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  1. I wanted to see John Mulaney. People are selling tickets for $300 and I would have to buy 2. No way I’m spending $600. Not even sure how much tickets are originally from the actual venue.
  2. It’s clear Jessa cannot properly care for the kids she has. She should not be having any more. Her kids are acting feral. I guess Jessa doesn’t even bother with regular meal times.
  3. Of course her girls aren’t allowed to play sports. Doubt the church even has sports teams for girls.
  4. http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Ohio-Education-Options/Home-Schooling Gee our godly Christian perfect Jilldo lying??? Yes she does . I hate her so much.
  5. In 5 years he will be back in Laredo bald, overweight and 4 kids in tow. No way he can continue to grift this lifestyle forever.
  6. And Jill asked did the cabinet look better before or after. People answered her question. Jill is an idiot who can’t handle the truth or any criticism. If she had to work she’d be fired daily.
  7. I can’t tell the neighbors gender But I can predict the neighbor will have a hot date with a toilet very quickly
  8. Jill deleted this post! Probably due to comments saying that it looked better before she ruined it!!! 🤡😺👏
  9. Looks like Jill got her hands dirty for once. I think her kids do 100% of cooking and cleaning. Jill hasn’t changed a diaper in a decade.
  10. She turned off comments on Instagram yet asked how does the cabinet look??? Lol
  11. David danced with a girl? Maybe kissed her? I doubt it was anything BAD. Jill is such a BORING judge mental no FUN godly WOMAN. The thought that her PRECIOUS HUNK had fun once upon a time DRIVES her CRAZY.
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