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  1. The budget saved on not doing an intro now goes to the CG department for buff coloring for swap teasers.
  2. It is. Since I've been going to the Sing, I normally try to get down into the thick of it by the stage, singing along with all the scalawags and ne'er-do-wells. I went to a different post this time specifically for shooting that video. The Sings tonight and tomorrow night are going to be even more raucous, since it's Pirate Weekend at the Fair.
  3. So practically no one got my clues. Not too surprising, since I really only clued about myself a couple of times, and was specifically calling out Drogo at the time so he could look for them. (If I'd known how bad an idea that actually was....) Here's the main passage with 3 clues, all highlighted. Knowing my character, they should make perfect sense now. Edit: another reason these might have been overlooked was this was right after I canceled the DL on myself, so the rest of you were in a major state of confusion.
  4. And now, a question I have for the group. Everyone saw Spruce's hints for his identity, and probably A1's later. But other than Drogo, who caught mine? IOW, who figured out I was Captain Jack before I giffed it? (Mark and JT, you two don't count because of your game powers.)
  5. I've got this one. Technically I did have two powers. One was a basic 2-kill, meaning it would have taken a combination of two kills (DLs and/or NKs from any of the factions) to get me out. It's a fairly common power that can show up on either side. But that was a passive ability I had no control over. My active power was the Governor power. That ability allowed me to cancel a DL in progress. I could use that ability twice, but only did that one time when my own neck was in the noose. And since it was a Day power, it was ineligible to be blocked by Night.
  6. You just had to get one more bird pun in....
  7. SVNBob

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    To be fair, that play is still the best example of someone(s) in Survivor persuading someone else to do something against their best interest. (Rob's convincing Lex to save Ambuh is the second.) And at least the Black Widows' persuasion was the focus of clips, not Erik's foolishness like it usually is. But I am. Idols are are also part of my Tribe Tracker thread posts. That was the bet. She had to be the caller in the challenge, or she lost her vote. So the next time she's at TC, she can't vote. And given the way she understands things, she'll probably reveal that publicly when Peachy calls for her to go vote. Those were two separate clips, and Parvati was barely in the first. The first was the Black Widows (mainly Cirie and Natalie) convincing Erik to give up the necklace. The second was from her first appearance on Cook Islands, where she did play a flirtier game. Is that a reference to AO? If so, well done. They were getting hate long before the Jeep flipped, simply for existing on TAR, and being competent to boot. My guess is that they're saving that for Dean.
  8. A final round of toasts for the Pirate game. Raise your glasses! First, to the mods, for one hell of a restart! Hip-Hip! Second, to the winners, for a well-earned victory! Hip-Hip! Third, to the rest of us players, living and dead alike, for playing a good game and having fun along the way. Hip-Hip! And now that the game is over, the thing that I brought back with me from my pilgrimage is even more appropriate. For those that don't know, or don't remember, I regularly attend my local Renaissance festival; the Texas Ren Fest, the biggest in the nation. That's where I was the other weekend, for Opening Day of the season. While there, I took some video of the last few numbers performed by my local pirates, the Pride of Bedlam, at the end-of-day Pub Sing. The first one is the main reason I wanted to share my local pirates with you, my pirate crew.
  9. SVNBob

    S39 Tribe Tracker

    Lairo (aka Orange) Tribe: Aaron Chelsea Lairo Hidden Idol Dean Elaine Elizabeth Karishma Missy Tom Vokai (aka Purple) Tribe: Dan Jack Jamal Vokai Hidden Idol Janet Jason Kellee IotI Idol #1. See below. Probably expired. Lauren Noura Tommy Island of the Idols: Residents/Professors: Boston Rob Queen Sandra Students: Elizabeth Kellee Vince Noura Voted Out: Ronnie Molly Vince Chelsea Out-of-Play Advantages: IotI Idol #2 Won by Vince for successfully completing an IotI challenge. Left Game in Vince's pocket Lairo Idol (#1?) Found by Chelsea Left Game in Chelsea's Pocket I didn't put Kellee's idol down here with the others since I'm not 100% sure it has expired. It was valid for only 3 TCs, and it has been 3 since she earned it. However, they might have meant 3 TCs that she attended, and she's only been to the one. It's very unlikely they meant the latter, but they have surprised me before.
  10. Another quick-step without me. Not surprising, given the events of the last Day and the anticipation for this one. Just for the record though, I would have been in on this one had I been here in time. In case this is of any confusion to anyone (though I seriously doubt it by this point)
  11. Closer to 300. Naturally, the following chapter is just 4 pages. And now having finished that, I revise my statement. It may not be a whole season on it's own, but the Last Battle is going to have to be multiple episodes. Knowing that, the constant changes from one group/POV to another will work really well for a TV structure. Each episode of the Battle will have at least one scene with Rand, one with Elayne, one with Mat, one with Perrin, etc.... At least, I hope they do it that way instead of focusing on one POV per episode.
  12. The true saga of Purple Kelly says otherwise. Cochran has famously stated that he never owned a sweater vest before they gave him one for his first appearance in South Pacific.
  13. Not to dispute the facts or the somewhat disturbing trend; I would like to point out that this current season has started with a focus on women making fire. The first episode had Janet starting fire without flint for her tribe, and there was Elizabeth's lesson on IotI, which was about making fire under challenge conditions. And the second episode showed Chelsea was the one that first made fire for her tribe. Those moments, plus the women's alliance on the orange tribe, could all be setting up an F4 firemaking challenge that involves at least one woman, if not two.
  14. Are you saying that the Mad Scientist could possibly use a little help? Like, perhaps, an Intern?
  15. Innocent Bystanders? They're around. We just haven't had enough players for them to appear. Well, that and I wanted to show off the "new" powers in the first game, and it was easier to keep the same roles/powers for the second.
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