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  1. Are they deliberately choosing women with problems for the Fifty States thing? This Colorado gal could only be described as "simple" - her incessant crying and inability to make a decision was maddening. Considering they've shown us the shrieking harpy from Georgia, and the West Virginian who wanted "boho" but didn't know what it was, I'm starting to wonder if there are any normal people who applied for this. The English show was a breath of fresh air. Loved the care taken with the blind bride and the one with the tiny budget. And we learned that Randy's line is sold at places that are not Kleinfeld's.
  2. To give Sergio his due - he willingly chose one of the larger models because she is Hispanic. Victoria needs to get to work with one of them soon.
  3. I don't object to the flash sale concept. I just object to them being told about it after they have designed, selected fabrics, and started making their garments. Knowing that it will be a flash sale should inform their design and fabrics. Poor Shavi - he got the wrong fabric and it just kept going from bad to worse. I liked Marquis and Brittany's designs a lot.
  4. It must be said: the last of the Petersons.
  5. Cardinal Voiello! and Cardinal Voiello with his head turned
  6. Really? I cannot fathom why he is making the directorial choices he is making. You can't see half of what's going on, and there are endless silent scenes. Why did Mrs. Peterson's breakdown and subsequent illness as well as the scene in the hospital where the doctor tells her husband and remaining son something have to both be silent? All the shots of the floor? The floor in the foster home?
  7. meep.meep

    NFL Thread

    So do all us 49ers fans.
  8. Was Shavi's the one with the big twirly skirt that was lined in pink? Loved that. And to everyone who says Victoria just made the same thing she always does - you're wrong. This one didn't have any cut outs on the sides so it was completely different. 😄
  9. Sue broke the lid of a bake of Nadia's. I recall her knocking something to the floor as well. It was more than a single incident.
  10. In California, it depends on what you negotiate. Some sellers don't want to supply one. Then, the buyers can ask for a little off the price. Most people don't want used appliances anyway - they want to start with brand new ones. But there's no state law that says you have to have a refrigerator.
  11. Except for Sue breaking a lot of the bakers' work. I wouldn't have wanted her anywhere near my oven.
  12. Me too. I watched this after a rerun of Randy's niece's wedding. Which was small, intimate, and family-oriented. It looked lovely. It was the exact opposite of what they are promoting with the 50 brides mass ceremony.
  13. I agree. All of the garments she has sent down the runway have been identical. It is all she can do. If they get a real red carpet challenge, she'll be toast. If they get their fabric at Good Will, do the garments get cleaned first? My impression of Good Wills are that the garments get donated, they put them on hangars, and then they are sold. I clean everything I get there before using. And, since I am the only person who seems to remember: Heidi Klum had the original idea for the show, got it developed, got sponsors, and got it on the air.
  14. On the show one thing happened. In the book, a different thing happened. I don't see why they changed it.
  15. Yes, we actually did. Not an identical twin, but someone who looked just like her. One of the roommates, the gay guy, had been in a class with Cassie when she was undercover as Lexie. Then he ran into the other girl on a bus, greeted her as Lexie, and she apparently just ran with it. I've spent my entire life with other people convinced that I was their friend from high school, so I can buy it. The thing that I couldn't understand them changing, is that in the book
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