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  1. Watched this last night - about half way through I must have been looking super angry because my teen said - what's wrong with you, it's just a TV show. The mom was terrible - she better get it together soon before she doesn't have a real relationship with her son.
  2. Watched with my daughter - it was cute. We both enjoyed it although she VERY easily gets second hand embarrassment and was cringing a good bit of the time.
  3. It had to be Penelope but it was much more obvious in season one. I supposed they couldn’t hold the suspense any longer.
  4. I read all of the books earlier this year and liked what they did with the show. It was definitely a good finale. I wonder if season 2 will make up the second book.
  5. I was so nervous about how they were going to get out of the house. Whew that was an episode.
  6. That was a blast! Such a pick-me-up I needed tonight. I laughed so very hard.
  7. I started watching TAR with season 4 so this is my first time watching season 3. Poor Andre and Damon. Dumped in the middle of nowhere, nearly arrested, needed their freedom negotiated and then they ended up so far behind. They had been following people too much but that was awful.
  8. I always thought it was Cody who was against having the surgery.
  9. meligator

    The Great

    I am loving the over the top ridiculousness of the show. NIck is another level of fun
  10. So much love for the episode, I really just want to know so much more about the characters.
  11. Oh Alexis, I'm so proud of you. And David realizing he was staying.
  12. To Whom It May Concern - Oh Moira how I love you so. And David just assuming he'd move with Alexis, at least he was also thinking about Patrick. If those two brake up I'm going to be so angry. You're damn right I am.
  13. I am stupid - you forgot the With - No I didn't it is custom made. BAHAHAHAHA So proud of Alexis using all of her skills at getting out of precarious situations.
  14. I am still not okay. Poor Alexis and Ted were so damn mature about the whole thing. I would like a bit more comedy in my comedy next week, please.
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