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  1. I feel like this is the first Disney+ show that I've watched that doesn't benefit from weekly episode release. The episodes do not have individual arcs, and with a narrative this serialized it would be more rewarding see several episodes at once. It felt like a lot trying to fit Zemo and Sharon into one episode in addition to all the nation hopping. This series could benefit from a few slow scene types from the spy genre, like sitting in a room for a while watching surveillance footage, or doing analyst things on a computer. Yes! This is what I mean by feeling like the reference
  2. This show is not completely clicking for me yet. It is packed with events but they don't flow together well. I feel like it thinks I have a very short attention span. I feel like more time should have been spent with Bradley, or with the main characters. I am thus far uninterested in the opposition, and the whole intro with Walker set my teeth on edge. I know that he is supposed to annoy me, but he is a little too good at it. ETA: His costume with the horizontal stripes and offset star looks ridiculous and over styled. Coulson did better. All the time with Bucky and Sam is well
  3. Like most of you I really enjoyed the finale and am delighted not to be disappointed. They even brought back Jerry for another happy moment with Sandra. I really hope these core actors go on to good things. They did some great work on this show and I hope it is rewarded. It made sense to me that Dina would opt for FC employees who do not need customer interaction to thrive and who can take orders. I did wish that Sayid would be in the mix, but perhaps physically it would not work well for him. My thought is that Garrett goes to work at an electronics big box store. Glenn's hardw
  4. I initially thought that Yori was supposed to be the elderly version of the Howling Commando Jim Morita. Regarding Bucky and maneki neko, to me he stopped the arm either because it was mocking his arm and making him self conscious, or because he wanted to free it from its programming.
  5. This managed to be both a good episode and a good set up for what's to come. The long anticipated break-up with Brian the vet actually amused me, from closing the screen on him, to the phone call with Garrett, to him believing Dina isn't ready to date someone as great as him. Dina and Garret arguing their way into a date over Brian's dried fruit was also kind of funny. Why be subtle at this point. I didn't see Kids in the Hall in its original run, but have enjoyed clips, and may have gone down a youtube rabbit hole after this episode. Dave Foley has practice playing strange guys,
  6. The actress who plays Sandra is so good at this character. "Have you tried the orange flavored one? It's like nothing I've ever tasted." Glad to see Jeff again before the finale.
  7. Peggy went on to have a notable career according to Wikipedia, becoming an expert in glass beads. She and Stuart worked together after his war service and in their later careers.
  8. Best props of the season by far between the horrifyingly funny Garfield float and the potato pinata. I also laughed at Marcus dressed as Cupid. And of course the raccoon guest stars. ETA: On some level I think salt and vinegar cookies could work. "I'll put vodka in the punch." Garrett does know how to get things done. I'm neutral on the direction of the romantic relationships, but I still very much enjoy the way the platonic characters play off of each other. When Mateo is not performing for the crowd he seems to be a somewhat nicer person.
  9. The biggest question for me is why there were no masks with the deposition. Up to now they've had it kind of consistent that masks are on when employees and people outside the store mix, and off when it's employees only (break room or stocking times). But for the outside lawyers to be there and not wearing masks definitely breaks that. I suppose they wanted Jonah to be able to see the face of his new love interest. It was funny watching everyone struggle to talk nicely but honestly about Glenn. Marcus trying to rank the relative competence of the employees in the store made me laugh.
  10. Arpi was definitely a winner this episode, from pulling that palm tree binder from her bottomless back pack, to insisting on hugging Jayden because it was in the meeting agenda, to employing the homeless with donated axes to hack down the palm trees. And I got a laugh out of Ed Begley Jr. as the bizarre 4 a.m. talk show host. This is a really weird number of episodes...was this a mid-season replacement for something? I wonder if they are thinking of cancelling it. The first few episodes were shaky, but it's really gotten good toward the end. I think they were going for hero
  11. Agree with you all, this was a lot of fun. I've loved Missi Pyle since Galaxy Quest so I'm always happy to see her, and she was a great guest. Neil and Orly trying to out maneuver each other was a lot of fun. That macaroni sign was a touch of needling genius. And then it actually went to a nice conclusion with the idea that Neil could think about having a real relationship that is hopefully not based off Postmates. I am the crazy trivia person so that whole B plot was a lot of fun to me too. Bobby Moynihan did a great slow reveal with the 40th birthday bit, and made me look up de
  12. Yeah...the series was really hampered by that set up. It's too hard to maintain in the long run. The good news is (sorta spoiler) I had similar feelings when I first watched Enterprise a couple years ago. There were good one off episodes, but there was a lot of bland in the middle. I also didn't care for the Xindi arc until late in the season. For me, a few episodes into Season 4 the series suddenly stepped up in interest and quality. Not perfect, but like the show figured out what it wanted to do. I recently finished a 'good parts' rewatch of the series, and found I liked it
  13. Netflix released The Dig at the end of January 2021. It stars Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan. It is the adaptation of a novel inspired by the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure. This is quiet, contemplative story, but it's an interesting watch. It's set against the lead up to WWII, and there is some tension because of it. There is a lot of consideration about life, death, and legacy.
  14. I really enjoyed this one, so good for Colton Dunn. I totally bought Cheyenne and Mateo feuding primarily for audience feedback. And cute retort from Sayid about it being an Impossible burger because it's a fake beef. This is such a great collection of actors. Even when they have just a couple lines they really nail it. It shocks me that they manage to keep Marcus somewhat likeable. Another good bit: Dina: How does a bird kill itself? Janet: It stops flapping.
  15. This was a real step up compared to the early episodes. It's nice to see the mayor show some common sense and problem solving, and the new concept for Mikaela. If they keep this up and elevate Jayden a bit from his punchline status this could be a good direction. Ted Danson's dead pan attempt to sell eel as the new avocado was pretty funny. I thought Arpi was going to end up having the surprise drought solution.
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