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  1. I think the problem with Trina/Jeremy and now Aimee/Jeremy is that these women are giving him too much credit by thinking he has an actual personality. He seems to be a person who just gets what he wants in life normally by "being hot" and is one of those people who's never had to develop much of a personality to get by. They're expecting him to be far deeper than he is, I think? He is like a block of wood to me. I'm glad Korey got some love from the audience and some attention from the new girls, but really? They couldn't give him short, individual dates with each of them? That was
  2. Yeah, it seems like she's relaxed a bit, and I think she does better in smaller crowds. She was getting along better with the morning crew while the others were downstairs or still sleeping.
  3. They DID get a new casting director! And also, since last season, CBS instituted a policy that at least 50% of their reality show casts will be BIPOC, to help diversify their participants and give more people a fair shot. So expect to see a lot more diversity on your Big Brother and Survivor casts in the upcoming seasons! I agree, this cast seems like a welcome change from what we are used to.
  4. All in all, a shockingly decent premiere considering the history of this show. Liked how the teams ended up, with nobody a clear lopsided team, in terms of dominance, so far. Rooting for Claire so far. Frenchie was WAY better than I anticipated. I wouldn't have taken that gamble either. There would have been no worse way to start the game than pissing off your entire team if you flopped at that dice game and ruined their week of safety. I'm sure his team is happy enough just to skate by this week and not be the first, easy targets? Plus, he is HoH for the first week now, so his en
  5. I'm so excited! Why do I get my hopes up every year? I know I will be disappointed the very second the first episode concludes and all the usual suspects win the comps to be Captains and HoH, lol. At least we get Day One live feeds tonight?
  6. The Green Tribe looks like they will be a lot of fun, but we'll see... It has a lot of my early favorites lumped together. (Watch me be completely wrong when the show starts and they're all miserable people who can't win a challenge to save their lives, lol)
  7. Once again, the most interesting parts of the show are all the non-June parts. I DID appreciate her going batshit angry at Tuello at the end, but other than that, didn't really care much about her making lovey-dovey faces at Nick during their blah visit. I feel bad for Luke. She seems to have much more of an infatuation with Nick. Janine and Esther were interesting. That poor girl... Well, those poor girls, I should say. They deserve better!
  8. I think Katie is still on decent terms with all of them. They're not her best friends, like with her and Stassi, but I think she gets along pretty well with Lala, Scheana, and Ariana, at least. I'm bad at linking stuff, but here was a little preview video Bravo put on Instagram of Katie, Schwartz, Lala, and Randall talking about pregnancy... https://www.instagram.com/p/COO8NzBhgEd/?utm_source=ig_embed
  9. I think only the finalists get to vote for each other. It only makes sense, considering people like Bryant and Savannah never even met some of the contestants. Yeah, it's funny that of the five finalists, the only two "real" people left are Chloe and Courtney. And of those two, I don't really want Courtney to win. Anyone else, I'd honestly be fine with. I think my preferred order would be one of Chloe/Trevor, then Lee, John, Courtney in that order. Can't wait for the finale!
  10. Yeah, I assumed it was just because there are actual Kardashians named Khloe and Kourtney. I like everyone and like to see their strategies evolve. Looking forward to more!
  11. I was kind of annoyed with the editors. Trishelle had so many talking heads that I knew something was going to happen to her this episode, and then that random scene with Kendal talking to Derrick. I almost actually thought they were trying to give context to a scenario where Kendal was going to quit to go be with her family/children. She seemed so scatter-brained about the challenge and everything until she actually went into elimination, where she finally focused on the win. P.S. Katie is still one of my favorites ever. I'm glad she is back, even if she's regretting it. I'm not!
  12. Yes is still such a cutie, and I'm glad he did well in the daily challenge, too. That is all!
  13. Yeah, some of the people like Jemmye and Jonna, despite liking them, I wouldn't consider them OG. I consider the OGs anyone from like the first ten seasons of RW or earlier Road Rules seasons. If they keep these challenges up, this is going to be pretty lopsided. Only a few of them could even do this intense of a challenge. I honestly didn't even know if either team would finish at all...
  14. Nany could maybe beat Amber B, but Amber B. also seems like a good athlete with a similar build to Nany. I am interested to see the fallout between the two Ambers next week. I'm sure Kyle, the shit-stirrer, will let Amber M. know that her friend voted for her. Nam is too good for this world. I, too, was annoyed that Lolo didn't even seem happy for him when he won his heat.
  15. For anyone who watches Vanderpump Rules, I thought that girl who thought the party was for Jen's birthday and brought a gift reminded me SOOOO much of Raquel. I was like, what is Raquel doing on this show!?
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