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  1. I like it when a superhero show finds a creative way to resolve a fight rather than resorting to a mess of fast-paced flying around and punching and energy beams. I also think that after having close-ups on the face of a hero with "iron" in his name that is in a futuristic flight suit with a female AI spouting warnings about the shields being down to 47%, DC should probably be writing Marvel a royalty check.
  2. It could have also been patriotism. The guards know that this arc is the last chance their civilization has to survive. If the arc gets overrun with rioters and can't take off, their species is doomed. Kind of like a soldier sacrificing themselves to allow the rest of their troop to escape. When the arc is destroyed, they realize that it's all for nothing and their entire civilization is now doomed. But yeah, the moon and planet colliding isn't really a sudden turn of events. So why would you wait until the last minute to send the arc? Unless this is meant to be close to our present leve
  3. The philosophical debate about whether or not Sara is real reminded me of the Ship of Theseus debate (as excellently portrayed in the Wandavision finale). If a person is made up of a body and a mind, and you build a new body and implant the original mind, then which is the "true" person - the dead mindless body, or the living new body with original mind? Are they both the original person? Are they both something different? Is Sara with alien DNA/healing power and OG Sara's mind any different than if OG Sara had simply been, say, bitten by a radioactive alien and developed alien power
  4. Admittedly it's been a while, but what threw me was that it seemed like Jon's trademark righteous fury which he had previously directed at Congress for not approving 9/11 first responder healthcare or Fox News for being king of BS mountain. So I was wondering what worthy target he had chosen - January 6 rioters and enablers? People who actively refused masks? Voting rights? So imagine my disappointment when it turned into several minutes boiling down to "Wuhan has a coronavirus lab. Wuhan had a coronavirus outbreak. That can't possibly be a coincidence thanks to those crazy scientists."
  5. Were we supposed to recognize the guy at the end who found Sara? The show seemed to think it was a shocking twist, but I had no idea who he was. I do like how zany Legends is and how any attempt to summarize it makes one look crazy. Zari must win a singing contest against an alien warlord which is judged by her ex-boyfriend in a giant s'mores costume. Meanwhile on another planet, Gary the alien ate a bunch of clones of Sara's fiance while Sara was wounded after being poisoned by Amelia Earhart.
  6. So tonight's episode was just 1 hour, then a 1 hour baby special for Jovi and Yara? I'm still confused about Natalie's journey over the past 2 episodes: 1 - we're getting married tomorrow! 2 - the wedding is off! I hate you! 3 - I'm getting a hotel near SeaTac airport and flying to Europe tomorrow 4 - The hotel wouldn't take the credit card 5 - [Natalie apparently is replaced with a pod person] 6 - I have no choice but to go back to Mike 7 - Mike is such a sweet guy, I'm glad we're getting married tomorrow 8 - Generally sweet and simple wedding where the officiant makes
  7. I'm kind of ok with how this finale went. Eva was never portrayed as a villain per se, more like an anti-villain or well-intentioned extremist. I was worried when the final fight devolved initially devolved into people throwing colorful CGI balls at each other. I did think it would have been poetic for the final series of the Flash to include the original Wells who had never really been featured. And maybe I need to brush up on season 1, but I thought that Cisco and Caitlin had a close relationship with Wells before Thawne replaced him. So there could have been some character focus on ho
  8. I found the beginning of the episode unpleasant and that cast a shadow over the rest of the episode. There's absolutely no scientific evidence that psychics exist. None. What C. M. was doing was a mixture of cold reading and hot reading. C. M. is either self-deluded or a fraud, and she didn't deserve the publicity the show gave her. Cold reading - picking up on body language, making vague statements, letting others fill in the details, and then claiming that as their discovery. Being able to read body language is a legitimate skill, for instance for therapists or detectives, but shouldn'
  9. What was with the technical glitches? I don't know if it was the show, or Seattle's NBC station. First they interrupted the monologue to show a commercial. And then every sketch started 10-20 seconds into the sketch.
  10. So I know last spring was like 76 years ago, but I don't remember any lockdowns going into effect immediately. There were usually a few days for people to prep. So the scene where Tarik and the crew get a text alert and the camera crew runs out of the house as if the house was on fire just made me laugh.
  11. Brandon strikes me as a man-child. Aside from his interactions with his parents, the whole birth control discussion annoyed me. Brandon doesn't think he's ready for kids. But he also won't use a condom because the sex won't be as great. There's really only 4 options. Brandon uses birth control, Julia uses birth control, Julia has an abortion when she inevitably gets pregnant, or they bring kids into a marriage that doesn't have a strong foundation. Though I will give Jovi and Brandon credit for at least having met their fiances in person before the show started. Unlike some other couples
  12. For those who (like me) wish this show focused more on the drag performance aspects, I highly recomnend the Drag Race UK series God Shave the Queens. It's more lighthearted, less overly produced, and practically no emphasis on artificial drama.
  13. I watched 2 episodes and I think I'm done. I was hoping for a behind the scenes look at how a drag show was made. I'm seeing a Real Housewives knockoff. Plus that first song like 4 times already. Though I will say that once Vanjie brought it down from a 10 to a 6, I enjoyed listening to her perspective.
  14. What's with the airbnb obsession on the show? When family visits, they stay with family, right? Nice hypocrisy from Mother Asuelu - it's fine for Kalani's family to pay for Kalani, but Asuelu needs to send money to her. Also if Kalani and Asuelu fly into Portland, get an airbnb in Portland, and visit with Asuelu's family in Portland, in what way are they visiting Washington? Leave my state out of your drama! Andrei's brother seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Andrei's father seems like a doting grandparent. Everybody else sucks in that storyline sucks. Eric walking o
  15. Why was Asuelu lifting the cans to see which to buy? That's what the labels are for. They took 2 flights to Portland (which doesn't have direct flights to St. George) and Asuelu's family couldn't even bother to put them up? What kind of parent/grandparent makes their family get an Airbnb? My spouse thinks the Larissa Eric storyline is fake and poorly acted. Also that Eric referencing Dolly Parton makes it unlikely he was ever romantically interested in Larissa. I think Elizabeth's family are being rude and aggressive in general. But I also think Andrei is being weirdly secretiv
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