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  1. Me too! I am getting such a kick out of Hannah losing her mind.
  2. Loved the Whoopi smackdown to MM. Yes, @debbie311, she is uncomfortable to watch. Hey I've been sheltering in place for 64 days. Ok, I do whine and carry on but I know it's for the best. Us siblings complain to each other.
  3. So much crap tv, so little time................ already forgot...
  4. I am watching High Society on YouTube right now. #pandemicbinge
  5. Me too! Now that MM has, wrongly, discussed Michigan's shelter-in-place I can make comments? You could always cut your own grass. You COULD NOT enforce a contract with a landscape company. You could always fish from your own boat that YOU put in the water. You COULD NOT rely on a marina's staff to tend to you. You COULD NOT violate the closed boarders between the US and Canada. If you live on an inner lake, knock yourself out. Want to wander in Canadian waters? Nope! You could always paint your house and plant your garden. The stores like Lowes, hardware stores etc have always been open for they are essential workers. Once again, you can't enforce a prior contract with painters or landscapers. The original couple who set up the first rally wanted everyone in cars, windows closed, no getting out and complying with all traffic rules. What happened is that the rally was taken over by the Michigan Militia with them bringing fire arms, confederate flags etc. They are the ones that pushed people to block all the roads. The Militia got further "help" 3 brothers who are helping in any state protests around the country.
  6. I vote yes! Corey was shooting The Challenge. Mackenzie is just a horrible mother.
  7. I am so over this show. Dorinda is a drunk, there I said it. Tinsley should not be hanging out with these old ladies. I too, am old but not as old as some of them.
  8. I fell asleep and missed Jesse's date. Shoot!
  9. That's what I like about her. She's like recess during finals. I will admit to being just like her when sending the first child to preschool. You have your routine and love it. By kid #2 couldn't get there fast enough. Amber??????????????? I have missed most of this season and all of last season. This is my first time watching. WOW! She is still off her rocker. Mackenzie - don't like her or her family. She is a mean mom. Maci - are the public schools that bad where they live? I thought gram and gramps were going to pay for private school. This train won't run forever and they have 2 other kids. Never met a private school kid I liked.
  10. No winner yet? They are really milking this thing. Loved season 1, season 2 was ok and now hating season 3.
  11. I have social media but never post. I WILL GO AND FIND TOM'S MOTHER THOUGH......
  12. Prom was stupid in my mind. That's what reunions are for. My class of 1980 only did the dress up reunion for 5 and 10 and now we just meet at a bar by the old high school. No dressing up, you only pay for your drinks, you can bring whoever you want. A lot of different years are now coming to ours. My own prom was great because a teacher was dating a student and his wife showed up..................................it was awesome. Coloring hair - sucks if you have had to do it for 30+ years. Are they not selling the farm? I thought they were. There is no way that those boys are ever going to run the farm. They just want to live on it for free.
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