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  1. He’s not wrong about how much food they waste, but he is wrong to bring it up. It’s not just that he was patronizing in his manner, it’s that Lorelai can do what she wants with her food budget, and if some of the takeout goes to waste, it’s not Richard’s problem and it’s not his business.
  2. He was from Philadelphia, which is an even further drive than Princeton! It’s been bugging me for YEARS that she went a few hundred miles to visit Jamie, and then back again in a single night.
  3. Jason Mantzoukas must either have some really good dirt on Schur/Daniels/Goor, or the roots of that friendship run deep into the Earth. His odd brand of aggressive zaniness didn’t fit into Parks and Recreation, only worked on The Good Place because he was used sparingly and it was such an offbeat universe, and it doesn’t work here.
  4. Wasn’t a show about single 20-somethings in the big city pretty new territory in 1993? Most sitcoms were family oriented and about the foibles of marriage. The dating stories came from teenage characters, so that whole post-college unmarried adults navigating life was pretty fresh for the time. I was just a kid, so I don’t know for sure, but I think Living Single was pretty groundbreaking.
  5. I will never get over the fact that after such an OTT gesture, he proposes on the phone! Who in the universe proposes by phone to someone who lives 30 minutes away?!
  6. Since Hulu is a platform in agreement with NBC, it’s pretty likely that Frasier will remain available there. They still have The Office.
  7. They could afford it, they were just frugal. Frugal and extravagant as the plot demanded. To be fair, Richard usually was concerned with getting the best value for his dollar regardless of the episode. Most of the extravagance came from Emily.
  8. Does Jen Richards have a daughter? The actress playing Julian’s coworker looks exactly like her.
  9. Yikes, people really don’t like Brendan’s stepmom. Her only onscreen appearance has her seeming pretty nice, and unless I missed something, they haven’t said that she broke up Eve and DoucheDad’s marriage. Even if she did, that’s more on him than her. As for why she brought her son to the college visit, maybe she wanted him to see his older brother. Maybe she wanted to expand his horizons and help him learn to be comfortable in new surroundings. Maybe she wanted to bond with Brendan a little. I work in autistic support, and I take my students everywhere. Stores, farms, museums, parks, etc. It’s part of helping them to cope with new places so that they can have different experiences. Just because they need more support doesn’t mean they don’t belong in certain spaces.
  10. Wow, do Diana-Maria Riva and Fortune Feimster NOT have chemistry. Without dialogue, I would’ve assumed their characters had just met and didn’t particularly like each other, not that they were a married couple.
  11. Overall she was pretty accepting of Phil’s cross dressing. She bought him something from Victoria’s Secret one year for Christmas. She talked about his habit of wearing dresses even when she didn’t have to. The shame was an ass-pull for the funeral episode that was never referenced before or after. I'm not gonna ride her for being afraid to share cups with Rose. There was SO much misinformation about HIV and AIDS in the 80’s, and it was such a frightful disease. Plus, she got over it in the span of 72 hours. Even the most progressive, accepting people need a minute sometimes.
  12. Blanche wasn’t her landlady anymore by that time. Dorothy co-owned the house.
  13. Syd, Miranda’s S1 date, didn’t work for the firm. She was presumably a friend of the colleague who thought single=gay. Miranda was pretty clear that she was straight, but they got along. Hell, if my straight friend asked me to be her girlfriend for the evening at a dinner party, I’d say yes simply to amuse myself while scarfing some free food and drinks. But that’s me.
  14. I have the BIGGEST crush on Jen Richards, so I’m intensely looking forward to this episode.
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