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  1. pheebs

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    I've been around the "trend" block long enough to have seen leggings as pants before - (more than once, lol.) Done right, proportion-wise, they're cute. Just, for the love of sweet baby jeebus, wear a shirt that covers your buns and bits! I know trend for now is for shorter tops, but the proportions are off - as well as somewhat of a modesty issue. As for them being $98.00, I grew up in retail. My family owned a clothing/sporting goods store. The markup on high-end clothing is ridiculous. Nothing but the clearance rack for me! Back on topic. Watson is a very sweet lad. I might have a less-than popular opinion, but I love toddlers. It's my favorite age.
  2. pheebs

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    God - this show is so boring. FF'd through 75% of it. Chelsea's new house and land are nice, and in South dakota, surprisingly affordable. I'll bet under $350,000. It looks like around 20 acres or so. Hightlights for me are watching her drive through Sioux Falls and knowing exactly where she is at any moment. (I live about an hour away.) As far as her driving in for the fail that is Adumb, (again) it's not such a big deal for us. We'll drive an hour just to go to a restaurant. I'd guess that she probably lives about 15-20 miles from town. That's a pretty short commute here. I actually don't want to give MTV the views, but I can't quit. But I am sooo bored.
  3. pheebs

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    And... of course, Anya's back. And she can't sew. And the judgery thinks she has a "good eye." Get her off my screen. I too, noticed Mondo. They are both still unforgiven for that shitshow that was "Under the Gunn." The Nederlander is intriguing. I certainly hope the international sewtestants get a fair shot. K plz thnks? Has Anthony's skin always been so bad? He looked like he'd been the victim of massive sunburn. The minute I saw Dimitry's sketch, with the knowledge the JC Penney was to produce the winning garment, I knew he'd win. This is my judging criteria for the season. Makes sense, doesn't it? And...no elimination? Hopefully, they'll be two next week. Just get rid of Anya. Soon. I also think my teevee boyfriend, Dimitry, has gotten some fillers. And gained weight. It's okay, Hon. You still have that voice.
  4. pheebs

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Not only that, but the area of Souh Dakota that she lives in has a very low unemployment rate (2.5%) and great job growth rate (2.1% for 2018 and projected to be 41% over the next ten years.) Nobody has trouble finding a decent job in Sioux Falls.
  5. pheebs

    S08.E31: On the Mend

    South Dakota. It really is different here. We are stuck in the 1950's. Grandma Donna's drop in - not unusual. People do it all the time. People who didn't grow up here complain to me all the time how folks are so nice and old-fashioned, it's weird. Traditional wives, Stay-at-home-Moms? There's lots of them. We do have a high percentage of working Moms - but you're expected to do all the heavy lifting, cleaning, child care, shuttling to activities, so the Dads can hunt, fish, make cribs, (lol) and come to a home-cooked meal every night, etc. When I moved here, I was blown away. It's kinda Like "The Andy Griffith Show," with a "Fargo" accent. But, it's kinda nice, but weird. Chelsea/Cole ( and her dependency) do not surprise me at all.
  6. pheebs

    S07.E16: Friends in Need

    Does April have dentures? That's all I got...
  7. pheebs

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    He sure did. His family owned the newspaper. The Scuba wife then had a fitness advice column in the paper for years. She was always going off about the "great need to have aerobic fitness." And I always thought, "Of course you know the value of holding your breath."
  8. pheebs

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Can I tell a true story? In our little midwestern town, a "Big Name" rich guy married the older sister of one of my friends. They were giant coke fiends and she started to get on his nerves, so he started an affair with a Scuba/Fitness Instructor/gym addict type girl. The husband basically made my Friend's sister get cold water/dive rescue certified and participate in dives (she wasn't really interested) and one January night they were drinking. He proposed loudly to all the bar patrons that "We're driving across the Lake to get home so we won't get busted for drunk driving." It wasn't a harsh winter, so the ice was iffy. He drove (whoops!) into open water and the vehicle sunk. He then managed to get out of the flooded vehicle - (How lucky was that! Thank goodness He was certified!) and walked to his lawyer's house on the lake and didn't bother to report the "accident" for hours. Of, course, He didn't. It was because He was so "rattled" it didn't even occur to him to call the authorities. Or, needed time to sober up. Or time to change out of his DrySuit for cold water diving He had under his clothes. Nah, he was just too shaken up to call - (from his lawyer's house.) She was found the next morning by Dive Rescue still buckled in. His window was open (must have needed that fresh air while driving!) Annnd...He got off scott free. He married the Scuba/Fitness Instructor six weeks later in an underwater ceremony in the Caribbean, wearing Scuba gear. As you do. Back on topic, Janelle sux.
  9. pheebs

    S07.E15: Keep Chugging Away

    You know when the most interesting TV is watching Rhiiine eat spaghetti (grossly) that this show is played. April seems quite snarky about the "list of concerns." Rehab? More like a joke. No one believes this shit. Because it's, well, just shit. Amber? Will you take some goddamn cash and go lie down on a Dr's. table somewhere and get that split earlobe fixed? It's all I can see anymore. So gross. Maci, et al, is sooooo boring. Just snoozeville. Let's watch her buy furniture! Yay! By the way, I now know I have the same stove as MackTruck. I see a grease fire in my future. Were you all as mind-numbingly bored as I was tonight? Just kill it already. I'ts so done.
  10. pheebs

    S07.E14: Choose Your Path

    Guys - I propose a name for Tyler's sister to keep us me, from being confused. How 'bout MethAmberPhetamine?
  11. pheebs

    S07.E13: I'm Beautiful, I'm Smart, I'm Strong

    @methadonna - Brava! That was some Hunter S. Thompson-level realness!
  12. pheebs

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    His tank top says, "Mommy Whaley loves me." lol
  13. pheebs

    S08.E00: Biggest Behind the Scenes Moments

    Most notable moment for me - one of Kwhales hangers-ons (Bone? Quay? Peach?) feeding baby Suds a bottle in the makeup room wearing a nameplate necklace that said "Cunt." WTF?
  14. pheebs

    S07.E10: Fertile Myrtle

    I always thought it was first said by Queen Victoria, but a bit of research proved that to be wrong. It was pretty much made up by journalists.
  15. pheebs

    Teen Mom OG: Visual Snark

    Just playin' around with paint...Also, It's an excellent diet aid!