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  1. OH NO! Completely forgot to watch. Anyone see it?????????????
  2. You guys are killing me! Naked stalking? I would watch that. I too watched the wretchedness of Darcey's story. It never gets old. As an Insta (as the kids call it) stalker, those with new GM cars need to be wary that if you stalk on your phone and then get into your car your dashboard will bring up your stalking instead of your music...........................😖 One must start a song BEFORE getting into car. Nothing like having a car full of people going, "What the hell is that"?
  3. I agree! Am I too late for the betting pool? I bet it is Rhylee is the one fired.
  4. I didn't care about Ashton saying he was working too hard for a bj. Who among us hasn't said something a long those lines.
  5. I have been dying to say to TI that he must know that if he is so fascinated about daughter's hymen he must know the Catholic Virgin trick - anal sex.
  6. OMG! NO! Sicilian here - Yes, we all make our own lasagna. Yes we all have grandpa's recipe. The best one is one that is given to you and you heat up. AMIRIGHT? So no shows on impeachment days? Damn it.
  7. IDK. She doesn't seem to have any maternal instinct. The baby in the tub was horrendous. The baby should always come first. I feel bad for the kid.
  8. While I agree with you I do think that unwanted touching of any kind should be against game rules. Many times unwanted touching is just grooming for the big punch. I know, it happened to me.
  9. This season has been very gross with all the throwing up and bathroom sounds.
  10. Don't they have "Nos" in their contract as contestants? I think he should have been pulled from the game IF the language of the contracts dictate. You can't have a fist fight anymore but camera confirmation of sexual assault is OK? I wish I could rewatch this episode knowing now what I know. Anyway you slice it, Dan is a no-apologetic asshole. I don't buy that he had no idea of his actions. The other 2 girls who also complained just showed us what the lure of $1 million dollars will do.
  11. When I was in high school, back in the day, I took 3 years of science just so I could get to zoology class and dissect cats and scored with a pregnant one. Wooo hooo! I always watch for these 3 things. I found the Bob's Burger cookbook at the library and was laughing and cooking. One of the toppings was tiny diced cukes with shaved radishes and creme fresh. It is now a dipper at holidays. I love, love, love this show.
  12. Loved (and laughed my ass off) when MM didn't know what Whoopi was asking Sen. Gabbard about the telescope. 🤣
  13. What the hell was that? Well, to be honest, a family of 4 would qualify for the MIchild free healthcare for the children at that level. I swear by it. I am behind and watching on Hulu: The day with Sen Gabbard was very painful to watch. I have no opinion at all but it was uncomfortable. Yesterday with Trump Jr. and his new girlfriend, that happens to be some sort of strategist, was completely unwatchable.
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