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  1. This is a great quarantine rewatch. It's so cheerful and ridiculous, and with a lot of really talented people. Glad it managed those two seasons!
  2. Was it a filler episode? Yes. Did I laugh a lot? Yes. This was somebody's gleeful homage to 80's movies, and I can appreciate that. There were so many references. Deke and Mack's clasped handshake had to be a Predator reference (NSFW language). Even the way it was shot, with people standing around ready to get mowed down by the robots, was so of the era. Agree that the Max Headroom look was Phil's idea. Mack was my favorite character addition after the show started to retool, and I still like him a lot, but the writing for him has occasionally suffered from main character drama syndrome. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I feel like no one was worried about Deke because they know he can ace being stuck in the past, plucky and shameless little plagiarist that he is. And he committed, guyliner and all.
  3. I decided that a pandemic was a good time to revisit Daria. I watched it start to finish on Hulu. I was surprised how many episodes I missed in the original run. It was interesting to see the ones that I loved and the ones that were new to me side by side. Tom was a big part in the episodes that I didn't see originally. He's a bit of a miss for me - not much character outside of being a challenge/foil for the mains. However, he doesn't take away from my affection for the series. The re-watch deepened my respect for the show. It's quality over five seasons remained quite high. It was a comfort to me in uncertain times, and is again. Looking up show background, I was shocked to see how much of the voice work was done by Wendy Hoopes (Jane, Helen, Quinn) and Marc Thompson (Kevin, Mr. DeMartino, Mr. O'Neil, occasionally Upchuck). They did a great job, as did the rest of the cast. Finally, a quote from Jane that must find excuses to use: "You're a twisted little cruller, ain't you?"
  4. Glancing over this thread (and using ctl+f) I don't see a mention for the movie Prospect. It's a sparse, low budget, gritty little piece of sci-fi with a touch of western. I watched it on Hulu recently. I think it's a decent option for those who like sci-fi B-movies.
  5. I wondered that - if they are going to have cadet Coulson and May around. I was glad PhiLMD and May got a moment together in this one. May's retort about having mourned enough for Coulson however many lives or iterations he has was one of the better parts of this episode. Patrick Warburton played this really well. It was a fun gag that he had that giant steak up against his eye. This was also another solid episode for Deke; I really like him a lot better this year. Everything else was back to bleak. I did not expect Mack's mother to also be a chronicom. They've definitely gone past the 'ripple' stage. I feel like they have to loop back to the beginning to fix this, a bit like how they fixed the future. Or, they are coming up on some other critical junction in the future for one of the characters that will lead to them fixing the past. I think @Raja may be right, and Coulson carries on as a part of a system. Could be that Stoner has the middle generation Koenig make him a primitive armature. Or, and I would really prefer it not be this, the chronicoms make a new version of him based on what they scanned when he plugged into the system.
  6. One more great thing about the opening credits - artificial film grain to give it that extra '70s look. So glad Enoch is back in the fold. Next I want Enoch to show up to the recuse in one of the oil embargo era mini-cars. It did feel like they were implying Simmons is much older than she seems. I thought in the beginning it had been 5-10 years since she and Fitz left. Now I wonder if it's decades. And if so, we may not be looking for a living, human Fitz. I agree @blueray, that scene with Deke may have been a very sad foreshadowing. Did they live a whole life before Jemma met up with the crew again? Is that why the other crewmen aren't around? Has Fitz experienced the singularity like Dr. Zola? It occurred to me today that Sousa is an amputee. I wonder if they'll explore that as he relates to Yo-Yo, or if they'll propose a prostethic for him.
  7. They probably invested in Stark Industries way back in the day, and still see dividends.
  8. This was a lot of fun. I was glad to find the Sunset Boulevard opening was a misdirect. I like Sousa and am glad this show is giving him more of a send off. I was a little disappointed that Stark's man in L.A. wasn't Jarvis. And at this point I just feel bad for Enoch. They may have asked the operator to put them through. Time to make the 70s episode bingo card. I'm guessing disco and a fringe jacket figure somewhere. I also feel like we're due the middle generation Koenig.
  9. So true. I grew up watching syndicated re-runs of a lot of the classic sci-fi shows, but if I recommend episodes of original Star Trek, I'm very specific about the ones I recommend. Things do become less accessible, and over time the 'big' episodes stand up to history and the average ones recede. I've been watching Quantum Leap re-runs off and on, and it occurred to me recently that it was a contemporary of Star Trek The Next Generation. TNG has stayed more watchable for new audiences (barring that first season). I think it's partly because Quantum Leap looked at the recent past and the near future, and both of those choices date it a bit. Some of it's more cutting edge moments don't play as well 30 years on. Even so, there are still moments of brilliance to admire.
  10. There's a little bit more, because Nandor is Nandor: Nandor: Guillermo...is there something you haven't been telling us? (camera pans around to see the devastated theater while ominous music plays) Guillermo: My name's Guillermo de la Cruz. Nandor: I don't care what the f*** your name is...we had to pick up our laundry! (camera cuts back to Guillermo staring at them. Cut to the credits with a Spanish language rock song "Yo No Se (I don't care)".) I forgot that at the start of the massacre Guillermo does an Errol Flynn rope swing down onto the stage.
  11. Netflix keeps telling me that Hannibal is in the Top 10 of TV series. I wonder if some new people are discovering it.
  12. I feel like that was the entire purpose of this episode, and I'm good with that. Moist. I wonder if AoS inherited Agent Carter's wardrobe racks when it was sadly canceled. It's nice, if a little bittersweet, to see Sousa again.
  13. That's amazing that he came up with 'de la Cruz' without knowing he was going to be a slayer. The second he said it I burst out laughing - it's just perfect. Rats that this is the last one. I really enjoyed it. Like others said it wasn't as constantly funny as some of the others but it was fun and heartfelt. I love the ridiculous final moments with Guillermo and the four vampires still tied up on stage. It is a great balance. I loved it when he shimmied up that wall and then looked back over excitedly at the camera crew. I'm sad Jemaine Clement won't be shepherding this as much in the future. But at least they got to a point where things really gelled. I hope next season soars as high as this one did - both in terms of achievement and insanity.
  14. It caught me off guard when Nandor actually asked the camera crew for help while they were tied up.
  15. Another little Nandor moment from the beginning - he insisted that Guillermo taking 15 minutes breaks was his idea. His MILF comment kind of riffed on a joke at the end of the WWDITS movie, when Viago I feel like they had more of an effects budget this year. They've used it well, like with the room with all the doors. Nice catch that James Frain voiced the goat. I wounder if he'll recur as a voice or as another character. He could totally play a vampire if they decided to have him in person on this series.
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