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  1. And she’s *so* stupid! “Has this affected your work?” ”no” dafuq? You remember the SHOW THAT IS NAMED FOR YOU that you are NOT CURRENTLY ON... smh one more thing, is she not the most lethargic cokehead you ever did see? I don’t see her having the wherewithal to go “be-bopping around” with Butch from Teen Mom or anything!!!
  2. why did Alana not get media training which instructed her how to (not) sit in a skirt? I grew up as No One from No Where and I feel like I had that “skill” down by the time I was her age
  3. Any RHOC peeps here? I was reminded of Shannon Beador. Luckily, she got over it, took her sweet settlement & her beautiful daughters & dog (Archie!), lost the weight & got on with it
  4. I’ve found some great stuff in there, but it’s almost as chaotic in there as Forever 21, so I don’t go very often
  5. RIP. I’ll never not miss you, Purple One!!!!
  6. I feel like I’m surprised. Was that the Emily girl who had Stassi sleep in her room when she was afraid of ghosts on her first book tour? (Guys, I *know*. But, like, who else would I talk about this nonsense with.) I am obviously not meant for any sort of fame-having life. (200 Instagram followers, what what!!!)
  7. That was crazy! And I thought it was fake...except for LC crying...was she *that* good of an actress??? Confusing to this day!!!
  8. If I was in a fight with someone and they literally cited Kristen Cavallari slang circa Laguna Beach 2004 “Witches of WeHo...dunzo!” I would lose all respect for them and never be able to take them seriously. If you can’t talk to me “for real “ you’re not worth a moment of my time
  9. I’ve just got seven words for ya “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE WITHOUT DORINDA???”
  10. First off, thanks for the four pages of entertainment as I finish my “work week”! And the education on what the hell those tiki torches ever did to offend anyone!! i forget just how “uppity” these girls are. “your *woman* said that the silverware is rolled in the napkin.” Um, if I were outside helping someone set a table, my blue-collar raised face would have said “hi, how are you? My name’s Teapot! What’s yours?” i was annoyed when Jeff showed up. Like why is there a guy here on our girls night? Reminds me of when Alex brought Simon....remember, RAMONA???? When Leah was cradling Sonja on the toilet...and Sonja has (used?) TP in her hand....and hugs Leah...and there is no washing of hands unless that’s too boring to show on TV (timely, though, no?) I was dead sober last night and it was after midnight and I was dying of laughter. i wish someone had the wherewithal to quarantine a bunch of HWs when this shit all started. I would’ve paid for the “big brother live feed”. Who can we talk to in case this (god forbid) ever happens again?
  11. Sorry! It’s that Without a Crystal Ball vlog. Basically, Tori is charging fans $95 for a 1 minute face time call. When there was back lash, Dean gets on Instagram & starts ranting that his wife has every right to provide for her family. He actually said, if you visited your friend who was a computer programmer and he was working from home, would you say *he* was greedy? smh. Not. The. Same. Thing.
  12. I know a lot of people don’t like Katie that much, but for real??
  13. You know, I get that she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. And there’s a slight (??) chance that she’s an opportunist. But I don’t think she’s a bad person; she even seems sort of nice. Know who are *not* nice? Stassi & Katie! I’m just glad that *everyone* isn’t ostracizing Kristen. Also, Scheana really seems to enjoy when there’s a “side” to take
  14. so, apparently, if you have mental illness, you are exempt from obligations, work, being polite, and holding your temper. also, it makes you very special and only People Like You could ever even understand what your life is like.
  15. It says it here...I think I heard him say that on her podcast https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/what-is-the-one-thing-stassi-schroeders-boyfriend-didnt-do-when-he-met-lisa-vanderpump.html/
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