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  1. @Dejana - that was awesome reading, thanks! Courtney's turnoffs include the guy knowing every line of Finding Nemo? LMAO 🤣
  2. Oh.my.god. I have a recurring dream where I think I wake up and am sitting at a small bar, like in a venue, and am wearing a wedding dress. Next to me is an absolute asshole and then I realize I am married and wake up screaming.
  3. I agree with you that the theory holds true to some people. I guess an RN making 60 - 75k for 3 12s is meaningless when you spent your whole life being on the government teat. Let's not forget that MOST people go to school for a job they are passionate about. Note: In Michigan an RN would normally work 3 12hour days and would get OT for holidays and such. They deserve every penny they earn. About her leaving the View? Barbara told her she could go a long way in the news business and she agreed and did make it big on her own terms.
  4. Agreed! I did like the blindsides though.
  5. I am. I bought 3 packs in the late fall because I hate to drag stuff like that through the snow. I am on my last 1/2 of my last pack so I should be buying one pack now. NONE! Do people realize that flushable wipes aren't flushable?
  6. I agree! Vishal - I was reading a book from the late 1800s and a man was described as have a Saurian face. Reminded me of Vishal.
  7. Ah, memories. My brother and I were sent to my grandparents and my grandpa, an off the boat Italian, would garden in his suit and hang the jacket on the scarecrow. My other grandma would teach you to drive at the age of 10 because everyone should know, just in case. Maybe our at-home-camp was how we were free range all day and only drove our bikes up to the side door so mom could hand us a sandwich and tell us to drink from the hose. The same hose that laid on the grass and was fertilized by the green trucks. 😲
  8. Working class here - I don't even know one person who went to summer camp
  9. Me too but they fit right in at this house.
  10. She is a horrible mother. When she hit her son with the towel and it hit his eye, she didn't even apologize. I think she abuses him when no cameras are around.
  11. True! I am hoping they (EOE) have their comps and a group of them go back in. GAME ON! Rob has a brain. He knew he couldn't beat Tyson to the top and correctly ran around the lower paths and scooped up the 3 tokens and no one knows. Brilliant. That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I noticed he took the handcuffs when he was packing. If the engaged couple really wanted to make a go of things they SHOULD NOT spend the summer with single idiots. I liked the moms. Next week the appearance of Shep and whats-his-name. Woohoo.
  13. I am so sorry. Isolation day 12 - I just had to link the two statements up.............. I'll see myself out...................................
  14. I still don't get her point on this. Did she tell him she was going to be on the show? First rule of Survivor - Don't give shit up.
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