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  1. Yeah I feel like there has to be a creative solution that's not the false dilemma they were presented with. Why couldn't Loki and Sylvie make the TVA a sort of United Nations of the multiverse and put its resources towards preventing interdimensional wars while still allowing timeline variations and free choices? They could even kill Ham Villain #35 and then do it, if Sylvie wanted.
  2. See, one example of my complaint is, even the people who make the show are calling this guy "Kang" but they deliberately refused to say his name in the show. (It felt like an unnecessary tease leading up to the inevitable reveal that he was another Loki, which would have been perfectly in keeping with the rest of the show -- remember how much they emphasized in the first episode how the TVA does for the universe what Loki wanted to do for Earth/Asgard -- but nope!) If you don't read comic books not only do you have no way to know who he is or why anyone would care, but you can't even know wh
  3. Well I thought this was garbage. Building up to the big villain who is....some random guy I don't have any reason to care about played by the biggest ham sandwich I've seen outside of a local theater production. Endlessly blathering on about shit I don't care about while "ACTING" or something, sitting on the back of the chair! eating an apple!! Wow, Stage Business! Sylvie never grows from her boring Quest for Revenge. All the stuff Tom Hiddleston Loki was suggesting, that she was the one Loki who wasn't a perpetual fuck-up who never grows, thrown in the trash. And all the other sort
  4. My sister brought this idea to me, that she saw on the internet: Joe is a Loki variant It's pretty amazing how well it fits IMO. Perpetually scheming, bisexual, self-sabotaging trickster, desperately looking for a Glorious Purpose, always failing but always surviving, whose real role is to to inspire others to realize their potential for greatness!
  5. Hi guys; I have not read anything anyone else has written in this forum. I don't really want to because I've seen enough reactions to the show to know the way people in general have taken it and reading the stuff people say often bums me out. But I want to write this somewhere and I guess this forum is the one I feel safest on, with my Survivor friends on it, although I know I haven't posted in forever. I asked the mod and they said I should post in this thread for my whole-season thoughts. My sister persuaded me to watch. I have seen maybe 10% of the Marvel movies? And in general I
  6. I tried to watch something Nickelodeon recently and it told me I had to turn off my adblock...but I pay for no ads...so I'm wondering if this is some Paramount+ baloney? Star Trek stuff seems to still work fine.
  7. It does make me wonder what the Enterprise-Z is up to, in this new century.
  8. Haven't seen that one either! Maybe that's what she was talking about?
  9. I was talking to my sister about this, and she said well that's how it was in one of the recent movies, too. It seems that this season of Discovery has made an effort to connect with all other Star Treks to an extent even more than Lower Decks, with references I didn't catch because I never watched Enterprise, Picard, or most of the JJ Abrams movies. She also had a possible explanation for the truly baffling Replacement Replacement Airiam: apparently the actress who played Season 1 Airiam and then Replacement Airiam was in a Lifetime Original Movie, so maybe she was off filming that when
  10. Oh my god this was terrible. I was so lost. Why call the Ni'Var and not have Momma Burnham appear? Why did Michael blast Stamets out the airlock to stop Osyraa having Discovery but then stop the Admiral and the Ni'Var from stopping their escape? Why was pesticide so scary to her? Why do the turbolifts fly around in some kind of cyberpunk cityscape? Why is there a replacement Replacement Airiam? Why did the sphere data do fuck-all? Why did Osyraa think pusing Michael into the wall was going to kill her? What the hell was that wall? Why didn't Grudge even appear, when I thought she was
  11. It's pretty amazing that they have holo-lie-detector guy (bizarre idea even if he isn't, as it sure seemed, only lie-detecting one side of the negotiations) but no lawyers/diplomats to read over the treaty, just one guy who does everything.
  12. Oy I dunno I'm not super feeling it, although it may just be that this has been a kind of bad day for me and not a great way to start the new year so I'm in kind of a mood. The Die Hard reference was too on the nose for me, I can't take Tilly bossing people around seriously, etc etc. There was just too much going on all at once. This last minute attempt to make Osyraa (or however it's spelled) "complex" was weird, the Admiral's deciding her going to jail was more important than peace was weird, the fact that this negotiation is going on while everything is going bananas back on the ship was
  13. Finally saw this, it was the usual mix of a lot of fun and strange, strange choices. God it's weird that they took Saru out of the makeup. It's SO FREAKIN WEIRD. And god love her but SMG sure was emoting during her little sit-down with Tilly. I want everyone to take it down a notch and be competent professionals like a good Star Trek crew. Other than the bizarre "species swap!" thing I like the scenario, I like Book being Han Solo (with Grudge-bacca), I like the crew that's assembled on the planet (Saru, Cubler, Adira), I like the set-up for next episode. Saru telling Michael that sh
  14. They also did the "mirror credits" (upside down and inverted colors) in Season 1, right? That's fun. I think "Georgiou slowly realizing that Mirror Michael actually sucks" was a really good plot and I can't accuse them of not taking enough time over it, but still, Mirror Michael sucked so bad that it wasn't very powerful or anything. Like, she was never convincing at all in her contrite act, to the point that I was disappointed Georgiou didn't go, like "well, I implanted a bomb in your body while you were asleep and now you blow up" or something when she finally tried to kill her in the bri
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