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  1. Today it's shephard's pie and garlic bread. So all food groups represented 🙂
  2. He was upset that this version of his self (and his brother) won't have his parents and maybe blames himself for this. That being said, I agree it was a bit a extreme but Mack has been through a lot in the past few years so maybe that didn't help.
  3. Our Mack is from a different timeline (well all the main cast is) where his parents didn't die when he was a kid. His memories will remain the same as it already happened. As they keep traveling to the future more and more has changed as the events that they did in this timeline happened but only in this one (not the one they came from). The show has been consistent with this as it is the same thing that happened to Deke. He is from the future where earth was split in half and grew up under Kree control. He traveled back with the group and they stopped the accident that caused the splitting from happening in the first place. Therefore Deke's past didn't happen. He obviously didn't disappear and has memories for his life before meeting the AoS crew. This is because he left his timeline (which still happened to him) and is now living in an alternate one which is his present.
  4. I thought it was a hotel. But either way, how does he pay for it. Unless Deke was but you'd think Mack would mind this. But I assumed that as they kept showing Deke with food suggested he had a job. Which he did in the best (and 80's) way possible. I really enjoyed this episode. I liked that Deke put together a stereotypical 80's action team. And that the band was also a "cover". Though I was hoping then when May and group came in that they would be actively doing a show. Because I feel like they wouldn't let Mack forget if he was seen in Deke's band playing a sackphone. But I guess the episode took a serious turn at that point. And it was good to see Coulson again. Even if he is in the TV. Overall a fun episode, which is always nice to see.
  5. nvm, that was called Autism in Love it was released in 2015 and aired on PBS in 2016. So I guess this is different then.
  6. Was that on PBS? I remember seeing a documentary regarding people who have Autism and are dating. I'll put this in spoilers just in case it is that doc. If it is, I'd recommend it as it was really good.
  7. I remember at the time, I was disappointed that they were going to end it at season 6. But highsight that was the right move. And it got me my favorite seasons 4 & 5. The shorter seasons and the set ending improved the show.
  8. Their first date. I love everything about it. He kept the horoscope for 8 yrs. And that he is all in :). Their first kiss. I remember cheering the first time I saw it. Obviously it was like "about time" and the stuff with Kirk was good too (though not related). The town meeting. I like how they are wondering how the town was going to react. Then they find out by Taylor in the funniest and Star's Hollow way. Then the little things, like how Sookie acts when she finds out and the stuff with Liz wanting Loriali as a sisterlaw. Lorali volunteering to paint the diner (I think that happened but not sure).
  9. That is definitely true. The netlflix season was awful. I didn't like most of it and it was a major step down from earlier seasons of shows. The whole thing with April did suck in season 6. I remember that it made no sense for Luke not to tell Loriali right away. And I didn't like the chrispher thing, but most of that was in season 7 if I remember correctly.
  10. So are Deke and Mack. Or wait did they jump before that?
  11. Mack :(. I felt really bad for him and honestly didn't see that coming. Hindsight I should have, why would his parents just be taken prisoner that makes no sense. Then the ship leaving Deke and Mack was unexpected. I guess it jumps unpredictably. Did it say what the time was? As for Coulson, I'm assuming he'll be back as he always is. Maybe he survived the explosion and will team up with Mack and Deke. That could be a good group. I do really miss Fitz though.
  12. I was glad at the end that Maggie is happy competing at the college level and is succeeding :). I vaguely remember watching the 2015 trials and being confused on why she wasn't an alternate as she came in 6th. Now I know :(. Anyhow, this was a good documentary and it is really sad that it took so long for them to get that creep. It shows how messed up the whole organization really is (or was). I hope they are making improvements and that the incoming 2021 team is safe and treated appropriately.
  13. The replaced music bothers me too. It's times when it I may not notice and other times when it clearly doesn't fit in.
  14. Yeah, I knew I was close but couldn't remember exactly lol
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