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  1. It wasn't shocking at all. I refused to ever watch the show because I shared a home with three guys and another woman and thought the entire premise was insulting.
  2. I disl87ftgriked the quickfire and thought Dawn getting paired with Brooke was ridiculous. Pair the past winner with the person who has had the least wins, not with the one who has had the most. But Gabe and Shota stepping back and partnering up was hilarious. Not a big fan of the box from home that you have to cook from. What if someone's family had sent an assortment of snacks or candy?
  3. Me too! It means we're going to become great singers! Or able to make children's clothing out of curtains.
  4. However Shota himself pronounces it is the correct way to pronounce his name. We'll have to rewatch the first episode to see if he introduces himself. I have a colleague who's first name is spelled Lief, but is pronounced Layf. By all rules of pronunciation coming from Germanic languages, we should call him Leef, but he pronounces it Layf so that's his name.
  5. Motives are revealed and convictions are tested as our heroes rush to stop Teddy's plan That's what led off the synopsis for the episode. What motive was revealed? What convictions were tested? As usual, no one had a plan, and Morgan had some sort of hidden motivation, but if you had asked me why he and Strand were fighting, I couldn't tell you. Couldn't they have just said where the bombs were heading? Why do I keep watching this? Not even Keith Carradine is worth it.
  6. As much money as people pay for the trips, I think they are all there on time. Plus the TV show wants to film them strolling down the dock so they probably have to get there early to do makeup and get miked.
  7. You keep them in a room by themselves. The vet should have told you that. It's not fun.
  8. I really liked this final season of the show. It showed how important Norman was to everyone around him. And it expanded Sandy's bubble by including his ex-wife. But, as a former estate executor, Sandy should have given Norman's daughter and grandson some money initially, then said that was it until everything was straightened out. Why? Because he paid himself right away. The $10M he gave to Mindy was his inheritance from Norman.
  9. I am plagued with ants also. My daughter came up with the idea of spraying them with Windex. Kills them instantly and makes it easy to clean up. I am not a Buddhist.
  10. Ed Lee! He's gone on to great things, glad to see him back. I think he disliked the format - he was giving votes to people who clearly were going to lose.
  11. The Slumlord Strategy is to get the entire side of the board. Then put hotels on them which is easy because they are the cheap properties. You might hit the railroad or the card, but you're most likely to hit one of the hotelled properties. As a game, Monopoly is not very telegenic. Blackish did it right. Especially Dre being a player who hides his money underneath the board so you can't tell how much he has.
  12. Fake Game! Her Emails! A truly funny episode. The Slumloard Strategy is the easiest way to win, but once you know about it everyone is watching to prevent someone else from getting those properties.
  13. I bet people who may be on TV will linger forever. nothing wrong with giving them electric stoves to work on for the QF. Did they not give each of them a stove? It seemed like some people had to share. Not fair. Asking a chef to give you a recipe is common. My brother in the wine industry does it all the time. Give me a dish that will pair well with this Pinot noir. It s good publicity for the winery and the chef. No cookbook editor involved.
  14. Congestive heart failure
  15. A millenial hipster challenge with no kale? How can that be? I have a lot of the gadgets in my kitchen because if it's not broke, don't get rid of it! I agree that Chris has been circling the drain, but I would have sent Jamie packing. That was the single most unappetizing plate of food I have ever seen. A blackened block of liver with crap scattered around it. I think this was a great challenge - pushing the envelope in a way a Top Chef should expect to be pushed.
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