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  1. My favorite line was Shan going "He should've yelled 'Tribal!' cause that's where we are now." Ah, the dreaded Out of Focus.
  2. I mean, they did get caught in that episode.
  3. While we are on this subject I would like to add "The Rainbow Connection".
  4. Kawaiiko

    MLB Thread

    Le GASP. How did I not notice this Blue Jays cap??
  5. Kawaiiko

    MLB Thread

    Well. Ryan Zimmerman is retiring from baseball after playing for 16 years. All of them with the Nationals.
  6. It's very clever how Elton's riding a rocket to represent "Rocketman".
  7. Yes, you are right.
  8. Now I so want to move to the Midwest. :/
  9. It puts me on edge whenever she says "make. it. rain." with all of those pauses! Even worse, she does it in every commercial she's in.
  10. Her adorable "Yes!" is what cinches it for me, personally.
  11. "I really shouldn't have given you the puppy first."
  12. "It's cash back from Discover! You all know that, you all work here!"
  13. I still think it's annoying that there were continuity errors as soon as the fifth episode.
  14. Please please don't put that in advertisers heads. I'm getting annoyed with how many ads he's in - I probably sound like a broken record 😅
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