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  1. Well, Sara did hang a lampshade on it when she observed that one was the "bleeding heart" and the other the "Doubting Thomas", just like her and Grissom. Speaking of Gil, I was slightly, but pleasantly, surprised when he actually admitted to his mal de débarquement in the same episode as we first saw the symptoms. It took him all of Season 3 to admit to anyone that he was losing his hearing and that he needed surgery to correct it.
  2. Three places jump to my mind. And they're all for gamers on both sides of the DM's screen: GMs advertise that they're looking for players, players say that they're looking to play, and sometimes, a group posts about seeking a DM to run for them. One is the Reddit subreddit r/lfg (Looking For Group). That's the entire purpose it exists for. Second is the similarly named section of the official D&D Beyond forums. Third is the D&D Beyond Discord. In addition to the looking for group spaces, I think there are some actual play sessions there. There's p
  3. While that may be bad for you, I think it's a good thing for the franchise in general. A move to Netflix means a move away from Nickelodeon, with their 20-episode seasons. It allows for longer and better-paced seasons that can make decent use of the source material, instead of skipping half the original season to give every episode a new power-up/toy. It might also mean that some of the presumed "unadaptable" seasons, like LuPat or the currently airing Zenkaiger, have a better chance at getting adapted.
  4. It's a cartoon airing on Saturday morning.
  5. Technically, she should know where all 3 idols are. She read the clue for herself when went through Xander's bag; she knows the 3 phrases. And she heard them all at that IC. She also confirmed with Shantel that she had the one idol. Even if he doesn't say a word, people already know he has it. She went from organized crime to organized religion. Makes sense to me. It's less about people sharing they have the idol, and more about them sharing the code phrases. By my reckoning, 7 of the 12 players know where all the idols are (All of Yellow and Green plus Nase
  6. I doubt that, because that has happened before. In Kaoh Rong, when the 3 tribes went to 2, the odd person out went to the shittiest camp (the one where people were catching flesh-eating diseases) by herself, until after the next TC where she replaced the next person voted out. This time is also different because they're merging with 12. Even if they lose one tribe, they can do even tribes of 6,
  7. SVNBob

    S41 Tribe Tracker

    Something unusual happening with the Tracker; a strike-through in the Advantage Graveyard! As suspected, the one advantage there that could go back into the game did. And since all the idols were found and are now activated, their rules are no longer necessary to track. So those have been deleted. However, the knowledge of the activation phrases is still important, so that's still being tracked. Emoji Key: 🏆: Winner of IC (or 2nd place for a 2-winner IC) 🏅: Winner of RC 🚭: Tribe does not have flint due to losing an IC ⛔: Contestant cannot vote at TC. 🎲: C
  8. Last week's GWG strategy test was about the bag searching, which was also in the previews This week's is more interesting. The question is about, all other things being equal, do you send an ally or an adversary to an "Exile Island-like" situation? Now, this could refer to the Prisoner's Dilemma treks, or it could be something else new. (Or a little of both.)
  9. Given Peachy's "Well..." reaction, my guess is it's most likely a shuffle into two tribes. So a merge, in that we end with fewer tribes than we started with, but not The Merge, in that it's not yet time for the individual game.
  10. Reminds me of an old joke. Four college guys go off-campus to blow off some steam before finals. They get so wasted they miss their first one. They all go to the professor and tell him that they missed the final because they got a flat tire on their way back to campus, and they ask for a make-up test. The professor agrees, so long as they all take the test in separate rooms. They all agree readily, thinking they have the professor snowed. The make-up test starts with one easy question worth 5% of the grade. The second question is on the back of the page, is worth the remaining 9
  11. I was going to go with "Pretentious Motherf**ker" myself. Either that or "Throatwarbler Mangrove"....
  12. In the latest update: They've finished the first week of shooting, including riffs for 4 episodes and 6 shorts and have started on the host segments. They're actually a couple days ahead of schedule, which means they've got more time for shooting bonus content for the Gizmoplex and Turkey Day, among other things. Speaking of Turkey Day, there's going to be 8 episodes in this year's line-up. They've already picked 4 (necessary for the advanced shoots mentioned above). But the other 4 are going to be fan-selected, as tends to happen. They're doing tournament-style voting this year,
  13. Other speculation is that since this first season is only 10 episodes, Ed won't be introduced until Season 2. Remember that Ed didn't join the crew until episode 9 of the original series. Shifting "Jupiter Jazz" to before that (which we can assume is happening since Gren is known to be in this season) makes exactly 10 episodes.
  14. Precisely. I've seen a number of anecdotes on Reddit and elsewhere on the 'net from daycare workers and nannies that say they specifically don't tell parents if a baby starts walking or talking while the child is under their care. They then act surprised when it happens soon after the parents come back, as if that moment was the first step or word, and that the parents got there "just in time" to witness said first.
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