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  1. Jen and Larry clearly were screaming Ryan and not Bently.
  2. I noted that the grandparents kept yelling how unfair it was to THEIR son Ryan and not Bentley. Maci and Taylor were screaming for their son Bentley. Big difference. The kid comes first. Bentley does adore them and they have screwed him over at every chance to spend time with them. They are more worried about their baby Ryan than they are about Bentley. No.they.don't. It's all about Ryan and screw the child and his feelings.
  3. @itsadryheat - excellent recap of all these years!!
  4. Exactly! My extended family quarantined separately, then combined our quarantines. Once kids went back to school, we all separated again.
  5. Me too! My niece had a $50k wedding and it was the LEAST fun wedding. They actually expected us all to stay at the hotel next to the church. I just drove the 1/2 hour drive home. 😛 The reception "space" included a cocktail hour area. Now correct me if you think I am wrong but: You do not invite every elderly person you know of and then don't have chairs for damn cocktail hour, more like 2 hours. Her aunts and uncles were running around trying to find chairs for our great aunts. We are in our 50s so our great aunts are 70s - 80s. They wouldn't cut the cake until 10 pm. Um...HELLO! w
  6. I was shocked at how little parenting these kids had! Going to clubs as a young teen? How could the parents NOT KNOW? She is lucky she made it out.
  7. I thought Tyler voiced his choice with thoughtfulness and insight. I remember pulling the lever in the voting booth as a kid!
  8. I agree! Cheyenne should not buy a house with/for her boyfriend. Great way to put the child through misery. I think Corey and Cheyenne co-parent very well.
  9. Maybe she was casting for TV or movies.
  10. As a previous-job-as-a-waitress, exactly!
  11. Exactly!!! The brewers are the smart ones they can sell their beers and then make money off people like Austin.
  12. The brewery even helped him decide with THEIR OWN BEERS his flavor. He is a loser. I just take it that most of the cast just want to get paid to be on TV and not much about the future.
  13. So funny! Was Mrs. McCain on Thursday? I did catch that. Meghan interviewing her mother was cringe worthy. I don't get why MM thinks that being nasty = being smart. I missed the rest of the show because our local news broke in with a breaking news that our previous Governor and his crew were indicted in the Flint water crisis.
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