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  1. Yup! That little detail always gets me. Such a good episode though. Most (if not all) of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes were pretty great.
  2. I just watched The One Where Ross Got High and it's definitely in my top 10 Friends episodes. It's almost perfect! But one little detail always bugged me SO MUCH: When Rachel and Ross come back in from the hallway, the trifle is not only already divided up onto dessert plates, but there isn't a serving for Rachel! She doesn't even get a taste. (She attempts to take a taste of Ross's but he slams it down so she can't.) And I understand WHY they couldn't have her eat it. But it always takes me out. I wish they found a different way to handle that. So many tiny details like that be
  3. Nah, he came over when they had like 22 minutes until they needed to leave. Team Ross.
  4. This was one of those stories I watched and couldn't help but hope that my brain was wrong and they make it after all. The outright audacity of Lucas to not even admit that he was wrong. He was WRONG to let the launch go. Because the shuttle blew up and they all died. He DIDN'T make a good decision based on the information he had. It was the absolute wrong decision. Just say you're sorry and be done with it. Take responsibility like a decent human.
  5. Scheana is absolutely ridiculous. But FUCK Adam.
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