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  1. Memorial Day weekend was a bit of a doozy. Saturday was rain all day. Sunday it was cloudy and cold. But then magically on Monday it turned sunny and hot. Oh, so very hot.
  2. Kawaiiko

    MLB Thread

    *grumble grumble goshdarn stupid 4th inning*
  3. I actually wasn't paying attention to that... I like to think I am half Chandler half Phoebe (early season Phoebe, duh) Early season Phoebe still cracks me up. Rachel: "Has anyone seen my engagement ring?" Phoebe: "Yeah, it's beautiful." Later.... Joey: "When were you last wearing it?" Phoebe: "Doy, probably right before she lost it."
  5. My personal favorite bit of that was when Phoebe says: "What a nice night to be running around on the street, looking for lottery tickets. *beat* And the wind certainly made it fun."
  6. Also an interesting omission: not a single mention of Rachel/Joey. I get why, but it still came off as a little weird.
  7. Going by this commercial and another one I saw advertising Expedia Travel Week (where the SAME poor, poor traveler wants to get out of her room but CAN'T! Because there is a moving sidewalk there for some reason!) I think it's safe to say Rashida Jones is the Expedia spokeswoman now.
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw that!
  9. Ross joining in with the screaming gives me life every time I see it. Ooh, I forgot all about Cups!
  10. This too: If you want to relive the reunion already:
  11. My favorite part of that (besides EEEEEEEEEE, of course) is how when Ross starts playing and Jen just jumps back, like the noise is physically attacking her or something. That always makes me laugh.
  12. Loved it! Glad that most of the guest stars had (mostly) minimal appearances. I just died with laughter when the cast did the table read for "TOW Everyone Finds Out". Also loved how they interspersed clips of the actual show into the table reads. I actually had to stop myself from reading this thread until I watched it. LOL 😛 Overall it was just really good and much better than I thought it was going to be :)
  13. Same! I get what they're going for, but it's still annoying!
  14. Never mind that the word "more" isn't even in the word "memorial". But I do see what they're going for. I hate how department stores and the like have made holidays like President's Day and MLK Day into opportunities to have sales on "SpEcIaL fUrNiTuRe!!"
  15. *proceeds to raise hand* Damn if that trailer wasn't heartwarming.
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