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  1. Same. I imagine Papa Silva’s thought bubble, “Lord, help me, these two are idiots....”
  2. Am I the only one here who’s extremely glad that they’re old?
  3. I for one was just glad that Jo finally got himself a *job*!!!
  4. No way ! I’m completely committed if only for this forum!!!!
  5. I’m only a casual 90 Day Fiancé watcher (but this could all change because.... Hulu!) I feel like Darcey was drunk through the whole Tom courtship (caught some eps on a flight to Vegas last Labor Day.... this one was better....NOT!!!) ok, so I *want* to like them. They actually almost seem sweet, and intelligent...but...WHY is their entire life an SNL skit? They’re real-life Romy & Michelle, like someone said, “we showed ‘em!” yet they still have old hometown friends, and their kids seem like nice, ordinary people. So maybe the “human blow-up doll” aesthetic is pretend? Hopefully????
  6. I think Kevin is a douche, but not because his girlfriend says “I’m so scaaared that I’m gonna get evicted. I don’t really work, though.” Bri’s mom kind of cleans up nice. why does Rick’s friend dress like the lost member of Simple Plan that aged sixty years overnight for some weird reason? Gentille always sounds like she’s reading a teleprompter and she can’t quite make out the next word Rodney & Desiry? Bitch, please...
  7. teapot


    .Ok, I definitely agree but... STILL WITH THE BABY VOICE! I FUCKING CAN’T!!!!!
  8. I’m working from hone and kinda bored, I’m gonna need you to vlog that for me, k???
  9. You all are ON FIRE tonight! Dying!!!
  10. So hold on, you *don’t* walk around demanding that everyone give you special treatment and refuse to function so that you’re not triggered??? j/k, these girls piss me off that they can’t possibly exist in circumstances that are way easier than that of your average person! you rock & you have so much to celebrate & be proud of!!!
  11. I’m struggling w/her wall art that says “glad YOUR a happy girl”.
  12. She’s not always been that nice to her Mom. I remember an event at Aubree’s school where if I wasn't looking at the TV I would’ve thought it was Farrah tslking
  13. That. Is. Awesome. and I’m sure you’re “never gonna be the same again!”
  14. Ryan went gray *crazy* early!!!
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