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  1. Ikr? Does Kyle not know there are camera's everywhere? I really don't like Kyle, but her facial expressions tonight were hilarious.
  2. It looked just as ridiculous when she put it on the right way. Her clothes are truly 🤢
  3. Thanks...I thought it must be Kathy, but my daughter and I didn't think it looked like her. I'm sure you're right since we all know these three gals have screwed with their faces for many years now.
  4. Welp I screwed that up 😂 Can anyone tell me who the blonde between Kim and Kyle is? Doesn't look like Kathy to me.
  5. Exactly...Thank You 🤭
  6. Anybody actually miss these nitwits? No? Me neither 🙄
  7. So Brianna bought a house so she could rent a house to have a party for her kid? Am I the only one confused by this? 🙄
  8. How about dumbass Leah kissing Gracie on the lips knowing she had strep throat? 🙄
  9. Apparently from what I have read the show departs from the book entirely after episode two.
  10. Excuse me, but her correct name is "That bitch Carol Baskin" I'm only here for Nev, so that would be highly entertaining for me 😊
  11. Yes THIS! I will have to watch the show again, but what does running game even mean? Sounds shady to me.
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