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  1. I really enjoyed that their Halloween costumes in Episode 10 are the Marx Brothers.
  2. Watched the first episode tonight and grinned like a crazy person through the opening credits song. The catch-up song was equal parts laugh and cringe. The factory farmed chickens and Russian bot can-can line! The Hulu original music sounds like it's one note off the Dell commercial music.
  3. I really laughed at this one. Last week I was shopping at a garden center and they had a prize wheel, so this seemed really on point. I felt like all the characters had a moment to shine. Dina's struggle made sense, and you know it's bad when Mateo feels obligated to be the voice of reason. "I've adopted a North Korean model" is a disturbing management description. She got all those anti-talk propaganda posters up quick. Cheyenne took a couple small steps in her new role, I hope it keeps going. Agree the "half ass it" line from Garrett struck a chord. As well as the more gallows humor "corporate doesn't care if we die" about the wheel. The airing of grievances in the break room was great, especially the crack about Jerry and Carol and Sandra losing it! I did a double take in the grocery store the other week because I thought I saw Jerry and Sandra holding hands in the produce aisle. The couple looked uncannily like them, at least while wearing masks. I thought they were a little more clear about mask wearing while customers were around this week. And they banished Glenn pretty quickly at the start.
  4. The cub cakes seemed like a variation on entremets, but stacked in tiers. Dave's looked tasty, and Peter's were very pretty. I also liked his rectangular savarins. That was distinctive. I'm sorry it was Hermine, but I wasn't surprised. I saw the jiggle of her cube as she set it down. It was as gelatinous as the gelatin showstoppers the other week. What a sweet story about her son angling for and getting a ride in Paul's car. I also like Laura, and hope everyone settles down. I would pick flavor first, and her showstopper sounded good. I'm a messy cook as well, so I sympathize. The show has always had double entendres. It was entertaining when they were accidental. It's not charming when it's overt.
  5. I think you could get tallow in the U.S. I don't know how it would cook compared to suet (I haven't used either).
  6. Finally saw this. It was cute. I'm not familiar with this book series, but based on the trailer this was very much what I thought it would be. If there are more made I will probably watch them. The plot was definitely dodging some holes, but it moved briskly enough and was sufficiently charming to keep me engaged. I agree it could have been shorter. Millie Bobby Brown did very well as lead, and I liked seeing the character stumble as much as she succeeded. I was hoping to see her set up at Baker Street by the end, but it worked out okay. I rolled my eyes a little at the teen romance, but there was respect on both sides and they both had their good points. This is probably more in keeping with having two sons like Mycroft and Sherlock. I thought they were setting up Mycroft as the villain, but the grandmother was interesting. Mycroft is instead the proper bureaucrat. I thought it was odd that they referred to him as less gifted than Sherlock since in the Doyle canon that isn't the case. Another notable change is the absence of a Watson in Sherlock's life. Traditionally Watson is the window into Sherlock that lets the reader/viewer see his human side. It seems Enola will play that role here, to the extent that Sherlock will appear. I thought Henry Cavill was fine as Sherlock. He's a supporting character/mentor here, so I didn't expect great emotions or revelations from him. He was expressive when the moment called for it. He was positively warm compared to some versions of the character. This universe puts him in the position of not just younger brother but middle child, and that's an interesting dynamic. I agree the scene with Susan Wokoma was good, and I liked the laugh of surprise and delight after his conversation with Lestrade.
  7. I agree on the mask inconsistency. I'm okay with it if they are unmasked in the warehouse break room with the doors open. On the floor while the store is open it I think they should be on. I knew that Mateo would run mad, but I did laugh at the resolution was that he gets to sit in the storage closet and message all day. Good for Cheyenne for having some real ideas. They haven't advanced her character much in a while so this is a good opportunity. Not sure what they have planned for Nia other than as a new employee. They haven't rotated anyone in for a while and with Amy leaving it makes sense to add someone. Not crazy about going back to Dina and Garrett. They did work as a couple but plot wise that bridge was burned, and I like the vet.
  8. I usually like the weird, historical technicals, but what a cheat not to give them enough time to actually cook it. The whole lemon is showy but picking seeds out of a dessert sounds terrible. The peel I can kind of see because there is candied lemon peel. The showstopper was interesting but like everyone else I can't imagine eating all that gelatin. Marc was the only person who mentioned an actual flavor for his gelatin as far as I remember. Laura's koi pond and Hermine's poppy were lovely. I like Marc, and it was sweet to see him walking off with his kids. He does seem like a good guy. Yeah, Matt and Noel don't necessarily bring out the best in each other, or at least not comedy that I really laugh at.
  9. I think Mateo's status is still in legal limbo. He's technically being paid by the optometry clinic at the store because the store can't hire him due to his status. Amy traded the clinic a store employee to do Mateo's job while Mateo acts as assistant manager. I guess the closet is the office he came up with for himself. That's what the conversation with Glenn was about - thanks for keeping this arrangement going.
  10. I think the heat from the machine's compressor would start to warm up the inside of the fridge. I've never used that kind of ice cream maker, so I wonder, why would it have a setting that spins without freezing?
  11. I'm surprised how touched I was by a lot of this. The goodbye between Glenn and Amy where they couldn't hug was hard to watch. I also liked Dina's final moments with Amy. I thought the break up was handled pretty well. It did feel strange over the past couple of years that Amy and Jonah never really had an understanding about where they were headed. Amy's marriage coasted for years, so it doesn't seem strange to me that she would let a relationship keep going past the point at which she thought there should be more. And I can see Jonah interpreting her acceptance of the status quo as a commitment to a future, especially with the prospect of moving together. I didn't see either of them as a villain. The final toast in the parking lot was a decent moment. Garrett was really good this episode. And at one point he gave a magnificent, literal side eye to Jonah over his mask that I need as a .gif. The bit with Sandra and the customer touching all the carts was funny and probably too true. And Mateo dueting with himself was fantastic. His video highlighted everything that is both deep and shallow about the character at the same time.
  12. I knew it was Lottie when Paul said the top layer was tasteless. If it tasted amazing she might have made it. She realized she was out standing there in front of them. You could see it in her face for an instant. I'm sad to lose her. She was a fun contestant and had some good ideas, but she seems to be in a good place. Hopefully she can go back to waving at her grandparents and baking for them. Someone called quiche last week. I don't associate quiche with any particular decade, but I seem to remember party sized quiches being around then. I've never seen a finger donut. It looked like a hot dog to me, especially with the red jam squiggle. I do remember Viennetta ice cream cakes. My family would have them for special occasions in the 80s. I'm happy for Hermine. I would absolutely have eaten her quiches. And her ice cream cake looked modest but it was beautiful and perfect, which is amazing in that heat. If they have fans running I would think they could put some ice trays in front to cool things a bit.
  13. I thought they got as much laughter out of this as it was possible to get. Some of it was gallows humor, but the situation is what it is. Like everyone said, Glenn really got to me. Some of the best moments were little things. Garrett's shower curtain shield. Brett putting one can of franks-n-beans on the shelf and the customer in front of him taking it off as he reached down for another. Also, Brett's long hair in the meeting scene. Mateo not only enjoying dismembering the bears, but answering Amy with two snip sounds of his scissors. I noticed Dina's mask was a bird print. And Glenn's had a little embroidered bear(?) on it that Jerusha must have made. They were small but nice touches.
  14. Whenever we talk about pronunciation on this show the word that always comes to mind is "churro."
  15. Some Japanese baked good examples: Dorayaki - filled pancakes Daifuku - sweet bean filled mochi Anpan - stuffed roll Melon pan - roll with a sweet top crust Japanese cheesecake Milk bread I just had a jello salad flashback.
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