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  1. Ha! There is perhaps a resemblance around the eyes. It seems like they left it open for this character to recur. I was relieved it went as it did.
  2. Also enjoyed this one for the most part, and don't have much to add. I liked the call back to Tacos a la Cosgrove. Also, I like Tookie's assistant chef. Also, I like that most of the characters in Dex's orbit don't necessarily like each other but will get along for her sake or to humor Ansel. It's an interesting tension.
  3. In spite of everything that was going on in this one I was not that interested or surprised by anything. The only smile I got out of this was Tookie telling Ansel "this is wrong, and it solves nothing" before egging the house. I almost smiled when Hoffman pretend to tear up the check to get back at Grey. While I wasn't looking forward to serious drama in the Hoffman family, Steven Williams is welcome. I hope they have a little comedy while he's around. I'm glad the car robbery subplot is over, but I hope the contract killer doesn't take over the rest of the season.
  4. This was a lot of fun. I hate love triangles but have been oddly engrossed by Sandra and Jerry and Carol. It was great to see Sandra and Jerry have a happy day in the end. All the characters had great little moments, with Garrett's rodeo speech a standout. And Jerry and Sandra singing a romantic acapella version of Creep was inspired. It was great that they included a last little shot of the cat so we knew it was okay. ETA: The extension cord bit made me "aww," and then laugh when they used it for impromptu limbo.
  5. At the end Piper hinted that Helen planned to heal Ed using nanobots, so between that and healing herself Helen did seem to have them. I think the disassemble part is supposed to be new.
  6. This was a little messy if it ends up as THE finale, but I enjoyed it on the whole. I agree the nanobot cloud takes a lot of hand waving. Helen as a biological AI did use nanobots to heal after Emily cut her, but converting over entirely to tiny robots is a leap. I have to say I do like Alex and Brooks. I'll forgive the testy exchange because Alex was stressed and because Piper was bothering him. As others have said, at least the adults in the triangle are being adults. Maybe it did. That would make more sense than the bracelet hurting her. Maybe it wiped her main program, and they went to slo-mo to emphasize that. The upload stopped because Piper wasn't wiped, but maybe Helen's consciousness got zapped into the ball and sent out to the aliens.
  7. I'm okay with adding some modern touches to Austen. I thought the "Emma" miniseries ten years ago with Romola Garai and Johnny Lee Miller was a great period adaptation that was also expressive and accessible for a modern audience. This one doesn't have that balance. This episode was...fine. I think that's the problem for me. I was thinking this episode that I've seen this already. It's starting to be clear that they are pushing a novel set-up into a weekly series. The story doesn't really progress, and there isn't enough variation week to week to keep my full attention. I will probably stop for a bit. Maybe I'll watch the remaining episodes in a block some time.
  8. I was also not very invested in this one. I found the client skeevy for taking advantage of her employees, and remain apathetic to the car theft subplot. However, Ansel and Tookie were nice. I'm starting to think they want Hoffman to be a character that is as emotionally turned around as Dex. My face? No. Every surface in a kitchen? Yes. Related question - is baked Alaska flambe a real thing? I know you toast the meringue, but this is the first I've of heard of setting it on fire.
  9. It's possible that Augur stole it from the government lab that created Helen. It's also possible someone else intercepted the original signal and tried to make a competing A.I. Maybe there is a version of Helen in Russia who looks like a Russian scientist. And on that topic - making artificial life forms in your own image is just asking for trouble. True, a lone survivor. I also found that a bit suspicious.
  10. I thought this was a pretty good episode; the romance was rushed, but they could recover. My understanding of the plot points is as follows: A human woman and government scientist named Loretta built A.I. Helen from a design in an 'intercepted' transmission that was believed to be from Russia or China. Helen later killed all her creators and escaped. She was then involved with creating all the other A.I.s we know except Piper. The partial upload was triggered when Emily and Justin disturbed the big ball of mercury and it floated up in the air. Presumably it is some kind of transmitter, but needs to draw energy from something to continue the upload. The power it gave off temporarily charged Chris's phone. Jo gave Loretta a duplicate or fabricated exobyte disk to get the syringe of fluid that can kill Helen. The original was left with Chris for safe keeping as confirmed by Benny. This made it seem even clearer that the A.I. are an alien design. The signal was sent intentionally by the E.T.s (or E.T.A.Is) and the U.S. government took the bait and made an A.I. This is not unlike Contact. Helen's mandate is to gather information and transmit it, and she created other A.I.s to accomplish her mission. All of them are somewhat deskilled compared to her. I'm guessing that if Piper does get uploaded they will try to use the exobyte disk to restore her. I hope next week has a good ending.
  11. It seemed to be alive if possible, but the number one priority appeared to be that the baby didn't end up under anyone else's control. The imperials probably think of the baby like a weapon - they want its power, but they really don't want anyone else to have it.
  12. I enjoyed the third episode more than the second, perhaps because it was a little less anachronistic, and because the animosity between the two leads was dialed back. I'm starting to warm to the characters, other than the Denham clan. Their machinations are a little too mean-spirited. It looks like their are eight total episodes, so next week is the mid point. I tried googling a bit more to see if there was clear contact, and found this article from the Jane Austen Society of North America. It seems Jane Austen met Belle's cousin Elizabeth a few times.
  13. I was convinced by some friends to watch this series in spite of my disappointment in the last few Star Wars movies. And wow. This is such a better Star Wars. Character, stakes, story arcs, and good effects use! This was a good finale to a good series. I was surprised that we saw Mando's face but the context and the reasoning that it was a droid makes sense. I thought it strongly echoed the reveal of Vader in ROJ; seeing the vulnerable human underneath the impenetrable armor is a shock. Based on the rules they have set up, he shouldn't reveal his face unless alone, no matter his relationship with another person. I don't think it's necessary - he's an expressive character even with the helmet. I have one question about the troopers at the beginning. Was that a real communication about the Moff? I thought that was a faked transmission by IG to give him time to get there. There were no trooper bodies at Gideon's feet when they cut back to the stand-off. For the first time in a while I can say I'm looking forward to the return of a Star Wars property. This is good as a space western, but it's also good as a space ronin.
  14. I wonder if Miss Lambe was inspired by someone like Dido Elizabeth Belle.
  15. I think this is accurate. Grey has an official position as an informant with the department. Paperwork was signed. Informants in the real world can receive pay based on news articles I've seen. Here's a quote from an interview with a retired FBI agent about ending an informant's employment:
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