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  1. Okay, here' something weird. I dreamed last night I was a Duggar kid and I was telling Boob and MEchelle that I was an atheist and used birth control. And then I got to kick MEchelle in the balls. In the dream, I was surprised she had them. When I woke up, I just figured they were Boob's. No one but you folks would appreciate this. And I mean that in the best possible way.
  2. I wondered the same thing. Me, too! I remember coming home from microbiology and cleaning my fridge. No way I am leaving a protein to grow bacteria overnight at 200 degrees.
  3. @CalicoKitty I am very sorry for your loss. I am currently dealing with my second parent with dementia (no surprise to regulars here) and I echo that is is vital that you and your sibling are on the same page with regard to care. It would be so so hard without that. To all who are suffering here. I wish you health and better days ahead. And to all my fellow posters, happy Thanksgiving. So odd that we have forged such a supportive community out of this place and I am thankful for it.
  4. Good lord, is he unattractive in these shots.
  5. The recipe is here. Since is it an Ina recipe, I knew to back off the salt--I would cut it to a scant teaspoon if I were to make it again. Next time I will increase the pepper and the walnuts and top them with some of the nuts, as well as roll them in the nuts. Oh--and use two cookie sheets. The texture is really great and I think they will be quite nice with champagne. Stupid easy recipe, too. My experience is that Siamese and related breeds tend to be quite willful, generally in a delightful way. Our Pixie is not Siamese but the has very strong opinions on What Pixie Gets To Do. The first year she was with us, I ended up taking down the tree the day after X-mas because she would. not. leave. it. alone. And I decorated strategically, too, with nothing breakable within reach. Fortunately, age brings some mellowing to even the most determined creature. Enjoy your tree terrorist!
  6. The focus on Joy's pregnancy in this "new" season of episodes makes me really uncomfortable and seems unnecessarily cruel, given that we all know how it turned out.
  7. I started Thanksgiving-ing in earnest today. Made Stilton and walnut shortbread crackers, cranberry sauce with tangerine and dried cranberries, and chocolate pudding that will be transformed into cremeux to be served with cacao nibs and toffee bits. I've hosted for decades and love it and yes, I am one of those people who does not want anyone to help or to bring anything. The exception is I do want my BIL to carve the bird, which he is phenomenal at. This is the second year we will host the SIL, BIL, two nephews, and a niece. It's a bit of a challenge because SIL cannot eat yeast or anything fermented (think bread, wine, vinegar, pickles) and BIL has celiac so no gluten. I've adjusted everything but the rolls and the shortbread crackers. The dressing I will make gluten-free and I'll use gluten-free flour in the roux for my broccoli-cauliflower gratin. Holiday meal planning and prep is my happy place. Now if only someone would clean my house...
  8. Whole olives? WTactualF? Make an effort, Jill. At least buy English muffins for the crust and slice the olives.
  9. I assume this refers to "our six youngest children" because MEchelle could not remember which ones those were? Except Miracle, of course.
  10. She has posted that before. Some abomination involving white bread with spaghetti sauce and cheese melted on top, as I recall.
  11. The two little girls in the first pic (can't be bothered to learn the names of OfSmuggar's brood) look so much like Josh. *shudder*
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