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  1. It is if you let it. 🙂 You kill me. You took your dragon fire and layed me out. 🤣
  2. I thought Kody and Robyn chose the move. Even the kids knew it was a cluster fuck when it happened.
  3. DAMN YOU @Lamb18. Now I have to scroll through. Writing reminder to stop stalking Ben Hardy on youtube and to look at this @Mu Shu. Hannah appearing on this looks like a loser.
  4. Went to that "chef's" page and then to where you can book her. No bookings at all. 😂
  5. Fairplay went home with her? That's terrible! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Took me a minute but......so funny. I have the hiccups.....🤣 I too thought Janet was heroic in standing up for the girls. I was disappointed the other girls then backed down and were at some point eliminated. I think Dan and his behavior and the response by Survivor and CBS changed the whole game.
  6. She is getting worse at hiding her "views". I would imagine it would be a scale of opinions, usually, much like any party. Great note to make!
  7. And Hulu has a freeze option which I like. You can freeze your account and then not have to reset up all your shows. Honestly I had Netflix first and still subscribe but have gone to the cheaper option of no HD. I subscribed to Hulu and must say I do watch it way more than Netflix.
  8. OH GOD NO! Kelly is an over angry, misogynistic asshole. Amy is bad too. Her little speech about how great her brother is to a person who had a boyfriend was awful. Those two have their own problems. Kelly blaming Amy for leaving at age 18 when he was still young was all kinds of weird. Amy's over compensating for her asshole brother is just as weird. I love my brother too but don't get all gushy and interfere in his business and my brother is a normal, great guy. The whole twosome is just weird. Going back to Ben/Amy and the little dinner - Kate let it happen because she knew it was going to be a shit show and it was. Ben disregarded the primary's preferences and then Amy served it. We heard about it at the end of the cruise when the guests left. I was laughing with Kate. The difference between Kate and Hannah is that Kate works and knows her job. Hannah is second rate. Kate works all the time and expects good workers on her crew. Courtney has really surprised me with her attitude and know-how. She even irons now. Simone spoke too highly of herself at their first meeting. She doesn't know how to even be a introductory waitress, let alone, a top stew. You do have to look and talk to each person and not just walk through like it's the only way to another part of the boat. She can't make drinks and took forever to make drinks she does know. Question for Kevin - would guests be more upset if the wine was warm? I would think yes.
  9. I agree. I have had to re start this page 4 times now and I have a huge gaming computer. I think the quoting is getting messed up too. I don't know if @BallisticNikki was the author of a quote in my post above. I don't think so.
  10. I hate cereal and only tried it in my highchair and then dumped it out. Mom was making me eggs until I could cook myself - for you nonItalians that would be at age 5 or 6. Yep! I would cancel out the pancakes and one meat, but for guests I would go the whole nine yards. I do too. Though she did take the reins and buy that car and leave it so she would have an income stream. I was impressed. First off - How Robert got a 1 bedroom apartment while having a child is beyond me. In Michigan you, legally, can't rent a 1 bedroom if you have kids. You can rent a 2 bedroom with 2 adults and 5 kids, but the kids need their own rooms. This is for legal apts and not under the table rentals. He should have already rented a 2 bedroom and trained that child to sleep in his own room long ago. What a nightmare. Ukranian lady and religion - she should have swiped right at the get-go. You can't compromise on something like that. The only rule to being a Christian is the belief in Jesus. I don't know what non-Christians you are thinking of. I think, while his delivery of his thoughts were weird, the guys belief in aliens is not a "crazy" as the belief is a being who is not of this earth. Angela/Michael - I liked seeing him with all those kids. He was really good with them. He does need to find a young lady and start a family. Angela was just as nasty as we have seen her. @charmed1 - 10 points for the Seinfeld reference.
  11. Don't pick up your toys and go home. Stick it out with us, come on.
  12. @Nashville - You are killing me..........🤣
  13. I think that most View watchers are pretty well informed. None of my stupid friends watch the show. 😉
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