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  1. That was a good episode. I wonder if the tech issues were set up or not. Either way it was entertaining. The lego thing was impressive and must have took a long time.
  2. When I was watching yesterday's episode I got the monologue just fine then when Stephen said "and now an interview with John Oliver". It suddenly went to multi-colored bars (like the test one) and flashes of him still saying the last sentence. I tried changing channels and all other channels were working just fine. So It was just CBS. Did anyone else have this problem? I ended up giving up after 5 minutes so maybe it fixed itself. edit: Thank you youtube, the episode is on there in parts :).
  3. I was disappointed when I heard but it makes sense. It would be to dangerous to have all those people (even if they banned an audience) in one spot. I imagine that most athletes had to put training on hold because of this and need that time to get back into it. I'm glad they didn't cancel either. I heard some time 2021, maybe they'll put it in the spring time or next summer.
  4. I saw part of yesterday's episode but it was kind of painful to watch. Jimmy doesn't do well just talking to the camera and it was really awkward as it seemed like he was expecting the place where the audience would laugh. I turned it off at this point, so it's possible he brought back his kids afterwards or just got better.
  5. I just noticed this posted today (or yesterday).
  6. I was very happy when I realized the monologue was new. Unfortunately from what he said yesterday it sounded like that was the last one for a while. It was nice to have something new to watch that made me laugh. It was however jawing how much had changed in a few weeks when it cut back to an old episode with him interviewing Chris Christie. Wow half the stuff they were talking about was outdated and feels like a life time ago.
  7. Well that's sad to read and way to young. I remember watching that show as a kid. I liked that they managed to have the same kids who played them as babies continue to play them to the point where they had dialog.
  8. I actually like the episode where Tori had to unexpectedly take over the bridge. I think I actually relate to that as I'm a Social Worker. If I suddenly had to command something, I wouldn't technical stuff either. I honestly would openly listen to my co-workers and use their strengths in the situation to our advantage and to work out the problems together. They know way more then me so as a group we can hopefully solve the problem which of course they do in the show. However, what the director (?) said to her is insulting. My in cannon explanation is yes she went to the academy however due to her major she didn't take the advance technology classes. And any she did take maybe she barely passed and had to study like heck for it. And like most of us that don't excel at science/ math forgot it the second we walked out of the test lol. The Romlan thing from another episode, I do however remember coming out the left field and wasn't really consistent with her character.
  9. I think that it is a bit early to decide anything. It's still about five months away. Could they move it to fall if they had too? Of course then Japan maybe to cold for outdoor events.
  10. I turned on this episode in the middle. So I missed why did they have to make pizza rolls? That has nothing to do with rainbow cookies at all.
  11. I started to watch last nights episode but I'm sorry as soon as they showed the threesome with kids, I was like "no" and proceeded to turn it off. I'm sorry but that bothered me. I feel like marriage should be between two people (don't care about gender or sex) but there is no way that is a committed relationship especially since two are married and then you add in children. That being said people can do what they want and it's not my business. Personal feelings aside, they were annoying and probably actors.
  12. Did the exact same. The hosts were so annoying and rude. They barged into the people's house and told them how everything they had set up was "so wrong" and they hadn't even got passed the living room. Instead of showing the people how to sell the house, they yelled at them. There was also no introduction to the people selling the house, so as the audience it was hard to follow.
  13. blueray

    Venom (2018)

    I finally watched this movie. I honestly liked it of course I was going in knowing how decisive it was at the time as well as knowing some things a head of time. The best part was the Eddie and Venom part as those scenes were the most entertaining. I think Eddie's character did make sense, he was a decent journalist who had a successful show, however wasn't the best at his job and often jumped into things without thinking things through (and we see this in the movie multiple times). The love interest was okay, though I do agree her wig was pretty bad and unnecessary. The first half of the movie was slow and took awhile to get going. Lastly, it was a surprise to see Stan Lee, I forgot he did a cameo for this movie.
  14. I just watched this documentary on Netflix and couldn't find a thread about it so I'm starting one, please merge this if there is one. It was made in 2018 but recently put on Netflix. This was actually a pretty good documentary about her career and more importantly who and how she is inspiring others. And of course there's interviews with her that are made for the documentary and other various people including Alex Trabeck, Ryan Renalds and many others. I personally felt a connection when they talked about her on Golden Girls as this was a show that helped me get through a hard time (well after it was off the air) as it was still on reruns. I would recommend this documentary to any one who likes her (which I would think is most people). I will say it takes a bit to get going and at the beginning they keep saying her name for some reason. But after ten minutes or so the documentary finds it's footing and is a good watch.
  15. The part where Spiderman is being attacked over and over again? That part did kind of freak me out in the movie and it went on for so long.
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