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  1. I'm at the point were I would have preferred Johnny Atkins be the JTPs new roommate. HE is less annoying than Barry at this point. I don't mind Erica as much as others, but I could easily do without her...and Adam...and Bev...and Murray in that order. lol So basically, I'd like the Goldberg's a lot better without any of the Goldberg's in it.
  2. There is rarely evidence that someone didn't do something. What does she think they have? A video of her NOT calling this guy? Photos of her daughters not pretending to be part of a crew team? This isn't a murder where they can prove she has an alibi, and I thought they had proof that she was part of the calls et al. So I really just have no idea what kind of "evidence" could prove she wasn't involved in this up to her pampered little ass. I think the more likely scenario is she is a stubborn, entitled brat (would explain where her daughter got it) and refuses to take any responsibility for her actions.
  3. I don't care how they do it, they just need to keep Barry off this show. He sucks and this show doesn't need him. Honestly, it really doesn't need any of the Goldbergs coming to visit. Keep them away. Sadly, the Goldberg characters are the worst part of their own show. Don't send them here to bring this show down. However, the JTP can come visit any time they want (without Barry). JTP! In a weird world I'd rather watch a Matt Bradley/CB showdown for Lainey's heart than Barry/CB. I'd actually be torn if it were Matt Bradley, as I adore him and would feel far more invested in the outcome. As it is, I just want Barry to get run over by a truck so he'll be gone. I don't even care if Lainey and CB hook up I just want Barry to stop showing up, or being brought up, or basically existing in the Schooled universe. (no offense to the real Barry. I cannot imagine he is anywhere near as obnoxious as his TV counterpart. I don't think it's humanly possible for that to be true.)
  4. I would have happily watched this show without the Lainey hook, if it had just been a spinoff of the teachers a decade later. Glascott and Mellor are my favorites, but I enjoy the other teachers as well. I like CB but not so much when he's pining for Lainey because the storyline is just going around in circles. Just let her dump Barry and date CB and lets get on with it. And more Mellor. There can never be enough Mellor. Though I much prefer Coach Mellor to Playing Dad Mellor.
  5. The party challenge was...weird. It didn't feel very specific or complete. I mean, there was no way they could decorate a full party, but the strange little party squares felt blah. I would have been very happy with a Jessie win, girl is so amazingly creative, but I'm good with Justine who made some amazing things. While I really like Lily and I'm glad she made top three, her stuff felt more themey or kitchy than the other two. She is definitely more of a mommy blogger crafter to me. As was Rebecca. I still think the show isn't 100% sure what it wants to be, home crafters that can inspire us at home to do this stuff, or finding the best craftsmen out there to wow us with amazing things we could never attempt on our own. I think Jessie and Justine were more the later and Lily and Rebecca more the former.
  6. I, too, was turned off by the marketing. It looked like a horrible, self indulgent show. I only ended up giving it a shot after seeing Pheobe Waller-Bridges in interviews and really enjoying her personality. I figured I'd watch one ep, hate it and go. I watched the entire two seasons in a weekend and am heartbroken that it's over. That said, I 100% get why my BFF hates it and refused to watch past the first ep. It's definitely a love it or hate it kind of thing. As for Mrs. Maisel, I should have loved it. Find the main actress very likable in other things, love the era, the clothes, the cars, etc. But I got about half way through the first ep and found it exhaustively self aware and VERY full of itself. I've yet to see any ad/commercial for it that makes me want to give it another go.
  7. First, I just have to say, love your user name and pic. Corgis RULE!!!!!!!! Now that that is out of my system... I agree. In the intro when Amy is all "but it isn't about the cash prize" I instantly think, then why have one? The show you knocked off doesn't have one. They just give away a cool glass cake plate. I do like that they all end up on the porch playing their instruments. That is all that is needed to give the "nice" vibe. I pretty much zone out once the "judges" start talking because they really say nothing interesting or useful. They just heap tons of not always earned praise making the times someone does do something praise worth basically meaningless. "You glued two piece of paper together! OMG That's the most amazing thing ever!!!!" "You built an entire house including insulation and hardware in under an hour! OMG That's the most amazing thing ever!!!!" There should probably be a difference in the reaction to those two accomplishments. When they ever pointed out Rebecca wrapping a vase in contact paper like it was something amazing, all I could think was they should come to my house. My back splash is contact papered. I have a contact paper library wall, I contacted papered my hideous bathroom vanity. They would die of shock at how amazing it is!!!!! Or how cheap I am and determined to make my new home my own in the quickest and cheapest way possible. I never think doing this stuff is amazing. It's just obvious to me. I do love the show. I think it's nice. Not really great, or must see TV, but nice. I enjoy Amy and Nick, though I can't decide if it's that they are doing more bits or that the bits they are doing feel more and more scripted, but it is very hit or miss for me. Also, I wish we got more info on how they are choosing their winners and losers because I have gotten it wrong every episode so far. I have begun to suspect that Etsy makes the actual decision because Rebecca's cubicle, and that triangle wreath thing she got a win for, are about the most Etsy things I've seen. For me she has been the least interesting or inspiring because I feel like I could find most of her ideas on Etsy already. (and I may have said Etsy about half as much in this post as Etsy lady manages to say it on the show. lol)
  8. If it's something different, that's never been done before, maybe he picks them both and they decide "Sure, we get along, let's go make a Sister Wives: Bachelor Edition show. I mean, come on, this show is running out of "never done before" stunts so it's either that or he gives them each a gun, makes the walk 20 paces and shoot it out.
  9. She might not get a roommate depends on who needs housing, as I mentioned above one of my roommates dropped out after the first term but we never got another roommate so had a huge triple room and I have friends at other schools who also has similar things happen. I'm jealous! When mine left at the end of the trimester (went to a school with trimesters instead of semesters) a new one popped up at the start of the next. I had a friend who had a room to himself, but that was because he paid extra for the privileged.
  10. My roommate's BF was basically living there. It wasn't official and I don't think he had a key (it was a loooong time ago), I just remember him being their EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and them having sex under the blankets while I was trying to sleep. So that part I can buy, but if Barry moved out, next time room and board needs to be paid, who's paying for Geoff's side of the room? Because if Erica is still only paying her share, she will be getting a new roommate. In dorm situations it is rarely your choice if/who you live with. This was a pretty good ep, one of the best in a while and that is 100% because of the JTP (JTP!) I would me more than happy for The Goldberg's to go away and a JTP spin off to take it's place. I'm pretty much over Adam and Bev and Murray.
  11. I loved how Glascott handled Lainey's complaints in his office. Dialing the moviefone line lol writing out that sticky note lol I LOVE Glascott and I'm glad the show seems to be more of an ensemble than all about Lainey the Teacher. I like this much more than The Goldberg's especially recently since TG is just churning out the same stories over and over.
  12. That is horrible! As someone who is also allergic, if I get behind a smoker without knowing and take a breath I literally can't breath in, it blocks my throat. I have to hold my breath and rush through my office door in the winter because all the smokers don't follow the smoke in designated smoking areas rule, I can't imagine having to deal with that inside day after day. Add to that the fact that we are dealing with an asshole who thinks the rules don't apply to him and just...RAGE!!!!!! He is screwing with someone's health and doesn't give a fuck. I hate that man sooooo much. Flames. Flames, in the side of my face...pulsing...
  13. I'm pretty sure that as long as someone offers them cash to talk shit about her they will talk shit about her. If they run out of shit they seem to have no trouble making some up. Her marrying into the royal family is the best thing to ever happen to these assholes because now bashing her is worth a fortune. When she was just an actress she wasn't that famous and no one really cared about the dirty details of her twisted family.
  14. OK, I need some TV writer somewhere to make this happen. Rage boxing is so cliche, want to challenge your writing staff, make them do a rage hopscotch scene!
  15. I just saw this last night. I want to see it again and am already planning on getting the DVD. As has been stated, the opening sequence to "I Want to Hold Your Hand" was sheer perfection. It gave perspective to a moment in time most of us can't imagine. The child actors were all wonderful but OMG the kid who played JoJo was so natural and so brilliant. Love him! He managed to balance the naivete of a 10 year old with the cold heartlessness of a Nazi... until he met an actual Jew and realized they aren't horned monsters. I was completely blindsided at one point, but thinking back, I shouldn't have been. All the signs were there, which is the sign of brilliant writing for me. That I can be taken completely by surprise but looking back I can that it wasn't out of nowhere. Sam Rockwell was just wonderful. The whole cast was. I really just loved everything about this movie despite going in with some trepidation, which vanished the moment they started playing "I Want to Hold Your Hand".
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