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  1. I loved the dueling Biden impressions last night! Of course I have a fondness for Stephen's aviators and half-grin, but Dana Carvey might be onto something in just kind of getting at the essence of Biden. I found myself giggling in spite of myself, anyway. It's kind of like his George H.W. Bush's "na ga da" (not gonna do it), which still seems to get at the essential Bush Sr. somehow.
  2. I've read Rebecca twice for discussion groups and this is a deliberate part of the storytelling, that the narrator is so much a cipher, perceived by herself to be so unimportant to her own story, that she's not even given a name. Look for this in contemporary works too, like My Lovely Wife. That has to be the Worst Book Club Ever, with everyone quaking in their boots that they would say the wrong thing and wind up in the Tub of Death. I have been waiting for Alison Wright to come into her Alison Wright-ness in her portrayal of Ruth. I wasn't feeling it in the first season but it's starting to come through. I knew it was in there somewhere. My yardstick is her absolutely phenomenal work on The Americans. Check it out if you haven't already. I will say I have this show as a series recording but I've kind of been letting it pile up on the DVR. It's less of a "must-watch" show than in S1.
  3. Finally watched the movie on Netflix, and I'll just say it's giving me a new appreciation for the show, which is approximately a bazillion times better. The movie is like an extra-dystopian Brazil without the humor, more unrelentingly dark than anything (and I have a pretty high tolerance for dystopias). The ending? Meh. Kept thinking how glad I was to have seen Parasite before I saw the Snowpiercer movie or I would have been deeply suspicious of Bong Joon-ho's work in general, b/c Parasite is a work of genius. But if it took Snowpiercer for him to work out some initial ideas about class discrimination so that he could get to Parasite, I'm okay with that πŸ˜‰ The show is much more effective, I think, in showing us the train and the various people and systems that keep the "pax Snowpiercer." It seems quite possible there was never meant to be room for all that in the story the movie wanted to tell, and that’s fine. I will admit that it was the general premise that got me to try the show, so it's all good, man ☺
  4. Please note that in my original post I said I used to earn close to $80K. At this point I am very grateful for that $1400. I hope everyone who receives a stimulus check will exercise wisdom with it 😌
  5. Not to mention, neither of those specials seemed to be all that critically acclaimed.
  6. Fact checks, lol I really need to finish the last season of Better Call Saul, and Unorthodox, and the whole of The Queen's Gambit.
  7. Okay, four for four, IMO. And I'm glad it was worth it for Gillian to stay up until after 1 a.m. in London!
  8. It's already more technically polished than the Golden Globes and I'm happy with the first two winners. Dare I hope?
  9. Yes, even though I remember being bitterly disappointed in the whole thing last year πŸ˜€
  10. I finally deleted this from my series recordings. I too have been following Bill since his Politically Incorrect days on ABC, and even saw him perform live once, but it's gotten to the point where, as the businesspeople like to say, Real Time was just not adding any value to my life πŸ™„
  11. You're right, Tessaray, that is the argument for distributing the checks across the board. Lord knows there are people who were doing quite nicely in 2019 who were cut loose because of COVID in 2020 and would greatly appreciate the check. The problem I think I had with this particular segment was that it seemed to assume that different people weren't in different circumstances. I feel like I'm hearing more and more stories about people who never lost their jobs in the last year and now have quite a nice bundle of savings socked away -- which includes their stimulus checks, which aren't stimulating anything. I guess I prefer Chris's outrage to be directed to something about which I, too, am outraged πŸ˜†
  12. I finally had to mute Chris hyperventilating over stimulus checks being cut for, say, single people earning $80K. As someone who used to earn close to that, I can tell you that at that level you would barely notice another $1400 in the bank. The perfect can be the enemy of the good, after all. Usually I appreciate his passion but I think it was misdirected on this one.
  13. I was holding my breath through most of tonight's show waiting for John to mention the no-knock raid here in Houston just over a year ago that killed an innocent couple. I guess Breanna Taylor was a more high-profile version of that, but it was a terrible thing here and John made a good case overall. That poor woman who was told not to shout?! Not enough words 😒
  14. It's Kristin Wiig's latest project, with her friend and writing partner of many years. Someone else will have to come up with the actual name of the thing! (Thanks, AimingforYoko!)
  15. Is anyone directing this show? Truly awful and inexplicable choices are being made.
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