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  1. Agree with the previous two posts, which are pretty much what I came here to say. I think Seth is making the smoothest transition to an in-person audience of all the late-night hosts. Not only does he not fawn over them, he's actually a little sardonic toward them, which is refreshing. I do miss seeing the band members at home. No more keyboards in the kitchen or wildly creative, vivid decor as a backdrop for the guitarist. But they must be over the moon to be playing together in person again. All the tech in the world can't substitute for that. Surely musicians who perform collaborativel
  2. Heh, Kiddo82, I saw An Education at the Best Picture Showcase the year it was nominated (so, 2010), and I still remember it 11 years later. As good as Carey Mulligan is in Promising Young Woman, she stole my heart in An Education and that's what always springs to mind first for me when her name comes up. Interesting comparison of this screenplay to Jojo Rabbit (which was my second favorite nominee in its year, after Parasite). It also won this category. Maybe the Academy does appreciate that degree of difficulty.
  3. So glad Rachel had a good outcome, and that was a uniquely Rachel PSA, but I also wanted to second everything she said about minor league baseball games. I think it’s the purest form of the sport. I have many stories and memories that I will not share here, because topic πŸ˜‰, but go back and listen to that part if you can (especially knowing how the rest of the story comes out).
  4. See, this is why the Georgia law, where you can't bring food or water to people waiting to vote, is so evil. TPTB create a situation (by selectively limiting available polling places) where lines are ridiculously long and then they just make it worse. So it's not enough that you're waiting for 7 hours, now we're gonna make sure you're hungry and thirsty besides. Then maybe you'll be so miserable you'll just give up on the whole thing and go home. Not new news with these recent laws, but when Texas first put voter ID in place several years ago, they decided that a student ID was not a va
  5. John didn't mention another charming provision of the Texas voting law, that it empowers partisan poll watchers and disempowers poll workers, which is another way to suppress the vote once people are actually at the polls and trying to vote. And when people are intimidated at the polls, guess who's doing the intimidating? It's not BIPOCs; they are the ones the intimidation tactics are being used on. If ending the filibuster is the only way out of this mess, we are in a world of trouble.
  6. I find I must nitpick re: Ava. She was supposed to be four years old in the first scene, then eight months was supposed to have elapsed between that and scene two, so maybe she was five by then. Then a year apparently went by between scene two and scene three, so she's what? six by now? and still acting like a four-year-old. I'll chalk it up to regressive behavior due to her f-ed up home situation, because otherwise, the practicalities of using an actress who would of course remain the same age through the filming schedule takes me out of the story way more than the intro-breaking-the-fou
  7. Show Me a Hero will always be Isaac's definitive performance for me; I bought the book it was based on the day after that miniseries ended and still can't get the story out of my head, he brought it so much to life. That said, I think Jessica Chastain is killing it here. She can do more with a glance than most other actors can do with a whole page of dialogue. I saw the movie version of Scenes in college (film minor, so you kinda had to see all the Bergman you could πŸ˜‰) but this version is making me forget that fast.
  8. Thanks for the clarification! The only thing wrong I could see was that he used a paper towel to dry -- not very good for the planet. I was recently playing some kind of party game where I had to give a clue for Tracy Flick and no one there-- of all ages-- knew the reference. I'm just gonna say it -- Election is essential viewing, so find a way to watch it! On topic, this finale was like a lot of reality show finales for me, in that I wasn't really clear on who I was rooting for or against until the episode started unfolding. Though Kelsey was always my third choice (and how did I mi
  9. As much as I love Jon Batiste, I have to agree with this. It seems like they only showed five or ten of those featured, full-screen.
  10. And that's how you talk over the music, You just do it, you don't announce that you're doing it. Congrats to Stephen Colbert!
  11. Awards show producers never seem to read these forums, or they would know to cut the skits.
  12. That's how you do an acceptance speech! ❀ Michaela Cole
  13. Okay, people know how long the have to talk before the music kicks in, right? Why not prepare your speech to fit that amount of time?
  14. My impression is that Reggie is supposed to be some kind of genius, but I've never enjoyed him. OTOH, squeeing at the Survivor ad!
  15. Between Evan's stage performance here, and Daniel Radcliffe's turn in Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail, it's a great TV season for...something πŸ˜‰ Wanted to add to the love for Frances Conroy. She has been amazing me in everything I've seen her in since Six Feet Under back in the day.
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