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  1. this is kind of all over the place. Also reinforces that Aviva may have been crazy, but she probably wasn't wrong https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7248681/Carole-Radziwill-reflects-John-Kennedy-Jr-Carolyn-20th-anniversary-plane-crash.html
  2. teapot

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    the same one where we're just waiting with baited breath for Debz OG to weigh in: https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2019/07/17/exclusive-debra-danielsen-comments-on-amber-portwoods-recent-arrest-suggests-she-take-time-off-from-filming-teen-mom-og-to-get-help/
  3. teapot

    True Tori

    we're all looking at the same pictures, yes???
  4. teapot

    S08.E07: Mother of a Mother’s Day

    I felt HORRIBLE for Leah in the nail salon. I could see a nine-year-old feeling like she'd done something wrong. Also? Amber's completely real and not at all fake kitchen "meltdown", does Andrew get to speak? No (obviously, lest he get whacked with a machete...) I was just thinking (b/c my job is super boring, y'all, also I got spoken to about internet usage...gah! which led me to wish I had a life where I somehow made a lot of money for not working) about the Teen Moms and whom I would ever trade lives with. okay, possibly Cheyenne, Chelsea, or Maci. But the rest of 'em? nah, they can keep their blood money!!!
  5. teapot

    SURly Staff In The Media

    didn't that happen on Mad About You?
  6. complete opposite here. I live in Massachusetts, so this story's been all over the place for the past few years. At first I thought she was so immature that she thought she was helping Conrad, thinking that depression wasn't going to get any better and that only she understood how terrible his life was. Once I saw this documentary, though, now I wonder if it wasn't a manipulation. (the "trial run" made my blood run cold, for example)
  7. teapot

    S08.E06: Momcation

    right? I mean, "I have a work trip", maybe????
  8. teapot

    S08.E06: Momcation

    Can Nova go and live with Gary & Kristina??
  9. teapot

    S08.E05: Baby Fever

    Cory, are you *really*? I mean, the show is called Teen Mom OG. Chey is not a teen, nor is she an OG...so that leaves "mom".
  10. teapot

    S08.E04: One Big Happy Family

    Not to be shallow, but April packed on some pounds, huh? I would have told Nova that when I go, put on Beauty & The Beast and then have a snack/take a bath/read a book and by the time you finish all that, I'll be home. Amber, you had to do a NIGHT SHIFT? with your own son who probably sleeps through the night? omg how impressive! (also didn't she say on an IG live that she has a staff of nannies? is she lying to us?) also, if your man is snoring too loudly, just go out on the couch or Leah's room or something...why is this hard???? Ryan, buddy, I know. Life is just exhausting. Sure. I used to laugh at how dumb they all were, now it's just making me angry, what is that about???
  11. teapot

    S16.E11: Treachery

    I watched that Red Table thing, and she said that he tried to kiss her goodbye & she pulled away. If that were true, why's everyone so mad at her????
  12. teapot

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    I can't with her. It's the "I'm a bitch, love me or hate me" type. "if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." um, no. if you don't have to at least make an effort to be polite and cordial, you're not welcome as far as I'm concerned. I hate that, "that's the way she is" and we all have to treat her EXACTLY AS SHE MUST BE TREATED or we will feel the wrath. I've obviously had my share of these soul-suckers, and they are never again to me!!!
  13. teapot

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Good. I don't want JE to get her wish of attention for being sick, and meds. I don't know if I want that for Ashley or not b/c I don't watch 90 Day Fiancee. (sometimes I look at myself and say, NO, TEAPOT! STEP AWAY FROM THE REMOTE! YOU MUST DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN WATCH TV!")
  14. teapot

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    I finally went to Paris in 2013 (after a lifetime of drooling of it on TV when people like Brenda & Donna, and Blair & Serena, and Mary-Kate and Ashley went) and when I came back everyone asked me what the best food that I had was. It was the $4.00 Croque Monsieur that I had for lunch!
  15. teapot

    S08.E03: Blessings Not Baggage

    can't do it, I love you guys, and the Teen Mom Trash Talk podcast, far too much to ever part with this shit show.