he wants to wait to have sex with her because he isn't ready. As uptight as she is over juice, I cannot imagine being her first sexual partner. Nah... Deonna did a 180 on Greg once she saw those four bedrooms. Haha, I see you, girl.
  15. LilaFowler

    S09.E06: Real Life and Real Wife

    So Matt stole that tchotchke from his parents' house and I'm going to go ahead and accuse him of stealing those random framed photos of himself, too. He probably broke in while both were at work and cleared an end table. He's weird and a close second (to Luke) as being one of the worst castings on this show. He has no stable employment, no stable home (he was living in his car?!), no stable family... wtf, Show? Is this really the best you can do in North Carolina? That said, Amber needed to go into therapy about 20 years ago. This Stage 5 clinger wouldn't have made a good 8-week spouse for a stranger, either. Greg is a prince.