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S10.E12: The Great Festive Bake Off

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Noel, Sandi, Prue and Paul welcome the cast of Derry Girls to the festive tent as they compete for Star Baker and see in the New Year with the London Community Gospel Choir

UK Air Date: January 1, 2020

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This was a fun Bakeoff, and the dynamics between the cast members don't seem to be worlds apart from the dynamics between the characters. Dylan as the awkward, quiet one, Nicola being a little fussy and mothering (and, of course, competent but panicky), Saoirse and Jamie-Lee as more mouthy and confident. Siobhan is obviously the biggest departure from her character. But her little "god, I've been in England too long"  and "this is what the English think is fun" snark were perfectly Sister Michael.

Blinis was an odd idea for a technical challenge. They really should have asked them to do potato pancakes from scratch, because those are very popular in Northern Ireland.

But I feel like these celebrity episodes should be more of a break from the format, and have Paul and Prue actively giving advice where needed. Make it a little more collaborative, because none of them know what they're doing, but they usually give it their all.

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Siobhan had a few good lines like when she said that what she will take away from this experience ... are a few of the bowls she has grown rather fond of and they seem to have more than enough of them around here anyway.

I wasn't quite sure whether they tried to be in character for this or if thats how they really are. I've seen a few interviews with them where they seemed less like their respective characters but thats quite different from the stressful situations arising in that tent. My favourite part was probably Saoirse reading the technical recipe out loud in a full on Derry accent.

The celebration scene at the end: you get a few more extra's in and film them more close up to make it look like a proper party and not just 7 people standing behin a table prentending to enjoy themselves.

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Woo! GBBO + Derry Girls!

Ha, when Paul asked how the bakers could possibly mess up a trifle, I thought have you really not seen that episode of Friends?

Jamie-Lee's trifle with caramelized clementines, orange curd swiss roll, chocolate orange custard, and chocolate shavings looked a bit flat and a little messy. It was adorabl how excited she got after the judges' comments.

Saoirse's Irish cream trifle with chocolate custard, chocolate malt balls, and swiss roll was also flat and messy like Jamie-Lee's. She gets bonus points for the malt balls.

Dylan's Bakewell trifle with raspberries, sherry soaked almond sponge, and white chocolate buttons had more height and more distinct layers than the previous two, and it looked slightly neater.

Siobhan's champagne and blackberry trifle with champagne jelly, and chocolate sponge sounded great. Considering that she only had three layers, I was imprssed that she managed to fill her trifle bowl all the way to the top. "Unbranded champagne - my favorite kind." Nice attempt at getting a handshake.

Nicola's trifle with strawberry and rhubarb swiss roll and mascarpone sounded delicious and it looked great. She was so smart to display the swiss rolls that way.

The salmon and beetroot blinis were so pretty but I'm biased because I love the color of things made with beetroot. Awwww, poor Dylan coming in last place in the technical. Congrats to Siobhan - her blinis looked great!

Dylan's VW bus cake with lemon curd, vanilla buttercream, and Victorian sponge looked like it was made out of Play Doh. I loved that he painted Sandy's name on the side in honor of the grooviest chick he knows.

Jamie-Lee's Amelia Earhart cake with Swiss roll, vanilla sponge, coconut buttercream, and raspberry jam was a mess but I'm glad she had a sense of humor about it. Putting Amelia's head next to the plane made me laugh. It was hilarious when Paul said his mouth was burning from the baking powder and she said she might have mixed up the teaspoon and the tablespoon.

Nicola's Cabaret/Art Deco inspired cake with chocolate sponge, white chocolate, and raspberry ganache was a little lacking in execution. Ha, but no coffee but something musty in the cake.

Saoirse's tie dye cake with lemon blueberry sponge and berry jam sounded pretty good. I had to laugh when the judges questioned the muddy look of her heart and she said that sometimes peace doesn't look like you thought it would.

Siobhan's camping cake with chocolate and raspberry cake and the Cork version of Battenberg sounded delicious. I felt bad that this was a tribute to her parents and that she was laughing and almost crying when she presented it. I couldn't help but laugh when she was smearing green frosting onto the cake with her bare hands.

I'm glad that the girls all said they had fun and didn't take it too hard.

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