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  1. Actually, all of Drake's kitchen was anachronistic. It's tiled in a very distinctive yellow tile with a contrasting edge color. This was widely used in California, but not until after WWII. I had the exact same tile, yellow with baby blue edge, in a home built in 1950. One of my friends had yellow with green and another yellow with brown.
  2. I have stopped watching Animal Planet at lunch time because they insist on running this ad for the Humane Society that is at least 5 minutes long and consists of some woman in a plaintive voice telling over and over how terrible the lives of animals are and begging us to donate. It makes me want to do the opposite, although I suppose that would be actually opening my own puppy mill, so probably not. What's wrong with puppies and kittens are cute and fun - send us some money so we can keep them alive?
  3. They don't seem to be very creative in solving their problems. Melanie is worried about revolution in the Tail, and that the janitors in Third class are corrupt. Why not offer Layton a swap? She'll arrange for them to all move to Third and take over the janitorial services, while the current janitors are exiled to the Tail. Makes the Tailees happy and solves her janitor and drug problem. But Layton is right - there is plenty of room on a 2001 car train for them to be moved out of the baggage car. Whether they paid for, or applied for a ticket, after 7 years it's just inhumane to treat them like they have been. They can't just detach the Tail - they would encounter it the next time past (3 months?) and derail. By then it would be frozen solid to the tracks.
  4. They didn't colorize the DVD release did they? That's blasphemy! Perry Mason is only in B&W.
  5. I sometimes feel like the only Perry Mason original recipe fan around here. I watched them when I was a kid and still watch when they come on TV. If this doesn't end with a character, goaded by Mason, blurting out "Yes, I did it!" and confessing then I will be bitterly disappointed.
  6. The problem is that Tim Gunn is the only person on TV who could get away with saying it. Carry on!
  7. Don't know how long they waited to euthanize, but it must have been a huge drain on the staff to take care of them all. They went from 30 venomous snakes to almost 200 overnight. They couldn't hire extra people so that meant that busy people all had to work even more. I found it ironic that while the zoos seem to find it difficult to breed reptiles and herps, this snake hoarder person had the mad skillz.
  8. This was really hard to watch. Arabella is lucky to be alive. And the "drug dealer scum" boyfriend is pretty awesome.
  9. There was at least one scene where they were describing the expenses they could charge. I didn't realize that the money he was trying to get from the movie studio (600 instead of 200) was going to his partner as well as him. They ended up with 50 cents each. Those poor cows! They look like they're starving to death.
  10. But mostly it was the stupid robot dog. And the adorable moppet. Although it was progressive - they had two black guys! Tighe and Boomer.
  11. Me three! Paper Boi's commentary with the Diversity Lady is right on the money as well.
  12. If you want an example of a show that the network seemed to hate, Hill Street Blues in its first season is pretty good. They moved it from week to week. One week it was on Tuesday, the next on Saturday, etc. It was a miracle that they renewed it for the second season. And that show changed television completely by bringing in story arcs that lasted between episodes. I think X Files did benefit from the internet, but before that Quantum Leap definitely did.
  13. Sorry. There's some commercial with kids in a pool playing Marco Polo. And Marco Polo himself is in the water with them. As the commercial ends, the camera pulls away and you see Marco Polo's llama next to the pool.
  14. Layton is from the Tail. No one knows who is back there - none of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class folks are hanging around the Tail. Only the Tailees know that Layton is missing and nobody cares what they think. So she could put Layton in the drawer with no one the wiser. LJ is known in 1st and 2nd. Everyone knows that Wilford pardoned her. She can't just get disappeared. And she would have told her parents about "Wilford" if she wasn't pardoned. The arm cutting off was done to suppress future uprisings. Just taking the culprit away wouldn't have the same shock and awe effect.
  15. Why does Marco Polo have a llama? He went to China not South America.
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