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S12.E10: Something's Brewing

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Tinsley hosts a dinner for the group on their last night in Newport; the night begins to spiral once Ramona is distracted by a man at the bar; Dorinda and Luann co-host a tea party in an attempt to help the ladies relax and reset.

Airs June 4, 2020.

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Would those guys have talked to Ramona if there hadn't been a huge camera crew trailing behind her? She's not old enough to be their mother maybe but surely they don't date 60somethings.

Not that there's anything wrong with 60somethings...just most men tend to date younger. Except for Jacques of course.

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Oh this has disaster written all over it and why are they screaming again? They act like they hate each other. And Dorinda is drunk as a skunk.

Why do I watch this nonsense?

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Dorinda is so weird.  She keeps sticking up for Leah for how “young” she is.  She’s 37.  She’s old enough to be a grandmother.  Dorinda was sort of like this with Jules, who was 34, but Dorinda and Jules had some history prior to this show.  But Tinsley joined the show at 40 and she’s free game?  Where does Dorinda draw her line?

I’ve never had a night where I’ve thrown ravioli in someone’s face.  And I’ve done a lot of wild shit when I was drunk.  Leah didn’t just throw the ravioli, she threw it in public and it splattered across two people.  I would be mortified if I did that.  

When Sonja and Luann and Ramona and Sonja are sitting around making sense about someone else’s behavior, that person has a problem.  Because those four cows are very seldom right about anything.  

“It’s a piss in the ocean.”  Wow, Leah’s sis is a classy one.  

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Ya know, I was going around  doing stuff here at the house while keeping one eye on this bunch of nutjobs, when... I spy with my little eye, Sonja (sexy J) say something like, "Leah needs to know how to behave around US".. . whoever; and I HOWLED!! OUT LOUD!! LAUGHED MY FOOL BUTT OFF!!!! SERIOUSLY!  Belly laugh x 100!!!

Jeebus, these WOMEN!  

And NOW.... a TEAPARTY!!! Hilarious!  Last tea party I went to was for a 4 year old girl!  It was  soooooooo cute. For. a. 4. year. old. girl.


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In a game of Marry, Shag, Kill (I blame Satan Andy for the rising popularity of this utterly stupid game) Luann would “marry” Bethenny?  The one who terrorized her up and down the eastern seaboard from Massachusetts to Miami (to say nothing of the other 51 states)?  Why is she back to kissing Bethenny’s ass?  Because she’s off the show so out of sight, out of mind?  Luann’s a joke.  She shouldn’t mention Bethenny’s name on camera to deny her the satisfaction.  But I am glad we got almost halfway through the season without the cabaret.  I wasn’t expecting such a respite.  

Leah’s dad is quite the drinker too, huh?  An Old Fashioned and maybe a few glasses of wine later, all at lunch?  If her mom doesn’t want her to drink, her dad should probably not drink in front of her either.  

Leah’s mom totally has her number:  “Were you getting nasty?”  And “I just think you’re on a slippery slope with the alcohol.”  Ding, ding, ding, Leah’s mom!!  Can we trade you for her please?

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