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  1. I'd go to a different doctor. Heckyl and Jeckyl have had their fun little experiment. Let's bring in some real surgeons.
  2. Just saw previews for next week. Mom Jennings says she's worried about jazz's mental well being. Just now? Not when she was 5 and you gave her life altering drugs?
  3. What's wrong with Angela's chest? A bad tattoo?
  4. I for one quite enjoy Joe's calls to Tre and the girls. He always gives some not very subtle but funny pokes at Tre. Tre insists she would've remembered if Juicy had given her a name necklace. Hmm,this is the same woman who Willy nilly signed financial papers and claims she didn't know what she was signing. I think she'd forget about one of many many jewelry gifts she received from her husband. And the girls have always liked Juicy more than Tre. It's awesome.
  5. Rachel- "I love you." Jacob- "See ya." This could be the recap of every episode for every couple on this show. I laughed and laughed...😂
  6. I want these women to go on a trip real housewives style and get drunk and wild.
  7. I'm watching this after taking ambien. Wow! These people look even more strange. It's awesome.
  8. Meri's landlady is "bulling" her.
  9. Everything is ok as long as Vicki is doing it. If anyone else does it it's morally wrong. The jealousy she has towards Brawny is almost violent. Fucking hypocrite cancer scammer.
  10. Briana with her "wanted John to fight for their relationship ". John is acting like an adult and isn't going to play her game. She told him she didn't want to be with him then gets upset that he's respecting that. Such a strange girl.
  11. I loved Luke's mom's comment "we welcome all babies." It sounded sweet.
  12. Quilty

    S09.E30: Bear

    Coles wild arm movements were over the top. He's a silly person. Ok he's strange.
  13. Put down your fucking phone Rachel! She's gross,her sister is disgusting,the house is filthy. I can't look away.
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