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  1. I found the interview at the end of the race cute (and kind of funny). So the top two finishers (Alison and forgot the other one's name) are sitting their with the kids and it's really cute. Then the interviewer comes over and interviews them. But the funny (kind of awkward) part was then they interviewed the girl that came in third. It's like "oh yeah you qualified too. Where is your kid? "
  2. I kind of agree. I feel like if she had then the announcers would have kept mentioning it. And then she would have became a meme. Maybe that's what she is hoping for.
  3. I didn't even know that he didn't make it. But I can't say I'm surprised as he barely made the finals to begin with. I also got the impression that he was a jerk after the stuff in Rio. Apparently he had another scandal in 2018 involving IV's. I wasn't sure what that was about but the article I just read regarding Friday's race mentioned it. I think Michael Phelps had the right idea got out on top and retire with dignity. Ryan won't get his redemption at least in the pool but he can outside of it.
  4. B'Ori? Do you mean the Ori. I'm not sure what the B stands for. I agree that adding Vala as an SG-1 member made no sense and was a mistake. They could have kept her as as a recurring character and brought it down a bit. There are episodes I have only watched once and skip on rewatches. The one with her father being a big one.
  5. I've been watching the try-outs as well. Swimming is one of those sports (along with diving) that I only follow in the olympics. I am enjoying watch it a lot. However I had a weird mandela effect where I could have sworn Michael Phelps swam the 1500 and was so far a head of everyone else (I remember him being like a half a pool at least ahead and it lasting a really long time). Then of course he wins. But apparently this isn't possible as the event was just added for 2021 olympics. So it had to be another event like a 800? But I can't find the clip of him being so far ahead. Does anyone else r
  6. I'm really hoping Amazon does make a new show! I want to see Sam as the leader of the SGC. As well as appearances from other characters (like Daniel). But I imagine the show would feature new characters, new team and a new story set in the same universe.
  7. blueray


    The high bar. It was the second to last routine shown (at least on the footage I was watching).
  8. blueray


    I was shocked when the guy fell four (I could have swarn it was three) times. But either way, I felt like he needed medical attention. That they didn't seem to give him. The first fall it seemed like he could have strained his nick or head, which seemed to make him dizzy. Then the second fall he was so far off the bar that it seemed to be backing that up. I feel like they needed to step up the medical attention and I get that he wanted to finish but part of me felt like they should just get him out.
  9. I think some athletes may be able to get it in another country. I know many train in the US, they probably already got the vaccine. And will represent their home country.
  10. So I noticed this was back on Hulu and decided maybe I'll watch a few episodes as I was really stressed out. Anyhow... 6 seasons later. I seriously forgot how good this show was and this was interesting as I had stopped watching somewhere in season 5. Anyhow, for the fun of it I thought I'd post my review as an adult (10 years later) watching this show. Season 1 and 2: are exactly how I remembered them being. As they were the seasons I've seen the most. I did however forget that Stiles suspected Deaton. But I guess it makes sense. season 3: I remember not liking the first part that m
  11. That's to bad. But honestly the movies never noticed the show. And I still say AoS got better once they stopped trying to shove in the movies.
  12. blueray

    NHL Thread

    I'm honestly not counting this season really. Don't get get me wrong we still would have sucked (Sabre's fan) but we got stuck playing the same teams. So if we got to play the other terrible teams we may have won more games. So you can't really compare this season to others as there were less games and everyone played the same teams without playing anyone else.
  13. I just recently caught up and liked the last few episodes. I do agree that both Black and Jewish celebrities are featured a lot but I tend to enjoy those episodes the most. I feel for both groups have interesting stories as we do not know much about our histories as they were lot of the times wiped out and how the ancestors had to work really hard to get where they are now. The last part being the same for all immigrant groups. As a Jewish person, I hear the stories and relate (sadly) as I know I lost family in the holocaust, even though I do not know who they are as no one wants to talk
  14. I always took it as that he was shocked, however they did stay together. I like to think that they worked it out and are happy. Not a mix couple, but family, I got the impression that Dean had a happy home life. Sure he is a halfblood (but doesn't know it) and grew up with his mother and step dad in a happy Muggle home.
  15. I was surprised when the $1000 was Harry Potter and DH. I wonder if I just missed understood what the amount was, as that was a very easy question.
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