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  1. No, it's likeability vs beat-ability. Goats can't win (by definition); Bunnies can (and have).
  2. Beyond a medevac, there's only one other way there could be an "unconventional" exit for Dan. Dean would have to be voted out next. Then he could "will" his "Legacy Advantage" to Dan. Knowing that it could only be "played" at 6, Dan might try to absorb all the votes, then play the "Legacy" to be the one to decide who goes. Only to find out the truth in the end when Peachy burns the Legacy, and then snuffs Dan.
  3. My maybe was about my odiferousness, not my eligibility. TL;DR: I'm in.
  4. While a great sketch, it's still topped by the game of Password. Yes, that is the sketch with the elephant story. And it's already been posted on both pages 1 and 2 of this thread.
  5. Bringing this subject up again, because someone else brought it up on Reddit. That poster wanted to expound more about the Goat than anything else, but started off with the original sunsawed post from Sucks that is also linked into the first post here. Since we do some of this analysis here, I chimed in on the discussions over there. I started by bringing up the other animals in our menagerie, along with definitions and examples of each, and added to some other discussions by bringing up some of those animals (mainly the Ox and Cat), or by bringing up how people vying for the same role within an alliance/tribe tend to target each other. I also mentioned we were still kinda working on what to call Chris's win from EoE and got a suggestion. I brought up the Possum in that mention, and got a different suggestion for what that could be, and how it relates to Karishma. I want to save that latter discussion for later, because there's something worth keeping an eye on in relation to it. I didn't mention this forum by name at first, but I have been asked a couple of times what forum I was talking about. So I'll be dropping a link to the first post here into that discussion.
  6. Another pop star might be a better choice for that: Viktoria Mosdesta.
  7. Same here as well. 57 notifications for a single post from 40 minutes ago.
  8. SVNBob

    S39 Tribe Tracker

    Missed a week in there; sorry about that. So this post covers both last week and this week. Lumuwaku (aka Merge Tribe, aka Blue Tribe) (LV) Aaron (VV) Dan (LL) Dean Fake Legacy Advantage Fake Fake Legacy Advantage (LV) Elaine (LV) Elizabeth (VL) Janet (LL) Karishma Lumuwaku Idol #3 (VV) Lauren IotI Idol #3 (LV) Missy (VL) Noura (VV) Tommy Island of the Idols: Residents/Professors: Boston Rob Queen Sandra Students: Elizabeth Kellee Vince Noura Elaine Janet Jamal Lauren Pre-Jury: (consolidated for space) Jury: (VL) Jack (VL) Kellee (VL) Jamal (LV) Aaron (LV) Missy (LV) Elizabeth Out-of-Play Advantages: (old entries consolidated for space) IotI Idol #2 Lairo Idol (#1?) Vote Blocker (#1?) Ioti Idol #1 Vokai Idol Lairo Idol #2 Lumuwaku Idol #1 Lumuwaku Idol #2 Fake Fake Legacy Advantage A copy Dean made of the Fake Legacy Jamal made and gave to Dean. "Played" by Dean at F9, per rules of Fake Legacy. Declared "not an advantage" by Probst. Lumuwaku Idol #3 Found by Karishma. Played by Karishma on herself. Negated 7 votes. Played correctly. IotI Idol #3 Earned by Lauren. Played by Lauren on herself. Negated 0 votes. Played incorrectly. You may note that I've added statements about the idol plays. Here's the definitions I'm using. A successful idol play is one that does negate votes, even if only 1, against the person the idol is played for. A correct idol play is one that negates votes against the person who received the majority of the votes and would have been eliminated without said idol play. All correct idol plays are successful, but not all successful plays are correct. And an incorrect idol play means that the idol did absolutely nothing and was most likely wasted.
  9. From the latest update from Joel to the original Kickstarter backers, where he talks about the Netflix deal for new episodes ending:
  10. While that is true, it's usually not the reason for suicide attempts. Like with many people, it's depression. And it's mainly undiagnosed, because their management company probably doesn't really care about mental health as much as physical health. (Injuries mean idols can't dance/sing, meaning they can't perform live, meaning they can't make money. But depression is an invisible illness, so it gets ignored.) Or the idols are in denial about having depression in the first place. In the case of female idols, there's one other major factor; netizens. Specifically haters that post hate-filled screeds on any/every social media about any little thing the idol says or does that deviates from how they're "supposed to be/act". And those screeds are echoed and supported by other haters, and just build up around anything having to do with the idols. For Hara, there were a couple of other factors. One is a still on-going legal battle with an ex-boyfriend. He was found guilty of crimes including physical assault (However, she was the one originally investigated for assault on him, since she defended herself and she was the one that got "reported" to the police. She never denied hitting him, but claimed it was a two-sided affair; the details of which led to the other charges against him), property damages, threatening (blackmail), and unnecessary force. But the charge of sexual assault in the form of filming illegal footage was dismissed, because she supposedly knew about the footage and did not ask for it to be immediately deleted. However, both sides appealed the decision; his side wanting to get him a lighter sentence than the 18 months given (with a 3-year probation period to follow), and her side trying to get the sexual assault charges to stick. The other factor was that Hara was a close friend of Sulli, the previous suicide.
  11. According to the Survivor Wiki, the seasons with pre-merge jurors (not including last season which was a huge edge case (pun intended)) are: Thailand (with a fake merge taking place when the real merge traditionally did at that point) Erin Cook Islands (although technically there was a "merge" before this, since this season started with 4 tribes, and there were only 2 when the jury started) Brad Rebecca Jenny Fiji Rocky Lisi Gabon Marcus HvV Benjamin Courtney Yates In this season, 6 of the 20 castaways were voted out before Jack started the jury, leaving 14 (including Jack.) With an F3, that makes a jury of 11. Which actually makes sense as a jury size, since the chance of a tie is considerably reduced. So this could have been the plan all along, with 5 seasons of 7 other pre-jurors as a precedent. However, there are a couple other possibilities. First off, remember Kaoh Rong and that there was a reward challenge for the F3. Michelle won the right to vote out a juror. Couple that reward with the season gimmick and you get a finalist talking with Rob and Sandra about which juror to remove...and wouldn't that be a talking point scene. That would also bring the jury back down to 10, where it has been for a while. And this could still be part of the plan as stated in the paragraph above. Second: It could technically be both. Ever since Nicaragua and two quitters making the jury (and being a deciding factor thereon), the rules were altered to state that if anyone quits the game once the jury has started, TPTB have the right to decide whether or not to allow said quitter to be on the jury at all. So Dan may quit, followed by Peachy ejecting him from the jury.
  12. Agreed. And I think that is what is going to happen in the next episode. Peachy will bring it up again, and Dan will super-quit.
  13. I haven't seen Aaron's apology videos, but I have read a transcript (and seen the still thumbnails, without tears.) And I read it after I read Elizabeth and Missy's statements. His definitely reads differently. It sounds more genuine than the two women's statements. More like a real "I fucked up and am sorry" apology than a "stop hating on me on the Internet" apology. Snipping your hypothetical to address this one fact. She is probably the reason that Peachy latched onto this issue like a bulldog and would not let it go.
  14. Hey! I needed some of that for next weekend! I really did, because I'll be making my second and final pilgrimage for the year next weekend. Same place as the last one; leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday. Gonna be colder, but will still be a good time.
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