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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't want them to cancel the whole season. A lot of the other queens worked hard, weren't problematic, and it wouldn't be fair to them. This show gives them so much exposure, a whole new world of opportunities and a huge fanbase, so they would legitimately be losing gigs and lots of money by scrapping the entire season. I just hope Sherry is gone sooner than later, so the whole season isn't dragged under.
  2. @peachmangosteen Lol, ok, I must've missed that, but thanks. I just thought it would have been super funny if Michele was the only one nobody picked, because she's already mentioned her controversial win and how under the radar she is. (This coming from someone who likes her and wants her to do well this season!)
  3. Did absolutely nobody pick Michele for their team?! Did anyone else go completely undrafted?
  4. Your entire post is savage!!! +1! I snorted at Damian being dipped in toxic waste, lol. I definitely rewound and watched Gigi's runaway antics and falling into the grass multiple times, and also like went back three times to watch Milady throw her flowers into the ground when Damian said he wouldn't marry Gigi. I do love Lauren and hope the best for her and Cameron!
  5. And I guess Chris Underwood kind of won against returnees, Kelley, Joe, David, and Aubry..... but that depends how you view his win in the first place, LOL.
  6. Yep, and Sophie won her season where Ozzy and Coach were returnees. And Danni, I guess, winning Guatemala where Stephenie and Bobby Jon returned. Can't remember who else off the top of my head...
  7. Yeah, Todd's had some pretty severe issues with alcohol, and I knew about Jenna's arrest or issues. I haven't ever really heard anything about JT or Fabio... Also, if anyone knows, was Mike Holloway asked to play? Not one of my favorite winners, but just curious.
  8. Matteo

    S40: Kim Spradlin

    I love Kim. So happy she survived that vote, and I hope she gets something together!
  9. My boyfriend is watching this for the first time with me, and immediately is charmed by and loves Rob...... it's super annoying, but he is just charismatic I guess. That's like the best Survivor quality to have.
  10. Wow, for some reason, I didn't recall him making it as far as he did in Heroes vs. Villains, but then I just read the wiki and realized how much I'd forgotten.
  11. Unfortunately, Rupert has played FOUR times! Pearl Islands, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, and Blood vs. Water... though mercifully out earlyish on a couple of those seasons.
  12. Yul knows what's up!
  13. Totally agree with this. Her charm and charisma works on people of any gender in multiple seasons. She totally won over Natalie Bolton and Alexis and was the glue of the Black Widow Brigade in terms of bringing Natalie and Alexis into the fold with Cirie and Amanda. And in HvV, I feel like I recall Jerri saying something about how she didn't even want to like Parvati or work with her, but in the end Parvati won her over, became her bud (in part because of her spectacular idol save), and she got Jerri to vote for her to win.
  14. Matteo

    S40: Sarah Lacina

    I found it interesting in her pre-season interview this season, she talked about hoping to play the game in a more fun way. She said Game Changers was NOT fun at all, because she was working non-stop, and I can see that. She was "on" the entire game and constantly thinking ahead and playing people. It was interesting she said Troyzan was the one who was holding that Final 3 together, because she and Brad would butt heads and try to be the alpha, which I found amusing.
  15. @LanceM Seriously! Thank you for saying this! She is one of my all-time favorite winners, and I'm sick of people thinking that flirting is her only skill set. She won Micronesia because EVERY SINGLE WOMAN on the jury voted for her. Jason was the only guy who voted for her, so she definitely wasn't relying on "charming the boys" to win her game.
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