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  1. That could have been a rule. As in: "when solving the final puzzle, if someone calls for me (Peachy) to check their solution, everyone else must stop working on the puzzle until I say if they are right and won, or are wrong and need to start again." It's a dumb rule, but it could have been one.
  2. So I finally got around to watching/playing the interactive episode. Not too bad, considering this had to appeal to a wide audience. It almost felt like an OG Carmen PC game at a couple of moments, primarily if you hit a bad ending and had to go back a little. I didn't find all the 8 endings, but I hit enough to be satisfied (until I looked at a flowchart of how to get the endings and realized I missed the worst ending. Now I'm gonna have to go back and get that one.) Definitely worth a playthrough or two, if you haven't done so already. But speaking of endings, if you get one of the good ones, The Chief gives you the option of getting a bonus scene. And it's the greatest Easter Egg they could have done. It's so good, I'm not going to spoil it.
  3. Well, technically there was one other person brought back from Guatemala: Stephanie in HvV. But since she was a returnee in Guatemala already, she sort of doesn't count.
  4. Related to some of these issues were the seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air after Will and Carlton graduated prep school and went onto college. They didn't have the housing issues as they still lived at home/moved into the poolhouse as roommates. But there was the relatively famous episode about them pledging a Black frat and Carlton not getting accepted because the pledgemaster thought he "wasn't black enough".
  5. I think you mean there's not likely going to be Survivor in the fall. If they actually do start shooting in early September, and do some quick turn-arounds with the editing (meaning they wouldn't be able to set-up a winner's edit in advance), then they could, in theory, start airing a season in late September. I don't think they will, but they could.
  6. So they're taking up the mantle that the Sci-Fi channel laid down.
  7. Things like this is why DS9 is so good. They took the lesson from TNG of developing the secondary characters like they do with the primary, specifically O'Brien, and applied it across the board. Nog, Rom, Garak, Dukat, etc. And then they started doing the same with the tertiary characters like Morn.
  8. You're correct. And since this doesn't really apply to the subject of this thread, let's terminate this tangent.
  9. And isn't Mickey Rooney doing yellow face as part of that story line? Or am I thinking of another movie?
  10. There's a reason for that: the whole thing is good. It's a great slice of Raul Julia cheese, even before the well-aged Addams Family and Street Fighter varieties came out.
  11. A gentle reminder that on these types of shows, the couple is usually already closing on their new house (the one they "pick" by the end), and the search and selection process is staged specifically for the show.
  12. Blame BvW2 for that. They had a coconut chop that season, and the majority alliance, after chopping everyone else, was openly discussing at the challenge who should next get chopped and who should not in order to arrange the winner they wanted. Peachy overheard them doing this, clarified that that was what they were doing, then made a chop of his own. He cut off the rest of the challenge and declared the "chosen" winner as the winner. Hasn't been a Coconut Chop since.
  13. One of only five times he actually used the "I'm a doctor, not a(n) ___!" phrase. The funniest one is from the episode "Friday's Child", with guest star Julie Newmar playing the incredibly pregnant wife of a tribal leader on a planet the Federation is trying to negotiate trading rights with. Klingons are also involved, and in the debate and struggle for power, the leader is killed. The new leader orders Newmar and the unborn child killed, as they represent a challenge to his rule. However, Kirk, McCoy, and Spock grab her and flee into Vasquez Rocks the nearby quarry hills. As she is "pregnant", Newmar is having some difficulties in making the ascent. Kirk orders McCoy to assist her, leading to the line: "Look, I'm a doctor, not an escalator!"
  14. I wish I had a better video of this to share. The PD that created The Genius is currently doing another variety show called The Great Escape. It's a show where the regular fixed cast is thrust into escape room scenarios on incredibly elaborate sets, and, naturally, they have to escape. (I highly recommend watching, if you haven't already.) In the 9th episode of the 3rd season, the cast is trapped in a place with an illegal gambling hall, and their path to escape involves getting into the VIP room. In order to do that, they have to win a lot of money in an exclusive room, where the game is something called Rainbow Hold'em. The cast had found a rule sheet and deck of cards for the game, so they sat down and learned how to play. However, them doing that was intercut with an explanation for the home audience. And that explanation was done 100% Genius-style. He may have moved on, the the PD still cares about his roots.
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