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  1. Radar Online which is pretty well informed because of production leaks says that Denise signed a four year contract and got one million for the first year. The other women read that and hate her guts. Rinna for example is making no where near that and she has prostituted herself and her family from day one. You can see where the resentment and hostility come from.
  2. Bobby was actually liked and respected by the rest of the Housewives. Unique for a husband of a Real Housewife.
  3. Vegas can only survive with tourism so they will do why they have to do and accommodate filming and tourist attractions. LA not so much. The government is too arrogant and anti-business to care.
  4. Nobody does that more than Maugreasio. They are always talking about his agency or having a party every year. Aaron is far from the worst offender. Aaron and Denise are this years designated targets and these worthless clowns are trying their best to destroy their marriage.
  5. You would be surprised how little people get paid to perform Off Broadway if they get paid at all. $250 is very generous for what she does.
  6. The shaky restaurants like Villa Blanca are all write offs now. But with the Governor shutting them down again marginal joints will also slide into bankruptcy. SUR, Pump and Tom Tom will suffer from the total lack of tourism and the attacks on diners as the woke berate people just trying to have a goat cheese ball. They are sure to be targets and will not survive these twin hits. Add in Ken’s recent back surgery and it seems likely that they might step back and cash out.
  7. The fact that they are going after Denise’s marriage later the season is foreshadowed by their attempts at shaming Aaron. With bogus claims of “fear” at him talking to them. They are after Denise in the same way as they were LVP last year because both of them are more popular and accomplished then these sad excuses for housewives.
  8. If I were Denise I would never bring my kids around theses women. In fact I would never bring my dog around them. Dorit would bring it to a kill shelter and Kyle and Teddy would applaud her while she was doing it.
  9. I see that Dorinda has redecorated Rhinestone Manner in her usual style of turn of the Century Chinese restaurant.
  10. Aaron and Denise just told some home truths. These women are horrible people. Erika and Rinna are demonstrably horrible Moms. Kyle is a self involved POS. Their treatment of LVP last year and Denise this year is proof of that. Teddy is a shit stirrer as she proved again last night. Worse of all they are terminally boring. Denise is just here for the paycheck until Charley Sheen catches up with his child support. Aaron shouldn’t get involved with these toxic bitches. He went with his wife when she was as in pain and vulnerable to protect her and it backfired. Soon enough these vindictive twats are going to try to destroy their marriage with scurrilous rumors from a known liar. He needs to let Denise handle it herself. I think she can hold her own.
  11. It looks like Villa Blanca is closed and the space open for sublease. Can SUR be that far behind?
  12. I think it is pretty disgusting how self involved Vyle is in her performance on this show. Everything is about her. It was little much in her tearful recollection of her mothers death of cancer that her mother’s last words were “Goodbye Kyle.”
  13. I think they did tell her to bring him. He was very surprised that there were no other husbands there. He was certainly surprised that they were all going to attack him. It was obvious that he was temporizing by repeating what they were saying because he didn’t want to get in trouble by sating what he really thought.
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