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  1. The fireworks were insane here on Saturday night and every last one of them is illegal. I called the police non-emergency number three times when there were some down our immediate street but got disconnected each time. I suspect the line was overwhelmed, as the mayor was publicizing that people should report fireworks. There are now five fires burning in the Bay Area, at least some of which have been linked to fireworks. People are stupid. My sister is still waiting on test results (tested eight days ago) and still sleeping tons and coughing a lot with chest pain but she was feeling well enough to talk on the phone briefly last night so that was good.
  2. I ordered the stuff to make those summer rolls I mentioned with the watermelon and jicama. I blame this forum. 🙂 I'll report back. In other news, my sister, living alone on day 8 of COVID-19 is finally feeling better after a truly harrowing week. She does not have enough breath to talk on the phone so my dad with dementia has been calling me every day for an update and if I am busy and do not pick up he simply calls over, and over. and over. and over. I get it, I do, but I am not enjoying being a repository for his anxiety. But my sister is feeling better today, is the takeaway.
  3. Hillary had her nails trimmed when she was 19 because they were just untenably long. She only weighed a bit over five pounds but it took a muzzle, two vet techs holding her down, and the vet doing the trimming to get the job done. She REALLY did not want her nails trimmed. My kitty was tough. I saw a recipe recently for spring rolls containing watermelon, jicama, and herbs, to be served with a coconut cream/fish sauce dipping sauce. I was thinking of trying it but my husband is not a watermelon fan. I may make it anyway, as he eats whatever I cook because I am the one willing to do the cooking so he figures it's the least he can do to do the eating.
  4. It's totally up to you and this is just my opinion but I would leave your avatar as it is if it makes you feel any better. My avatar is a stylized picture of my love Hillary and she's been gone 14 months now. I like seeing her there.
  5. I guess I have someone to root for.
  6. What was that schmatta Denise was wearing in the sushi challenge? The thing with the chiffon sleeves? This episode annoyed me. Dial it back.
  7. They don't even have tests. She could not get tested, and this is one of the best hospitals in the state. They didn't prescribe her a bronchodilator, even. SMDH. Edited to add: she also says it is difficult to even sit up in bed. When she was texting me yesterday about her doctor telling her to go to the ER, she said she wasn't sure she could get out of bed.
  8. @Scarlett45 I'm so sorry. The last loving thing you can do is figure out when to say goodbye. It is gut-wrenching. I have no words but I know so well where you are. So so sorry. And thanks for the good wishes for my sister, everyone. I would feel better if there was someone there with her. She feels really terrible. I am concerned. Tomorrow, I get to tell my dad with dementia that she has COVID-19. I hope it is a good brain day for him but I feel bad for being the messenger but she asked me to tell him (because she can't breathe enough to talk, criminy). Ah, this sucks.
  9. Why is there a giant ampersand on her wall? Because this way they can just keep adding kids and not have to redecorate?
  10. So my sister has been really careful about social distancing, wearing her mask, staying at home. Last week, she cracked, went to her friend's house who does her hair and got it cut and colored (last I knew, friend was also waiting tables). Yesterday, she wakes up dizzy, short of breath, with a cough, and it is difficult to sit up in bed. She emails her doctor and texts me and talks to her friend. Her doc tells her to go to the ER. Short version: hours later, she is sent home a presumed positive for COVID-19 and told to quarantine. Presumed positive because we are only 3+ months into this pandemic so of course we don't have enough tests. She is 2500+ miles from me and lives alone. So far, I have sent her toilet paper and sparkling water, plus the care package I had already sent last week. I was already going to cancel the hair appointment I have scheduled next month but now I absolutely am.
  11. Not to defend Anna, but my sister and I were not allowed to say "pee" or "poop" or "butt" growing up. My mom was a stickler for correct language usage; no colloquial variants allowed.
  12. Oh, @scarlett45, I am so sorry. For your sake and his sake, I hope he passes peacefully at home but please believe that you will know the right thing to do.
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