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  1. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    My thoughts exactly! I’m so glad that a judge has finally seen through these people and that the kids are safe from J & D, at least temporarily. I have doubts that Jenelle would bother to do any of the stuff the court is going to want her to go to get the kids back if the public wasn’t watching her. She has no desire to parent & I think without the MTV cameras, her faux-desire will soon dissipate and she’ll be back to screaming “leave me alooone” when David tells her it’s tome to go to court, etc for the kids. I also doubt David can impersonate a reasonable, non-insane person long enough to convince the courts he’s a safe parent. (But I know I’m probably overestimating what power the system ultimately has.) Same.
  2. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E18: Family Portrait

    The schools aren’t well there & Leah needed a reason for Jeremy to come rushing home so they could hook up (and Jeremy wanted an excuse to come home and hook up with Leah, too, no doubt). Y’all know Addie was secretly rolling her eyes and judging the whole thing. Seriously. My dad is in his 70s and a veteran. If I said I was scared, he’d drive the 1.5 hrs over to sit with me with his guns and/or gift me the tuition for a concealed carry class. I can’t even picture if I told him “I have anxiety” what he’d say - I think his response would be a blank stare like “that term doesn’t compute.” I’m sure Chelsea has anxiety from the break-in and since she’s on a reality TV show, etc, but I also wonder if some of it isn’t just that Chelsea feels lonely & isolated. Being a stay at home mom to very small children without any friends/neighbors who are in the same boat can be extremely isolating and quite honestly - anxiety inducing. I think Chelsea maybe can’t admit that because she’s so into her role as fulfilled mommy and that it would make her seem like a failure, but it wouldn’t. Nor to mention, anxiety can be a big part of postpartum depression (and postpartum anxiety is a thing). Layne wasn’t very old when this was filmed. Having two babies back to back does a number on your body and hormones. Chelsea should probably talk to someone just in case. She may be struggling with postpartum anxiety/depression and just can’t articulate that, so she focuses on the break-in because that is something she feels she can talk about. Okay, I’m done with my armchair psychologist diagnosing for the day. 🙂
  3. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Seriously. Can you imagine being a cardiologist, big shot MBA finance/insurance businessperson with multiple years of experience working your butt off, or highly esteemed lawyer who could finally afford that neighborhood after working 30 years, etc...and then Kail moves in with her legion of leased luxury vehicles, ever-changing cadre of hangers-on/moochers, 3 kids by 3 baby daddies (and constant custody exchanges), and MTV cameras/trucks/equipment/producers (and Chris & his buddies throwing pool parties whenever he decides he and Kail are “on” again & loud fights when they’re not) moving in down the street??? I’d think that Kail’s chaos would make the neighborhood less desirable for wealthier, educated people who just want to enjoy their uppahclass lifestyle that they’ve spent years in school/working for without the reality TV show teen mom’s chaos living down the street.
  4. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Look, y’all....granted I live in one of the best school districts in my state, but my district’s proficiency statistics are much better than that....and I live in LOUISIANA, where we notoriously underfund/undervalue public education (and it shows in our state rankings). But seriously...one of the best school districts in the state of Delaware has lower proficiency percentages than where I live in Louisiana? What the hell, Delaware? (And what the hell, Kail?) With that data, something tells me there’s probably a fair percentage of the kids from the “uppahclass” (TM Matt Baier) enclave Kail is moving into whose parents send them to private schools. Hope Kail can budget for private school and that mortgage if she wants to keep up with the Joneses in her new fancier neighborhood.
  5. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Hi y’all. I (and many of us here) have been saying for years that this is not going to end well. Barb was right when she said David was the worst boyfriend Jenelle has ever had. I’m so glad Kaiser isn’t on The Land. I really hope Ensley and Maryssa get out, too. Part of me worries if David doesn’t take this out on Jenelle and the girls, he will take this out on Barb. I’m especially worried about this if CPS places Ensley with Barb. MTV should be ponying up for Blackwater (or whatever they’re called now) level armed security guards for Barb for the next few days/weeks, especially if the courts give her temporary custody of Ensley. Heck, MTV could even spring for a nice AirBnB in the area where Barb lives for her and her household to hide out in for a while just in case (it would probably be cheaper than armed guards, too). In any case, I feel like MTV has some moral obligation (hahahaha, I know, they don’t have morals, but still...) to try to protect Barb and the kids that are with her. (And I agree with other posters that this is a rare case where it seems like Ensley would be better off with strangers who work with CPS rather than a family member, at least for everyone’s physical safety.) I really hope maybe there’s some random cousin or aunt/uncle on David’s side who is sane and who knows the kids but doesn’t have “beef” with David who is stable and kind. Maybe Ensley & Maryssa could be placed there without David completely losing it at them/putting them in danger (and also because I kind of hope Ensley & Maryssa, at least, get to stay together and because is Barb is honestly too old to take on raising another child for 16 more years). Ugh. I‘m worried about the girls but also about Barb & Jace depending on how this all shakes out & how David’s crazy temper flares. Nobody better let anything happen to Barb & her household. I’ll be forever pissed at & hold MTV at least partially responsible if it does.
  6. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I really hope the girls are safe/will be safe on The Land. I'm glad Kaiser isn't there. I really hope he gets to stay with Doris & that Jenelle doesn't even attempt to try to "get my son back" with him or Jace. I assume she has no money for lawyers to help her with that now, but who knows. The way the system is, I'm worried Kaiser will be back there next week. I really hope Kaiser stays with Doris indefinitely. I agree, @alexa. Although I'm not religious, I would like to think Nugget was kind of a little guardian angel to Kaiser. I'd also like to think reincarnation is a thing when it comes to poor little Nugget and that he's reincarnated to be adopted by fur-baby-parents who adore, dote on, and absolutely spoil him in his next life.
  7. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Awww, I see Gary & Christina came to James's birthday. That's nice. James looks more and more like Andrew in each new picture of him.
  8. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Pretty sure the felony issues and more than $1500 behind in child support applies to Amber.... It kind of sucks for the other non-felonious TM girls that they can't go an international vacation because of Amber...but a free MTV-sponsored vacation is a free vacation, so I'm sure it doesn't suck that much.
  9. MyPeopleAreNordic

    S09.E17 Checks and Balances

    I'm sure Vee loves Jo but honestly I wonder if part of what has kept Vee around Jo has also been that she loves Isaac and she gets to have Janet as her mother-in-law. I know people differ on their feelings about the rules Janet made for Kail when she lived in their home & although I side with Janet on that issue, I have to say even you didn't side with Janet then, think about how Janet was in Kail's 16&P episode. She was there for Kail more than Kail's own mom. Kail called Janet crying from her dad's house because the visit was so weird and Janet genuinely seemed to love and care for Kail. Although we haven't seen enough of Vee and Janet together to know for sure, I suspect they have a close relationship as well. Janet seems like she'd be a cool MIL who'd be your friend but also would be more than willing to help you out or give you space. Vee has been in Isaac's life since he was a small toddler and is probably bonded with him as well. Plus, Isaac is such a tender-hearted, smart little boy who seems really chill to be around (even when he was a toddler). I think Vee worked in a daycare & at one point wanted to teach small kids - she's definitely one of those people who just loves kids. I'm sure she loves Isaac. I can definitely see being sweet, sensitive Isaac's step-mom and having Janet as family as pluses of being with Jo. (And I think in the beginning that the "fame" from the show may have been what interested young, immature Vee, but she really came to love Isaac, the Riveras, & Jo and is genuine in her love for them. She wouldn't leave if the show was canceled unlike some other significant others; her relationships with Jo & his family strong and real with or without cameras.) Since they've both also dealt with Kail so much, maybe Jo & Vee also went through some trauma-bonding from that.
  10. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Where does Chris live when he's in between using Kailyn's pool and getting back together with his on/off long-time girlfriend? Does he stay with his mama when he's in between Kail & the girlfriend? I'm guessing Chris doesn't move closer cause that would require Chris to get a lease in his name and pay rent. Why would he do that when he can just bounce in between Kail, the on/off gf, and his mom (depending on who is annoying him the least at the time) without having to commit to months of rent for an apartment he'd be responsible to pay for? (I know the obvious answer is to be close to his son, but grifters gonna grift.....which is something Kail should know all too well).
  11. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Um.....Lux isn't even two yet. He won't be going to real school for 2-3 more years. By then we all know Kail will have another baby by another dude and be moving yet again away from her sons' fathers and closer to him/his family/his job/etc. Lol, don't even pretend this is about making it easy for Lux to get to school from both sets of parents' homes. It's about moving closer to Chris so he can't be like "yeah, I would come over right now but you know, it's like an hour in the car or more with traffic..." or "oh, I would come over but it's a long drive and I'm tired..." whenever she wants him to grace her with his presence. If Chris was smart, he'd start working towards buying a home in the area where Jo & Javi live. That way Kail's sons can all be in the same neighborhood/area as their home base with their dads and their mother can move around chasing men without uprooting the boys' lives too much.
  12. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Absolutely. And he did this to her when she was 8/9 months pregnant with HIS child - that's why I doubt even Maryssa or Ensley are safe around him. I definitely think Kaiser is the most vulnerable kid since he's not David's son, but I also think David wouldn't hesitate to hurt his own child, either.
  13. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I suggest that MTV/Viacom keeps Barb in some capacity in a way that doesn't feature Jace or Jenelle's other kids. I think instead of having the TM/TMOG moms do their own voice overs, they should let Barb be the narrator/do the voice over narration for all the girls (with her own commentary thrown in). Or let her host the reunions (they'd be more interesting with Barb than with Dr. Drew or Nessa). Maybe Viacom can give her a little spin-off show on another channel. Maybe she can have a little talk show where Z-list celebrities come to chat and push whatever BS product line they're currently behind. They come sit on Barb's couch, drink boxed wine, and chat - "Boxed Wine with Barb." I'd watch (but no Jace/other kids around during filming...let them go be kids). I'm cool with Barb, but I'm also cool with keeping the Evans-Griffin-Eason kids off of the TV. They have a lot to overcome as it is given their parents without adding growing up (or continuing to grow up, in Jace's case) on TV to the list.
  14. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    This is more housework (or any kind of work) than Amber has done in a looong time. Also, good for Kristina & Gary for keeping it real and giving their girls age-appropriate chores/responsibilities even if they are on a reality TV show. They're setting Leah and her sisters up to be able to adult later in life (which some people still on this series can't do).
  15. MyPeopleAreNordic

    Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    I'm 36 and I think I may look younger (I definitely look younger than Mac with make-up/hair done and filters like she has here). Mac, you're wasting what's left of "your pretty" on this manchild. The MTV fame ain't worth it and he isn't anywhere close to being HotRhine of old. Cut loose and go. I'm sure Mimi Jen will still offer free childcare for your baby and Hudson, so you would still be able to keep that benefit. (I don't even like Mac, but she needs to get out now, with her kids.) Does anyone know if Mac is still in nursing school?