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  1. I'm going to fail at Good News Sunday yet again. Phone rang at 7:13 this morning and it was my sister. You may recall that we moved Dad to a skilled nursing facility from his memory care facility on June 4th. This morning, he died in his sleep. My sister and I had just had a Zoom call with his memory care facility to review the contents of his apartment on Friday and the wonderful social worker from there had taken him some things, including a couple of sweaters and a coat for when it gets colder. For some reason, the fact that he will not need his coat seems impossibly sad to me. Spent
  2. This is a very good point, that JB and M didn't do anything for the enrichment of their kids, they did it to bring attention to themselves so they could parade their special selves around with a flock of uneducated spawn. It must be refreshing for their kids to be able to take their reasonably sized families (except Josh) out to have experiences they never had as children.
  3. Done. I saw that Paula Deen was a guest judge and deleted this from my DVR. Do better, Gordon. Racism and misogyny will never be “cute.” Don’t care how this episode ends, I will not be watching.
  4. And putting on socks probably hurts, too, right? You might also try a heating pad. That is what helps me when I have tweaked my lower back. I actually have one that is USB powered that I can just plug into my laptop. I'm sorry you're feeling pain. Back pain is the worst.
  5. I wondered the same thing. I wish they showed us more to answer that question. I liked this episode better than the first one but would still be interested in more focus on the food and pricing and less on gimmicks.
  6. And buried it in an ammo box, as you do. No, wait, that's not something normal people do, in any way.
  7. Way to bury the lede there, Jill. No one is going to look at anything other those adorable doggo ears and smile, and I say that as a cat person!
  8. Joy looks beautiful and happy in this shot. I think she is the most photogenic of the Duggars. The kid looks a little deranged but let's not talk about that. :-)
  9. I know it's a screenshot but it makes me happy that JereME looks like such a dweeb here.
  10. Huh. I would agree if by "most" you mean "least." Different strokes.
  11. I like the name Nathan and do not consider it old-fashioned at all.
  12. That's what I see, too, which is why I used the word "homoerotic" in my original post. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. Thanks all, for the good thoughts. Dad has been in memory care for the last four years but got to the point where they were no longer staffed to be able to provide the level of care he needs and they recommended skilled nursing. He has an indwelling catheter and is also under hospice care. I don't think he'll be with us long. On the bright(ish) side, his girlfriend is having a hip replacement today and will be spending a couple of weeks in the same facility for rehab so that will be nice for them, I hope. I don't especially care for her but I don't have to; she's not my girlfriend. I
  14. Okay, I don't know who that other woman is with Joy but the Duggars are certainly tone deaf to homoeroticosm and anything other than their P-in-V sex, no? (see, MEchelle Duggar insisting feet aren't sexual. See pics of young women eating pickles)
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