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  1. I am loving this! We need to normalize all consensual relationships because they are normal. I am excited by how many same sex families I'm starting to see in commercials too. No comment on it, just treating it like the normal way of life it is. Same with bi-racial families on commercials, but that's for another thread. I'm just happy that viewers are being exposed to more ways of life. Go Sesame Street!!! Go Blues Clues!!!!
  2. When we were sent off to work from home during Covid I though, I'll get up early and make a nice breakfast, maybe even take a walk (now that I'm home in a nice natural environment and not cigarette smoke, and piss scented city streets), or do some yoga! Instead, I get up 15 minutes before I have to log in, and that is only because it takes about 8 minutes for my laptop to boot up and me to log in, and I need the extra few minutes in case I put the password wrong the first time. I do my fancy breakfast of oatmeal, or a couple fried eggs at morning break. The walk, on a nice day, comes at late b
  3. That is where I fall in this debate. Age difference isn't automatically bad, some people are old souls, some young at heart, and everyone matures at a different pace. It becomes icky when one is a grown, established professional, good job, house, settled into "adulthood" while the other is a teenager who hasn't gone to college, lived on their own, paid bills, basically been an adult at all. It makes me wonder what the true attraction is. Not so say these relationships can't work, but the odds are against them. Where it becomes predatory is when one is in a position of power over th
  4. I work in a kind of seedy downtown area. I don't go out much for a walk but I went once with a friend and she actually liked getting catcalled by randos on the street. I never went for a walk with her again. It wasn't even construction guys, it was guys hanging at the bus stop. I felt uncomfortable, she thought it was a complement.
  5. I guess we're supposed to think "good guy, he didn't want to let her die once he killed himself but...nope. He was a selfish, predatory asshole who didn't want to be locked. Ironic considering he had no issue locking someone else up." I am terribly disappointed in hearing that the writers don't think Jeanette is bad, just "misguided" because that's not what they filmed. They directed, filmed and edited a story about a young woman who may have started out misguided, started out without the strongest moral compass, but who, through a series of small acts that slowly escalated, became, if n
  6. If he was really thinking of killing himself I think it was more because he was concerned he was going to get caught/found out and end up in jail, not because he's such a great, loving guy he wants his prisoner to be "free" cause, you know, he could have just let her leave if he was concerned about her.
  7. Throw in some Lucky Charms marshmallows and I might just give it a shot, since you're clearly not going to make me any French toast. lol The one thing that always amazes me about mornings on TV is how much time these people have before work/school. As someone who is not in any way an early riser, I am lucky if I have time to put on some makeup before running out the door, forget about making a full breakfast, having a deep and meaningful conversation about anything (I'm more the grunt and nod type for the first few hours of the day). It's not just that they have all this time, it's that t
  8. I love cereal. Depending on the cereal I may never leave.
  9. I think they could have pulled it off, having Jeannette hear Kate but then just leave if not for the smile. Making her smile just makes her seem like a sociopath while having her make a terrible, split second decision not to help when she heard the cries for help makes her what they seem to think she was, someone who made a really bad choice that changed the direction of her and Kate's lives. Even without her phoning in a tip I would be willing to give her a chance of redemption if she had just had a selfish teenager moment. Having her smile though makes it seem like she was happy Kate was a p
  10. I got Mallory and it's pretty spot on. I don't think I'm mean, but I can be bossy and I'm very, very snarky.
  11. I'd be pissed if my overnight guest came down just as I was finishing making me delicious, elaborate 3 course breakfast extravaganza because you just know they're going to want me to share it. The nerve! After I went through all the trouble of being quiet so as not to wake them so I could eat in peace. This is why I kick them out right after sex. No staying the night and eating all my French toast!
  12. I've never really cared one way or the other about Jay Leno, he's just kind of there for me, but that is a class act. I know he LOVES old cars, so for that I've always kind of liked him, though his humour does nothing for me.
  13. Watching it back then, as a kid, I thought that stuff was hilarious. Watching it, and a lot of shows from that era, now is so cringy.
  14. I am not anti-romance, but I am always a little less interested in a book as soon as I see that it is going to lean into a romance. If the lead character is single and the main cop character is of the opposite sex I groan because I know were it's headed and I know there's going to be what the author thinks is cute banter, there's going to be a power struggle, there is going to be some butting of heads and a misunderstanding or two but despite all that I'm supposed to root for these two crazy kids to hook up, so I usually actively root against it, and end up disappointed. I get really exc
  15. Seriously. If high school student Kate is "old enough" to know what she's doing by having a crush on the one adult she was led to believe would listen to her, then Martin the actual adult is "old enough" to know not to 1) allow an underage girl to spend the night in his home unaccompanied, even if it was 100% totally and utterly platonic that is just not a smart situation to put yourself in since it could cost him his job, and 2) not to then lock an underage girl in his home against her will when she finally realizes this situation might not be what she thought it was. Talk about a double stan
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