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  1. She did, and she did. Back when the season was originally airing, she joined us on TWoP. Mainly around the end, when the Twins were eliminated. And she posted a..."spirited" defense of them that would have got most users banned from the site. She also attended that year's TARCon...knowing full well that most of the attendees did not care for her behavior in the end. But she was gracious and good-humored about things, which allowed most people to see the difference between Flo the Racer and Florinka the actual person. Plus, in every post-TAR interview, she also gave huge credit to Zach for putting up with her. So she knew she was a pill.
  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: TAR survived 9/11; it'll survive the pandemic. My current theory about the future of TAR is: Once it's clear for TAR to start shooting again, they're going to shoot "TAR34" next. Meaning that they're going to start a new set of teams on a new course. While that's happening, they'll work on getting the teams that got through the 3 legs already run from "TAR33" cleared to run again, then restart that Race from where it left off once everyone is ready and available again.
  3. Thanks for the plug. I just updated that thread. In addition to the 5 "advantages" in the main game that @LadyChatts and @TVFan1 listed, there are 3 on the Edge. Rob and Natalie still have the idols they bought before the Return Challenge. While currently powerless, if either of them returns to the game (or passes off said idol to whomever does), those idols will have full power. And Parvati did buy some peanut butter after selling the coin to Michele. I'm counting that as an advantage, same as I did when Tyson bought his jar.
  4. SVNBob

    S40 Tribe Tracker

    I'm not going to put Adam's attempted "idol" play on the Tracker. Like he said, and Peachy agreed, it was worth the shot. Besides, it's not like anyone's going to forget that move for a long time. And I finally decided to keep Tyson's Edge activities listed under him in the main game, but spoilered for compression. It makes the most sense to me that way. And there's a new "advantage" added to the Tracker. Its' rules are included un-spoilered for this first appearance, but will get compressed next week. (At which point, I may add back in the rules for Jeremy's "advantage", in the same manner.) Koru Tribe: (SY) Adam (SY) Ben - 1 (SD) Denise - 3 (SD) Jeremy - 2 Safety Without Power "Advantage" (DD) Kim - 2 Dakal Idol (SS) Michele - 0 50/50 Coin "Advantage" Can be flipped only once at one TC. If it lands "Safe", holder granted immunity. If it lands "Not Safe", holder not granted immunity. Expires after use or after F7TC, whichever happens first. (DS) Nick - 3 (DY) Sarah - 1 Steal-a-Vote (DY) Sophie - 2 Yara Idol (DD) Tony - 1 (DE) Tyson - 0 On the Edge/Jury: Natalie - 0 1 Un-powered Immunity Idol Amber - 0 Danni - 0 Ethan - 0 (SY) Rob - 0 1 Un-powered Immunity Idol (SS) Parvati - 3 (maybe less) Found 50/50 Coin "Advantage" Sold to Michele for 4 tokens Bought Peanut Butter (DS) Yul - 0 (DS) Wendell - 0 (SY) Adam - 0 Extinct: Queen Sandra Advantage Graveyard: Steal-a-Steal-a-Vote Opportunity Idol Nullifier EoE Idol #1. Sele Idol #1. Return from the Edge Challenge #1 Advantage
  5. And who better for an Easter marathon than a guy who's also been resurrected... multiple times.
  6. I do know that Alton Brown is currently doing a series on his YouTube channel called Pantry Raid. It appears to be a Good Eats-style show where he's making recipes with things that most people would have in their pantries but haven't necessarily needed or wanted to get out until now. This might be the forefront of the change you're looking for.
  7. This is what Discovery Channel's current promos are saying: Stay home; let us do the traveling for you. So there's no reason that a TAR season wouldn't be as welcome for the same reason. Ok, maybe they add a tag at the start of each episode that says this season was filmed before the world went into lock down, but otherwise, it could air as-is and give a lot of people a positive look at the world again.
  8. Again, I'll just leave this here.
  9. SVNBob

    S40 Tribe Tracker

    The base color of the buff is black...again. But the printed knotwork is gold, and so are the chyrons, which always match tribe colors (unless it's a generic "Day ##" marker). So they're the first Gold tribe in Survivor history. (They're not yellow, as the chyron tone is a little darker than what they typically use for yellow tribes. And besides, an all-winner season with a doubled grand prize? Gold is the most appropriate color.)
  10. SVNBob

    S40 Tribe Tracker

    Between the Merge, the 1st Return Challenge, and a new rule, there's a lot of movement on the Tracker this week. Koru (or Merge, or Gold Tribe): (SY) Adam- 1 (SY) Ben - 1 (SD) Denise - 2 (SD) Jeremy - 2 Safety Without Power "Advantage" (DD) Kim - 1 Dakal Idol (SS) Michele - 4 (DS) Nick - 3 (DY) Sarah - 1 Steal-a-Vote (DY) Sophie - 2 Yara Idol (DD) Tony - 1 (DE) Tyson - 0 (DS) Wendell On the Edge/Jury: Natalie - 0 Found HII good for 3 TCs. Sold to Sandra. Found Safety Without Power "Advantage". Sold to Jeremy. Found Steal-a-Steal-a-Vote Opportunity. Sold to Sarah. Bought 1 Challenge Advantage Spent in Challenge Bought 1 Immunity Idol Did not win challenge, so does not work at present Amber - 0 Gave Token to Rob Danni - 0 Bought 1 Challenge Advantage Spent in Challenge Ethan - 0 Bought 1 Challenge Advantage Spent in Challenge Tyson - 0 Found Idol Nullifier. Sold to Parvati. Bought Peanut Butter. Bought 1 Challenge Advantage Spent in Challenge Won Challenge, and returned to main game. (SY) Rob - 0 Bought 1 Challenge Advantage Spent in Challenge Bought 1 Immunity Idol Did not win challenge, so does not work at present (SS) Parvati - 0 (DS) Yul - 0 (DS) Wendell - 0 Extinct: Queen Sandra Advantage Graveyard: Steal-a-Steal-a-Vote Opportunity Idol Nullifier EoE Idol #1. Sele Idol #1. Return from the Edge Challenge #1 Advantage Allowed those who purchased it to not have to dig up a bag of string that would otherwise be buried deep in the sand at the Challenge. Purchased by Natalie, Danni, Ethan, Tyson, and Rob. Parvati and Yul did not have any tokens, so they could not make this purchase. Amber gave her token to Rob, so she also could not make this purchase. Next week I'll probably do some clean-up in the Edge section. It'll be like the Advantage Graveyard: old information going under spoiler tags in order to save space. I also need to figure out what to do with Tyson's Edge activity. Move it back under him in the game section, but spoiler-tagged for compression? Dropped into the Graveyard? Or is there another option I haven't thought of yet?
  11. I'm glad that there was a positive response to the two YouTube recommendations I made earlier. The #Hometasking looks like people are having a lot of fun, and it's nice that the Taskmaster himself is involved with the scoring. Sandi's show is a delight, and I want her to continue doing it even after things return to normal; even if it reduces to a weekly chat instead of a daily. But another big name panel-show host has also joined in. Jimmy Carr is now doing the Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown. Each day, he's doing two videos; the first asks the questions, and the second has the answers. The link above goes to the announcement trailer, but the video below is the questions for Day 1. Not a bad little quiz. I scored 10 out of a possible 11 points.
  12. Google sent a notice last week to all their subdivisions to not pull any of the usual shenanigans for the 1st, so who knows if anyone will be pulling pranks this year. I'm still not going to trust anything I see/hear that day, as usual. However, [as] might still do something different, since they're strictly entertainment, and variety and unexpectedness could be a good thing.
  13. That makes sense to me. The show-within-a-show on Murphy Brown was a 60 Minutes-like news show, and based out of Washington, D.C., with Murphy as the political correspondent on the show. Discussion of then-current events and politicians was part of the base format; mixed with the usual workplace sitcom shenanigans, of course. After 30+ years, most of those references would be dated.
  14. Again I have to reiterate this. TPTB did NOT create the F4 firemaking twist to "save Ben". This twist was always going to be in play that season, no matter who the F4 were. Ben could have been the first boot, or he could have actually not placed a U upside-down and won the FIC, and it still would have happened. Just to someone else. Them presenting it the way they did fit into the secondary theme of the season: The Season of Secrets. Recall that people would find dis/advantages they had to anonymously give away to other cast members throughout the season (the first TC only idol Ryan gave Chrissy, Devon getting his vote taken away at one TC). And there were different kinds of clues for idols (the maps painted onto trees, the friggin' spaghetti plate). TPTB decided with all that going on, hiding the new twist until the last minute would be the "final secret". The "advantage" part was knowledge of this new twist. Ben didn't know about it until that TC. He was caught unaware and without any prior practice. Devon knew and had uncontested practice time (which he wasted by not actually practicing) because Chrissy let him know about it after learning about it herself. He did, at first. But then he and Sophie got split up by the shuffle.
  15. The dividing line between the "schools" that has come out during this season seems to be S20, Heroes vs Villains. Anyone who first played before that season is "old school", and everyone who first played after that is "new school". Which is actually interesting in regards to Tyson. While he's an "old school" player, per that dividing line, he's actually a "new school" winner, since his winning season came after HvV. I think I know why Yul did that too. At least, I think I have a guess as to Yul's logic. Yul was primarily allied with Sophie before the shuffle, so it makes sense he'd give an advantage to an ally that didn't just vote him out (since Nick and Wendell were the other two members of the Unconnected Alliance). But Sarah was also on Dakal with Yul and Sophie. And I presume Yul assumed that Sophie had been working on allying with Sarah since the shuffle. So giving Sarah a token as well would likely help solidify that alliance between those two women. (Yul not being aware they were pretty solid already thanks to the HII Sophie found.) Queen stays Queen until and unless a new Queen is crowned. And given the pattern of the last few seasons... Queen's probably staying Queen. Yes he did because they all decided prior to the challenge who was going to win it so weren't really playing First, it wasn't all of them; just the majority alliance. Secondly, they were deciding during the challenge. As in actively discussing as a group who would next get their coconut chopped in order to get the end result they wanted. Peachy decided to chop the Gordian knot instead and declared the challenge over in the middle of it, with their "elected winner" (Missy, if I'm not mistaken) winning. Tina was indeed the first Queen of Survivor, since she was the first female winner. That also makes Hatch the first King of Survivor. After that, there's two ways of looking at things. One view is that every other male winner since Hatch has been a Prince of Survivor, and all other female winners Princesses. Sandra herself was a Princess until she won again. That's what allowed her to de-throne Tina as Queen. (Tina should now be considered Queen Emeritus.) And if a man ends up winning this season, he will take the title of King of Survivor from Hatch. But Sandra will still outrank him since she accomplished two wins first. Or this: The other way to look at it is that every winner takes the crown and title from the previous winner. That would mean that Tommy is the current King of Survivor. And the reigning Queen would be Sarah. But Sandra's two wins would actually allow her to claim the higher title of Empress.
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