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  1. The combo of Iron Maiden with the pearls and broach is making me unbelievably happy.
  2. I've done this at work. Mainly because our elevators are notoriously bad. There is a trap door of sorts, more like a panel that would need to be unscrewed. It is also behind a strange kind of cage. I have also eyed the shaft one the many occasions the lifts are being worked on, to make sure there is some kind of ladder I can climb up in case of emergency. I like to be prepared. lol
  3. Call girls? Buy that outfit and you get the girl in it for the night? IDK I wouldn't pay that much money for nice clothes, never mind something I would have made with my mum's scrap material when I was 6.
  4. I agree. Actually, part way in, about when Tim and Heidi got their caraciture sketches (that they were totally snarking on which...rude!) I realized that the only thing I'd paid any attention to so far was the peeing dog (he was a cutie!) and that I couldn't tell you a damned thing about the challenge I realized it wasn't worth the bandwidth to keep watching. It doesn't just lack urgency or excitement, it lacks any sense of life at all. Even the annoying ones panic about having to sew was boring. I know they all have their own lines and all but I would still think a million dollars would elicit a bit more enthusiasm. Maybe the show just picked a bad crop? It isn't a lack of personality drama because I felt like Next in Fashion didn't have a lot of that manufactured personality drama and I very much enjoyed it. Those designers seemed happy to be there, excited to show what they can do, enthusiastic about their craft. These ones seem like they don't really want to be there and that makes it a lot less fun to watch.
  5. Yeah. If anything he did more damage than good. There are plenty of "celebs" out there who do have the virus and are speaking out about it. I don't think the world needed someone lying about it, no matter what the reason. It was just a really, really bad decision.
  6. We need a rage emoji because that is just forking rage inducing. Who the fork thinks that is funny? Won't lie, there was a tiny little part of me hoping I'd wake up to news that Covid-19 itself was just one huge April Fools prank and everyone could go back to work, but I didn't really expect it, it was just a tiny little dream.
  7. I would rather my slightly wrinkled 47 year old skin over their waxen, plastic 20something year old skin. YIKES. Of course, given the tons of makeup they wear their skin is probably older looking than mine. (I have tried to wear foundation but end up scrubbing it off within a couple hours because I hate the feeling of something on my face. Because of that, I have very nice skin for my age so while I hated that I couldn't keep make up on when I was younger, I really appreciate it now. There are better things to spend my money on than botox lol)
  8. I remember that dress. I couldn't stand Jeffrey but I did love his designs. I don't think gingham was the problem so much as gingham on top of that Muppet fur skirt done by Princess Sparkle Can't Sew was the issue. Gingham done as haute couture by someone with talent could have been "refreshing", "daring" even "edgy" but I don't think there is anyone on this show with the talent to have pulled it off.
  9. I just got this sudden image of Jock and Gus from Cinderella as the unseen mystery seamstresses and it made the show 100 times more enjoyable...for about a second. lol I think I've been self isolated for too long.
  10. Holy Hell! What did Lauren do to herself? She used to be kind of pretty. Now she looks plastic. Yikes! Why do young, pretty people think they need to have work done?
  11. So far the locations have far exceeded any of the fashions so I am quite happy with the long shots. I also kind of like the casual judging table. It can be quite catty, but since I don't have any real love for the designers I'm okay with that. I loved the white gown with the black pipping and probably would have given her the win. I wish they had gone into the "shoddy" workmanship, in the sense of, did the seamstress do exactly as instructed, perhaps not get clear instructions, not understand the instructions or did the designer do that bit of sewing herself? I don't think I care for the seamstress twist to this show. It makes me appreciate the PR scene's of the designers chatting/joking/bitching with each other at their sewing machines.
  12. That is how I felt about the Annabelle doll from all the Conjuring movies. The real Annabelle was just your standard Raggedy Ann doll, and I get why they couldn't use that image but they should have made the movie doll prettier. All I could think through all the movies was what child psychopath in training would want that horrifying looking doll?
  13. Since Martha is gone I might actually give this another try. Not quite liking it but it's...something. I do like Esther and Sabato (I LOVED his two 20s inspired wedding dresses) and like all the others except Sanders, who seems to think way too highly of his talent which seems pretty average at best. I do agree that Tim and Heidi seem to be trying way too hard. Maybe it is an attempt to distance themselves from PR but I hope they tone it down a lot in the upcoming eps. I wasn't sure what was lacking in this one but some of you have pointed out the lack of sewing themselves and I do think I miss that "workroom rush" PR had. I do find it interesting, as I assume they did the whole seamstress thing to avoid the backlash PR got from having a winner who couldn't sew but then not having to sew on this show didn't help the one moron who designs clothes but can't sew. How does that even happen? I mean, I can understand maybe not knowing how to use one of those fancy sewing machines, but they showed most of the others just hand sewing. Could Martha not even manage that? I knew how to hand sew since I was a child making dresses for my Barbies. It's not exactly complicated. But it didn't even seem like she could do that much! YIKES She did come across as some spoiled special snowflake who pays people to make the things she imagines and calls herself a designer. UGH After ep one I had to read this thread to see if she was still on. It was only because I realized she was kicked off that I kept going.
  14. Awe poor Prince Charles. That's a great picture though. I needed a laugh.
  15. Thank you for the link. That was delightful. She would have been a great history teacher. lol
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