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  1. Thats exactly what she said during the bachelor happy hour interview. She said she could barely hear during the group dates so she didn't participate... I love that.. I am worried that she wasn't shown in the preview..
  2. Well I sort of believe aunty about the gf's claim because before the show started, an alleged gf of Micheal made some comments on marriedatfirstsight reddit page. She talked about Micheal being political and full of sarcasm. The sarcasm checks out based on what we see. She wished Meka goodluck because she would need it with him. I watched the Episode 3 review and auntie is based in the DMV area. It seems she has info on most of the participants even Meka and she is disappointed in the selection of most cast members. That's my take..
  3. Watch the last 15mins. That's the spoiler.. But on John Hopkins website, she is listed as an employee so...
  4. Her current title is research coordinator but I think she researches too..
  5. Interesting last 15mins of this video by auntie... Michael's ex emailed her. Ignore the cussing.. He is immature with the whole word being capitalized.. IMMATURE.. this was a terrible match
  6. Thank goodness you said college.. that's a frat boy/fuckboy trait. Not a grown ass man ready for marriage. He just rubs me the wrong way and strike me as extremely immature..
  7. There is an attempt to make this girl look bad. We would keep watching Brandon and his crew 🧐..
  8. Why are we taking the groomsmen account as the gospel truth? First Brandon filed for annulment before the show aired, even though we know it's against the show's rule. Now his groomsman who I am very sure signed some form of contract is singing. I just get the vibe that Brandon and his crew are trying to control the narrative. They know he looks bad so they are on a smear campaign. They seem very immature. We shall see what really happened.
  9. What do you expect the producer to say? Of course she wants the secret to kept.. flew together is a good sign..
  10. I think Bobby and Danielle are the only couple that made it this season.. Travelling together is always a great sign.
  11. Realllyyyyyy.... Maybe that was when she gave up stalking.. His story accusation looks more legit than Mias' lies
  12. Just watched it... I dont believe them at all.. if that's for the fraud allegation, what abt the stalking allegations? That was before she ever dreamt of coming on the show.. But do you guys think Tristan is still with her?
  13. That @vinyahillard has inside information from the ex. I think he/she said everything was true. Coming out and admitting the mess and also showing some remorse would have earned her maximum respect from the audience.. All these lies are complication issues.. So sad..
  14. Paid him off or scared him with their big lawyers? I wonder why Tristan said she lied on next week's preview even though they are selling the 'I dont know him story'.
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