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  1. Maybe Nene didn’t want them in her fabulous closet because it was empty. On WWHL I swear she was high, look at her eyes. Ronnie honey, you still have problems in your marriage cause clearly Shamari isn’t over her lesbian “phase”.
  2. Leah looked great and she’s come such a long way from her “pillses” days. They all seemed happy and adjusted. I understand guys her age don’t want an instant family of 3 with 2 ex husbands at their age but this guy looks like he could be her father. If he makes them all happy, that’s great. Barb annoyed me sucking up to Janelle. At the reunion she was all for Nathan & his Mom taking Kaiser, now she’s ok with David and thinks it’s horrible Nathan wants him. Not saying Nathan is a good person, but he’s the lesser of 2 evils. Chelsea also looks great and although living a secluded life is not for me, I’m glad she’s enjoying her new home. Kail has a problem meeting Javi’s new preg gf but it was ok getting knocked up while still married to Javi. The only reason Chris is involved is because he looked like a low life dead beat dad not acknowledging his baby on natl TV, if she wasn’t on TM, he would not be involved with his kid.
  3. What really bugs me is towards the end when Gina was apologizing to Shannon, she said she’s hurting too and that she had her heart broken also. How did they let her say that without asking her if it’s a mutual divorce why is her heart broken. If she wanted it and it’s amicable why is her heart broken. For all the digging they do, how did they let that slide by without jumping on it.
  4. Lea’s stupid laugh didn’t help either. It made him feel like he was right and it was egging him on. In the car everyone sided with Jen and tried to make her feel better and you know they hate to go against Jeff because they will feel the wrath of his humiliation. He couldn’t just stop, he had to further her humiliation by firing the person who helped him get the show, the godmother to his child. What a bitch move. Jeff likes everyone to feel beneath him and since Jen also produces the show and married a wealthy dr. and has a beautiful family she is no longer beneath him. She is at the very least on par with him and I don’t think he likes that.
  5. We don’t want her back, you can keep her. The way she moves her mouth when she talks and her bad posture really bug me.
  6. Porsha is acting like a little school girl with a crush. Beware of anyone who wants to get a big tattoo of you after only a few months of dating, especially a guy who looks like Chico Bean.
  7. Just a few things: I hated MJs gown. That beige fabric looked cheap and like someone took a scissor and randomly cut it away from her neck. Poorly done. A staircase to walk down the aisle, a disaster waiting to happen. Shaking hands and greeting people you’ve kept waiting for an hour? The ceremony was a trashy joke, you tell your husband shut the f up during the ceremony, something is wrong with Tommy that he takes it.
  8. When Megan was saying she wasn’t sure if she was going to NC and Jeff/Gage were saying how beneficial it is for her business, she replied but it’s 16 hour days. They couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t want to work with them 16 hours? While they have a nanny and don’t mind leaving their child, maybe she can’t afford or doesn’t have anyone to stay with her daughter. While I’m on a roll here, I also hate bosses who expect you to work as hard/long as they do or expect you to stay late like they do. I have a life and it’s not my business it’s yours
  9. Remind me why Gina has a casita? I know she mentioned it’s purpose but I can’t remember what it was.
  10. Vida is harsh with no filter, but some of the things she says are true. I don’t like MJ’s wedding dress, it does flatten her chest and she can’t even walk in it because it is a mermaid style dress. That is so impractical, you want to look great on your wedding day but be comfortable too. Pre-nup 2 weeks before the wedding, flower shopping days before it? Sorry, I don’t believe any of that. Also MJ’s blue outfit, the one you can see her under boob sweat is disgusting. Wear a bra, they sell absorbable pads you put under your boobs to catch any sweat so we don’t have to see it. She is the queen of inappropriate clothing.
  11. I don’t know how anyone can work for Jeff. He is a very verbally abusive man. Close quarters, long hours, eat meals together and has to account for every minute of their work day and gets berated in front of everyone for the slightest thing. He is a bully, he enjoys picking on people and gets everyone to join in. Jenni finally had enough and her husband probably told her you don’t have to do this anymore, we don’t need the money & aggravation. Grieving is no excuse for being an asshole, im sure we all have grieved over a loved one and didn’t act like an ass, so no pass from me. Im with Jenni.
  12. Tamra just stop! No one wants to see your hard grapefruit bolt ons. She made no effort at all to pull down her top while the guide was helping her off the rope. She will never care that she is embarrassing her kids, she’s a selfish woman and I get why her oldest wants nothing to do with her. I admire Emily. She’s a big woman, probably considered overweight in CA, but she is confident in her own skin. She rocked that bathing suit and wasn’t shy to pull off her coverup and go on TV in a bathing suit. That is confidence we all should have.
  13. This show has gotten so boring, I can’t even think of anything to comment on.
  14. I could have written this myself. I’m with my husband 25 yrs. and there were times I hated him, wished he worked longer hours or traveled for work. When my kids were young there were several times I contemplated divorce because the everyday stress of work and young kids made my husband very moody. I decided to hang on and ride the waves and at this point in my life, our relationship is good and I’m glad I stuck it out. I do think Matt moving away was basically a trial separation, that’s the only way she wouldn’t have visited his place. During this period they realized they really didn’t miss each other, so I feel he convinced her to divorce. He has his cake & is eating it too, why would he want to divorce unless someone else is in the picture. He can do what he wants during the week and can visit on the weekends. I just think they should hold off on the divorce and legally separate and then see how they feel after a year. It’s not urgent, they don’t hate each other, they’re best friends who have sex so what’s the rush. That fact that she called him to convince her of why this is best for them means she’s not 100% sure and is just putting on a brave face.
  15. I like Jenny. To me she is the ying to Jeff’s yang. She smooths things over and makes him look not so cruel. I would never work for Jeff because I don’t find him the least bit endearing and I do find him to be an abusive boss. The way he yells at everyone and expects everyone to be at his beck and call even after normal working hours is not nice. He feeds them so they don’t go out for lunch, so they eat and work, never a break. How many hours do these people work? BTW, verbal abuse is still abuse, some people might find his behavior funny, but if you were at the receiving end of it I can assure you it wouldn’t be funny.
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