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  1. And for all we know they wear the same suit over and over. But heaven forbid one of the women wear the same thing twice! It is always easier for men apparel wise. Pants, blazer, shirt, tie, done. So long as everything matches there's nothing else to think about. No worrying about showing too much skin, or looking too school marmish, or wearing something similar to something someone else wore. Speaking of, where are the comments about Prince Charles having worn a suit on his trip to Pakistan and now his son Prince William is following in his father's footsteps by also wearing a suit on this trip to Pakistan? Why no comparison of them? Nope, it's all about how Kate wore something similar to something Diana wore in a similar situation which means...what? That they have similar taste in clothing? Is it a good thing? a bad thing? How is it remotely relevant to anything? I just don't get the constant need to compare Kate or Megan to Diana. Did Diana invent the concept of wearing clothes to places? I'm sure the Queen once wore a blue dress too. I admit I like looking at the clothes, I think Kate has an amazing sense of style, but I don't really care beyond thinking "what a pretty dress/coat/outfit".
  2. They seem to do it earlier and earlier each year. They just need to make a dedicated Christmas Channel and be done with it, like they have the Mystery channel now, which is the only one I actually watch. (PS: I'm already sick of Christmas and it's barely mid October!) I am really enjoying the Mystery 101 movies. The leads have great chemistry, though I am already sick of the "dance". Just freaking ask him or her out! (She seems like a strong enough woman that she wouldn't need the man to ask her out so I say have her go for it, ask him out.) Though I assume the writing staff just isn't strong enough to pull off an actual relationship between them.
  3. I despise this one. Especially if you haven't even asked the person out yet. They owe you no loyalty, so even if the person who is so obviously their old BFF/sibling/various platonic opposite sex friend, starts dry humping them in the middle of whatever party you are at, it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!! The funny thing is, if you watch any of those charming guy who turns out to be a controlling, abusive asshole (see pretty much every single Lifetime movie), you will see that every one of them starts this way. It is literally the poster child first sign you are in an abusive relationship So, it is not cute or romantic. It is creepy and bordering on an abuser warning sign.
  4. We occasionally do raffles at work and you have to put your extension. I have no clue what my work extension # is. I believe there is a 4 in it and possibly a 9 I think. I usually put my name, dept and floor and hope for the best.
  5. Me too. And the only reason I remember it is because that's the phone number attached to mum's Big Y silver card and I use it when I go shopping. lol
  6. OMG I just watched this one yesterday. Movie called something like "Why I wore lipstick to my mastectomy" with Sarah Chalke. She had to ask for time off from her boss who she seemed very intimidated by. She asks, the boss says yes, she can't just leave, she has to blurt out "I have cancer and I'm getting a mastectomy". Music changes, everything gets all dramatic. The boss says "I know what you're going through." It doesn't sink in so she says it again really emphasizing the word "know". The ah ha moment of "you had one too!" I groaned and changed the channel. I've seen the scenario too many times to find it interesting. I had just been flipping channels anyway, not invested at all.
  7. So, you're saying I shouldn't have that framed picture of Chris Pratt on my nightstand? haha
  8. I grew up in an apartment complex where they would just leave a pile of phone books by the mailboxes (which were all together on a wall) so it was a crap shoot whether you were getting a phone book or not. There were never enough for all the units, or someone was taking more than their share for some reason, maybe because they had a tendency to rip out pages. hahaha
  9. What time should I be there? hahaha, seriously, those things looked and sounded delicious! Let us know how they turn out.
  10. I agree about Lainey but I'll still give Schooled another chance because I like some of the other characters. So far, the writing seems better than last year. Maybe they're still tweaking it. We'll see. I love Glascott and Mellor so Schooled works for me. I think they needed Lainey only in the sense they needed someone from the "teen in the 80s" generation to work into the "now it's the 90s" theme. The teachers it wouldn't make a difference, 80s/90s, Glascott and Mellor look and act exactly the same regardless of decade. I dont' love her or hate her, she's always just been kind of there for me, so I'm fine with her in Schooled and I'd be fine if she left. lol It's all about Mellor for me. I love that guy so much!
  11. Both Sandy and Noel are fun and charming in their spontaneous interactions with the bakers, but those scripted moments, YIKES! They are painfully unfunny. IDK if they are trying to capture the vibe of Mel and Sue, who could get far raunchier than anything these two have said or done, but the thing is, Mel and Sue have worked together for years. They were pals before coming on the show so they had a natural vibe that was well worn in by the time they hosted GBBO. They were just being them. As the new seasons go on I feel, more and more, that someone is trying to make Noel and Sandy be more like Mel and Sue and it isn't working. Even "BAKE" from Noel is becoming more and more Sue like. They need to stop trying to recapture the magic of a long term friendship they don't have and find their own vibe that works for Noel and Sandy. I think Noel and Sandy could work well as the hosts but Noel and Sandy trying to be Sue and Mel just isn't working. I am really loving the vibe Noel now has with Rosie. I think he appreciates her ability to come back at him quickly. He's a banter guy. He needs a Helena or a Rosie to work with, unscripted. It's probably a lot more fun for them, the unscripted moments, than those horrible scripted gags they are being forced to do. Neither of them, Noel and Sandy, are good enough actors to look like they are enjoying those bits. loo.
  12. What is with the "Sandy in a bag" running gag they seem to be doing? It's been at least three eps I can think of this season where Noel had pretended to carry Sandy around in a bag. It is very strange and not remotely funny. Is it because he's tall and she's short? I just don't get it. David's showstopper was stunning, even if it was teeny tiny. lol The layers were perfect and the presentation was gorgeous. I wish Rosie's had been a bit neater because I like that she was so ambitious with the triangles. If she had executed it better it would have been stunning. I love Henry. I just adore him to bits. I'm happy he can check "Hollywood Handshake" and "Star Baker" off his to do list. I am sad to see Michael go because he seems like such a lovely person but it was his time and I can't help but think it might be a relief for him. He always seemed so stressed. I really love every person left. This is going to be hard now, watching them get picked off one by one.
  13. At this point I'd rather watch a JTP spin off than this show any more. Adam is too old to be "cute", Erica has been circling the drain for a while now, they have no idea what to do with her, Beverly's smothering has been done to death. I still like the 80s nostalgia, because I was a pre-teen to teen in the 80s but the show has run out of ideas.
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