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  1. It’s because it is NOT ACCURATE! Some of my friends who were teen moms were on welfare for a time, others had family help they all struggled to get jobs & get educated on little to no time or sleep. None of them got rich off it, or had people applauding their bad choices. kind of wish we had occasional check-ins w/the “regular” 16 & Pregnant girls
  2. teapot


    I despise her (you all remember & you’re like omfg Teapot tell us something we don’t know!!!) but hear me out, it is so fascinating to watch her interact with humans!!!
  3. I didn’t understand why Karen was bringing babies to Belle; what was in it for her?
  4. Right, but his long was that after Ramona kicked her out? (And cried to Lu that she was”all alone”, of course)
  5. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t pony up the 20k for IVF selection! Seems like a logical solution, and they’ve got it
  6. I saw a documentary on HBO a few years ago about an opioid epidemic on the Cape during winters. I wonder if that inspired the idea for this story?
  7. I wonder WTF happened to Billy o’Toole! Can anyone make out Taylor’s clavicle tattoo? I’ve tried to pause it & I got “Le Giallasco Rio” but, no, that’s not it because nothing comes up!
  8. Oh, my, how incredibly original!!!
  9. How on earth could the Fortune Society think that Sonja hadn’t hit rock bottom even *after* they were told that she FORGOT THE CAVIAR? do they even live in the world????
  10. Kail did the Teen Mom Trash Talk podcast forever ago, and she was gushing that Chris refused to be on the show b/c he didn’t want to “be like the others” who took advantage of getting an opportunity from her wonder what happened there? (Yes I’m aware that “real jobs” suck ass)
  11. Did Tia’s throat look like it had been slashed???
  12. Lauren probably had direction from production to ask all of the questions; I feel like I’ve barely ever heard her say more than a few words at a time before now
  13. teapot


    Do we think that many people are so concerned with Sophia that they need to save this nonsense on their phone? delusion, much?
  14. Did anyone see that meme with the Target prairie dresses? (I’ve tried to post it here but I am very old) that was obviously Sonja & Ramona’s fashion inspiration
  15. Paula is a strange name for a 21st century teen. (Don’t get me wrong; it’s perfectly lovely, but I’m sure quite uncommon these days) i’m not sure what’s going on with Olivia. Teen girl friendships are crazy intense; she could just be jealous that P is getting attention or has her own thing going on
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