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  1. I think the kids are in the cart so they would not be grabbing snacks off the shelf for themselves.
  2. I think I was a mouse in previous life. I love cheese!
  3. Only the pumpkin body butter. It’s pretty good for $5. Of course now I smell like a pumpkin 😂🙃.
  4. My yearbook cost $60. And I graduated a LONG time ago. My mom really did love me.
  5. Went to Trader Joe’s. Bought too many new products to try. So far most are disappointing. Good news Sunday: I’m going to meet up groups and trying new things. I’m so introverted and shy it’s torturous to keep talking about myself. But I’m trying. Truly sucks being an only child.
  6. I bet Jonathan paid for the amusement park. Maria is friends with who? Maybe she is courting Timbot.
  7. Jill has porked up ! Hunk is so lazy he didn’t even bother standing up.
  8. Jdingus is with them 🙄 and he is twice as big as the Rod boys Rod boys look like zombies
  9. Jon probably bought HUNK a mountain of chicken. I would not pose for pictures… Jon should say no thanks.
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