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  1. Oh, that makes it even more interesting. I was kind of sad that the Asian woman was the "competent, unimaginative" one because that seemed very stereotypical. I kind of felt sorry for her that she was put in that role. (I'm oddly empathetic to imaginary people). I think that is the bigger problem. Most of the stories being told on TV are still pretty white-centric, sometimes with one or two POC in the mix so they can say they are diverse. Cast wise, one of the better shows for diversity was The Good Place because half the main cast were POC and none of them were stereotypes. Sadly, I realize I have no idea what the writing staff for the show was. It is something that, until recently, I admit I never really thought about.
  2. It annoyed me when they took the Minchew sisters. It annoyed me even more whenever Kelli accuses someone of "taking someone's spot" because that is not what happened. Though, in this case I can give her a pass, since the Sisters shouldn't have auditioned until they were done with their pageant duties, but as you said, Kelli also could have just not taken them knowing they had pageant duties. I think Kelli just got excited about having a reigning pageant queen on the roster. Kelli likes to collect titles. Kelli acts like it is some deep betrayal if a girl makes it into camp and realizes she's in way over her head and bows out gracefully, rather than waiting for Kelli to cut her. That always bothered me. I think it takes guts to accept that your dream job is really too much for you and pulling out rather than wasting everyone's time on something you now know you can't do. I do remember how forking pissed Judy was at Minchew when she came back the second time. I am surprised she didn't bitch slap Kelli when she said Minchew was in.
  3. Unless it is proven true, I refuse to believe she would do that to her son. That is just a level of horribly cruelty I can't deal with. I feel that if she were to kill herself she wouldn't do it in front of her young child. I think she just went for a quick swim and got stuck underwater. A tragedy to be sure, but just a terrible, terrible accident.
  4. That is the hardest part of it all. We are, as humans, naturally biased towards people who are like us. Once a certain type have power, it becomes incredibly difficult for anyone different to move up. Your example was very interesting because I would have picked candidate #2 because I love vintage but IDK that I'd like her formality. I'd be interested to see if #3 could adapt to my style because I like her enthusiasm and maybe she could bring something new to my designs. No interest in "competent but lacks imagination" if I am looking for a designer. If I am looking for a seamstress though, #1 would be top pick. Then I thought about it in terms of a television show. If I were a show runner I would want as diverse a writers room as I could get, in race, gender, age, etc. if not for the sake of diversity then for the sake of having a bigger pool of experience to pull from. A 67 year old gay Black man will bring different stories, different ideas than a 23 year old bi Asian woman. I think each of them have stories to tell that my 48 year old straight White woman couldn't come up with. Diversity just makes for better storytelling IMO. I know my limitations in life experience and would want to surround myself with people who have had different experiences from me. But I also understand wanting a bunch of people who are going to just agree with you and think you're brilliant because they are all coming from the same place/life/mindset as you. I just get bored easily so having a wide variety of people around me is more interesting. I also watch a very eclectic variety of shows for the same reason.
  5. I think this is why people are even suggesting she was taken. If someone kidnapped her there is a chance she is alive. If she got tangled in weeds and held underwater, given the amount of time that has passed, she's dead. I do hope, for the sake of her loved ones, that they find her body soon. I don't think there is much chance she's alive unless she was taken but that does seen highly unlikely.
  6. So, she acted like exactly what she was. This is what happens when Hollywood mines the internet for "talent". They get the talent with absolutely no clue how to actually do the job.
  7. I am happy that the new guys will all be over 30. I'm actually more interested in the season because it's not a bunch of 23 year olds looking to boost their career of conning people into buying useless shit because some low level "celeb" took a picture of themselves using/wearing it. I will probably end up disappointed, but I am hoping Clare's older age season will be more like the earlier seasons where people were actually more interested in the lead than in their internet careers.
  8. You might be on to something. But I'm guessing if he had been the one caught sleeping with someone else they would have stuck with the open marriage stuff, which usually means the guy can sleep around because men are men but if the woman does, it's suddenly not an open marriage anymore and they had to claim to be "on a break" so it sounds like she didn't actually choose to sleep with someone else when she was sleeping with Will. Basically, it was an open marriage so long as his manhood stayed in tact, now that the world knows she turned to another dick he needs a better explanation than she just felt like it.
  9. Not just because, it's because they need to show us all how much more in tune with the painting process they are because they are above us mere mortals who just put a brush in a bucket and slap paint on a wall. They really are the most obnoxious, pretentious morons I've ever listened to. It just feels like they are vastly overcompensating for a lack of something, personality maybe? IDK. It makes me sad because back in his Fresh Prince days I adored Will Smith. Total crush! I just feel like he went off the rails. Maybe it was Jada, maybe fame just got to him, maybe he was abducted by aliens and they did things to him, IDK, but I miss old school Will Smith.
  10. That is the only reason I can think that Breelan made it. She wasn't special or outstanding in any particular way. Sometimes I get it when a beautifuly girl who's not the best dancer makes it, or someone with a huge personality who might be a bit "heavy", or an amazing dancer who doesn't interview well. But Breelan, fine as she was, was just adequate in all the DCC criteria. I hate Melissa as a mentor because just just comes across soooooo smug and special and she's really not. She was only asked back because she's "famous" now. Is she the most "famous" former DCC? As far as, left the org and became a star in any sense? She's the only one I know of outside of this show but I don't really follow them once they leave and most of them seem like the same person to me so I remember very few of them once they're off my screen.
  11. I actually find their love story rather sweet. I know they cheated which is bad, but I don't think either were in a marriage based on love, I certainly know Charles wasn't. I know less about Camilla's marriage. But Chaz and Camz do seem to love each other very much and make each other very, very happy and seem perfectly suited for one another so I am glad that they are able to be together in their golden years, which, given his family's stamina, could be a long time.
  12. I wept like a baby during the entire sinking part of the movie but not for Rose and Jack, or any of the main characters. It was the ones you said, the band, when they realized they weren't going to survive just started playing again is just such a powerful moment, the Strausses holding each other as they went down gets me every time, Victor Garber's character watching his beautiful ship going down. Hell, I lose it every time I watch that magnificent staircase start to fill with water. The sinking really was cinematically perfect...until they focused on Rose and Jack and that stupid door. Everything else, though, was stunning and heartbreaking and a master class in film making. I wish they had given the movie a different focus than the "forbidden" love story but I also don't think it would have been nearly as financially successful if they didn't have the two young, pretty people from different social classes falling in love and one dies tragic love story the general population eat up so I have to suffer through it to watch my beautiful ship. (I'm slightly obsessed with the Titanic, the ship as well as the true story of the sinking).
  13. They are both extremely toxic. Both are the victims of each other and both are the abusers of each other. The only good thing about their coupling was that it saved some other possibly less toxic people from being stuck with either of them.
  14. I kind of love that covered up all lace dress. I also love them sitting in a circle, maintaining their distance but still able to have their wedding. Good of them. They look so happy together.
  15. The only thing I liked about Titanic were the costumes and sets. The love story left me unmoved. I did cry when The Strausses went down with the ship because 1.) real people and 2.) that is a love story! I agree about Lin-Manuel Miranda. I'm sure he's very talented and all but I'm kind of sick of him, no offense to the man, he seems like a good person.
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