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  1. That broke my heart, seeing her like that. She was such a natural beauty. Why do they do this to themselves? I just don't get it. I'm far out of they age range for these gals so IDK if it's a generational thing. I didn't grow up constantly taking pictures of myself and showing them to the world. Internet was still dial up when I was in school so maybe there is some kind of pressure to look like all the other fake looking people on Instagram? I just find it so sad. Brianna, Kelsey, Kalyssa, they were all stunning young women and they all now look like over processed socialites trying to recapture their youth so their rich husbands don't leave them for a younger model.
  2. I don't know that he did, but I wouldn't be surprised. It would actually be preferable to violent alcoholic IMO. It's more the idea that if he can cheat on his first wife he can cheat on you too. IDK if he did or not. Don't much care but sorry for the confusion.
  3. Yeah, I was an 80s teen and I lived on Nick at Nite, which played ooooold reruns, black and white stuff like Burns and Allen, The Patty Duke Show, Dobie Gillis. There was a lot of 50s nostalgia in the 80s. I also watched a lot of 70s reruns and tons of MASH. I think MASH and Little House on the Prairie were on every single night for most of my childhood and teens... and actually I think they still run constantly today. haha. Most shows that go for 80s tend to go for the "trendy" 80s, the big hair and the work out clothes and Madonna and Michael Jackson but my experience was more subtle, more like Stranger Things which has some of that typical 80s vibe, like feathered hair, but it doesn't look costumey.
  4. No, but I think I got screwed over because I was the awkward, mousy, nerdy girl with glasses and I did NOT blossom into a sexy, hot supermodel. Maybe it's because no one was dared to date me and therefore I never took my glasses off and let down my ponytail in slow motion. Damn. If I could go back to high school by wishing on Zoltar, or a birthday candle, or a fortune cookie I'd make sure the hottest guy in school was paid or dared to go out with me. That is where my whole life took the wrong turn. Curses! I was bullied. I'm more like a moderately attractive high functioning sociopath who has enough money to make ends meet and is only a danger to herself. So....close.
  5. Well that makes it interesting that he'd ever marry Jen in the first place, unless she made her no kids decision after they got married. Love can conquer, well, some things, but one thing it cannot conquer is one person wanting children and one person not wanting children. No one who is ambivalent about having children should be pressured by a spouse into having them and no one who has the desire to be a parent should have to give that up because their spouse doesn't. You can agree no to talk about politics or religion if you have differing views, but kids, that's a deal breaker. Honestly, it should be one of the first things a couple talks about when they're getting serious. I am one of those "crazy" women who never wanted children. When asked why I would honestly say that I don't like children. I understand their need to exist or we as a species would die out, but I don't want to be anywhere near them. Then they would always say the most disturbing thing ever "You'll feel different when you have your own." Now, maybe I will, but what is that poor kids life going to be if I have it and still hate children? Why would you wish that on some theoretical child? WTF is wrong with people? OK, rant over. I totally agree with the assessment that Brad basically becomes whoever he is with so I could see him deciding he didn't actually want kids when his relationship with Jen was new and exciting and he was trying to get in her pants. But then Angie shows up and she's all "I want a zillion babies from all over the world" and Brad's biological clock started ringing so loud he couldn't do anything but pull Little Brad out and get cracking on making some babies! He was the one who cheated, Angie was just stupid enough to think things would be different. Never marry a guy who cheated on his wife with you. No matter how special he says you are, and how magical his love for you is, in the beginning he said the same shit to her. If Jen knew he wanted kids when they got married and she didn't, then the score is: two stupid women and one stupid cheating asshole. No winners.
  6. Given that I usually vehemently disagree with a good portion of the winners of said awards, I, too, don't see the point of stating you're the best. That is completely relative and subjective. Many of the shows I consider "the best" most people either haven't seen or haven't even heard of. lol
  7. For the Emmy's I believe the nominees are selected by committee, then everyone who is a member of the Academy is given a ballot. I know that my boss was only given the major categories to vote, not all the technical categories. She/we worked for a major network that had shows in the major categories. I only remember voting for Best Drama, Comedy, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress and I think a couple more categories but this was a good 15-20 years ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Oh yikes! It was more like 20-25 years ago!
  8. What kills me is, not only are they dumb enough to go out with friends without masks and huddle together for pictures, but they are stupid enough to then post those pictures online for the world to see how freaking irresponsible and self absorbed they really are. Didn't they used to get social media training? Do they still? Because maybe this year's training should have included some Covid related instructions, like "if you're dumb enough to go around without a mask and get all touchy feely, please don't post it all over the internet for people to see that when Kelli says the DCC are World Class she really means they are World Class Idiots." I fully expect them to go rob a bank and post the video on tiktok because they looked cute in their black catsuits.
  9. I think VK hired the girl behind her to make her look better - they are wearing the SAME outfits. VK also hired the "pom" Wait! That girl behind her isn't just her in some sort of bizarre time/space loop? I kind of thought it was VK's thought bubble where she actually manages to land the turn properly (albeit a smaller turn but still, at least background girl didn't fall over!)
  10. I stopped "believing" in awards shows when my boss gave me her Emmy ballots and let me vote for her. Now, I was freaking THRILLED and thought it was the coolest thing ever, but it also showed me how even those who vote don't take it all that seriously. And admittedly, I did not watch every show nominated for every category I got to vote in, and I am VERY opinionated, especially when it comes to TV, so I just picked the shows I liked rather than thinking deeply about which ones are best crafted or the most influential or whatever. It was more "ooh, I love this show", "I've never watched any in this category but I've heard about this one". So yeah, awards shows are not even remotely about finding the best show/actor/etc, it's about which are most popular, which company paid to have a large number of their staff vote, and who gets the most "buzz". So I can't get too worked up or excited about inclusive-ity in awards since it's all just BS anyway. Unless they do some kind of quantifiable catagory, like "Most non-white actors in a show" it is all going to be subjective anyway. What I am curious about is how much weight awards still have, what with social media "buzz" and "trending" being bigger ways of marketing your show. I honestly can't tell you if any of the shows I watch have been nominated for or won any awards. That isn't how I choose what I'm going to watch.
  11. Yeah, because they still want to make a good movie that is going to make them money. It is just a way of kind of pushing them towards having a broader net out when casting. What I'm hoping it does is break the fairly incestuous nature of casting so that people who don't "know somebody" or have "an in" will get looked at. Best case scenario, we find some amazing new talents out there. Worst case scenario, we find some fairly decent new talents out there. Either way it is forcing this tight little circle to open up a bit.
  12. It is sad that she isn't being believed because of who she is. It shouldn't matter. Good for you for backing up her story, though it breaks my heart that 1) you have to and 2) you can because you experienced the same. Victims shouldn't be judged by how they act or what they've done. Quite frankly, you can be a murderer and still be someone else's victim and you're going on to kill someone else doesn't justify someone having abused you before that any more than being abused justifies you abusing (or killing in my hypothetical here) someone else. Abuse is NEVER right. I tend to believe someone when they talk about abuse they have suffered. Sadly, it is because I realize people are terrible and do terrible things to one another so it is not at all surprising that children in a school are being abused. And that "school" sounds like some cult level shit right there. No one should have to go through that.
  13. ok, she doesn't look too bad for over 30. Just a bit too tan for my taste.
  14. She looks good if she's in her mid 40s. She just has that aged skin one gets if they've spent a lifetime tanning that really ages people. She looks pretty, and in good shape, she just looks old. Unless she is in her 40s, in which case she looks great! Kelsey just makes me sad. She was STUNNING when she was a DCC and now she looks like pretty much all the other over botoxed Instagram girls who use too many filters and know all the "angles" to hold the camera phone. She used to be special and now is just common. I feel the same about Kalyssa, who I thought was striking on the show but now looks...sadly like her career is sex, maybe a porn star, maybe a kept woman, but either way she looks like being "sexy" rather than beautiful is her goal in life. Might not be, hopefully not, but that's what a glipse at her Instagram makes me think.
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