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  1. I think she just got flustered and had a brain fart moment that cost her dearly. I adored Maggie and she is one of the few exits that made me tear up. She just had such a great attitude about the whole thing. I will miss her. I do think that, though she is a great baker, she might not be cut out for baking under pressure. I actually love Lizzie and have no trouble understanding her. I prefer the bakers who don't take it so seriously. It's not like they are winning some life changing money. In the end it's just a show and I like those who enjoy it, like Maggie. It's the ones who have thei
  2. My work is currently at home and I still can't pull it off. I roll out of bed, log in in my pjs and if I have a video meeting that day I might get changed into my day pjs (logoless shirt instead of branded tee shirt) and bra. Even when I did go to work I made my oatmeal when I got there.
  3. I LOVE that house. It's one of the main reasons I always wanted to be a witch. They have the best houses.
  4. I would watch the Great British Science Fair in a heartbeat! lol But not if it's hosted by Noel and Matt. I do have my limits.
  5. I have purposely been hiding the credits in the beginning in case they showed Aldis Hodge's name because I remember an ep of Lost where a "surprise" character wasn't a surprise because the actor insisted on being in the credits, so I was SO excited when they hinted that Hardison was back, then to see him! I literally shouted (my poor neighbor). I am heartbroken that the season is over. Maybe shouldn't have stuck to my original one a day plan, but I couldn't. This show was my happy place this week and I want to thank everyone involved for coming back to us. The Sophie Riz Lady stand
  6. It was 50/50 for me. Like, watching them all get gunned down in Red Light Green Light was not a problem for me at all, but the "prison fight" I couldn't watch. All the shooting at the cut out the shapes game didn't bother me in the slightest, but the executions in the marble game was hard emotionally (obviously because I was watching characters I grew to care about being gunned down). So bottom line, I guess I'm more the mass murderer type than the serial killer type? It's fun to learn new things about yourself.
  7. I didn't really know the lyrics but I knew the song was gross. I actually thought it was about prostitution maybe but I never liked it so never listened. I just looked up the lyrics and HOLY HELL! How did that ever get airtime?!!?!?! (I know how, but it saddens me).
  8. This, because unless she was a huge name she is replaceable. It's sad but true that if she won't take her top off there are about a dozen young hopefuls waiting to take her place who will. There was never a chance they would cancel the nudity just because she asked. It's still a man's world and unless she has a contract that specifically said no nudity, rather than one that just didn't mention it, she wasn't going to get her way here. It is sad that HBO is as known for showing us boobs as it is for great storytelling.
  9. Yes please! That is a great way to wear black and white. Also... hahahahaha. That is one of the perks of being a dude. I had a male co-worker who, on a bet, wore the same outfit for a week straight. No one noticed. It was basically black trousers and a button up oxford shirt.
  10. Mabinogia

    Author Antics

    That's what you do when you're guilty, try to hide the real crime by starting a witch hunt against the person trying to stop you from doing the shady shit you're doing. Larson clearly knows she is wrong or she wouldn't have to be attacking Dorland's character.
  11. Hmm, not sure what it says about me that I binged the whole thing in one day and not once did Netflix check on me. Of course, I do know what it says about me that I saw the partner being put against each other one on one in the marble game coming a mile away. I mean, duh, if I'm an evil nutter who is executing people who fail at children's games for fun I'm totally going to play that mind fuck on them. Maybe that's why Netflix opted to just leave me to my own fate. LOL This was one of the most intense emotional rollercoasters I've been on in a long time. Kudos to every single person invol
  12. I use one when I get out of the shower and don't want to deal with my hair yet. I also use it in the shower to hold my long hair off my shoulders after I put the conditioner on it and wash myself. I would not wear it to an event, unless that event is the opening of Walmart perhaps. I LOVE that color blue on the Queen. LOVE IT! And if she needs a cane, or even just feels like she needs one, I'm glad she is using one and not to proud to do so. I usually love Maxima's looks but I do hate those short pants. Not a good look on anyone IMO. Especially with heels. Just looks like her pants
  13. I would have watched the hell out of a murder mystery show with Octavia Spencer as an amateur sleuth, but it would have pissed me off to no end if they'd called it Murder She Wrote. But her being a hospital employee, why not double down and call it Diagnosis Murder She Wrote? The hospital admin amateur sleuth concept is a really solid one. She could solve deaths that the doctors dismissed as "natural causes" or some such. IDK why they thought they needed the name recognition when it had nothing to do with the original concept of the show. Oh, unless Octavia was yet another one of Jessica
  14. Mabinogia

    Author Antics

    If Sonya were actually a good writer she could have pulled it off, using someone else as a jumping off point for a story, which I think is what she thinks she did. Instead she basically wrote a biography using a few changes to claim it is fiction. It really would have been easy to avoid all of this. Change the type of organ donated, use a white male instead of female (whom she originally named Dawn apparently like, how forking stupid is this woman?) don't use the letter line for line and very nearly word for word. When caught, apologize and offer to add an acknowledgement or let Dawn wri
  15. I always bring a pair of slippers when I go to my aunt's house. I have a special, thin pair that fold up easily and I can shove them in my pocket. I also tend not to like to wear shoes in the house because I more often than not have my feet up on furniture, usually curled up under me, and I don't want shoes on my furniture.
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