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After rumours about Denise begin to swirl, Lisa attempts to save the group's Roman holiday from turning into a disaster; when Teddi questions Denise about talking behind their backs, the confrontation leads to shocking revelations.

Airdate: 07/29/2020

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8 minutes ago, eleanorofaquitaine said:

Well, at least Rinna rightly mentioned that Brandi has the propensity to lie.

They all have the ability to lie and liberal use of the "truth".  As seen thru their own eyes. Spit it out first , verify later.


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1 minute ago, Wicked said:

All I can think is, I want to travel, when will I be able to feel safe on a plane again


Me too, Its nice to see the Rome scenes and the shopping. It’s nice for a change, even if it is only for a short time, to see them site seeing, shopping, talking and having fun. 

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5 minutes ago, VedaPierce said:

Teddi. Can we just get this miserable cow off this show? 

Please ASAP.

Let her go have her crotch goblin off camera and into obscurity!

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57 minutes ago, TexasGal said:

How many days is this Rome trip?  Did Dorit bring a suitcase for each day?!

I always overpack...... but I'm not wealthy or anything... so yeah LOL I kind of love this 😄

I love her sunglasses.

Someone here mentioned how Denise always shows up in a messy bun like "Whatever" and always looks beautiful anyway and I can really see that on this trip.

OMG, I am loving Garcelle's style on this trip.

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Omg. I’m slow I guess, but it just occurred to me that Denise always says “Bravo Bravo Bravo” to get them to stop filming! Wow!

sorry for the double post. I guess I’m really shaken by this realization! Lol

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Okay, I think I understand why production seems to have it out for Denise. It really does seem like she's treating this "reality tv" show like a character, where she can get multiple takes, etc. I am glad that they have finally broke the fourth wall on this, though, because it was otherwise pretty incoherent. The others don't really care about threesome-gate; what they care about is the fact that Denise has been trying to control the narrative around her by interrupting filming.

Denise comes off as inauthentic to me, but why in the hell would she hook up with Brandi? And it's Brandi telling that tale, who I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw. So it's hard for me to believe it is true, but at least I have an easier time understand why the rest of them are frustrated with Denise. 


She totally is superior. She knew the rumors and didn’t say a word until it was already said on camera twice. I also appreciated her standing up for what the women were most upset about, what was said about them or Denise. 

Except she herself just said it on camera. So what, just because it's in the confessional, it's somehow "better"? In fact, Sutton repeating ON CAMERA that she heard this rumor, too, undermines Denise even more than Teddi saying that Brandi is spreading this rumor. So I'm afraid I don't understand how Sutton is "better" - IMO, she's just more devious, trying to get credit for not spreading it while in fact confirming it on camera. 

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