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  1. Seriously, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - THIS is actually peak Jude Law. He should hire the spray tan/makeup team & hairpiece people from this series to work in every project he does ever. Also, while I wasn’t paying attention over the last 3 years, Jude Law has morphed into this era’s Cary Grant. THIS is actually Jude Law in his prime, acting & looks (lots of credits for the looks to the amazing hair/makeup team, once again). I seek atonement for my hubris when I thought peak Jude Law was him beautifully lazing around Italy in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” two decades
  2. Probably unpopular opinion: I loved pretty much everything about this episode. The only thing that could have made it even better IMO was if during the crowd surfing scene, we saw Lenny’s parents in the crowd (like at his speech in Venice), but this time they were among the people holding him up as he was lifted/moved via the crowd. That would have given me a bit of closure (or knowing Lenny had some kind of closure about his parents) as to orphan Lenny’s storyline with the parents who abandoned him, which felt like an integral part of Lenny’s story/character in the first season. I was so
  3. As someone who was a teen during the super-plucked, thin eye brow style phase of the late 90s, all I can say about this current, opposite eye brow trend is: YOU ALL WILL REGRET THIS WHEN YOU LOOK AT PICTURES A DECADE FROM NOW. You'll see this trend was kind of ridiculous & looked especially ridiculous on the average person (compared to famous people & models with make-up artists & the like). (But I feel Anna & Josh regret a lot about their lives already, anyway, but aren't about to change anything.)
  4. https://www.beautywithtori.com/ Did ya'll know this was a thing? Cause it's a thing. (I think Tori is a NuSkin consultant and I think NuSkin is a MLM? Is that what's going on here?) Edit: It is indeed NuSkin (which is a MLM), although her website is set up to make it not super obvious that the brand is NuSkin. Googling tells me she's been part of this MLM since 2018 and Ian Ziering was (or is?) in it, too. I guess at least she doesn't seem to push it too much in her @torispelling instagram (she has a @beautywithtori one that does a little more).
  5. They talk about/post about how Stella was bullied by boys both times at both schools and how she used to want to grow up to do something that would benefit and empower other women & girls. I went to an all-girls high school and I know how mean girls can be, but I was bullied way less at the all-girls high school than my co-ed middle school (where both boys & girls bullied me). Stella has now been at three different schools due to bullying. If this continues, perhaps Stella may want to try to see if she feels more comfortable at an all-girls school. (I think Tori graduated from an al
  6. Babies grow so fast. I don't want any more kids (and can't have any more after my total hysterectomy anyway), but I do so miss my kids being babies. I love babies. I wish I could go back in time and play with my kids when they were little babies like Vaeda here one more time. They grow so fast. Interact with her, Catelynn! #MakingYourBedIsNotLiberating Look, I don't care if you make your bed everyday or not. (I don't make my bed at hotels, but I also don't take selfies with unmade hotel beds in the background.) Before you take a selfie with your bed in the background, MAKE YOUR
  7. I also really miss the story line about Lenny's parents who abandoned him at the orphanage and his struggle to understand it/search for them. I was almost expecting him to immediately be like "I saw them before I blacked out" after he woke up....but maybe he got all his answers when he saw heaven or...his mind is occupied with the whole "whoa, I was dead and I'm totally alive" stuff. In any case, I found that story line and how it shaped Lenny's life and actions to be the most interesting season 1 story line....and it feels unresolved. Is Lenny no longer bugged by it? Will he be bugged later
  8. Same. I almost cried when the boy had a tear and I full-on bought everything Pius was telling him, even though I have no idea what his lips were actually saying. And I personally am also not religious. Jude's acting there was just perfect. Also, I've really been missing Hot Pope Pius Law. Swoon. Beautiful Jude Law in his beautifully done hair piece & spray tan in beautiful locations. I don't know why I was trying to kid myself that I watched this show for another primary reason. Ah, that makes sense. I thought he was letting them glimpse into Heaven to see their s
  9. I like dogs more than I like most people, especially more than I like Jenelle & David. I hate these people and I hate that they keep getting dogs (and other animals).
  10. I am kind of shocked at how bored I've been at least half the time by Malkovich. I'm not sure if it's the character or the character's story line (rather than Malkovich's acting), but ugh. Pope Malkovich's story line has had some glimmers of hope for becoming interesting, but I'm much more bored by Pope Malkovich than I expected.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the resemblance! Jude Law really has kind of morphed into Cary Grant as he's aged (probably due in part to the amazing hairpiece and make-up/spray-tan team on this show, who I think he should try to get to work on every project he's in. IMO, Jude Law has never looked as beautiful as he does as Pius)! Ha! I concur!
  12. Um, pretty sure we all know what happened (and you added details about how and where it happened with the kitchen counter tweet, Kail). And go ahead and justify how you came to the decision to have another kid with a man who you acknowledge doesn't do anything for the child you already have with him. I'm sure there's a total justification beyond "I thought trap baby 2 might do the trick to lock Chris down," so go ahead and tell us. We'll wait.
  13. Nathan doesn't look all that hopeless in this picture. Maybe Jill has taught Nurie how she can grift him some orthodontia (as someone who needed a lot of orthodontic work, I feel terribly for him that his family couldn't afford it and I'm not trying to make fun of him. It sucks to get made fun of for your teeth being crooked and weird, since you have no control over that). Maybe he looks shiny & terrified in pictures Jill posts because Jill & the whole Rod clan have been around so much. That would be enough to make anyone sweaty, break out from stress, and look like they're terr
  14. I feel like it's some kind of weird Fundie Super Power for some of these fundie families. The girl children of the Duggars and the Kellers especially seem to somehow inherit a combination of their parents' genes that is much more aesthetically pleasing than how the gene combo plays out in boy children once they're adults. I also hope Suze and Nurie become friends and Suze can subtly influence Nurie's make-up and hair choices (as well as maybe encouraging her toward some modern modest clothing), as it seems Anna is going to ignore Nurie as long as she can and while Priscilla seems swe
  15. How many more Duggarling births will there be? There will be an infinite number of opportunities for her to tell that story over and over. Hopefully, the show will go off of the air at least before we've had to hear it at the 30th grand-Duggar birth. Maybe it was both. Maybe Abbie wanted some privacy and used JD's possessive streak to get him to advocate with Big Boss JB that Abbie wasn't going to be home-birthing on the toilet for the cameras to see. In either case, I'm glad Abbie didn't have to be subjected to that.
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