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  1. Yeah, I didn't read the thread completely before posting lol. I'm glad it was added (even if it was later) as I like to get the full (or close to) episode.
  2. It did. I got it anyway. Maybe it was as sorter version as it was only a few minutes but it defiantly was there.
  3. The cold opening was great lol. It's interesting because lot of the stuff it talked about is relevant here too. Like the different "phase's". Anyhow, as for the actual episode, what a fun group of people. Nobody's annoying and all seem generally nice people (and variation on ages). I'm glad that they addressed the accident with the cake right away (even if it was off screen). So the judge's weren't like "what happened to this one" as they have been in earlier seasons. I'm glad that Peter won as he was the most consistently good. And that one woman's cake in the show stopper was amazing, it actually looked like the cake was wearing a shirt. I feel like if she had more time the face would have been perfect too.
  4. I just heard about Ruth Bader Ginsburg :(. I was lucky enough to see her speak a year or so ago. She came to my city and answered questions asked by both professionals and students. I can't say how devastated I am. I know she lived a full life and left a legacy. She will be very missed. I know that we aren't suppose to talk about politics but that is a major blow to the supreme court, human rights and the future of our country.
  5. I watched the Columbian one. I think he already had moved in with those roommates. It seemed obvious which they usually try to hide. Also I feel like this was the first time I've seen someone who was a "house hunter" and looking at a already lived in apartment. Usually they want to be the landlord. Also he said at the very end that he ended up working anyway. Yeah, I figured that would happen.
  6. I looked on website which listed Netflix's coming soon (for September) and it didn't list British Bake off. That doesn't mean it won't have it but yeah, doesn't seem promising :(.
  7. I was thinking that too. Just hire someone to fix the deck. It seemed like they had money so it wasn't that. And buy a stove and have some put it in. I'm kind of like what the guy (Hilary spot) did but I feel like they lost there outside deck. Unless it opens up as well?
  8. If they do the second one, I think that Siri should take the mantel.
  9. They were sharing the freezer, she just didn't know that he didn't have another freezer to use. I think she did feel bad at the moment, however she easily could have told him to move it or yell toward him that she was going to move it out of the freezer and he'll have to find another place for it. Instead she said nothing and it sat out. Obviously, then became his fault when he threw everything away.
  10. I was shocked and really sad when I heard :(. Maybe Disney did know he was sick in hindsight. It seemed odd that they would wait so long to do a sequel for Blackpanther when it was a such a hit. Maybe they were hoping he'll be better by the sequel :(. A possibly also explaining his few scenes overall in Infinity war/endgame. That being said it's also possible they didn't, as it's private information.
  11. Alex has pancreatic cancer. Mostly people die from that within a few months to a year. It is the same cancer that killed Patrick sawazy and my grandfather. Obviously, Alex thankfully is still with us, but I felt I needed to correct this.
  12. I just heard about Chadwick Boseman :(. I didn't even know he was sick. My heart goes out to his family.
  13. Kind of, I'm not sure if he was bored or just tired. And that he kept interrupting her to go to a commercial. I know that probably was because they were live but it made it awkward.
  14. Unfortunately that's the case. They couldn't get the rights to use her image (or that she wanted to much money for it). This however, has later been debated by Terry Farrell (Jadzia). I guess we'll never know. But I think if they couldn't get her then the shouldn't have shown Worf's at all as it would be all about her. I disagree about Ezri and Bashir though. They were (are?) a cute couple. She at this point has moved on from Worf (which is good as she isn't Jadzia) and is interested in Bashir. Unlike Jadzia, I feel like him and Ezri have stuff in common and should at least date. It sort of came in the left field but not exactly, I feel like the two had scenes earlier in the season. It is also not nearly as bad as Seven and Chakotay were as they made no sense.
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