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  1. I just saw this movie last night. I have to admit it wasn't the best. I found the stuff with an alter-reality fascinating and I was okay with them never explaining what happened or why those are the only three that remember the way it was. It was more smaller stuff. His rise to fame made no sense. Unless years were supposed to go by. It would take a long time to go through that many songs. Kate Mcinnon seemed really out of place. She was just playing her SNL character which didn't fit it with the movie at all. The part with Ed Shariden (sp) showing up to his house, while funny made no sense either. They could have had Ed see Jack preform at say a pub or something. And then invite him to tour with him. But it seemed a bit of stretch for him to just contact him out of the blue. Things I did like: The John twist, which is something I didn't think about. And that the Russian man and the British woman wasn't upset about him using there music and were happy that he was putting the music out there. As neither of them could sing. The little changes such as no Oasis lol was great. And the last scene where she doesn't know who Harry Potter was made me laugh. Of course I was wearing a HP shirt while watching the movie so would my shirt just suddenly have nothing on it in the movie? Then you get the ending, where he reveals himself. I was watching the movie with my husband and my parents. We all saw the dreaded end coming and then it came. It basically ruins the whole point of the movie. I get that he felt guilty about using the lyrics but wasn't the point to get the music out there? I also feel like in that scenario he would have to add some things of his own anyway. The Beatles were a band, he is a solo singer with a gatar. So in a way he was always just covering their music and as the other two had said they wanted the music out there and he was the only one that could do it. He was never doing for the money or fame. So I don't get why he would out himself, when there was no benefit. He could have stopped preforming if that was what he wanted, but telling them he didn't write it taints the songs and would stop them from ever being listened too again. Plus there were many songs he never put out there. I think this ending did really ruin the movie and I wish they picked something else. Even if it ended with him waking up in the hospital to find out that none of it happened. Of course that would also improve the romance story as he could just tell Ellie that he loves her instead of her awkwardly dumping his friend who was a nice guy.
  2. blueray

    Season 3

    This bothered me too. She has expressed that she wants to be a Journalist, calling someone who is expecting a call from her should be easy then. I get being nervous as I'm an introvert, but I wouldn't want to be a journalist. As it was discussed on another thread, the career really didn't fit her personality. As for Lorelai, that seemed in character for her.
  3. I finally gave in and watched this on Netflix. I'm not a huge animation fan, but I was looking for something to watch and heard this was good. I knew some about it since it came out a while ago but honestly wasn't that spoiled. Anyhow, I generally did like it. However, I would have not had the pig, the Japanese girl (sorry I don't recall her name) and the detective guy in it. As they had no character development and took up time that could have been given to the other characters. I would have kept it as just the three of them and would have explained that Gwen and Peter B were near the reactor when it went off, which is why they were randomly sucked in to the prime demention not because they are "spider people", as that makes no sense. Then I would have a week take place between the "event" and them trying to get home. As this would explain the week that Gwen had, which wasn't explained in the movie. The one thing I don't get, is so she just walked into Miles class and nobody questioned it? Miles was late, and the teacher knew who he was, so clearly she knows her class. Then Gwen didn't ask him about anything or help him, when it was clear that he literally just got his powers. Unless I missed something, this is the same "Gwen" right. Since her hair was messed up, I just assumed it was. Anyhow, I get why people like this movie, the animation was really well done and deserved the praise it got. But some improvement on the story would have helped it. Overall a fun watch, but not as good as an MCU movie to be honest.
  4. blueray

    Twilight Series

    I agree, honestly it probably wasn't the actors that were bad it was the story. I've read all the books (was into them when I was a teenager) and seen the movies. And honestly, now that I'm older I realize how bad the story was. Especially the last book. She gets pregnant never made any sense what so ever. Then Jacob falls for the baby 🤢. I did however, have fun watching the last movie with my friend. We were in college and went to a mid-afternoon showing and had the whole theater to ourselves. We spent the whole time making fun of how bad it was.
  5. Probably if not one is arguing it's okay to have a discussion about the show. There is a thread like that on the Gilmore Girls board discussing unpopular opinions which kind of fits that.
  6. Stranger Things renewed for a fourth season 🙂 https://www.vulture.com/2019/09/stranger-things-season-4-netflix-release-date.html
  7. I just started watching this as I was looking for something new to watch. I have to admit I was disappointed by the ending of the episode. Instead of going full blown Charmed or Buffy they should have stuck with the "dark lord" being a religious figure instead of a real being that they interact with. It reminded me to much of the Demons that both of those shows faced which got really stupid quickly. It would have been way more interesting to have her sign the book and then stay at the muggle school. As it would add conflict of her being between the two worlds and with her family. While keeping both relevant. Plus would add more of a interesting plot as she realized the truth of what they really stand for after she already signed it. Based on what her cousin said, she'll begin to lose her powers once she turned her back on them. Which would make her mortal with is okay. I'm not sure why the coven cares as most of the community seem to think of her as a disgrace and that is were she belongs anyway. I guess I'm in the minority that I didn't mind her mortal scenes but I couldn't help comparing it to the 90's show. Which is way better! Sure it's comparing apples and oranges as that show is way more light hearted and fun. But if I remember correctly there episodes that dealt with both worlds. Plus obviously the characters were better of course I'm comparing a whole show with only two episodes.
  8. That does make it sound like Disney is getting rite of all the shows that aren't on their service. So once the last season of AoS airs and possibly the last season of runaways (I never watched this one) but it may not get a season after the third one that sounds like it's set to air. Disney will control all the shows and have them on their service.
  9. I am really happy that Spiderman is back in the MCU. I just couldn't see how Sony could write a good movie that resolved the cliffhanger of the movie before it without talking about what happened or the characters involved. I hope now they can use Happy in the third movie as well as Ned and MJ. Happy will be a big help for Peter dealing with his identity being revealed. If I understand it correctly he also will appear in a MCU movie as well. I'm thinking Dr. Strange makes the most sense. As Peter already knows him and he also lives in NYC. Unless Disney wants to save him for an Avenger movie, but since there isn't one planned now, it probably make sense to use him in a near future movie before the deal runs out.
  10. I was surprised when Madison forgot sugar. Prior to that I thought she was a clear winner as her cake looked so pretty. That being said after it became clear she completely forgot sugar, Karthik clearly won. I was glad to see the kids back, though I didn't watch the other two seasons so I only knew the kids from season 6. Me too. It would have been good to bring a few more kids back.
  11. This may have been a really old episode, but I was flipping channels yesterday and landed on Chopped (as there was nothing else on). Anyhow, it was a Halloween episode and one of the judges looked familiar but I couldn't place it as she had really short blond hair. But at one point one of the contests said how much they loved her on Charmed. Anyhow, it was Rose Mcgowan and as soon as she talked I realized it really was her.
  12. Interesting above that people were talking about Pluto tv. I've watched it before. I know one time I was watching an interesting documentary on Star Wars fans, however the commercials were cutting people off in mid-sentence and it kept buffering. I remember finding the documentary somewhere else and finishing watching it, don't remember where. But at least the app is free.
  13. I was really sad to hear about Aron Eisenberg. While I never met him, he always seemed really nice and willing to talk to fans. RIP Aron.
  14. :(. He wasn't even that old. That's horrible, especially since they joked about killing off his character in the documentary.
  15. I don't watch the CW shows, but I guess Tom Welling is reprising his role. Maybe alternate timeline or something? https://deadline.com/2019/09/tom-welling-reprise-smallville-clark-kent-role-arrowverse-crossover-the-cw-1202738738/
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