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  1. LilaFowler

    S09.E06: Real Life and Real Wife

    So Matt stole that tchotchke from his parents' house and I'm going to go ahead and accuse him of stealing those random framed photos of himself, too. He probably broke in while both were at work and cleared an end table. He's weird and a close second (to Luke) as being one of the worst castings on this show. He has no stable employment, no stable home (he was living in his car?!), no stable family... wtf, Show? Is this really the best you can do in North Carolina? That said, Amber needed to go into therapy about 20 years ago. This Stage 5 clinger wouldn't have made a good 8-week spouse for a stranger, either. Greg is a prince.
  2. "I see Satan around the corner." 😂 I love her.
  3. Her apartment is too close to the ground for my liking.
  4. LilaFowler

    S01.E01: Can't Buy My Love

    It's not nearly as great as I was expecting. Very boring. The participants seem creepy and desperate and weird. I'll probably give this show a few more tries simply because it's on after MAFS.
  5. LilaFowler

    S09.E05: Paradise Lost?

    The preview aired during the (boring) Marrying Millions show. It was just a clip of Iris finding an empty box of condoms in Keith's bedside table and getting a little upset about it. I think Matt is over Amber already and I don't exactly blame him. She's acting like a desperate groupie. It's so odd how she offered up her salary like that and I wasn't surprised that he didn't like it.
  6. LilaFowler

    The Affair in the Media

    The final season trailer has dropped.
  7. LilaFowler

    S01.E06: Another World

    Something is wrong with Deavan. She is slow and strange. I could say the same thing about Cory. He's a simpleton who will gladly take abuse and loathing from his hard-faced Ecuadorian girlfriend.
  8. LilaFowler


    Frances moved her kids into what appears to be another unrealistically spacious apartment in NYC. Why? To make the show resemble SATC as much as possible? Even when Frances loses, she has to be shown as winning (she won't get the job with Skip but his employees all admire her? sure) IDK. This series was a dud to me. It had potential but then SJP mucked it up creatively in S2. Too bad.
  9. University of Pennsylvania.
  10. LilaFowler

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    Outside of the show, perhaps Matt's recent estrangement and family troubles would not be deal breakers because you could take it slow and keep your distance if it got to be too much. However I would be pissed if I participated on this show and was matched with someone who (1) had massive debt, (2) had an incurable STD, (3) had a psychological disorder, or (4) had a terrible relationship with multiple immediate family members. The prospective spouse is already a total stranger and IMO Amber is getting a raw deal because she already has a problem to work through with him. She can't meet his family and have that relationship with them like the other people on this show. Yeah, sorry but I'm not feeling Matt's commitment to this at all.
  11. LilaFowler

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    Deonna is frigid. Greg was trying to flirt with her and be funny and she shut it all down. I can see why she was single for a decade. She is joyless and I feel sorry for Greg. Elizabeth is growing on me. I don't think she's that bad. I think once the novelty of this show wears off and she gets more into filming, the frantic behavior will subside. I hope. I think she and Jamie are well-matched in terms of appearance and he seems excited about her. Iris and Keith are a big WTF to me. One, I'm already bored silly with her virginity. We're going to hear about that all season. Two, I don't understand why either of them needed this show. Both of them seem like a good catch, so what's the deal? I'm shocked that Amber and Matt didn't have sex on their wedding night. She was being extremely forward about wanting to, and he said that he wanted to also. However, on Unfilitered he said that he was taken aback by her forwardness. Frankly, she's acting like a groupie and it's a total turnoff to me. Play a little harder to get, girl. Men like a bit of a challenge (see Greg, Deonna). She's very immature. Matt has some big red flags IMO, including all of the family stuff.
  12. LilaFowler

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    I wonder how many relationships Father Elizabeth has sabotaged? That could be a big reason she's single at 30 40.
  13. LilaFowler

    S04.E10: Sparks Will Fly

    Jay has TLC footage of Trashley attacking him physically. I hope he files charges against her. She's such a low IQ POS. The Chantel/Pedro scene went on way too long that I lost interest.
  14. Everything about Pedro and Chantel is a lie. They haven't been straight with the viewers ever.
  15. I hope TLC is through with Rooos and Pao after this. Watching Pao boss around her little neutered bitch boy got old ages ago. I don't care about them whatsoever. Wanting to give birth in that crappy little (rented) hovel is cringeworthy. Where does Andrei think all of their money comes from? Every cent is from Libby's dad. He's totally delusional. I'm shocked that Father Andrei is so reasonable and soft-spoken. How did Andrei end up with such an arrogant, domineering attitude? I cannot put forth anymore energy towards Chantel and Pedro. They've been having the same argument for as long as anyone can remember. The marriage was doomed from the words "student visa." Divorce already. Trashley really thinks that she can get Jay deported with a snap of her fingers and that's yet more proof that she's an idiot. There is something very juvenile about her behavior. Sitting around with another trashtastic friend, calling Jay's girlfriends and cussing... next week looks like an episode of Springer or COPS. She and Danielle need to get together to complain about their younger, foreign husbands who took them for the morons they are.