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  1. blueray

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    ^That looks awesome! I really would love to see that.
  2. Is it the Protector? They kind of look like the cast, but I'm not positive. It's on Netflix and is dubbed.
  3. blueray

    Dead Like Me

    I wouldn't want a remake of it as it's perfect the way it is. Either bring it back, which isn't very likely but would be awesome. Or make a spin off show. It would be set in the same universe but follow a complete different character (and team) in a different city. Similar style and writing hopefully.
  4. blueray

    The Umbrella Academy

    I kind of took her power as mind control but deeper then that. Like with Vanya when she told her "that there is nothing special about her" it was almost like Inception (no pun intended) as in she makes Vanya believe pretty deep down that she isn't special, which is why she said "you ruined my life". Because it wasn't just that she didn't have powers it was that she never believed in anything she did. She basically was just going through the motions but never had the motivation to say tryout for first chair. She was basically just there, and nobody noticed her.
  5. blueray

    Please Sir, I Want Some More: Foods You Never Get Sick Of

    Looking back at this thread, how did I not say chocolate on my list.
  6. blueray

    Earworms: Music in Commercials

    There's a commercial that is advertising evening (or online) college classes. But it plays "you got what you give" in a slow version. Anyhow, I like this version as well as the original song.
  7. blueray

    Media Things

    I agree, Will needs a break this season but still should be involved in the action. I can't wait for this! The trailer looks great I especially when the scared Dustin with the toys lol.
  8. blueray

    The Umbrella Academy

    I think he served as the look out. Which is why he was doing it at the end when the go to the orchestra.
  9. I just caught this episode yesterday on repeat. It was surprisingly a good episode. I actually stayed awake and watched the whole show. Count me in the group of people who were shocked to learn that Matt Damon had only hosted once before. Anyhow, my favorite sketch was the "Best Christmas Ever." I'm Jewish but honestly you substituted one of our holiday's in there and it would have still played out the same. Last year at a family holiday dinner, my cousin insisted her daughter wasn't sick but she totally had a cold (so I got a kick out of when the showed the sick kid). Anyhow, it was relatable with I think is what really worked for this skit. And the ending was cute. Also I thought Matt Damon nailed Chris Hemsworth's mannerisms in the one skit.
  10. blueray

    The Umbrella Academy

    I agree. As seen by my first post, I had to go on this thread and not read it as I was afraid of spoilers. But I was curious if other's just saw him as Nathan. I didn't come back again until I finished it. I would posted/read after each episode or so which would have been more fun.
  11. blueray

    Kids Baking Championship

    Congrats Paige on the win. I have to admit I was surprised. Her cake may have tasted better but the other two were way ahead of her in the decorating and skill. Meadow made her own fandow (sp) and Davis used different colors. I guess it came down to them not tasting the cherry's in Davis cake and Meadow's being dry. Had it been more than just what they did today and they factored in all the other contests. Davis would have won by a mile.
  12. blueray

    Free Solo (2018)

    I searched for this but couldn't find a topic on Free Solo. Can this be merged if there is one already? Anyhow, most people probably have heard of it since it won an Oscar, but if you haven't. It's a documentary about about a guy who climbs a cliff (El Capitan) in Yosemite natural park without ropes. I just recently caught this on Natural Geographic. It is a really well done and hard to believe how they managed to film him doing this climb without distracting him and how much work really is involved in doing something like that. It's a crazy and edge of the seat kind of watch. It also dives into the mindset and the sociology of rock climbers, why do they do what they are doing. The interviews with the people, both the crew and other rock climbers involved is fascinating. Anyhow, I would recommend this to anyone especially people who like documentaries.
  13. blueray

    The Umbrella Academy

    That didn't even have my favorite line of Kauis is "maybe they are here for kenny's birthday". Just the way he said it made me laugh.
  14. blueray

    The Umbrella Academy

    I think that as they became teenagers they stopped making public appearances. They all started to slowly leave and do something else (especially after they turned 18). The public probably forgot what they looked like so wouldn't recognize them on the street as adults. Alison is the exception but she is known as an actress not a superhero.
  15. blueray

    What is...In the Media?

    My grandfather died for patratic cancer. He was diagnosed in November after going to the doctor for minor stomach pains. He otherwise felt healthy. And was gone by the following January. It's a horrible disease and I wish there was more research on a cure or even a test for it. Anyhow, my hopes are for Alex and his family that he is one of the few that survive it.