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  1. OMG! Better for HIM maybe, because it means he doesn't have to stop before he's finished. If this is true, this man is terrifying.
  2. Though Messing might physically suit Lucy better than Nicole, whom I quite like but really can't picture as Lucille Ball, though I do want to see her in costume, maybe it could work, I just don't think Messing would be able to not play the caricature of I Love Lucy rather than the actual actress Lucille Ball. I am not sure who I would cast personally.
  3. Nobody wears hats like the royals! I LOVE that butterfly one. it is so different. Also Camilla's middle hat is great. Sophie's is wonderful. But I pretty much love Maxima most of all so any huge thing she wears is automatically awesome in my eyes. lol
  4. That was a lovely moment that shows how much they really were sisters without being blood related. One of the most surprising things for me over the course of the show was how much I came to love Prudence. In the beginning I loved to hate her because the actress was great but the character was quite horrible, but the character actually grew a lot over the course of the show and her love and care for her sisters was a big part of that. The look on her face when Agatha was lucid again was just pure love. I'd totally watch a show about Prudence travelling the world scattering bits of Faustus here and there while fighting baddies all Buffy style, with Ambrose by her side, natch.
  5. Especially when you have a body that most would envy. I thought she was breathtaking in Titanic and would have killed to look like her, and yet, she's torn apart because she's not a size 0? She looked amazing to me. If I looked like that I wouldn't have felt I needed to worry about being bullied for my weight, and yet, we are still doing it. I don't think an actor who's job it is to portray a character should be scrutinized for their looks quite in the same way as an Instagrammer who is putting up half naked photos for the main purpose of getting people to comment on their looks.
  6. Oh how I wish they had an eye roll option on here. 😵
  7. Don't be silly. They couldn't possibly move on when super special most magical and amazing Sabrina is gone. I assume they all just ceased to exist without her. lol Seriously though, they probably all heaved one giant sigh or relief that that little pain in the arse was gone and maybe they could go a week without the world being in some Sabrina Induced crisis of the most epic proportions. They probably threw a party. As long as Hilda, Ambrose and Lilith got their happy endings and Faustus has been scattered to the far ends of the Earth I'm good. I do agree with those who find the romanticizing of suicide to be with your true love in extremely bad taste. There is nothing romantic about killing yourself to be with your just got back together after being broken up girlfriend. BLECH
  8. That does make sense. Gretchen does come across as unhinged. I'm just curious who would fund that nutjob. lol
  9. I was confused by that as well. I felt like half way through the changed their story. But I loved the ep so I didn't mind. I was just so thrilled at the nod to the old sitcom.
  10. That is kind of heartbreaking to me. That 1. they had to hear someone trashing their dad like that and 2. that their dad up and married the bitch. I've never liked Evan but I flat out hated Carly on all her turns in the the Franchise.
  11. So he wanted a younger actress that he then made look older rather than just hiring an age appropriate actress? Cause Mrs. Robinson looks like a woman in her 40s, but Heaven for bid we hire a woman in her 40s. I think Bancroft was perfect in the role, but not because she was younger (I actually thought she was older in that movie so what do I know) but because of her talent in the role.
  12. Same here. Love the idea that some scientist is behind the crash and that it was all orchestrated for an experiment. It's just what the experiment is that I have issues with. Taking a group of unstable teenager girls is no way to prove that women are better than men. And this is the worst of it. Gretchen is trying to prove that women will join together and build a better society, but she is proving this by torturing and actually facilitating in the death of other women. When whatsherface died, even though it was an accident, that should have been the end of it, if Gretchen's hypothosis that women would build a more caring, less "alpha" society, but instead she carries on because she's as horrible as the men she thinks are so terrible. I totally agree that Gretchen is far too biased for anyone to take her findings seriously. The island stuff though is great. I would have been okay with this being a straight up female Lord of the Flies rather than Lost with all the people watching and mystery and don't trust anyone conspiracy stuff.
  13. I really have no use for either of them but yes, I do feel worse for him (after the kids, obviously) because he is the one with the illness. She can and is going to just go on with her life like everything is great, unless she gets more publicity for everything being horrible, then everything will be horrible. He needs help. I also hope that getting the hell away from the toxic monstrosity known as the Kardashians, that he can get the help he needs. Those poor kids. All the money in the world can't stop their parents from being those two. Of course, I felt sorry for those kids the moment they were born for that very reason.
  14. I did watch Season 2 of You because of her (I couldn't stand the first season and didn't make it all the way through that one). Victoria P. was a standout on You. Her character was very different than those in Bly and Hill House and I just find her very engaging to watch. She has a very natural acting style.
  15. That confused me too. They were both the same person it was just Sabrina once again wanting her cake (being queen and ruling hell) and eating it too (being a teenage cheerleader hanging with her friends), so she split herself in half so she could just do both. Hell, the Mandrake was more of a "this Sabrina is a different person" than Spellman and Morningstar. Which is why, when the Mandrake Sabrina died I felt something, when Spellman and Morningstar were deciding who should die I really couldn't have cared less. I do think "rock, paper, scissors" was just about the level of decision they needed, since it really was "will I stay and rule hell or will I go back to Earth and hang out with my friends". I would have been fine with most of the show ending with the "regular" cosmos ceasing to exist as Salem's Endless cosmos took over as the "real" world.
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