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  1. Was she literally on live all night? I saw her on at like 7-ish, then I went to go eat & watch TV w/husband. I went back on at 11 & I saw her on live. She barely even talks, who the hell is watching her all night????
  2. I wish that Lisa's Max could get a role on the show. Poor Max...
  3. wow, Alexis. when Corey Feldman is the only one who is making any sort of sense to you...
  4. ohhhhh okay gotcha, I think I didn't put all of that together!!!! I don't think I listen to Jade that well because she is literally always screaming, and that gives me anxiety. I know she has every right to be upset, the people around her SUCK, but I kind of can't with her.
  5. Again, my alter ego Republican pearl clutching grandma comes out when Gracie says "friggin' blowdryer.." I get that it's not *technically* a swear, but oh my stars! young ladies should not speak like that! Ali saying Gracie needed "boot camp"! gave me life. I'm no Christy fan, but why was Jade losing her shit when Christy said she was stuck in traffic but still wanted to come & put Kloie to bed? Unless she was like seven hours late, which was most likely the case. Briana, for real, just shut up. And take a shower. Kail needs to pretend she doesn't give a shit about Chris. Sorry, if anything's going to work, that's the only thing. (said someone who has been married since 1980-friggin' (see what I did there?) nine, but that's what used to work. Look cute, live your best life and don't answer his phone calls.)
  6. didn't she meet David online the same day she broke up with Nathan? i am not optimistic...
  7. Angelina breaks my heart a little...and I say this as an almost-51-year-old-who-has-finally-developed-hard-earned-social-skills (YMMV if you know me personally, clearly.) She's messy, no doubt, in the way that girls who don't know themselves are. To compound that, she's sold her soul in order to get a tiny piece of whatever these other no-talent assholes have been gifted by the Universe, and has absolutely no self-respect whatsoever. We unfortunately don't "know" her well enough to know if it's an act or not. . I shit my pants? hey, I 'm gonna get a tattoo commemorating that fact. You all want to go up on stage and sing about my sex life in front of God, my fiance', our parents, and a crowd full of strangers? I'll be over here dancing. yup, Staten Island Ferry, that's me.. I love self-deprecation almost always, but this ain't it. I hope she can outgrow this. Luckily this day & age is a little more forgiving (I'm looking at you, Spencer Pratt). Even with the internet, it seems like things are more live-downable. who knew I was thinking about her this much? Weird.
  8. According to Stassi's Instagram stories, she & Beau are in Rome with one of their producers. I wonder if they got a spinoff.
  9. that's why I love my Go-Go's concert t-shirt but I'm not entirely unashamed to wear it out.
  10. oh, I thought she said, "I'l have to get an actual job.." then looked at her grandparents, expecting them to say, "of course not, don't be ridiculous!" yet they didn't.
  11. teapot


    "Although Abraham said she's straight, she explained that she feels very "blessed" that there are also women who are into her. She also added that if she ever were to start dating women, it would "confuse" her daughter, Sophia, 10." oh, THAT's WHERE YOU DRAW THE LINE? Dropping out of school in fourth grade and feeding grapes to a Shah two months out of the year? Not confusing at all.
  12. I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crackers (that I paid for, the asshole...)
  13. teapot


    Dies anyone (hate) follow the Abraham’s on Instagram? in Sophia’s current story, she’s hanging with a few paid actresses friends around her age the song playing in the background? That would be none other than Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls. Which is about strippers, no? and words on the screen which quote the following: “long legs and burgundy lips”. Which strippers most likely have, but ten-year-olds? Not so much.... mind you, I am annoyed with myself here for sounding like my 79 year old Republican mother-in-law, because I pride myself on being a live -and-let-live-er, (and have nothing at all against over-the-age-of-18-year old exotic dancers) but THIS IS NOT OK
  14. Thank goodness, I’m sure that poor overworked single mom was in desperate need of a vacation !!!
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