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  1. Yeah, she is really not good at this. Not good at being on TV, for sure, and maybe also not so great at bedside manner.
  2. My dad insisted on taking his computer, printer, and iPad with him when we moved him into memory care, as well as a very complicated TV/DVD player/receiver/TiVo/speaker/universal remote setup. It was a large hassle for us but he needed to feel he was still capable, even though he wasn’t. It gave my husband something to do when we visited as he tried to fix whatever tech snarl Dad had created. It was all annoying but if it made Dad feel better then I am glad we did it, even though I did not enjoy it at the time (he died in June, as many of you know). I used to hear myself on the phone making su
  3. I am so sorry for the senseless losses of your friend and your cousin, @hathorlive. I have really appreciated your insights in the Josh thread and I hate that you are going through this. I totally get your fury at using religious platitudes in lieu of vaccinations.
  4. Isn't Felicity old enough to be going to preschool or something soon?
  5. I just figured that why his last costume was selected.
  6. Same here. It creeps me out that he likes looking at a dead creature that has been killed and taxidermied. Also probably true.
  7. Totally agree that their last show was too focused on the Big Tragic Stories of the homeowners and I like this focus much better.
  8. Looking at this photo again, between the puffed up lips and cheeks and the long bangs, she kinda looks like a sex doll. I'll be in the prayer closet if anyone needs me...
  9. Is she pregnant again? As someone who also carries weight in her face, I offer no judgment, but Amy looks very different.
  10. That house was so odd and I agree with all of you who did not understand why they needed so much space. They had so little furniture in their cavernous rooms. And I am a serious cook but I have no idea why they needed two kitchens. They had no idea what to do with all that space. I did like that the show seems like they may have dropped the lame faux dramatic presentation of the new value of their house by David but instead just had a (misleading, as several have noted) voiceover and graphic of how much the house is now worth.
  11. I have watched all the episodes of this show and I want to like it more than I do. For all of Dr. Sandra Lee's annoying tics (telling patients "I adore you," e.g.), this show brings home to me how much more telegenic Dr. Lee is. Maybe Dr. Mercy will get better but there's just something about her or the structure of this show or something that isn't quite landing for me.
  12. I was the drummer for The Atheistic Ethics. :-) Do they live in the worst and most boring motel ever? Color, anyone? Anything at all on the walls? The term "baby bump" makes me positively stabby.
  13. Lord (used deliberately), these people are all SO BORING (as well as being patriarchal asshats). Can you imagine trying to have a conversation with any of them?
  14. @BetyBee I'm so so sorry for your loss. I'm glad her kitty found a home. Pixie and Lucy send you purrs.
  15. I love those! I have a pair of Crocs with chile peppers on them that I wear in the kitchen if I am cooking a holiday meal or the like. They save my back.
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