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  1. Chelsea again with the hat. At least she was outside for a few seconds. Cole needs to shut up. This would be super boring if Jade and her disgusting mother weren't on.
  2. Oh Cate. Why so much makeup and hair for a business meeting?
  3. Amber seems high high when she was talking to Gary.
  4. I hope Nu Matt 2 tells Amber to shove that lie detector up her butt. You really aren't that famous.
  5. I like James. He was so excited to be at Tom's pool party. When tom gives him a Dj job he gave a little fist pump!
  6. WHY is this conversation happening in front of Nova? Ashley sobbing and begging and Cate and Tyler swearing.
  7. Will Amber be on 90 Day Fiancé?
  8. Cate is so full of crap. Says she had to put her life on hold because she had kids at a young age. 🙄 I could see Tyler thinking once again he will be parenting alone because of Cate's dream ...
  9. Maci please stop wearing the horrible serial killer glasses. They are unflattering on anyone who wears them.
  10. Really Cate? You need a trip to Florida to talk to April about the trauma she put you through? Just another excuse to not be home with your own kids.
  11. The most un-funny un-inspired thing they've ever done. Seeing this group wear cheesy cheap costumes is getting really really annoying. Embarrassingly stupid.
  12. Gary tell Amber to get the fuck over herself! Selfish won't take any ownership of her shitty behavior. She knows exactly what she's doing. Doesn't care. She needs to go.
  13. Good move Cate&Ty. Bring another unstable drug addict into your lives and home. Tyler knows this is a bad idea.
  14. Why did Ryan get such a thrill over making Bentley mad when they were golfing? He was bragging about it!
  15. Is Janette still in drag? That eyeshadow. Yikes!
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