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  1. Well that was even worse than I expected. This show has managed to surprise me.
  2. Libby is the only one in the family without a mugshot so she gets the best stuff.
  3. Libby looked 100x better in the traditional garb.
  4. So Libby bought that wedding dress just for the reception? lol
  5. Kalani loves the fighting. In her mind, it guarantees them another season.
  6. I love Orthodox wedding ceremonies. These dolts are unworthy.
  7. Grangela needs to just shave her head and start all over.
  8. We all know that Larissa is alive and well and posting on Instagram so this is very anticlimactic.
  9. Gross, gross, gross. I am so squeamish, I almost passed out getting a flu shot yesterday. I CANNOT WATCH THIS.
  10. Who asked for another season of The Family Chantel? Who needed this? Skipping this fake shit yet again.
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