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  1. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    Sex And The City

    The thing is, in First Wives Club she was supposed to be unlikable and she did it very well, but in Sex and the City she was supposed to be the spunky, relatable heroine that we were all rooting for, but she was AWFUL.
  2. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    Sex And The City

    Much as I hate Carrie, and I do hate Carrie, I'm pretty sure that was a hyperbolic way of saying to Sam to watch herself, because Sam was acting completely out of character and planning on spying on Richard. I say the same to my friends when they're tempted to do something illegal, even if it's just in jest.
  3. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    The Lion King (2019)

    Doesn’t a southern/Texan accent make as much sense as having a lion be capable of human speech in the first place, or of the idea of someone from sub-Saharan Africa speaking American English?
  4. ZuluQueenOfDwarves


    For what it’s worth, I think Fleabag is the actress’ real life family nickname due to a sibling mispronouncing Phoebe. It’s not meant to be mean or gross.
  5. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    All Episodes Talk: Lorelai and Rory and the People They Love

    Richard discussing Lorelai’s professional demeanor is uncalled for point blank, because it’s not his place to criticize her in that domain at all. His parental authority does not extend into her workplace, and he has no standing in the running of the Independence Inn. He was out of line. It also makes it hard to sympathize with him when he bemoaned that he was a nuisance to his wife and a burden to his daughter. The fact of his presence was not the issue, the fact that he butted in to their established routines and undermined their expertise regarding how their days should be run was. If Emily or Lorelai charged into his office and rearranged his schedule, chastised him in front of his subordinates, and criticized his food and clothing choices, I doubt he would’ve been anywhere near so diplomatic as they were.
  6. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    All Episodes Talk: Lorelai and Rory and the People They Love

    Rory was never nice, she was just pretty and quiet.
  7. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    Sex And The City

    I’m rewatching the first season now, and Skipper is such a classic Nice Guy I could puke. He practically stalks Miranda, and it’s played off as him being a hopeless romantic instead of a creep with boundary issues. So many times I wanted Miranda to yell at him. Although for the life of me, I cannot understand why the show made such a big deal about their age difference, when he’s established to be 27, and Miranda is either 32 or 33.
  8. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    The Bold Type

    Really not seeing how Lauren acquired such a “bad boss” reputation. Her one sin was not specifying where she wanted the coffee to come from. But other than that—her demands were reasonable, she offered some rather deserved criticism, and buckling the way Jane did makes her look thin-skinned and immature. It doesn’t make Lauren look like Miranda Priestly.
  9. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    The Bold Type

    Patrick referred to himself as not having a boyfriend or a girlfriend in high school, so I definitely think he’s bi.
  10. ZuluQueenOfDwarves


    The Lilith’s brother episode is worth it for me, solely for: Brother, admonishing the congregation: Now, now, he’s one of God’s children. Frasier, indignant: I am no such thing!
  11. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    B is for Bill the Pharmacist, who was a weird, thirsty creep that Blanche should’ve run for the hills from.
  12. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    S06.E10: Gintars

    Well, given the fact that Nikolaj is a Boyle, they still kind of are.
  13. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    Older mothers (by which I mean, late 30’s/early 40’s) are actually more likely to have multiple births. So, Sheldon might get triplets in round one. Amy will probably decline round two.
  14. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    E is for ENRIQUE MAS, local tv star. Also, Enrique Mas, concerned consumer reporter.
  15. ZuluQueenOfDwarves

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    This is so pure and so badly needed.