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  1. It was decades ago but I think it was an international transfer thing - he had to change planes, didn't read English, and got on the one that sounded right. He had a passport and a ticket and it was back when they didn't really check the tickets that carefully.
  2. In real life there was someone who wanted to go to Auckland and accidentally got on a plane for Oakland. It was on the news. Now I have to kill you since you used Frisco. It is not done.
  3. All I know is that after seeing the commercial all weekend, my daughter says she's going to start putting it in my wine to see what happens.
  4. I'm puzzled by the ads for Car Guru's. Not by the ad itself but for the fact that they pronounce the name like it's "cargoroos"
  5. That's why when I saw him in IMDB listing for the show, I thought it was a joke. Have the dead character be played by Sean Bean. Jan. 25!
  6. Loved the chyron for Josiah and Julia: "England, UK" and Josiah made espresso martinis !
  7. Issa Ray's facial expressions were an illustration of the perils of going on this show - that you might find out your ancestors are people you really wouldn't want to associate with. Her relatives being slave traders and then dying in the Haiti slave uprising looked really upsetting to her. The show last night was one of the few I've seen with all white people. Pelosi, O'Donnell, and Posen. They seemed to focus on more recent history rather than tracing them back to villages in the 1600s.
  8. The one I was wondering about looks like she came from a movie in the 80s - she's white with short hair and big hoop earrings.
  9. Are you talking about the woman with the enormous hoop earrings? I've wondered about her too.
  10. You have someone drunk enough to be just about ready to vomit dive into the ocean where the crew was watching sharks circling the lights - I think she was in need of immediate rescue. On a previous season one of the deckhands (Ashton) was dragged into the water by a line, and another deckhand (Rhylee ?) was read the riot act by Capt. Lee for only saying Man Overboard once.
  11. Shouldn't have someone yelled man overboard three times? My daughter asked if James and Elizabeth were this season's Jess and Rob. She's about dumb enough but James was smart enough to know to keep hook ups secret - not go telling everyone on board.
  12. "You have no where to sit. You have too many." Over on the enraged thread are our counterparts who hate these.
  13. free land is a pretty powerful lure
  14. Watch the listings for any PBS stations you have access to. One of mine ran a marathon of the first 3 seasons (a whopping 3 episodes each) over the weekend. They are uncut. Angel does make tiles for the kitchen.
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