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  1. This can never be emphasized enough.
  2. It seems to me that Jack is the most invisible castaway in years. Has he had a confessional?
  3. When he's wearing Banlon, there appears to be some jiggling.
  4. You're not the only one. I've been irritated by this for years.
  5. I hadn't listened to Emmylou in a long time, but when they played a few notes of Boulder to Birmingham I was instantly and totally transported back to another place and time. What an absolutely beautiful song.
  6. She looks pretty good for 59.
  7. My guess is the next episode will have plenty of Carter/Cash focus. Or at least it should.
  8. I hate Peloton commercials for many reasons, but the worst thing about them is the sweat-dripping-from-noses fetish they seem to be obsessed with. At least one person is doing it in every ad. Why do they think anyone wants to watch that? Second place: the constant spinning of the red knobs throughout every commercial. I know it's supposed to change the machine's resistance or something, but it just seems random. Third place: The way the video trainers are always yelling "Peloton!!" out of nowhere as if it were an inspirational call to excellence.
  9. I have a question for the feed watchers: I don't recall seeing Jackson shirtless for a while now. Has he been staying covered up since Holly made that joke about his lost sixpack? If so, that's hilarious!
  10. LPLimited Partnership (legal business entity) LP Long Playing (record) LP Liquid Propane LP Linear Programming LP Limited Partner (IRB) LP Les Paul (type of guitar) LP Louisiana-Pacific LP Let's Play (gaming) LP Linkin Park (band) LP Low Profile LP License Plate LP Low Pressure LP Lesson Plan LP List Price LP Liberal Party LP Lonely Planet (travel guides) LP Laser Printer LP Logic Programming (computing) LP Large Print (visual impairment) LP Licensed Practical (nurse; US HRSA) LP Liquefied Pet
  11. Ovi was clueless and naive right up to the very end. Watching the exit interview, I was glad he didn't get back in the house. He would have been worse than Cliff.
  12. I like the way you think. DAMN I would love to see this happen.
  13. The contrast is absolutely stunning, isn't it? I think I'm becoming an anglophile after watching GBBT.
  14. The Fat Shack website says there's a store right on my way home from work. I had no idea! I'm going to have to try it, but to be honest their burgers and cheesesteaks look more appetizing than those kitchen-sink sandwiches.
  15. Did I hear Barbara say the she had gone to great lengths to design elegant workspaces in her corporate offices and she really hated it when people personalized their work areas with objects or decorations brought in from home? If so, what an awful attitude. I don't think I'd want to work for her.
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