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  1. She was 🤏this close to coming back once. She and her father were cast for the first BvW season, had flown out with the rest of the cast, and were ready to play. But at the last minute, he failed his final health check before the game started. Meaning they couldn't let him play, and by the conceit of the season she couldn't play either. They were replaced by the alternate team of Candace (of CI and HvV) and her husband John.
  2. SVNBob

    Survivor Lexicon

    I'm working on an updated and revised version of the the Lexicon. But a new entry posted in another thread made me realize that there is a term that should be added before the new version is ready. Even though we pretty much all know what it is. Ponderosa: the nickname (derived from the name of the Cartwright's ranch from the NBC show Bonanza) for the resort where cast members go after getting voted off (assuming there's not an RI or EoE for them to stop on first). Pre-jury members go first, but are all "evacuated" en masse just before the first juror is voted out. Footage from
  3. I'll add it (with credit) to the upcoming revised Lexicon. Should also probably add Ponderosa itself.
  4. Looks like it's time for me to start working on the S41 Tribe Tracker thread...
  5. You'd hate a new official variant then: Monopoly: Longest Game Ever. Features an extra-long board with 3 copies of each property space (with only one shared deed between the 3, so buying one nets you all), but only one die. Bankruptcy doesn't get you out of the game, and the only way to win is to own all the properties. Steering this back towards topic: this would be akin to the game George invented in Newhart. The one that had the winning condition of getting exactly 1 million points, but every space earned you 3 points.
  6. Then again, there are some stan-level wincest shippers that believe that the actors, not the characters, are (or should be) in a gay relationship, and that their wives/girlfriends are just beards. They're not the only two actors people have involved in "RL slash". But that's one of the more vocal and stannish communities.
  7. Really? It seemed obvious to me, even if it wasn't stated outright, that Cardassians had evolved from some sort of reptile, as opposed to the primate humans evolved from. The make-up, minus the head spoon, was rather indicative of scalier skin than that of humans. Plus recall the one "date" Garak and Ziyal went on...to a holographic natural sauna. Meaning they were basking on hot rocks. Which also fit in with one of the most common complaints about the station in the first season; the environmental controls were stuck on Cardassian settings, which were too warm for the Bajorans
  8. That's Sam Kinison. Although this one might have "cleaner" comedy.
  9. Not just CW, CW's DCEU. I checked, and DC printed Powerpuff Girls comic books back in the day, so technically the Girls are part of the same extended universe as Superman et al. Not to mention the Cartoon Network-created crossover promo where the Girls rescued the Superfriends versions of Wonder Woman and Aquaman from the Legion of Doom.
  10. And was, reportedly, the only competitor in that year's Olympics that did not have to undergo a gender check.
  11. There is one way they could. (Other than the obvious route of having the old cast play different roles in the new series, and not members of the Arnold family. (Fun stunt-casting idea: Danica as a math teacher, as a nice reference to her published work.)) The original series had Daniel Stern doing voice-overs as "Present Day" Kevin, telling the stories about his younger life that Fred Savage et al "lived through". If they're planning to do the same format with this reboot, Stern and the new narrator could have a conversation about their respective youths and how certain major events pl
  12. I think people can interpret it that way, but I don’t think that was what they were going for. I personally don’t see it. I do know of one interpretation that included it. In the late '90s, Jenny McCarthy had a sketch comedy show on MTV. One episode featured an opening skit that was something like "Three's Company: The Next Generation". Jenny was playing Chrissy's daughter, living in the same apartment with one male and one female roommate. Chrissy was about to visit for the first time, so Jenny frantically tried to get her roommates to use the same cover story. Jenny (
  13. And Joel just announced the third. (He wanted to do so during the final push livestream, but there wasn't really a good moment.) In Season 13, we'll once again be seeing the one full of turtle meat and friend to children everywhere in GAMERA vs Jiger!
  14. A "13 for 13 (from Moon 13)" campaign push. And it was hit! $6.5+ million! Not quite the $11.4 million needed to take back the title belt from Critical Role, but still... This also means we're getting TWO holiday specials in this batch. The first will be a Halloween episode...in KingaVision 3-D! (With most* backers getting free 3-D glasses to go with it.) *Not sure if the digital-only backers will be getting free glasses now too. I hope so... The second is the special 13th episode, which will be a Christmas special. And I do mean special, as Joel says it'll be
  15. SVNBob

    S11: Talk

    I just learned this and had to share it here. Most, if not all, of us know that some time after TAR4 Reichen and Chip split up, and Reichen started dating Lance Bass of N'Sync for a while. Well, apparently, that time corresponded with the casting window for this season. Since TPTB (not including Phil) were desperately searching for a "mixed" team for the season, Reichen and Lance were under consideration. And apparently Lance was up for it! Luckily for us, Reichen had the same opinion as Flo. He also didn't want to run the Race again without his winning partner, so he decl
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