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  1. Since Kate has announced that she is leaving Below Deck maybe she can go to work for Bethenny at HBO. She can be her glorified housekeeper.
  2. Ariana is a pretty vile piece of work. She can be cut from the cast without missing a beat. It’s time for flat iron to trade up to give a new storyline.
  3. Forrest and Delia are very kind. Very neurotic but very kind. Look how Delia jumped in to help when Michelle was laid up. They are caring loving people who anyone would be lucky to have as friends. You just have to accept that they are a little weird.
  4. They are always cast as villains or criminals. Their traditional religious Orthodox believes are considered anathema and must be expunged and those who believe them ostracized and fired and their lives destroyed. In the name of tolerance.
  5. I am saying that the traditional attitudes of all Orthodox religion as are treated as homophobia. No truly devout person of any religion would put themselves in the environment at SUR for a whole host of reasons. LVP a would not hire them. That’s why you don’t see any of them on this show or really any BRAVO show.
  6. Seriously religious Orthodox people are invisible on TV regardless if they are Jewish, Muslim, Catholic or Mormon unless they are villains or objects of derision. LVP would never hire a real religious person of any sect. That’s not her brand. That’s not Bravo’s brand. That is not acceptable on television these days.
  7. She took the last nacho on the plate at Brittany’s shower.
  8. Brittany should have realized that you can not allow traditional religious values to be portrayed on TV. Any appearance needs to be expunged and destroyed. She needs to realize that she s not a good Christian woman. She only plays one on TV. Poorly.
  9. The new season without Kate will be a resounding success and Kate will be as irrelevant as Jill Zarin or Caroline Manzo. This show needs new stories. New blood. New people. Next they need to replace the out of touch Dud of the Sea.
  10. Actually he doesn’t know much of anything because nobody informed him. He is very confused and sometimes wanders away while he is working. We are just lucky when he remembers to wear his shirt.
  11. I am on the side of a better show. Captain Lee has long abdicated his responsibly as a Captain. He is far from being hands off. He is without any hands. He spends all of his time hidden away and doesn’t know what’s going on. He is proud of that and thinks that excuses his failures. You know how you find out what is going on in your boat? You get off your ass and ask questions. When you chief stew walks off the boat you ask questions and get to the bottom of what’s going on. You correct the situation then and there. You don’t wait to the reunion to self righteously say you didn’t know what was going on. The first night they carried Kevin back dunk out of his mind is the time to tell him to knock it off or be confined to the boat. Don’t count how many times he was insensible and bleat about it at the reunion. Captain Lee needs to retire. He is way past it and his lackadaisical lazy style of leadership is at the root of much of the nonsense we saw this season He was the boss and he needed to act like one not like a spectator.
  12. That’s not happening. Captain Lee is too lazy, old and entitled to go out with his crew to keep tabs on them. He would never climb a mast to fix as sail like Captain Glenn did last week on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. He is past it. A cliche spouting figurehead. Give him a half dead dog in a tuxedo and he is Ken Todd.
  13. Captain Lee never disappoints. He ran away from being questioned just as he ran away from his responsibilities all season.
  14. I think he cares more about his ship than the other Captain’s. His management style is so much better than the Dud of the Sea that there is no comparison. I think Captain Lee would never be able to sail this ship. Captain Glenn is a real sailor.
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