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S10.E11: Kiss and Tell All

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Lisa invites Dorit and the others on a glamorous Roman getaway; Denise tries to make nice with Erika, but gets an ice-cold shoulder instead; Garcelle digs into Sutton's past, while Brandi drops a bomb on Kyle and Teddi.

Airdate: 07/22/2020

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7 minutes ago, LibertarianSlut said:

 I guess that is why Erika ignored Denise when Denise said, “just because I’m an open person doesn’t mean I don’t have boundaries with my children.”  At this point, Erika wanted to talk about Aaron and Denise said “we’ll talk about that in a moment,” but then she walked off.  I guess she doesn’t want to talk about the husband.  

Agreed. Denise is beating the dead horse of her kids and boundaries far more than any of the others are at this point. Erika was wanting to talk about Aaron’s behavior and Denise wanted to bring it back to her being a victim of their talking about her kids.

I think what is really behind their irritation with Denise and her always walking out is that she is effectively, repeatedly  leaving work early. They never like when a cast member keeps missing events. Same has been the case with Ramona on RHONY. She keeps leaving events and they get irked.

And here is Brandi. Say what you will about her being a pot-stirrer, but she’s got a pretty good record for truth-telling.

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I didn’t mind the conversation between Garcelle and Sutton for some reason.  I don’t mind Garcelle earning her paycheck and asking Sutton where she got her money and whether she lost her virginity to her husband.  And Sutton did something that is never done that I absolutely love—she said where she got her money, but when asked to talk about her virginity, she very simply and very kindly said she was not going to answer that question.  It is not rocket science, and it is so elegant!!  So many of these women—across the franchises—lie through their teeth over and over.  When confronted with the truth, their defense is that they didn’t want to talk about it on camera, or that it isn’t our business.  That’s not a defense to lying!  You can just say “I don’t feel like discussing that.”  Looking at you, Gretchen, season seven of RHOC, when you flat-out denied having had your lips done until Alexis called you out at the reunion and you had to admit it!  And you, Melissa Gorga, for denying you had rhinoplasty for a bunch of seasons, and you Bethenny Frankel for lying about having breast implants and saying you just got a lift for years!!  Not that this is a big issue for me or anything!! 😖

“Amelia Grey” is a model, yet I find Alexia Umansky significantly more attractive than she is.  No contest.  

I’m pretty sure Lisa had financial help from her parents until she was successful.  I remember reading her life story somewhere, and she was pretty pampered growing up.  

I’m bored of Brandi and Kim suddenly coming around the way I complained last week about Camille suddenly being a factor.  You’ve got seven women plus a friend.  Make them air their real stories or recast.  I feel like it breaks some unspoken reality TV rule when we start following the stories of women who are not in the opening credits because....they don’t want to tell them for some reason?  I’d rather the show just be honest and fire Kyle, Dorit and Erika mid-season and put Brandi, Camille and Kim back into the opening and put out a statement that the former three women weren’t giving reality on reality TV.  And I don’t even have a strong dislike for Kyle, Dorit and Erika!  I just don’t want this to continue to be a show about nothing with no guiding principles.  Why don’t they call each out anymore?  What happened to “you’re lying, you’re sick and you’re an alcoholic” and “you stole my goddamn house”?

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7 minutes ago, Legalbeagle421 said:

Brandi's face in her confessional is something else. Whoa. Crazy after seeing reruns of season 2 yesterday. Just whoa. 

Yeah, she has lizard eyes.  One looks like its peering out the side while the other looks straight ahead.  Shudder.

When Brandi stood up to leave she was like a foot taller than everyone else.  Which gave me the giggles. 

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37 minutes ago, Thumper said:

I missed why they are going to Rome?  She started talking about Erika’s Broadway performance, so I thought they were going to NYC to see her?

They want to go before everyone else had other things to do--like Erika being in NY for four months. 

26 minutes ago, LibertarianSlut said:

Did anyone else mix up Denise and Teddi in Teddi’s ‘rona talking head? 

No but as someone who didn't watch earlier seasons, I couldn't tell Kim, Brandi and Adrienne apart. 


I am so beyond tired of bringing out Wilson Philips to sing “Hold On.”  Bridesmaids got there about a decade earlier.  It was weird when Carnie Wilson was on a few seasons ago and everyone sort of bowed down to her as the Sober Whisperer.  I was pretty young in the early 90s, but wasn’t Wilson Phillips like a one-hit wonder?  Why does everyone on this show want to kiss Carnie Wilson’s ass so much?

They've had three hit singles.  In addition to "Hold On," they've had "Release Me" and "You're In Love." The were the best selling all female group at the time, surpassing The Supremes.  But I also think part of Carnie's appeal is she's the daughter of a Beach Boy. 

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I object to Brandi getting handed such a large presence on the show for form’s sake, but if she is going on to deliver news to some cast members (Kyle and Teddi) about another cast member (Denise), at least it’s relevant to the plot of these “real housewives.”  Why did we get so much of the info in the talking heads though?  That seemed suspicious.  It also felt like it took a whole episode for Brandi to get the story out.  

Brandi’s reaction to the fact that people were talking about sex in front of Denise’s children (“their father is Charlie Sheen”) wasn’t appropriate, but she was the first one on the show to have that reaction, just for the record.  Other women commented that the girls’ father is Charlie Sheen as part of a larger discussion that Denise talked about Charlie’s Thanksgiving hooker on TV, as well as her husband’s penis, as well as her coercing him into getting a hand job from an old lady.  Brandi was the first person to make a direct connection that certain kids should be immune to certain situations just by virtue of who their father is, and I feel like that point gets overlooked.  

I believe Brandi is telling the truth about Denise.  The story just rang true to me, and I don’t remember any lies Brandi has ever told.  I don’t care that she said it on TV either.  I think you run the risk of it all coming out—sex, lies, lawsuits and videotape—when you put yourself in the public eye, as Denise has done.  I just want the other cast members to get the same treatment.  If this is what it takes for the season to finally get started, this is positive turn of events as far as I’m concerned.  

And I am concerned.  Because all we got this episode was two seconds of two parties, a dog in a wig, and a story from the town drunk, (albeit likely true).  It has got to get better than this. 

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I can’t believe the show actually expects us to believe that Teddi, Kyle and Rinna—who were In LAX together and allegedly on the same flight to Rome—waited until they were in country to tell Lisa what Denise said/did.  That’s the biggest fiction perpetuated on the entire episode.  

After Camille’s wedding, did they even make it out of their hotel driveway in Hawaii before bashing her People magazine article?

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