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  1. "We believe it all happened for a reason." Yes, idiots - unprotected sex was the reason.
  2. Narcissists gonna narcissist (cough, Jeremy, cough).
  3. I think Chris doesn't want to give Kail the ammunition to say "you're welcome" like she did to Lauren/Javi in that post upthread. He doesn't want Kail to be able to say "you're only famous/making money because you're on MY show and I helped get you on the show/get you fame." (Chris certainly gets stuff - maybe even money - from her, but she can't hold the show over his head.) I think it's his way of keeping the upper hand in the relationship with Kail. He holds the power this way, since he won't agree to be shown on her show. (I hope what I'm trying to say makes sense, LOL. I think it's all a weird power play intended to keep Kail in a position where she doesn't have him locked down/isn't in control/doesn't feel in control, unlike with Javi & the show. It also keeps Kail as an option for Chris, since she apparently really wants what she can't have.)
  4. The only response to this is what Katt Williams said about Michael Jackson telling journalist Martin Bashir how inspiring climbing a tree is and asking "you don't climb trees?".... Katt: "NO, M-Fer. We don't climb trees. We got bills and shit." (NSFW; explicit language)- No, Dawn, we don't walk in labyrinths (cause we don't have daughters on the MTV reality show payroll). We got bills and shit (like non-reality TV show jobs and responsibilities like children we can't just leave with "Mean" Miranda & Corey - or Gracie - while we take our 8th vacation of the year).
  5. Ah, thanks so much, @Mkay! So Chris has Lux and one baby on the way, to be named Joshua & whose pictures his mom will send to Kail after he's born. Got it.
  6. Wait, is Joshua another son of Chris besides this baby or is it what the new baby is going to be named? (I'm confused - how would she have pictures of kid who hasn't even been born yet? Unless she meant after the baby is born she'll send pictures?) Does Chris have 2 (including Lux) kids and one on the way or just Lux and one on the way? Someone call Maury or Jerry Springer. I can't figure out this trashy situation. At least Lux's brother (or brother to be?) has a real name. Poor Lux is going to wonder why his dad was okay with him being named after a soap (and rhymes with "sucks," which you know he'll get teased about) but named his other kid an actual name (I suppose the same can be said about Kail's Isaac and even Lincoln, but still...)
  7. I think Lauren is just what the doctor ordered for the Duggars. I hope every adult who lives on the JB dole at the TTH compound and adjacent Duggar properties is annoyed by her constantly. I hope it irks King JB that viewers don't like her yet she takes so much attention away from other family members.
  8. PREACH! Co-signing ALL of this. And I think some are misunderstanding Jeremy saying Corey "works at home." He does NOT work FROM home - He doesn't actually work in his house and set his own hours. He means Corey works at a place near his home (as opposed to out of state for weeks at a time like Jeremy). Corey still leaves his house to go to work nearby, clocks in/out, and cannot set his own hours/take off whenever he wants. Apparently Jeremy thinks that just because Corey's job is near his home, he can take off 2-3 days whenever he wants with no consequences to go to Cleveland Clinic (they've been shown on TV & social media in hotel rooms when they go to the clinic, so it's usually 2 days he'd need off minimum). Maybe Jeremy has never had a job close to home with set hours (as opposed to being on a job site for a set amount of weeks as a pipeliner) so he thinks other people's "regular jobs" near their homes let them take off whenever, apparently. And Leah has only ever worked like a day or two a week for short periods in the dental office and tanning salon years ago, so she has no idea how "regular jobs" work, either. These idiots don't know what they don't know. Also, if Ali gets health insurance through Corey's job, Leah better understand that losing that job because he took off too much would NOT be good. I know Corey isn't perfect nor is his family (especially in regards to what Ali should/should not be doing with her illness - but Leah's family seems the same way), but he has a real job supporting his wife & 3 kids and responsibilities, something Leah can't understand (and even when they were together she didn't get he had to go to work). Corey's one of the few people in the TM/TM2 franchise to continue working outside of the show - that speaks volumes about him. (I'm not implying Jeremy's job isn't real and I applaud him for continuing to work as well. However, he seems to think people with jobs local to their home have some kind of magical allotment of time they can take off.)
  9. Agree with you and @queenanne. If it was mostly about exposing the Duggars and not so much about Derrick himself, I'd buy it, though. Derrick espouses a lot of vile viewpoints, but I'd buy/read his book if it exposed the Duggars. This is why I have a soft spot for Jill. I'd also say it would be reasonable if Derrick vocalized that he was uncomfortable with his children being around Michelle/JB a lot or without other responsible adults around in a situation like a birthday party, etc. Michelle and JB did not protect their daughters even though it happened more than once (more than twice!). They put it on the girls to protect themselves (all sleeping in the dorm room, wearing their day clothes to bed, having the girls lock their door) rather than dealing with the perpetrator and getting him proper treatment (if Derrick encouraged Jill to go to real therapy, he's probably irked that the Duggars never got Josh "real" help). I could understand if he didn't want his kids just spending any of the times that Jill was bored by herself over at the TTH where kids & grandkids run wild while the adults do whatever. I'd get it if he was only okay with the kids being around JB/Michelle at large family holiday gatherings/parties (where Derrick would likely be present himself and there would be other adults in the family he trusts around beside JB/Michelle). Obviously, I wouldn't want my kids around Josh. But I'd also feel some kind of way about my kids spending a lot of time in the home of the people who failed to protect their children from him and who have written off his vile acts as curiosity, excused it, and didn't get him help.
  10. I am SEVERELY worried that within 7+ months, something will happen to break up this engagement and we won't get a wedding. Maybe Nathan will realize how crazy Jill is. Maybe Anna will impress on the Kellers that a Rod in-law is bad for her "brand"/the Duggar "brand" (I know, I know). Maybe Nathan will meet someone else (again, I know, I know). PRECIOUS Nurie has already lost a suitor before - who knows how giving away another piece of her heart might effect her? Jill, you might want to get this wedding moved up and locked down ASAP so as to make sure it happens. I will be SEVERELY disappointed if it falls through (and you will be, too, since you'll miss locking down the Duggar connection for sure, Jill!). MOVE IT UP. MOVE THE WEDDING UP. Seven month engagements seem awfully "worldly" and something those "slutish" women who wear shorts and tank tops would do! Fair enough. But J-Rod is an A+ grifter. Surely she can grift enough by Valentine's Day or springtime at the latest. Get on it, Jill! Put your Plexus to the side and start grifting a wedding!
  11. Some sort of Farrah word hashtag salad/code-speak for "international escorting." I guess the "you must also include airfare for my child as part of the payment" makes it a mom business trip.
  12. Honestly, I think that's how Briana (and The Coven) want it. They're comfortable in their enmeshment/co-dependency; bringing in an outsider who is a healthy & mature man would mess that all up. A man actually showing up to parent would mean they wouldn't be able to control/influence all aspects of the kids' lives. A stand-up guy would also take some of Briana's attention away from other members of The Coven and ruin their "Us vs Them (Them = Loser Baby Daddies)" mentality. I don't think Briana realizes she wants it this way, but I think she does. She chooses losers who won't stick around because she doesn't want them to. She sabotages herself when it comes to healthy relationships in favor of some random dude in the club. She doesn't really want to share a child with a competent, employed, mature man because then she and the coven wouldn't get to be martyrs, her kids would be exposed to familial situations to see this level of codependency isn't normal, and the dad would have some control/influence over the child's daily life (and the kids would see via example that The Coven's co-dependency isn't healthy). I don't know if she does this because she has no idea what functional families where the dad is employed, responsible, and present look like or worries how she would even navigate that kind of relationship day-to-day, but I think she subconsciously chooses losers to have kids with so she and her children can stay enmeshed with The Coven.
  13. I think this must be whatever Chris spews when he's hanging out with his main chick rather than side chick Kail: "Oh, I'd totally come over but my therapist says I need to 'work on myself' before I see him for a while." He's suddenly "well" when he & the main chick are "off" again and/or he needs use of the pool/money/a new dog/a nice place to crash/a free trip. This is so freaking trashy. Someone call Maury and get Chris & Kail booked on a liar detector episode so this can be sorted out. I guess maybe when Chris is too unwell to be around Lux, he might be playing daddy with another possible kid. Kail, you are better than this. This is embarrassing and you're putting it all out there for everyone to see on TV. Where's that pride, Ms. Pride over Pity (one of her book titles)? Do better and stop embarrassing yourself over this guy who isn't half as much into you as you are into him. Kail probably called his aunt or mom and weaseled herself an invitation by lamenting how she has no family of her own and Suzi is an alcoholic who puts her boyfriends before her, etc. I wouldn't put it past Kail to foot the bill for an entire pre-cooked/catered Thanksgiving meal (or pay for the groceries if someone in the family cooked) at the Lopez family's home so she could have an excuse to "spend Thanksgiving with Chris" as if she was invited by him. (Or Chris wanted something, so he invited Kail.) Jeremy needs to stay in his lane. He's not Ali's stepdad anymore. He's not married to her mother or living in the same home as Ali (even if he occasionally hooks up with Leah). He should not be speaking about his problems with Corey on national television because he isn't Ali's parent/step-parent (not that Leah should be bad-mouthing her ex, either, but Jeremy really shouldn't be). We haven't seen him go out of his way to include his former step-daughters in his life like Javi has with Isaac & Jo/Vee, etc. Jeremy needs to keep his nose out of it. It's not nice to speak badly about your daughter's sisters' father & stepmom on television. I'm sure that will lead to tension between the sisters. We've already seen Gracie be a jerk to Addie about how she never sees her dad. I'm sure Gracie's feelings about Jeremy (and unfortunately, how she'll talk about him to Addie) aren't being helped by Jeremy shit-talking her dad on TV. Gracie & Addie are going to have a hard enough time watching their other sister deteriorate health-wise. Their mom has had issues with addiction in the past. These two sisters are going to need each other to lean on down the road and all of this bad-mouthing of the other dad on TV (by grown people who should know better!) isn't going to help their relationship.
  14. Jessa is the married Duggar daughter whose entire existence and that of her family is funded by JB (assuming he pockets all of the Counting On money). Ben works for JB. Jessa gets paid or given housing/an allowance/something from JB for being on the show. Jinger and Jeremy can live without JB's money (not maintaining their current lifestyle, but Jeremy could still pastor a small church, etc). Joy and Austin could survive off of flipping houses or even working at his family's campground. Jill and Derrick can live without it, too (even if Cathy is funding them while Derrick is in law school). Those couples don't need JB. Jessa and the Duggar boys are entirely on the JB dole. She has to toe the line because she lives 24/7 in JB world and he's funding her family's basic needs and extras. Sadly, I think Jessa would be the one to most embrace "worldliness" after she got over the initial shock of it all, but she's the least likely to have that chance unless Ben graduates from online bible college & gets a job that can support her and their eleventy kids away from JB. In any case, "Jessa and Jeremy Take LA" would be a helluva lot more interesting than Jinger and Jeremy, at a minimum. (Although I'm sure Jessa couldn't have kept sweet with Jeremy loving himself more than her and would have shanked him by now, but I digress.)
  15. To be fair, I feel like this is a Southern cultural thing (or at least a Southern Conservative thing as far as the pictures go) more than a Fundie thing. (And I know plenty of liberal Southern gun owners, they just tend be more quiet about their gun ownership and not post tons of pics of themselves/their families with their guns/in gun memorabilia.) (Source: Lived in the South basically all my life. I know it's weird to the rest of the world but it's totally not weird here.) That said, Nurie's past possible suitor definitely seemed more extreme than the average Southern guy who takes a pic with his gun or wears a Remington t-shirt.
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