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  1. And then we get Ellie explaining why she remembers "we found a way to remember" with absolutely NO FOLLOWUP! There was a lot of hand waving of what should be important information. A lot of stuff like gramps hanging out in the cemetery with possibly all the info they need but no one even suggests maybe going and asking him some questions. Ellie being able to remember/know about magic but the kids don't think to ask how to maybe help their mom out? They have a music box that controls people but they don't think to use it on the Big Bad? I think they all forgot about the keys that would have actually been useful to them because the writers couldn't think of any better way to get out of the holes they dug for themselves.
  2. Dodge got really boring really fast. I don't find it interesting or exciting when the bad guy always triumphs until the very last, but wait! They don't because we need a cliffhanger in case we have another season! BORING! I didn't get any sense of motivation. She just wanted the keys for..reasons, and liked just randomly killing people or doing bad things just to show how evil and "otherworldly" she is. That would have probably been the best idea to try. And it didn't have to work, since the show wouldn't want it to be that easy, but at least they should have tried. That would have been my first thing to try. They proved with Eden that they don't have to be right there, so they could have hidden from her and tried it and if it didn't work they were at least hidden. But no, like you said, they just seemed to forget about it. Other than how ridiculous the villain was, this what frustrated me most about the show overall. I still don't know if the keys are good, evil, where they came from, how the Locke family ended up with them. Did the man how built the house build it to hide the keys, to use the keys? Was he good, bad? There were so many good, interesting ideas here but the follow through on them was terrible. For the most part I liked it, I think that is due to that amazing house, I love spooky Victorian mansions in quaint New England towns, and the kids, as stupid as some of their actions were, I found them engaging enough and thought they did the best they could with some pretty contrived writing. I just wish the story had been better thought out. I think they could have given us more of an idea of what the keys are or where they came from and why they exist, wrapped up the story of Dodge and yet left an opening for continuation. Kill Dodge but have Eden now "infected" with another bullet demon, have the kids discover what they are up against, and realize that they may have to fight again, so next season opens with them studying up on the history of the keys and what not. The flashbacks could be to their grandfather's story rather than Dads. I just wish they'd finished this one a bit better.
  3. I really hated that part. If anyone had missed what actually happened to Corrinne it would be easy to believe from that scene that she had been found alive and they all lived happily ever after, not that she was murdered and buried in the woods and that her husband was now a widow and her two boys lost their mother. 6 months just seems like a rather short span of time to get on with your life after finding out your mom was murdered.
  4. I'm about five minutes into the first ep and I can't stand them already. I hope they don't show up too much now that they did their "this is how the show works" bit. Neither of them have any personality whatsoever.
  5. I liked the younger son. haha, yeah, the kids kind of sucked. Mike and Daisy are both just terrible people. I didn't mind the Price boys when they were dealing with family stuff. I much preferred seeing how these two boys who, until now, had a pretty great, loving family, deal with the fact their mom is just suddenly gone then watching all the silent disco crap. I do, however, like how these season long (usually British) cop dramas do have story lines that don't actually end up being relevant to the main story. The fact that the detectives had more than one case going that may or may not link makes it more interesting. I just wish it hadn't been that stupid teen story line because they sucked.
  6. YIKES! People actually WANT to look like that. Like, she paid to look that way? WTF is wrong with people? She looks absurd
  7. Have the "newcomers" sequestered in their own apartments, playing their own version of the Circle, forming alliances and whatnot so that when they come in, they have some foundation. Basically, two smaller Circles that, at some point in the game, merge, they have equal numbers so one group is going to have to "win over" someone from the other Circle. Kind of like when Survivor merges tribes, only the tribes would be equal in size. If someone felt like the outsider of their Circle, they might be eager to switch to the other group once they all form one big Circle. So you have to not only make alliances but watch out for who you don't include because they might turn on you. IDK, or just make all the newcomers just "shitstirrers" not there to win but there to plant questions in the OG's minds about who they are trusting. Like that guy who got sent out but had just enough time to make everyone start questioning Rebecca.
  8. It's going to be hard for her to beat the rest as none of them appear to have been over the age of 20 when they started so they all had a headstart. lol Still, it is pretty impressive. Talk about job security! I haven't even existed for 68 years yet, let alone held a job.
  9. OMG I just listened to that song. WHY!?!??!?!WHYYYYYYY!!!!!??????
  10. If any of the other characters, besides Blanc who is obviously coming back, I would like it to be Lakeith's character. The only way I see Marta coming back is if they all come back because one of them killed her. Now that would be fun. Each new movie there is one less character because they got the inheritance and were killed next. Kind of like a really long, extended Then There Were None. ( I don't actually want Marta to die as I liked her, but I don't see the point of bringing her back to show that she is obviously living a nice rich life. And it is too far fetched for her to join Benoit on his next case.) I'll take Craig's Blanc over Branagh's Poirot any day! I love Agatha Christie's Poirot character but I HATE HATE HATE Kenneth Branagh turning him into a cartoon character. Blanc is also somewhat cartoonish but for me at least Daniel Craig has charm and isn't as full of himself.
  11. Kate's coat game has always been on pointe. I love every single coat that woman wears! And the long navy double breasted with the little pops of read in the clutch and scarf? To die for!!! Also, that pic of the Queen? What a mischievous little smile she has. And an impressive coat and hat game for her.
  12. Well, the mother sought her out to thank her for bringing her daughter back to her, so the little girl was probably all "yeah, that's not the dude who kidnapped me, that's the lady who showed up and saved me and the idiot who went and got herself locked up with me."
  13. The worst of the many terrible, terrible things about A was, this person with unlimited funding, near absolute ominiscience and an army of helpers chooses to use all of that power to harass a gaggle of teenage girls!!?!?! The way A was written A could easily have taken over the entire world and instead decides to mess with one smart girl and three airheads? Before you know who A actually is (stupidest reveal in the history of the world) it is just ridiculous that this near magical supervillain would bother with these girls.
  14. Thank you. I will not be going to see that clusterfuck. Carey Mulligan, I am so disappointed in you! I just watched the trailer, knowing what the spoiler is and MAN is that misleading. I feel bad for people who go in there expecting what the trailer promises and getting what the movie really is.
  15. He somehow made all that corny cheesiness charming. He just had this charm about him. I agree about that smile. He is one of those "light up a room" types for me. He will always be my Superman and my adorably dorky Clark Kent.
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