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  1. I think this is a bit of a retcon for this season. There is a picture of Colin Robinson in the opening credits where he is an adult wearing late 1800s clothing.
  2. @Bruinsfan, that's probably true. It's just more etymologically satisfying to me personally.
  3. This was a middle of the road episode for me, but I liked a lot of bits. I would never have expected them to do an episode on home soil lore, but I did enjoy Guillermo's mission to collect samples from the three homelands. I agree there should have been more at their house that he could have gotten. I mean, Dracula shipped 50 coffins' worth to England. I laughed when Lazlo accidentally turned into a sparrow instead of a bat. He's been surprisingly sincere this season. Colin Robinson was the winner of this episode. His poor victims, Nandor included.
  4. It was kind of a call back to the first episode when she was introduced. She was talking about watching Dateline to find out how not to end up on Dateline, and being prepared for attackers by listening to murder podcasts.
  5. It was a trivial episode but I enjoyed most of it. It gave Oliver and Charles time to freak out about Mabel lying and come to terms with it, with some laughs along the way. Steve Martin and Martin Short were a lot of fun on the chase. I laughed when Charles slid into an accent to list his Long Island nieces "Dawn Danielle, Dina and Dagmar." I think that was some foreshadowing about Cinda Canning from the horticulture podcasters.
  6. The show got a positive mention by Sarah D. Bunting in the ExtraHotGreat podcast, who led with "It is exactly enough Martin Short." ETA: there is strong language in the rest of the podcast, though not in the Only Murders in the Building part.
  7. I didn't start watching this until today, and couldn't stop. Incredible casting and story. Random thoughts - I love the slow build up in the first episode to the Reservoir Dogs suits walk at the end, including the poster on Bear's wall. Zahn McClarnon being goofy is delightful, and I hope Wes Studi comes back for another ep. Leon's driving speech to Willie Jack about not swerving for small animals was so close to the one that my parents gave me. This made me nostalgic for Sonic, and Sonic is not good (except for the onion rings).
  8. This sent me googling, and apparently the female term corresponding to 'were' is 'wyf.' I can get behind wyfwolf.
  9. Gail's bat form was really big and strange looking. Not as strange as Jenna's, but nothing like the regular bats that the others turn into. It was also greyish, like her werewoman form. That points toward a hybrid. I'm not crazy about 'werewoman' for some reason; 'werewolf' was already neutral. My limited familiarity with Twilight is only from other things referencing Twilight, but I did appreciate the silliness of the kickball game. Slightly off topic werewolf book recommendation - Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow.
  10. My speculative explanation is below the tag.
  11. @SunnyBeBe, it's a reference to a performance art video that Oliver described earlier in the show about a man who fell off a staircase then bounced up again. It was a metaphor for getting back up and trying again in spite of the continuous challenges of life.
  12. I didn't think they would go there but I'm happy Winnie is okay. I like the touch that it's Oliver's son who knew about Mabel and Tim because he's more in their age group. The bits with Sting turned out funnier than I thought they'd be. No doubt Steve Martin wrote the Tim Kono song. Charles asking "can we sit quietly" after social interaction made me feel seen. I'm somewhat forgiving of Jan's reaction to him at the restaurant. It's not just that he didn't share anything about himself. He was obviously lying and worried about sharing his 'red flags.' My understanding of t
  13. Mabel's post mortem conversation reminded me of American Werewolf in London.
  14. RIP Michael K Williams, and best wishes to his family. I saw his career very out of order, seeing him first in Hap and Leonard, and coming to The Wire only last year during the pandemic. He had a great ability to be both funny and deeply tragic.
  15. Harvey Guillen has the best reaction shots. He brings so much heart to Guillermo. Great attention to detail in that Guillermo's clothes are still slathered with the dried blood of vampires there at the beginning. Seriously? I need to re-watch that. If that wasn't dubbing that was amazing. I loved the stake bandolier. And earlier in the episode he was doing stabbing exercise practice.
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