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  1. This wasn't the best thing I've ever seen, but compared to the other two seasons, the ending of this didn't feel like I had been cheated. There were no long drawn out red herrings and plot pieces that were put in to drive you crazy. (Why did the parents just give up on the younger sister in Season 1, and what was the point of the giant rock in Season 2?) You knew that Jamie and Nick had some sick connection, they showed what that was and how it developed, and the rest was what Ambrose went through in trying to catch Jamie.
  2. He could have thought about it for a week and reached the same decision. Madison had decided to go through with the pregnancy whether or not he was involved. It's kind of a gut decision whether or not to be a father under those circumstances. You can make those quickly.
  3. I think you read the situation with Antonio wrong. He didn't want to end up in debt to the Solaras (sp?) for the rest of his life because of something that he didn't ask for. Lila and Lenu asked if the Solaras could get him out of the draft, not thinking about what the consequences might be. The consequences would be that every time they wanted something from Antonio, he'd have to do it. And the things they might ask would not be things he wanted to do. That's typical of the kind of impetuous moves Lila makes. She doesn't look at anything from someone else's point of view. I liked the bet and how Lila structured it so that either outcome would be something that Lenu would want.
  4. I'm no where near that old and I remember newsreels. They were a big feature of life growing up on army bases outside the US - we always had a newsreel and a serialized short before any movie. This was in the '60s. The latest news and an episode of Buck Rogers! But most people in '40s got their news from papers and the radio. That's why they show Herman sitting by his big radio all the time. Newsreels are convenient for a TV program because they can show real events. Watching someone listening to the radio is not very dramatic.
  5. Why did they cast Turturro for this? His accent is beyond ridiculous.
  6. I recall that Stephanie had to have someone else taste her dish when she was required to use shrimp so that she wouldn't have to use her EpiPen. They just didn't show that this time.
  7. In California, bicyclists have to stop at stop signs. I got a ticket back in the '70s when I was 17 for running a stop sign on my bike. Technically peloton is the term for a group of bicycle riders who bunch together in a race. So while the company is using it to refer to their machine, it's also proper use to refer to the riders.
  8. No, Monica was pretending to be her dead grandmother so that she could keep paying the rent-controlled super low rent. No sublet.
  9. Too late! Now we are getting a show about Agent Dan. 🙂
  10. I agree - they played loud music while the actors were delivering their lines. Didn't help with people with heavy accents or the criminals speaking in slang. It was OK - but I prefer Maeve-heavy episodes to Dolores-heavy ones. Great to see that Maeve still has her superpowers.
  11. When they kept Negan in the jail and Daryl went off and lived by himself for years. I don't think he was "fine" but of course, the great writers couldn't ever show that. I don't understand how the Whisperers could get those flaming bladders all the way up to the top of the hill so that they could ignite the house. It's way too far - they don't even have elastic or rubber any more.
  12. Are there links to any of the decoy collections? Presumably both Brittany and Marquis were asked to make decoy collections.
  13. Michelle and Ben's realization that in several years Noah would learn how to drive was great! I don't know how the show did it, but they've managed to write a few non-typical children's parts as well as full adult characters.
  14. I grew up on military bases - the rule was children of opposite sex could share bedrooms until they were 12. You'd get assigned different quarters based on number of kids and rules like that. Liked that Mary stuck to her guns with Sheldon. What he did was outrageous. I loved him realizing that all of his reactions were considered childish!
  15. What's really crazy is that about the same time someone else did the same thing for the movie The Two Popes. Can't we just share?
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