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  1. I've seen two of the ads and neither mentioned where the food was coming from.
  2. Sorry to lose Sura - I had liked her bakes up until this episode, and I loved her relationship with Noel. I assume that the brownie failures were the first evidence of the lack of practice time they are now getting. Since they are not going home between filming episodes, they have much reduced time to practice. I assume they spent most of their time practicing the show stopper, and very little time practicing the brownie recipe. As far as I'm concerned there are two distinct types of brownie: one is fudgy and low, and the other is cakey and high. Both are correct and delicious. Good thing I'm not a contestant. Why in the world were they all using small square pans?
  3. I loved Jordan. Coming from New York, he kept finding those tiny spaces in Paris to be big! Adrian is always great and they bonded over their love of hats.
  4. I saw a show with a couple of actors who claimed that "is" is the credit you want. Like Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter! Jane Fonda is Barbarella! I work in government research - paper authorship is a huge fighting deal in real life. Scientists are not always nice people who get along. That's one thing the Big Bang Theory gets right.
  5. Every single time we watch an episode of Amazing Race my daughter asks me if there will be bunny racing. So this time I asked her if goat racing was good enough. If the nerds were really Team Catfish, then they wouldn't have ever met up. Hooray! My show is back!
  6. "You have no where to sit. You have too many."
  7. Kamala Harris is from Oakland, California ? They really missed by not putting enormous fake eyelashes on Maya.
  8. Why didn't they have them flavor some of the layers? Beets for the red, onion for the yellow, pesto for the green, etc.? That would have been a great challenge. Rowan was circling the drain last episode - no way he was getting past this one unless all his bakes were great. And none of them were. So, bye! Somehow I missed Mark's daughters - have to rewatch!
  9. I am only reporting what I saw on TV. I have never used one.
  10. I think Sura is great and Dave is not scary. On a rewatch last night we noticed something funny. We always have closed captioning on watching Netflix. When Lottie finally gets the cardboard out of the center of her Viking Vessel, she says "oh fuck" and the captioning included it. They do curse and it isn't bleeped, but I never noticed it in the captioning!
  11. Similarly - only on TV can someone stick a USB drive into their computer, and get it to go in the first time! No turning it over several times before it will insert in Faux Life!
  12. I'm rooting for Ethelrida! And for Rabbi and Satchel. I get the feeling I'm alone in liking Chris Rock's performance - his speech to the panhandler was great. I get the feeling that they want us to see Gaetano as the big bad - like Malvo or Varga - and I'm not buying that.
  13. You get the feeling that this is being made by the people who failed outlining in elementary school. We're apparently taking the scenic route!
  14. The gigantic twist really wasn't. I figured she was Jude Law's wife from the beginning. This was a genuinely scary episode, especially when they got to the place on the seashore with all the plastic.
  15. It's from skiing..... Again, one of those things posh people talk about. Another show stopper that wasn't. Why? They are talented bakers. Let them bake, not sculpt or mold!
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