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  1. That’s what the old guy said when was taking photos of the Russian snow bunny!
  2. “That’s pink like a mother fucker!”
  3. I think Malia has passed the point of no return. She is hated by a significant majority of the fans in a way few Bravo characters have been despised. Sandy might survive but it would be a lot smarter to bring in a different Captain. If there is a quota then bring in another woman. There must be more than one in yachting.
  4. First they brought in a shit stirrer in Bugsy. Now they brought in a shit eater. That’s a really good clue.
  5. I don’t see how Captain Sandy survives this. They need to replace her in anticipation of replacing Captain Lee who looks like he is ripe for retirement. They would be better off with Captain Kangaroo next season and he’s dead.
  6. Denise may be lying about the degree of involvement she had with Brandy but so what? If you side with Brandy you are signing on with her history of lies and abusive behavior. Brandy, Kyle and Teddy are trying to destroy Denise and drive her off the show. Make no mistake about it they are trying to shame her because of the same sex aspects of the hook up because they are dumb enough to think the Bravo audience will be appalled. They think the audience are rubes, dummies and bigots. Their epic fail last season when the majority of the audience turned against the coven taught them nothing.
  7. Don’t forget she has to pay for her own cocaine.
  8. From the preview it looks like Dorinda humiliates him again. I hope it is not what it looks like.
  9. Why to you hate John so much that you would wish that on him! Shame on you! (this is a joke by the way)
  10. That would matter if Brandy had any credibility. You have to realize how this mess came about and why Brandy is trying to destroy Denise. The mutual branding agent of Denise, Brandy and Kim tried to set up an event where the 3 of them met with fans and answered questions and signed photos and took selfies with fans. A low rent bottom feeder way of cashing in. Kim makes most of her money from the celebrity autograph conventions that we saw in a prior season. Denise is obviously the main draw so when she backed out the other two set out to destroy her. So when Vyle or Rinna squeal
  11. Well the way you pronounce the decor in the room is “Crap-pey!”
  12. There is also a Matthew Brady Daguerreotype of Brandy giving Abraham Lincoln a Rusty Trombome.
  13. Just to show you how much Brandy is a lying fame whore, she is all over social media saying that Bill Clinton groped her and felt up her breasts when taking a photo with her and Eddie. This came about because Clinton was in the news because he spoke at the convention. Not that this hard to believe but it is indicative of Brandy’s lying narcissistic personality. Everybody wants to have sex with Brandy. In fact she claims she gave Jack Kennedy a hand job. She has the texts to prove it.
  14. Bravo always seems to miscalculate who is popular. They thought that the complaining about Hannah on social media and these boards would translate to glee at seeing her destroyed by being falsely portrayed as a drug abuser. Instead most people are fair and they are outraged by someone having their personal possessions searched, being followed into the bathroom and being shamed because of mental health issues. They have destroyed Sandy and Malia’s for most of us. Good riddance. Please give us a new Captain next year.
  15. Actually “Married to the Mob” was suggested by her boyfriend because being with Leah you are stuck with the multitude of personalities that live in her head. Yikes!
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