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  1. I will say the same thing I said when I first read the news. Farewell, Ambassador.
  2. No disrespect meant to Mr. Irons. He was good in his role, and the accent was not an issue. I did forget the other highlight of that movie, although it's really more for the BTS story that goes with it. Tom Baker (aka the Fourth Doctor) was cast in the movie as an ancient and powerful elf. The story he tells is that he thought the role was an elk, and that's the reason he wanted the role. (Tom's a bit weird like that.)
  3. SVNBob

    S12: Talk

    Over the last couple weeks, we have continued on with our watch of this season. There wasn't too much to post about in the two episodes from last week, except the debut of the U-Turn. I think I've made my stance on this clear in other threads, but since this season is the first time it was used, I should opine here as well. When this season first aired, I did not like the U-Turn. As with the Yield, I am not necessarily a fan of mechanics in TAR that allow for one team to interfere with another. (I still espouse TAR Maxim #1: Run Your OWN Race.) However, over time, I've come around a little on both. I may not like either, but I don't think they're "unfair", as they are parts of the Race, and I admit that there are circumstances where I could see myself using them; mainly by delaying another team in a race to avoid last place. Which is what the Blondies thought they were doing when they used the U-Turn. They saw another team while headed to the U-turn, and thought it was the last-place but generally strong Lorena and Jason (when in reality it was TK and Rachel). Thinking they were that far behind, they used the U-Turn. Taking into account the mistaken identity, it was a decent use of the U-turn. And a successful use, since it did contribute to the Philimination of Lorena and Jason. (Still, Karma and their lack of team cohesion stemming from the U-turn usage slapped them down in the next leg.) This week, though, we mainly talked about airport drama. There was lots of it in the flights from Lithuania to Croatia. Some teams making reservations over the phone versus waiting at the airport until ticket counters and travel agencies open. Some connecting flights getting delayed leading to secondary scrambling. And the major issue, Azaria and Hendekia purchasing business class tickets, when the rules state they can only purchase economy tickets. (Getting upgraded at no additional cost is fine, as that's on the airline.) All of this was interesting and drama-filled to watch, and we lament that things like this can't happen anymore with the changes to the structure of TAR. We get the logic of why the changes have happened, but we still miss the drama. However, we do also acknowledge that sometimes, this drama does lead to foregone conclusions of the team in last place, as it did in this case. The other big thing we talked about was the Fast Forward in Italy. The infamous "go to this studio, only to learn there that it's a tattoo parlor, and you have to get permanently inked to claim the FF" FF. An FF technically worse than the head-shaving ones. But I had the same reactions as I had on first airing. To begin with, TAR picked a tasteful and relatively small design for this tattoo; a pair of Fs (for Fast Forward) in a nice script font. And I recall originally thinking about what I would do to alter it after the Race, namely filling in the gaps in each F with yellow and red. My mother was thinking about how it could be altered to be our initials, which is possible. I also said, on top of this being a relatively tame tattoo, it is one that comes with a story, so it has an added cool factor. Additionally, I opined on which teams would and would not have done this FF. Other than Nick and Don who did, I said that Kynt and Vyxsin and TK and Rachel were the teams most likely to do it. Ron would probably object to Christina getting a tattoo, and Jenn wouldn't do it and blame Nate for even bringing her to the FF location (as opposed to her bitching about not doing the FF while waiting for him to do the Roadblock.) We ended our viewing with Kynt and Vyxsin arriving in last place after a bad self-driving leg in Italy, but getting saved by the NEL. And then getting told about the other new mechanic this season: the Speed Bump. After we watch the next episode, I'll have more to say about that, but again, I'm pretty sure I've made my stance on that clear in other threads around here.
  4. Anything would be better than the '80s cartoon. And I say that as someone that likes that show. Also, anything would be better than the live-action movies from the 2000s. When Marlon Wayans as the comedic sidekick is the best part of a movie (even better than Jeremy Irons devouring the scenery with glee)....
  5. A subtitled version of the trailer from my previous post:
  6. With UKLockdown 2.0 happening, HomeTasking is back. But this time, there's a slight twist. Apparently, the tasks will be ones that were previously done on the show, so there's the additional layer of "I could have done better than those comedians at that" on top of the previous HomeTasking silliness. Task #1 is already up and running. Your time starts now.
  7. As a particular xkcd comic strip (that is getting heavily recirculated...again) put it: And the alt-text also applies: "I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express."
  8. I know it's not really a "fix". But this seemed like the best thread to talk about this idea in, since it was a hypothetical about the mechanics of TAR. I suppose I could have put it in the International version thread, but that's more for actual international TARs, and not this hypothetical crossover between versions.
  9. Saw this idea for a one-off "fix" on Reddit, then expanded on it myself. Thought I'd share it here and get some more opinions. The original idea was for any two of the various international versions of TAR to do a crossover of sorts, by having legs in the same location at the same time. A hypothetical example: TARCanada does a leg in Turkey at the same time as TARAustralia. I took this concept to what I thought was the grandest logical conclusion. Not only are the two shows in the same place at the same time, they're at the same point in their respective Races, meaning the same number of teams. (For example, F5, as suggested by someone going off my idea, with their reasoning below). The teams from each cast fly into the destination city and are directed to a large public place, like a park, but different entrances. At each entrance is a number-drawing station. Once all teams have arrived and drawn numbers, they are released to the center of the park. Where both hosts are waiting. The two hosts announce that the all the Racers are at an Intersection. The teams from both casts that drew the same numbers are unified. The leg then proceeds as a City Sprint, and the two casts are unified until hitting the Mat. This would be a NEL for both casts, as it would be unfair for a team to be eliminated from one Race because of a poor showing from a team from another Race. The other poster suggested having a leg like this near the F5 in both Races to allow there to be enough time to introduce the "new teams" and their dynamics; both for each individual team, and their other Race as a whole. Which does make a lot of sense.
  10. Well if no one else is going to say (a variant of) the obvious joke, then I might as well... Funny, they never got permission to tell my life story.
  11. Our Genius PD has another new project debuting later this year, on one of Korea's top streaming services. The translated title is "Girls' High School Mystery Class" and features an all-female cast: Park Jiyoon (An announcer and the "queen" of the variety show Crime Scene) Jang Doyeon (comedienne with many variety appearances, including as a regular on Michuri Village and Mafia Game in Prison/Prison Game of Fools) Yena (from the girl group IZ*ONE) BIBI (a solo K-pop artist) JaeJae (a producer/MC for SBS's variety show MMTG, and a YouTuber) From what little I know and have found so far, it looks like it's going to be a drama-variety, like the Netflix series "Busted", with the cast taking on the roles of students in the girls' high school, and having to solve secrets and mysteries that occur in the school. People seem to be looking forward to this for multiple reasons; not the least of which are expectations of a high-quality series, as we know the PD is quite capable of. More when details and/or episodes become available. Edit: I meant to include this video; the only trailer thus far:
  12. One reason it was probably so shocking is that it was a Galaxy-class ship. The same class as the Enterprise-D.
  13. Given their namesakes, this entire passage makes perfect sense.
  14. SVNBob

    S12: Talk

    Now that we're well and truly in the CBS reality hiatus (until Tough as Nails 2 drops), my mother and I are now watching this season. To preface, this is right around the time I dropped off of TAR due to it getting moved to Sundays and thus an unfixed timeslot thanks to football. My mother was picking up TAR about this time, but she doesn't really retain lots of details about shows in the way I do. So it's more or less "new" to both of us. That said, I do recognize these teams to a degree, and to different degrees for different teams. I mean, Kynt and Vyxsin are truly visually iconic Racers, so they're hard to forget. But others like Ron and Christina, and Ari and Stella are/were better at tickling my memory than others like this season's Blondes and TK, who looks like every alternative pseudo-stoner from the '00s. We watched the first 3 episodes and here's a few highlights of our discussions: The first Roadblock was pedaling a bicycle across a high wire over a Irish valley, while the other teammate was seated on a pole dangling below the bike. The male/female teams pretty much all had the male doing the pedaling, except for the perky goths. Vyxsin said she was the better cyclist, and given that Kynt was a willowier dude at the time, both those factors played well into her being the one to do the Roadblock. She did pretty well too; only seeming to have difficulties right near the end (which I think would have been a slight incline anyway, if my understanding of physics is correct). But I also think she probably had the second hardest time of the women that did this Roadblock, with Kate of the married lesbian ministers probably having a harder time due to her age and both her and Pat having larger builds as compared to all the other women, Kynt, and even Gramps. Additionally, Ari and Staella unnecessarily* stole the cab A & H reserved for Ron and Christine, and the cabbie found out he had the wrong people in his cab. Lo and behold, they get donkey on TAR that becomes impossible to work with and thus the agent of Kab Karma. My mother said that karma hit them quickly, and I said that it bit them in the ass. *To be fair, they didn't know that the cab ride led to an Equalizer ferry. All they knew was they needed to catch a ferry to get to the next marker. But since all the teams, from both initial flights, caught the same ferry, it was indeed unnecessary. 2nd leg was in Amsterdam. And I was thoroughly expecting some form of weed-innuendo comment about that from TK. But if he did say anything, the Amazing Editors kept it off air. The Detour here was interesting; a double Needle in a Haystack (finding two specific marked bikes among hundreds), versus hauling 5 heavy and/or awkward pieces of furniture into an apartment via the window pulley. TK apparently took several attempts to get their first item, a CRT TV, tied up without any success. This led me to ask three questions. 1) Why didn't he switch to another item, like the chair, or baby carriage? Those might have been a lot easier to figure out. (Vyxsin and Kynt started with the carriage for that very reason.) 2) Why didn't he and Rachel switch positions sooner? They saw other teams do so and leave the task long before they ever switched out. 3) Why didn't they Bald-Snark it after a while? If he was having that big a problem with the one side of the Detour, you'd think they'd discuss changing tasks. Eventually Rachel did take over on the ground, leading to a cute moment where she climbed up the 3 stairs of the stoop in order to jump off the top to help her haul the rope better. This leg was the first time that TAR featured the ditch vaulting, which my mother did recall seeing before (from TAR30 is my guess, since that was the most recent time it was Switchbacked.) Of course, the big moment here was Gramps stripping down to his underwear after some unsuccessful attempts, because his clothes were getting weighed down with mud. Logical. Also logical was Nicholas and him hanging back at the cluebox to watch other teams attempt this before deciding who would take this Roadblock. This is also the leg that Ron went way overboard on berating both Christina and Nicholas. My mother thought Ron was going to be a good guy based on Leg 1, but this leg soured her on him. I pointed out that when Christina finally snapped at him, he at least became aware that there was an issue with how he was acting, and there was lots of Race left for him to get better. In the start of Leg 3, Vyxsin had a TH where she said that in her relationship with Kynt, she sometimes took on more "traditional masculine" roles. My mother opined that this meant that both of them were gender-fluid. While I didn't totally discount that possibility, I said it was more that they just didn't fall into stereotypical gender roles, as evidenced in the first Roadblock as I stated above. As far as I know, Kynt identifies as male, and Vyxsin as female. But it's not like it matters one whit if either or both of them identify in another way. Then this led into a conversation about language that is better served by the Grammar Police thread elsewhere in the forums, not the least of why is because I was referring to said thread throughout the conversation. This was the Burkina Faso leg where Lorena got locked into a panic spiral because of a camel teat. The Roadblock involved milking a camel to a certain volume, then drinking the milk to get the clue. Everyone who was calm and/or had experience with farm animals did quick work. Lorena was not in this group, and her camel could tell. She seemed so nervous to even touch the camel, that when she did, the camel jerked its knee and knocked the bowl Lorena was gathering milk in. This made Lorena more nervous...and the spiral began. What she needed was something outside the spiral to knock her out. Unfortunately, since this was a Roadblock, it couldn't be her partner Jason. All he could do was watch and say non-specific encouraging words. (And props to him for handling that well. He never shouted at her throughout the ordeal, and heaped tons of praise on her once she did finish.) It took Julia of the sisters to break Lorena out of the cycle, by giving her advice on which camel to switch to (now that she was allowed to by the rules.) Unfortunately, that bit of advice allowed Lorena and Jason to catch up to and eventually pass the sisters at the Detour just before the Pit Stop. Which meant that a moment of kindness led to the sisters getting Philiminated. An honorable way to go out though. Some trivia I learned after the fact (because I always look at the TAR wiki after a team is eliminated to see "where are they now"): TK, Rachel, Stella, and Nathan (this season's Huge in the HugeTiny team) apparently all attended the same high school. Not necessarily at the same time (although I'd wager TK and Rachel did, given their relationship), but that connection does exist. When I told my mother this, she thought it was a bit unusual. But then I mentioned that those 3 teams were all from LA, so it made a bit more sense and seemed less conspiratorial. I also learned that while billed as "married", the ministers weren't actually married until a few months after the show originally aired. We agreed that that was more to do with the legality of it, and not Kate and Pat's commitments to each other.
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