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  1. If everyone opts out of the Do or Die stupid twist, that’ll be the end of it. Can’t wait for the players to wise up, and break it, like they did the Auction.
  2. “Fifty nifty stars in the flag that billows so beautifully in the breeze.” Still got it! 😆
  3. That fucking Jeffhanger. C'mon now.
  4. cherrypj

    S41 Ricard Foye

    He's hard of hearing. I would not have known had I not read this bio. I'm instantly rooting for him and hope his villain portrayal is short-lived.
  5. These are really well done, @SVNBob you probably spend more time wrestling with the formatting than anything else.
  6. I really like Ed Lee. He’s great on Top Chef and in this book.
  7. Speaking of having to finish a terrible book, I just finished The Bourne Identity. I've read it before. I've seen the movie. Only God knows why I slogged through this re-read--it's horrible. The action is good, but the writing is not. Definitely filed in the "Movie is better" column. (I'll not read the other 15 (!!) books in this series. Take that, Ludlum.) Am re-reading Contact by Carl Sagan. This one is filed in the "Movie and Book are both great!"
  8. The Olympics are nice and all, but c'mon now.
  9. I don’t have a favorite, I don’t think. The crafts are awesome, but it’s Amy and Nick that seal the deal for me. I love that they always roll with it. Nothing’s too stupid. “Yes and…”
  10. Dr. Green : Wait a minute, his name is Dr. Bobby? Rachel : Well that's his last name. Ross : And his first name. Dr. Green : He's Bobby Bobby? Rachel : It's Robert Bobby.
  11. Oh, that was so well done. My favorite was the evident glee at all the bloopers. I did want them to do Lisa Kudrow’s “eeeee” blooper scene, but there were so many good scenes I won’t complain. And, Janice, of course! My license plate says, “OMYGAWD,” so you know we were waiting for Maggie.
  12. cherrypj

    MLB Thread

    For me, it's the woo-ers who woo totally disconnected from the flow of the game, they’re just wooing, and because of the tone/pitch it really pops relative to most crowd noise.
  13. Just a massive W. T. F.
  14. cherrypj

    MLB Thread

    Yes. The umpire, though, blew that call 100%. You can't be "hit" by a pitch that's a strike.
  15. I see that this show, season 4, comes to HBO Max next week (01 Apr 2021). Does anyone know if every episode will be immediately available? Or will we have to wait a week in between?
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