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  1. meep.meep

    210 Words Per Minute

    If you watch the title scenes, it seems to show the carousel outside.
  2. meep.meep

    This Is Our Cast In Real Life and Other Roles

    OK - I tune in Say Yes to the Dress, as one does in the hot summer, and one face in one of the entourages looked very familiar. Susan Watson was the caption. It was our Beth. The bride to be was Napiera Groves and Tamara Tunie was also in the entourage.
  3. meep.meep

    S01.E08: Chapter 8

    I bet this might be much better if you binge watch it, rather than watching week by week. That said - I'd never watch another season.
  4. meep.meep

    S02.E02: All the Demons Are Still in Hell

    They had two days to report to the horse track. He was in line on the first day with his mother when he dropped out. The FBI came for him because it looked like he was hiding from authorities to defy the order to report. Which he was. The camp they are using is made up for the show. The closest real one was at Tule Lake, CA near the Oregon border. There were no camps actually in Oregon. All the camps that I've seen are in dry, low vegetation areas, not nice thick pine forest. I'm having trouble telling people apart, but I had the same problem with the sailors. Loved the 3 guys handling the spy by leaving him stranded on the ice.
  5. meep.meep

    The Judges: Alyssa, Georgina & Isaac

    speaks volumes about poor state of science education in this country.... And those are some truly dreadful blouses he is pushing.
  6. meep.meep

    NFL Thread

    The last episode showed him at the training camp "not practicing" because of what they described as "painful feet." He is not AWOL by any means. I can't believe that any team would pay an enormous amount for a player like him and put him through cryo-therapy without close monitoring.
  7. meep.meep

    S06.E09: The Ice Cometh

    Wouldn't you name this episode Two Rabbit Day? Or Fashion Show? Or anything better than what they did name it?
  8. Viewers like me! I assume that they are trying to emphasize a theme when they mix old and new, but it is confusing.
  9. meep.meep

    NFL Thread

    As a 49ers fan - them's fighting words! And Hard Knocks is back - featuring the Raiders this year.
  10. meep.meep

    Season One Talk

    Yes. If there's ever a show I watch on FX, I make sure that I record it because by the time they put it on line, it's three weeks later. They have a "different" business model.
  11. meep.meep

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Have you seen the Saturday Night Live sketch with old people using Alexa? It's programmed to respond to any name that starts with A. And they all end up telling Alexa: "Well, we'll see about that!"
  12. You could just get a toaster oven. I've had one so long that I've been confused by the entire discussion.
  13. meep.meep

    Years and Years

    well at least there was a semi-happy ending. Good for Muriel for bringing everyone to their senses. Even though she probably should have died long ago.
  14. meep.meep

    S01.E05: Chapter 5

    My take was the the beeswax (or whatever it was) made her deaf. When her husband came in after she used it, she used sign language to talk to him. Then she can't hear the vibrations that she is sending out.
  15. meep.meep


    I've seen all of them and stand by my previous statement. They are each strong in their own ways. I'd say Fosse/Verdon is the weakest of the bunch. It is interesting that Sharp Objects is the only true fiction - the others are dramatizations of actual events.