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  1. This was a fun! I'm ambivalent to reveal parties but they made the most of it. (I have to overlook them not noticing the cake was green before they put on the white frosting.) I couldn't believe they capped the green cake with Captain Peralta cutting off his other thumb. I did get a snicker out of Hitchcock and Scully's time share in Figi. I'd enjoy seeing Terry play in the band in the future.
  2. This was a lot of fun. I need to find a screencap of the rest of the customer safari white board items. I'm sure I've seen at least 50 points worth. I really like Dina and the vet. They are sweet and slightly dysfunctional, not unlike Jerry and Sandra, just in a different direction. ^This. She wasn't prepared, and was stressed because of it even though she clearly likes him. As far as who replaces Amy as a manager, I think most likely Glenn takes the role back. I think Dina is best as the enforcer. If Glenn stays floor supervisor, then it's hard to guess. I have two off the wall thoughts - Jeff or Marcus. Jeff isn't liked by corporate, and I could seem him being demoted and exiled. I don't know how well he would blend into the day-to-day operations of the store, though. They would have to have him get over Mateo fast. Marcus, in his brief try out to be Amy's assistant, was weirdly competent and had some office experience. I don't know how they would (or could) justify it being him, but I think there would be entertaining possibilities.
  3. I lol'd when they panned up to reveal JK Simmons coming out of the elevator. Genius guest casting yet again. And directed by Kyra Sedgwick is a fun bonus! I hope Simmons recurs. Part of me wishes they would do a locked room mystery as a follow-up. OH! They're on NBC now! They actually could! I noticed that, though I think it was not intentional. It would have been nice if they had thrown in a line about Dillman being an excellent craft store salesperson due to his detailed knowledge of glitter, but that being a detective meant more. I'm sure that this was written and recorded before current events. (Sorry to hear about your situation and best wishes.)
  4. Part of me wishes it was a clean wrap up without dangling threads because of the uncertainty. It was fine on the whole, but maybe not great. I echo those above who liked the scene with Sue Lynn and Dex drinking at the grave. It was a good, calm character moment. And my favorite part of that scene was the fact that Dex broke a Pottery Barn vase at Sue Lynn's house on her first visit and Sue Lynn lied and said it was a family heirloom. I was also glad Cosgrove was back. Usually I'm fine with the musical cues on this show, but I didn't like them recutting "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" to put choruses back to back.
  5. I thought it was the drug use.
  6. I suppose having Holt pull a Van Helsing at the open coffin would have been a bit much for prime time.
  7. Glen is not the most self aware person. While not mentioned, he and Jerusha were also foster parents to many children before having their own biological child. They probably feel their experience entitles them to comment. I did smile at the complete anti-climax of the baby obstacle course. I would kind of like it if Dina got to stay with the vet for a while - or if they gave up on her and Garrett entirely. Though I suppose this is her trial run at a 'real' relationship that paves the way for appreciating a future with Garrett.
  8. I missed Justified in its original run, and always hoped to go back and try it because of the good things I've heard. It came back to Hulu recently, so I decided to give it a try. On the whole I really enjoyed it. It's the sort of show you can obsess over. I liked all the recurring character arcs - their story continuity was exceptional. This holds up really well in a streaming era. I struggled with the first half of the first season. Raylan alone was not interesting enough to me. Bringing Boyd in to complete the other side of the picture was what made me keep going. I saw a piece of trivia on imdb.com that they originally intended to kill off Boyd in the first episode. I'm glad they changed the plan, because without the adversarial dynamic between the two of them I don't think this would have worked nearly as well. I didn't always like Raylan. Timothy Olyphant's performance grew on me with time, but the character was arrogant and often aimless. In the end Boyd was the most compelling character to me. Walton Goggins was really, really good at his different moods and personas. You could see when he switched gears mid-scene from one tactic and mannerism to another as the character recalculated. They did a great job of setting him up against characters who were more despicable than him, and having him trying to achieve his own American dream. I could still often root for him, in spite of what he was. My interest in Ava varied, and I didn't care for the prison story line at all. I see others above commented that Season 5 isn't well liked, and I felt the same. All the marshals - Art, Gutterson, Rachel - were fun characters. I sometimes wish the show had spent more time on them. The recurring character casting was amazing, and I think it's a major strength of this show. The Season 6 wrap-up was very good. I wasn't sure how they would find a way to bring things to a close, but they did as well as I think they could possibly have done. There is one aspect that I feel they glossed over - the lack of consequences for Raylan. I recognize that he's the hero, but he did a lot of shady things that never caught up with him.
  9. Forgot to comment the other day - there was a lot of licensed Pearl Jam in this. I wonder how much that costs.
  10. This was kind of odd. It's like they felt like they needed a case of the week, so they gave it to Hoffman and Lee. They did have some lead up to Hoffman and Lee as a thing in the last episode where they were together, so I wasn't surprised by the end. I second the hope that this doesn't lead to Hoffman pining over lost Dex and losing Lee. It seems like Hoffman is a lot less tense in conversations with Lee than he is with Dex. I don't know if that's a deliberate choice by the writers or just different chemistry. At the end I was waiting for a pan down to show that the unit member had been killed with Chekhov's knife. That was probably my favorite part of the episode. Both of them had such painfully real let downs, and it was good to see a little companionship between them. I thought that was a pretext for him making a move.
  11. I thought this episode was uneven but I genuinely laughed at the electric scooter chase.
  12. It appears to be on CBS. The articles I've seen say it is set in the 1990s. If I recall correctly NBC couldn't get the rights to Clarice, and that is why she wasn't a character in Hannibal. While they may not have Hannibal Lecter in the announced plans, his shadow will hang over this series, and they might be tempted to bring him in for a ratings boost one day. However, it wouldn't be anything like the Mikkelsen/Fuller version, since that belongs to NBC. Or maybe they'll have a Hannibal-lite character. It may be for the best that this is divorced from Hannibal if it ends up a standard procedural.
  13. My understanding is that the app isn't voluntary. They are required to have it on their phone and to have their phone on them. It automatically clocks them in and out of their shift, and the old system was retired. Employee tracking is real for some companies. I agree Dina and the vet are a good couple, and I lol'd when Sandra said yes to the phone assistant! "I always say yes." There were just a lot of funny blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments in this one.
  14. I liked the last little shot of the cars showing that the Mustang has a friend now. There were several 'Hey it's that guys' in this, so it was pretty clear who was going to matter. Otherwise, I thought it was pretty good.
  15. Ha! There is perhaps a resemblance around the eyes. It seems like they left it open for this character to recur. I was relieved it went as it did.
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