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  1. No love for Giuseppe's wide stance? This was an OK episode, no where near the offensive levels of Japanese week. Bye Freya - she really took on a difficult task deciding to do all vegan in signatures and show stoppers, and did remarkably well.
  2. That's what I meant when I said that Koreans play marbles strangely. When I played, you had a shooter and a pool of little marbles. The play was to shoot the little marbles into holes in the ground. You could shoot other people's marbles out of the way, but you didn't collect any unless you won the whole thing. Back to dubbing gate - if you didn't watch the marble episode with subtitles, you missed a lot of subtle anxiety in the performances. The VIPs speaking English sounded bad. Maybe they used the usual English-Korean dubbers for their voices. None of the actors were well kn
  3. Wasn't this the perfect time for Genie to play the Shot in the Dark? She clearly could see that both of the others were shady. Along the same lines, why didn't Lauraina (?) just trot up to Xander and get his idol/advantage? Why do people keep burying their idols? Can't someone else find them The editors totally gave Ricard a "hero" camera shot during the IC. I don't think there's been a clearer one since Earl. Hmmmmm....
  4. And for once, people who wanted walls! The bronze plaque in the fireplace was gorgeous. They should have it framed if they don't want it in the fireplace. I love the guys style, but I would want some input into the colors my rooms were going to be painted.
  5. meep.meep


    Baptiste's new adult son was a plot reveal in the previous season. And he's constantly falling out with his wife.
  6. Is the joke that only one of these is a member of the original Law and Order cast?
  7. I serendipitously finished on Saturday afternoon so I could appreciate the SNL short. Koreans sure play marbles strangely! I share a lot of the sentiments I've read here: Episode 6 is the standout, hated the VIPs, want to know more about the cop, who takes over for Il Nam. But, I always watch with subtitles because I want to hear the actors' own voices.
  8. No one has seen Daniel Craig in Knives Out? Okay... Glad I finally finished Squid Game before seeing this. And there are non-Korean, non-Southeast Asian actors in the original. One of the major characters is a Pakistani immigrant, and there are white characters as well. Loved the imitations in the school sketch. Rami's Pete was much better than Pete's Rami. Melissa was a dead on Kristin Wiig. And I hated the Angelo sketch at the end. I think Aristotle is an acquired taste.
  9. Actually, we thought if George had used peanut butter instead of a layer of peanuts in his show stopper, that it would have worked much better and still gotten across the peanut flavor he wanted. Good for Chiggs! I have to admit that when Prue and Paul were rhapsodizing during the technical, I actually raised my hand when she asked "who doesn't like a sticky toffee pudding?" I also dislike meringue and those mousse fillings. I am the anti-Paul.
  10. My daughter speculated that it might be Ozzy. They don't need houses, they need food. Thank god it was neither. It appears nobody asked him - "are there other plants we can eat?"
  11. Ricard acts like he's imitating Christopher Guest in The Princess Bride.
  12. I hope there was more to that house than they showed. Was it just 2 bedroom? They never showed the bathroom or the basement, but it looked like long and skinny on both stories. And I understand taking out the kitchen door, but didn't that mean eliminating their door to the backyard? They need to show the whole house, then you can understand why they do what they do. And I hate open shelves. Just dust collectors.
  13. Baby turtles! DeShawn's narration of the doomed attempt to throw the immunity challenge was hilarious! "And then I turn around and Yellow is still behind us!"
  14. I don't pay much attention to Noel or Matt. They seem to be beloved by the contestants and that's what really matters. While they are all stuck living together, they are probably getting pretty close to one another. Neither of them has ever broken a contestant's bakes and Sue did that repeatedly. That's much worse than a joke going badly in my book.
  15. More like Italian bread week than bread week. But good on Giuseppe! Was it Chiggs who made the woven basket for the show stopper? That thing was gorgeous! The bake was perfect and it practically glowed.
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