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  1. I do not watch the show this season so have no actual reference but my guess is he tracks his monthly expenses and averages them. The 6 red figures average out to $813.
  2. It was Dr Jessica that convinced them to try again when they split during the pregnancy. They were going to co-parent only until Dr Blondie talked them into doing the Happily Ever After Show to work on their relationship. How well they would have co-parented I have no idea, I suspect it would not have been much calmer than the marriage.
  3. https://play.mylifetime.com/shows/married-at-first-sight-couples-cam
  4. In the least surprisings news even MAFSFan just posted Erik & Virginia's divorce filing. And Chris is big mad and going off on IG claiming Virginia wanted a threesome with Hayley's brother while on the girls Mexico trip plus Erik got a DUI.
  5. Pretty sure it was ep 9 Three Little Words as that was the one where Paige was done with the douchebag and then production sent her back in and she caved
  6. Somebody found the house on reddit yesterday. It was listed as 1.2K today the price has suddenly increased and the minimum stay extended, so it looks like it paid off if they comped the stay. https://www.vrbo.com/en-au/holiday-rental/p1913714vb?adultsCount=1&noDates=true&uni_id=2476231
  7. They look she threw Virginia when she told her not to mimic had me rolling and then Virginia calling her out the next day as being mean that was not Hayley's plan. She was on ally recruitment from the moment the other girls arrived. I noticed she twisted the 'argument' after crabbing she said she apologized for questioning him eating, but what was shown was her saying she was not smug and nasty and did not have a tone.
  8. If his leaving was unplanned why was production there to film it, plus I don't think anybody acted surprised he was gone Erik & Virginia seemed unfazed by it and it seemed Erik had known for a while. Hayley just took it as another opportunity to act as a victim boo hoo Jake left without saying goodbye to her, poor Hayley totally ignoring the fact that she has not worn a wedding ring for weeks, they haven't shared a room for nearly the whole 7 weeks and they just spent a weekend taking jabs at each other. I could imagine her outrage though if he woke her up to say goodbye, she would be spit
  9. I am amazed Virginia didn't sleep at the pool bar.
  10. https://shvideos.net/tag/married-at-first-sight-season-6/ I think that is what the US is currently showing if not it is has them all except season 1.
  11. The lifetime schedule has MAFS 8-10pm Unmatchables 10-11pm for April 28th It is only an hour on May 5th as it is some weird lookback on 3 previous couples experiences and their decision day predictions So decision day is May 12th, they are really stretching out this season
  12. She may as well quit work now then because I am pretty sure signing up to get married on a reality show is going to reflect way worse on her career than what her husband wore to a corporate day if her work place is so judgemental. Our corporate days are set for fun and bonding they are most defiantly a judgement free zone, unless you strip naked or attack somebody then you will face consequences. IT is really lose if I turned up to work in my pajamas my colleagues wouldn't bat an eye, we are judged by our work quality not our personalities (unless you are quite abrasive)
  13. What he wore is positively tame compared to our last golf day, we had thongs (flip flops to the Americans so you don't think underwear) hulu skirts & coconut bras, grannies, and all of them were men if you came to our golf day in corporate attire you would be laughed. BTW I am also in IT and it is all harmless fun. And then we have hubbies corporate golf day, they start with breakfast at 7am (mainly alcohol) play a round while drinking alcohol, have lunch at the clubhouse with more alcohol, do their awards ceremony and then normally make decisions that end up with the police driving
  14. Vincent had a branded face mask on his honeymoon so I looked it up then and he seems to be running a few businesses under the VRM Enterprise name. He had an auto sale business selling 2nd hand cars, where he also finds one if you want a specific car. He had a concierge service where he picks your car up for repairs and services. He also had a 3rd one where he will negotiate for you buying a luxury car and set up all the paperwork. His business probably took a big hit with current conditions but he does seem to be hustling to keep it afloat and I hope he bounces back and makes a s
  15. @Yeah No When I said lying I was talking about her excuse of that she received it 3 minutes before walking down the aisle so she did not have time to put it on, the clip shows she received it before her make up was done. Hayley likes to present things in a way that twist the issue so she does not need to accept any responsibility, after seeing her phone call with her mother I can see where she gets it from my mother would have told me to pull my head in and consider the other persons feelings but instead her mother enabled her stanky attitude. It costs nothing to be polite or apologize she doe
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