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S07.E15: Keep Chugging Away

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Amber takes Leah on vacation to Florida.

Taylor takes Bentley on a boys trip to Jacksonville to visit their new clothing warehouse.

Mackenzie enrolls in college and talks about kids with Ryan.

Tyler and Nova visit Catelynn at her treatment facility.

This episode airs 3/19/18 

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On ‎3‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 7:28 PM, crazychicken said:

Well that meeting between Cait & Ty Ty was hella awkward, she greets everybody first does the bare minimum hug and then turns her back. Even Ty Ty was not faking for the cameras.

also will poor Nova ever stop communicating entirely in animal noises?  Is anyone going to inform her that she is, in fact, a human girl-child?

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1 hour ago, teapot said:

also will poor Nova ever stop communicating entirely in animal noises?  Is anyone going to inform her that she is, in fact, a human girl-child?

Nova can speak with Sophia in their feral language when they go visit the same therapist as adults. 

52 minutes ago, CofCinci said:

“Keep Chugging Away”? Oh, Maci is writing a pregnancy guide book?

That's all folks!  Winner chosen. 

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Tyler and Cate's code word for rehab is "working". My uncle was "working" on a bridge for a few years when I was a kid. There are pictures of him posing in front of fake scenery backdrops. I don't think he was "working" where Cate was "working".

I feel bad for Nova. 

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2 minutes ago, poeticlicensed said:

Bubba seems unconvinced about Numatts writing career. Numatt was tripping over his words. 

Baby Huey speaks like his words have commas in between. Just like his Instagram posts. 

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I really think that Ryan has some mental issues in addition to his drug problems.  He just doesn’t look well and looks like he’s in his 40’s.  Mac is just an idiot.  Does she have any idea how difficult the nursing program is?  There are constant tests, homework, reports that have to be in and studying every single night.  She thinks she can get pregnant, have a baby and take care of the 2 kids they already have?  

Amber is so self centered, even on the rare occasion she has Leah around she either ignores her or talks about herself or the baby the whole time.  Boy is she giving Leah reasons to need therapy.

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45 minutes ago, druzy said:

Shut up Mack Truck. Just shut up! Ryan has ALWAYS been an absent father.

OMG!  He is a horrible father.  How can she, in good conscience say he WILL BE a great dad?  I nearly fell off the couch laughing.

23 minutes ago, Brooklynista said:

Just so I’m clear...Mackenzie is studying nursing so Ryan can have easier access to drugs. Right?

It that's her goal she is sadly mistaken.  

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5 minutes ago, Linny said:

Amber's brother is the best, sitting there casually grilling Andrew on all the essential topics. This is a guy who clearly loves his sister and wants to protect her, since as he pointed out, Amber has a tendency to quickly latch onto men and to deny truths that make her uncomfortable. I'm not getting a manipulative vibe from Andrew like I did with Matt, but I do fear he's a freeloader. He was all too quick to move from California (and any cinematographer jobs there) to move in with Amber and write (and "I want to write" is a gentle way of saying "I'm unemployed"). 


Shawn gets major side-eye from me. He doesn't help his sister by telling her how people are "jealous" of her which is why she gets the negative reaction she does from people. Why are Amber's family so afraid of telling her the truth? Shawn has gone to bat for Amber by tweeting crap to people who only are stating the obvious and reminding Amber of the facts:


shawn portwood.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Juniebaby said:

I really think that Ryan has some mental issues in addition to his drug problems.  He just doesn’t look well and looks like he’s in his 40’s.  Mac is just an idiot.

Others have speculated that sustained a TBI in that terrible car wreck a few years ago, and I think that's plausible.

I just left your last sentence in because I enjoy it.

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You know when the most interesting TV is watching Rhiiine eat spaghetti (grossly) that this show is played.

April seems quite snarky about the "list of concerns." Rehab? More like a joke. No one believes this shit. Because it's, well, just shit.

Amber? Will you take some goddamn cash and go lie down on a Dr's. table somewhere  and get that split earlobe fixed? It's all I can see anymore. So gross.

Maci, et al, is sooooo boring. Just snoozeville. Let's watch her buy furniture! Yay!

By the way, I now know I have the same stove as MackTruck. I see a grease fire in my future.

Were you all as mind-numbingly bored as I was tonight?

Just kill it already. I'ts so done.

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Too many "o's."
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I’m confused as to why Taylor and Maci are paying for some warehouse in Florida.


If it was me, I’d just build a storage/work shed in my backyard. They seem to have a decent amount of land. Although I’m not sure of the cost compare but it seems like getting a medium sized shed in the backyard would be cheaper than paying rent for this place in Jacksonville and hiring some girl to manage it.


Also maybe I’m a snob because my kids all have pottery barned out rooms but Jade’s bed was hideous. 

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11 minutes ago, Juniebaby said:

I really think that Ryan has some mental issues in addition to his drug problems.  He just doesn’t look well and looks like he’s in his 40’s.  

Drugs will do that to people. It burns through their brain cells and cause irreparable damage. http://www.narconon.org/drug-abuse/methamphetamine/brain-damage.html

People who abuse meth appear to be mentally stunted, mentally unstable, they will become paranoid, and delusional:

Mind: The heavy abuse of methamphetamine can cause lasting changes in personality and intelligence. A report from the Office of National Drug Control Policy noted that combined methamphetamine and crack cocaine abuse can result in a severe decline in IQ.

A current meth user can become so disorganized that he is unable to cope with daily life. His risk of becoming aggressive, nervous, irritable, violent, suicidal, delusional or psychotic is very high. Some people suffer from schizophrenia. These mental effects may improve but not disappear after a person stops abusing the drug.

Former methamphetamine users suffer from anxiety, paranoia and depression that do not necessarily cease when the drug use stops. After ceasing use of this drug, a former user can suffer from an inability to experience any pleasure. This effect alone is enough to send some people back to use of the drug.

Is Ryan a meth or heroin user? Either way, drug abuse has fucked up his brain. 

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Bubba is the one sensible person on this show!  He asked good questions (although he may have accepted some rather half assed answers) and speaks the truth about  Amber. Amazing she didn't scream at him the way she does everyone else.  Did MTV spring for the entire family to fly there? Oh, Cate, nice of you to tell Tyler  to stop stressing when he is the one you left behind for another one of your vacations, not at the local psych center or rehab but the fancy spa with the animals and ponds mile and mile away.  You don't look suicidal to me ( after 1 week! )  Mackenzie, I guess MTV is your " resource" that's allowing you to go back to school because it sure isn't Ryan. Ryan has no self awareness at all - he was never a good father, he just had good parents.  Also, I recall Maci calling off the engagement, not him, but I could be wrong, it's been a few years.    None of these stories have captured my interest and I think that it's time to end it, with perhaps an update once a year. 

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Bubby is halfway there. He asks the important questions, but then he just accepts the vague answers at face value. "Everyone should be writing"? Really?

That is typical Shawn. He accepts what is thrown at him by the dick of the year while he enables his sister.  He is not helping at all. He is there for his paycheck. 

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Just now, Juniebaby said:

After reading this message board, I just realized Farrah wasn’t on.  I didn’t miss her.

Yeah, instead we get addicts and people who abuse mental health facilities. 

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I legit thought in that flashback with Matt it was NuMatt when they kept showing him from the back and side. 


NuMatts lips make me very uncomfortable. They’re so gross and are highlighted by the raccoon that curls itself around his lower face. And oh he’s a screenwriter. Sure Jan.


Mackenzie NEEDS Maci to be hung up on Rine doesn’t she? Why are they so sure she’s still in love with Rine and why do they say it every single episode?


Rine doesn’t like the diaper stage, or the crawling stage or the potty training stage or the going to school stage or any stage in between.  But sure, go ahead and have a baby. 


My kid “their baby is gonna be ugly.”



Where was “huddles” (ugh) during their quiet dinner with the pampered puppy, who should be their only baby, and during their earlier scene?  Do they ever have any of the current kids they have to even decide to have a baby together? 


That scene with Taylor putting the bed together- Rines future kid would be sleeping in the bed box waiting on him to finish it for weeks until Larry came to finish it. Of course Larry wouldn’t be able to because Rine stole his tools.


Mackenzie’s friend seems like she is sensible and Macktruck is such a small person that she can’t take any blame for anything or believe Rine, who she probably sees as an extension of herself, ever did wrong. All you have to do is watch one episode and know he’s a shit excuse for a dad.  When has he tried “SO hard “ on anything?


Delusional dipshits.


Also on the delusional dipshit front: 


Amber and NuMatt talking about marriage. They can just join their caboose to Mack’s “hot mess express” is She the only person left saying that hackneyed trite saying?


April has quite a script to learn in order Tyler is going to be the next to rehab. He looks dead exhausted and overwhelmed in every scene. I didn’t realize she’d only been away a week for this filming until they said so. I’d have guessed a Month. 


Cates dad looks... normal?  So they both had one normal seeming parent and one crack fiend? Not to say he didn’t do drugs idk If I’ve ever seen him, but he doesn’t look like a meth head like butch and April. ... and Cate.


I’m glad Amber is giving us new scenery. Florida couches are way better than Indiana couches.  Also serving us brother in bed instead of the normal slug and Ogre in bed.

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Lmao Mackenzie actually said Ryan would be a good dad? One of the most hilarious things I’ve seen on this show. Please I’d like one example of him ever being a good dad. I bet there isn’t one from the million years this show has been on. 

And then she gets all offended that the dog is eating spaghetti off of one of their plates? Please lol look at her gross husband sitting across from her. Why is the dog eating so much spaghetti anyways give it good dog food. These 2 morons can’t even properly take care of a dog lol.

So great for Leah she got to go to Florida for her birth mothers new baby daddy’s 1st meeting with her brother. Whoopee. Amber is such a stupid slug. Her new guy is a joke too. He moved cause he likes seasons and is gonna be a writer now?  Lmao ok I’m sure. He also seems not all there.

Maci was zzz and Jaydes bed seemed lame. Maci’s kids are super cute with each other tho.

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I swear maci and Taylor are brother and sister ..... they both look like they have eating disorders and wtf is up with the guys on this show with dirty fucking nasty beards .... dirt balls 


Matt 2.0 is creepy af ..... it’s not long before he’s wearing a bed sheet around the house like that dump truck Slamber .... Gary is a walking heart attack.... he’s like a life sized milk dud ... I feel sorry for his ding bat wife when is sexy time in the horse stall I.e their bed.


The Buck tooth bandit Mack is one Pathetic whore .... telling her friend that good ol dead eyes is a great father .... I think Riiiiiiiiiiine got her on the smack now ..... I’m still waiting for a scene of Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine at work or being somewhat productive but I have a feeling I’m going to be waiting awhile .... those two are just horrible human beings please mtv cancel the show so these 2 dead beats lose their mtv money and have to deal with the real world ..... 

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Well. That was boring. You guys.. I think I’m out? I don’t watch live anymore(Vanderpump Rules takes over that’s more fun and lively) but god.. this was painful even to watch on dvr. I don’t think I can do it anymore? Don’t  get me wrong I’ll come and read your comments but I didn’t think I can watch the show itself anymore unless you guys tell me something I may need to see. But otherwise I’m just not into it anymore.

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