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  1. Thanks for the clarification! The only thing wrong I could see was that he used a paper towel to dry -- not very good for the planet. I was recently playing some kind of party game where I had to give a clue for Tracy Flick and no one there-- of all ages-- knew the reference. I'm just gonna say it -- Election is essential viewing, so find a way to watch it! On topic, this finale was like a lot of reality show finales for me, in that I wasn't really clear on who I was rooting for or against until the episode started unfolding. Though Kelsey was always my third choice (and how did I mi
  2. As much as I love Jon Batiste, I have to agree with this. It seems like they only showed five or ten of those featured, full-screen.
  3. And that's how you talk over the music, You just do it, you don't announce that you're doing it. Congrats to Stephen Colbert!
  4. Awards show producers never seem to read these forums, or they would know to cut the skits.
  5. That's how you do an acceptance speech! ❤ Michaela Cole
  6. Okay, people know how long the have to talk before the music kicks in, right? Why not prepare your speech to fit that amount of time?
  7. My impression is that Reggie is supposed to be some kind of genius, but I've never enjoyed him. OTOH, squeeing at the Survivor ad!
  8. Between Evan's stage performance here, and Daniel Radcliffe's turn in Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail, it's a great TV season for...something 😉 Wanted to add to the love for Frances Conroy. She has been amazing me in everything I've seen her in since Six Feet Under back in the day.
  9. All I kept thinking about was how easy it would be for anyone to wander into that backyard when no one was home and help themselves to their choice of the outdoor games/elements. But maybe that says more about me! It just seemed so open to the street. A fence would have been a nice addition.
  10. She's a little too excitable for me, and I hate the fake *gasp* "oh no! What is this?!" cuts to commercial. (Good Bones does that too.) I think it would be more interesting to go in-depth with the "finished" house that's featured on IG. That would give us more of a before and after kind of arc. But I dunno, I might be brainwashed by now, since that is the path so many HGTV shows take (and, I suspect, why I've found it such reliable comfort viewing during the pandemic).
  11. A friend sent me this: The daily edition of 'The Rachel Maddow Show' is coming to an end. So who will replace her? Our mutual reaction: Oh no! Though I was kind of not 100% surprised. I feel like Rachel's been noting more frequently lately how long she's been doing the show. I know I will be bereft at 8 pm CT Monday thru Friday 😭
  12. I got a local PBS pledge drive after this ep also (and after Professor T), which I thought was spectacularly insensitive. I know I'm not the only person who has watched this show over its four seasons 80% for the incomparable Nicola Walker in this role, and to end this season and her run by prattling on about how YOU make series like this possible, oh please. I just want to quietly mourn the end of an era. Interesting for a character to die because the family pulled the plug, though. You get that with the occasional American movie (The Descendants comes to mind), but rarely in a TV show,
  13. I grew up in Reading, PA, which is close enough to Philly that a lot of "Philly things" found their way there. And the absolute best "Philly-style cheese-steak" I have had here in Houston has been at a local Greek restaurant. So go figure 😉 and the Greek connection made some kind of weird sense to me. Also, thanks, MC, for making me crave a Good Humor strawberry shortcake bar, which I haven't even thought about in years 😁
  14. Look up the English lyrics to the song that accompanied "The Dance," "Eso Que Tu Haces." Only perfect 😢
  15. I further wish -- as many of us here have whinged about before -- that the hosts/anchors would just tell us if they were taking time off. I am pretty sure Rachel said last night that she would see us tonight, and...not so much. I wish the trust level were different than it seems to be. Seth Meyers had no problem saying he would be off for two weeks and my world didn't fall apart. I think we can handle it.
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