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  1. Does Jen Richards have a daughter? The actress playing Julian’s coworker looks exactly like her.
  2. Yikes, people really don’t like Brendan’s stepmom. Her only onscreen appearance has her seeming pretty nice, and unless I missed something, they haven’t said that she broke up Eve and DoucheDad’s marriage. Even if she did, that’s more on him than her. As for why she brought her son to the college visit, maybe she wanted him to see his older brother. Maybe she wanted to expand his horizons and help him learn to be comfortable in new surroundings. Maybe she wanted to bond with Brendan a little. I work in autistic support, and I take my students everywhere. Stores, farms, museums, parks, etc. It’s part of helping them to cope with new places so that they can have different experiences. Just because they need more support doesn’t mean they don’t belong in certain spaces.
  3. Wow, do Diana-Maria Riva and Fortune Feimster NOT have chemistry. Without dialogue, I would’ve assumed their characters had just met and didn’t particularly like each other, not that they were a married couple.
  4. Overall she was pretty accepting of Phil’s cross dressing. She bought him something from Victoria’s Secret one year for Christmas. She talked about his habit of wearing dresses even when she didn’t have to. The shame was an ass-pull for the funeral episode that was never referenced before or after. I'm not gonna ride her for being afraid to share cups with Rose. There was SO much misinformation about HIV and AIDS in the 80’s, and it was such a frightful disease. Plus, she got over it in the span of 72 hours. Even the most progressive, accepting people need a minute sometimes.
  5. Blanche wasn’t her landlady anymore by that time. Dorothy co-owned the house.
  6. Syd, Miranda’s S1 date, didn’t work for the firm. She was presumably a friend of the colleague who thought single=gay. Miranda was pretty clear that she was straight, but they got along. Hell, if my straight friend asked me to be her girlfriend for the evening at a dinner party, I’d say yes simply to amuse myself while scarfing some free food and drinks. But that’s me.
  7. I have the BIGGEST crush on Jen Richards, so I’m intensely looking forward to this episode.
  8. Peyton initially asked Lorelai to the Bowie concert and she said yes. It was still a ways off, so they had dinner first, during which Lorelai had such a bad time that she, like a normal person, decided to cancel the concert date. But because she’d already committed to it, Emily expected her to honor it, since Emily was involved in getting them together and there would be social consequences if Lorelai flaked. Not an actual thing that happens, but here we are. Ultimately, Lorelai honored her commitment to the concert to keep the peace. I can’t imagine what a bore someone must be that seeing David Bowie live is still not worth the effort it takes to spend a few hours with them, or how Peyton was so deeply unlikeable that he apparently didn’t have any friends who would’ve taken Lorelai’s ticket.
  9. I’m bingeing the show on Hulu right now, and one thing I’ve noticed (apart from how Hallmark, Lifetime, and Logo cut out whole subplots in syndication) is that when Sophia is feeling particularly protective of Dorothy, she doesn’t use her name. If Sophia is referring to her as Dorothy, the issue at hand is not a big deal, but if she starts calling her “my daughter”, it’s akin to a mama bear’s roar, and she is in scary mom mode.
  10. Didn’t Carrie say she paid $750 for her apartment when she was looking for a new place after her second split with Aiden? She was astonished at the asking price for a much smaller place above an Indian takeout restaurant. I currently pay more than Carrie did for a much smaller place in the suburbs. Granted it’s 2019, but even in 2002 I think expecting a Manhattan apartment that could fit a desk and a bed for under $1,000 was laughable.
  11. Stigmatized in the greater world, sure. But therapy was de rigeur for the Manhattan elite, as Stanford pointed out a scene later. As cringeworthy as the idea of mental health being “trendy” is, it kind of was (and still is, in a different way) among the intelligentsia. So, like bisexuality, polyamory, and a host of other subjects, it’s something Carrie should’ve had a more enlightened view on. Also, as others have said, it’s RICH for Carrie to think she’s too stable for therapy. Her entire career is built on the idea that her relationships are so unstable that they’re an endless gold mine of story ideas.
  12. I wonder if he smacks his head on an open dryer door.
  13. If they’re going to make villains the protagonists, they should keep them as villains. Tony Soprano could be sympathetic, but he was still a villain. Same with Walter White.
  14. Regarding Maleficent, it’s important to remember that Sleeping Beauty was based on multiple old fairy tales, and in medieval Europe, the Fair Folk were treated as a legitimate threat, and there were codified rules of behavior for interacting with them. Maleficent was based on an archetype of a powerful dark fairy, and being disrespectful to a fairy less powerful and more benevolent than her would’ve been courting disaster. From her perspective she was the injured party and reacted according to the social and ethical standards of her society. Seeing that Blue and Orange perspective would’ve been far more fascinating than the dull, bad guy is really a good guy drivel that we got.
  15. I think the PTB decided after bringing Charlotte’s brother on in Season 3 that they wouldn’t have any more family members on the show, because their existence detracted from the idea that the girls were each others’ family. I know they had Miranda’s sister on when their mother died, but she wasn’t involved in the story in any real way. All of the support and conflict came from the girls.
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