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  1. Madison is doing the work of three people. Moe, Larry and Curley.
  2. I remember when we used to wait for an episode when JLH would take her shirt off. Okay Boomer you are getting old.
  3. Glenn is the best Captain on the Below Deck franchise. He is always ready to pitch in. In this episode I saw him help with the unloading of the tender. He listened to both of his department heads and was ready to make a change right off if they felt it was warranted. He didn’t just growl and scratch his balls and spout a cliche and then claim that he didn’t know what he as going on when the whole thing blows up. Madison is a horrible stew who loves to complain and runs around while accomplishing Jack shit. The set up on the beach was a case in point. She was so busy complaining that she forgot her underwear. She is busy complaining to the deck crew which would have made Kate lose her mind. There is entirely too much gossip and bellyaching on this crew. I guess it is all for production purposes.
  4. If you walk into Chicago Med you are in danger of dying. I remember when Nataloon ordered a hysterectomy to the deli takeout delivery guy. Abandon hope all yee who enter here!
  5. Maybe they can misdiagnose each other.
  6. Everybody knows you can’t tell black guys apart. At least on Dick Wolf shows. I just hope they don’t start dressing Kevin in a red shirt.
  7. You should realize that 95% of the criminals in this show are white supremacists. They commit all the crimes and are the main problem in the world along with businessmen and clergyman. It is inspiring to see the demonization of ICE and the super secretive web site that all the white supremacists in ICE write comments on because we know nobody can trace that back on the internet. You have to tip you hat to the realism of this show.
  8. I am glad that this show went back to its basic premise that 95% of all crime is by white supremacists. With an added bonus of demonizIng ICE. I know that we can’t wait for them to come back to arrest the white supremacists who are responsible for the flu.
  9. I wouldn’t trust Randall because it would be all about him and not about me. Out of them all I would choose Beth.
  10. Whoop there it is! It’s obvious that the dad will want nothing to do with the baby that he will claim killed his wife. Brett will take it home because on Chicago Fire it is easier to get a baby than it is to get a dog. Brett and Casey will get together because he wants already made family. They will move in together into a new apartment. Just as they settle in and the baby falls asleep and Matt reaches over to kiss her.... the doorbell rings. It’s Dawson with a baby belly. You can see it coming from a mile away.
  11. “Call me Captain.” Why are they stealIng lines from Captain Sandy from Below Deck Med?
  12. He went to Chicago Med. That will kill you every time.
  13. Here is an unpopular opinion. Any adopted child would be an outsider because they are not blood. Black and white really doesn’t have a lot to do with in this case. I know several adopted people and they all tell me that they feel like outsiders regardless of how much their family might say that is not the fact. Sad but true.
  14. But Randall is the outsider. He made himself that by being so arrogant and pompous that he always knows what is right and the other dummies should just shut up and do what he says. Even his wife. Hey guess what pal? Your failure brother is an insanely rich and talented movie star who is a household name. You needed him to win your stupid election. If I were Kevin I would never talk to him again.
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