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  1. I liked this episode. And how excited Parker was about stealing something on a train. I liked having the teams split up and be in their groups. I did like Brianna with Emily. I can see her recurring, but I couldn't help but wonder what they told her. The group is sort of talking openly about stealing stuff in front of her (and the farmers). I suppose that she could have said she was a reporter trying to get that guy for environmental reasons. That guy was making me uncomfortable especially in the scene with Sophie. I was half expecting Parker to jump in to save her. As that was just
  2. Thank you for posting that. Wow 20 years, now I feel old. I remember watching this when it premiered and was really into as a teen. Also Michael looks exactly the same but with hair.
  3. Another good episode. I also was confused about the timing. As it seemed like they just beat that guy up, but clearly just won the lottery, so how did any know about it? I forgot that he was in ER, but as soon as it showed the lab coat, yep he's going to pretend to be the doctor. Probably not a call out, but when he was naming random medical stuff as a distraction while moving the guy the bed, it reminded me of Star trek: The voyage home. I always enjoy Elliot and Parker together. But I agree with Parker, I can see Elliot settling down with her and leaving the life behind.
  4. If I remember correctly that was Peter from last season. He however slowly stopped doing it was the season when on. I remember Paul not liking that either.
  5. This is who he plays (he's kind of the Simon of the show...). Anyhow, I do think his criticism of Feya was fair. I recently bought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from a bakery. I didn't realize to I got home that they were vegan. But they were amazing, the pumpkin made it soft and gooey without any butter in it. So it is possible to do.
  6. I wasn't surprised that it was Maggie that went home. She forgot flour which is kind of basic. That being said, I agree that Paul was being mean for no real reason. She did make a nice looking cake in the show stopper, it just leaked. But clearly took time to make and we the viewer know she remade the one part again. I was glad that Chigs won star baker, as it changed it up and he did do really well. I say right now the bottom is George, Amanda and Freya (the vegan thing may get her).
  7. Me too. I couldn't help but stare at them in every scene he was in. poor guy. In the Madrid episode, I missed the beginning. Where was she from? I spent the whole time trying to figure it out. They said they came from Malaysia, but was she from there? Or Singapore?
  8. I liked this episode, as it's just the guys episode. I do wonder if we'll get the what the girls were doing. But maybe no context is the best. I laughed out loud at the scene were Sophie just starts "dramatically crying". And of course Parker was jumping in from the ceiling behind her. The whole time I was watching James Masters I kept thinking that he is Milton Fine to me, only to look him up after and remember that he was also Spike in Buffy. He really does just play jerks doesn't he. This of course was no exception. Actually Spike maybe the best of the bunch...
  9. Well that was kind of a tear jerker. I am glad they got the scumbag. Though I also was confused about why she didn't go after them or why they didn't go find her (seeing as she never left it would have been easy). She still was in the same house. And if it was because Jo murdered someone, it was defending Stella. Which makes me realize how did Jo get the gun? It fell out of the box and was on the ground. The original version made sense as she was in reach, but Jo came in through the door.
  10. My husband and I were wondering if it was the length of his name. It changed the flow off the game so that it was slower in an awkward way.
  11. I'm glad to say I was not spoiled for this. I have to admit I cheered when the guy got both double jeopardy and I believe she got the first one. I was kind of glad to see them take Matt down. Its also interesting that this was the first game also to be the closest and only one I remember that wasn't a runaway for Matt. I also got FJ. I knew that to be a country that boarders the alps based on the question. And I was able to eliminate Italy and Switzerland right away and knew that Poland doesn't boarder it.
  12. I like Noel actually. He is good at bring the best of out of the contestants when he is just talking to them. It's when he "tries" to be funny when it's annoying. And I also didn't like him throwing the dough. Matt I was hoping would grow on me, but he has yet too. And as other people have said he brings out the worse of Noel.
  13. I've always liked Chloe the character. I watched the show when it was on, and I wasn't a Lana that's for sure. I was (well still am) a nerdy girl who was on the school paper. I think while I can separate the actor from the character, I still wish that she was more like Chloe :(. As Chloe would never do what she did. While it hard to process what the Alison does, I still relate to Chloe the most during rewatches. The only episode I didn't like her was in season 2 (Truth) where she is evading everyone's privacy. But she learns from that and stops. The best part was when she found out about Clar
  14. Basically Guiseppe had a well deserved run away. He won every challenge and got a handshake. Also can I have his signature dish right now? I agree the comedy bits are getting a bit old. Lizzie's story seemed like the writers were trying match the magic of Rosie's story from a few season ago. But failed at it. What worked with Rosie's was her unemotional response about how "rabbit's just die "and probably wasn't scripted. Though I did laugh at the part when Noel refused to eat garlic and the part where they were talking about Gurgin's (sp) baby in the oven. I was surprised Maggie didn
  15. I was confused by this too. I was half expecting Elliot to be like "idk, you are the one who knocked him out". Unless they didn't know that was him. But that still doesn't make sense as then why would Elliot know or have anything.
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