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  1. Since the show creators were talking about casting adult Lottie in an interview, I think they should call Katherine Waterston.
  2. Lottie's parents could have initiated the wrongful death lawsuit after the plane went down but before she was rescued with the others.
  3. I thought it was the coach that died in the crash but it was too dark.
  4. Poor Jackie. I got Rose-returning-to-the-Titanic vibes during her last scene. When they all die, they'll be back in that cabin. Poor Callie. You could see the wheels in her head slowly turning... her mother is a murderer and not just a teenage forest cannibal. Here we go with Antler Queen Lottie. Who may very well be alive and well?! So glad that Natalie didn't get a chance to shoot herself. The way that Juliette Lewis spoke of the role in interviews had me wondering if she was one-and-done. Best Acting Award for S1 goes to Sophie Nélisse IMHO. She really excels at the crying sc
  5. I've read this passage three times, but is she saying that
  6. Destroying that pretty much made her the main villain to me of the series. They could have been rescued by now if she hadn't done that. Every bad thing that happens to the survivors is mostly her fault because of it. She's too much of a coward to ever admit to doing it, too. I don't see Misty as anything great, far from it. She's nothing but a scheming wannabe. None of the other survivors could stand her in '96, and none of the survivors can stand her in '21. I'm certain they have an infinite number of reasons, the fucking creep.
  7. What do we make of Nat telling Travis that the deck of cards that he had didn't have any queens? Couldn't be random, it's too strange.
  8. Ask him if he keeps a parachute onboard for himself when he flies! I have been skydiving a couple of times and I've noticed that the pilots on those tiny planes always wear them. Laura Lee might have felt more comfortable throwing herself out of a burning plane if she had one (not that it would necessarily save her from that low altitude). Plus, I would think that, while it might be possible for her to get the plane off the ground and fly it for some time, how did she intend to land it? Spotting some dwellings below and then ditching might have been her only chance. Anyway, we can add par
  9. They found guns, ammo, rotten canned food and porn in the cabin, but no map? I hope it wasn't underneath a seat in the plane, or in some compartment that was missed. Why would Dead Guy not have any maps if the place were truly in the middle of nowhere? It's possible that he flew the route many times and didn't need one after awhile but you'd think he would still have one in case he had to alter course and got lost. Another possibility is that the cabin isn't that far from civilization at all, like comically close to some dwellings. That would be quite a twist, if they all descended into madnes
  10. Imagine surviving a plane crash only to die in another one. What are the odds? That said, I'm sure there is some correlation between her near death experience at the pool, the other girls at the pool singing about the devil hunting you, and her untimely death.
  11. Less about the man or the marriage, more about marrying POTUS's nephew and having Biden at the wedding. She looked so smug in all of the wedding photos. They met on an app several months ago, it's not like they have history or kids together. She'll be onto her next victim/husband by summer.
  12. From this Deadline article: I shudder to think how long it will take to get us the new season. I'm already dreading the agonizing wait.
  13. I agree that a younger person is behind the $50k. It's not that much money these days and an older, wiser person would know that and ask for a lot more. Callie the Worst has already shown herself to be capable of blackmailing her own mother. I think she's behind it and probably sent her boyfriend to retrieve the cash.
  14. If there is a second season, I will likely watch it. I've read elsewhere that the bombing Sato refers to might point to Brown's novel Origin, something that I haven't read yet.
  15. 'Off the rails' is accurate--I can see why this never made it into Tom Hanks's filmography.
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