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  1. I didn't know who Phil Spector was until I looked it up. And wow, if some deserved to die of Covid that would be it (not that I'd want anyone to die). But it sounds like he was abusive to all his many wives and his children. Then murdered an actress he barely knew. As other's have said at least his ex's and children no long have to live in fear.
  2. blueray

    NFL Thread

    Wait the superbowl is in Tampa? That's unfair. I thought they pick a neutral location for it. Now I really hope Green bay wins. Because then Brady can watch two different teams play in his "home' statetum.
  3. blueray

    NFL Thread

    Not if the Browns win. Come on Cleveland! Lets do this! I do however feel bad for Lamar as I hope he's okay. He seems like a nice guy when they interviewed him the other day. I unfortunately was doing laundry and missed what happened exactly. Hopefully it was more of a precaution then serious as it sounded like he walked into the locker room.
  4. Which is 6 weeks then. Figuring 5 episodes per week.
  5. I didn't actually hate that episode. However Mack's attitude was kind of hard to get through. I get he is sad but it's like "they weren't your parents" it's an alternate timeline where another version of him lost his parents.
  6. Hot beverage in a mug, just described every office everywhere. When we see them generally it's just another day at the office. My take is they are allowed to have beverages (well besides alcohol obviously) at work stations. They just take proper precautions like having a top to the coffee etc. O'Brien talking about Keiko again just described every work place. People take about the personal lives, that is how we relate to each other and form social bonds. Now if Miles was talking about how the "sex" was that would be inappropriate but talking about his wife general well being is normal. Miles is the friendly boss that you can have a "beer" with in the metaphoric way. Wait have you not watched the show properly all the way through correctly? I feel like missing Worf and Dax's slow built to a relationship is an important aspect to their characters and what they do in the future. Plus it is so in-twined with the war. And as for "public" don't forget they live on the station so if they aren't on duty they can do what a normal couple would do.
  7. I got Grimm, basically yelled it at the tv ;). Of course I've seen it and stopped watching some in season 4 (?) but saw enough to know the show. I was thinking JFK because he was killed in office, therefore less time to meet the queen. But now I think about it, of course she met Kennedy. So Johnson make's sense as it's still the same time period her kids were born in. I also heard 3rd child.
  8. I was confused by this. It's the same about of money the candidates win? Is it coming from the show or the celebrity. Probably the show but it wasn't clear. Then Ken is in a different category.
  9. I didn't know who Aaron Rogers was but he's a football player? I assume he's a better speaker then the average one. Seriously, have they seen an interview with the average NFL player? Mayim Bialik is interesting, I never would have thought of her. She obviously very intelligent and is funny too. So I'm looking forward to seeing what she does.
  10. My reaction to the dog question (the final jeopardy) was: um... Balto? Then after a minute (before the time ran out), I remembered he was from Alaska. So yep Russian dog lol.
  11. Yay new episodes! Of course I don't particular like Pharell (hate his "music" especially).
  12. My husband and I think this was because Ken knew the answers lol. He barely if at all had to look at the answers. Where's Alex did. Anyhow, I thought he did a good job and liked that he kept the game in Alex's style.
  13. Its going to be interesting. Alex is the only host I've ever known. He started hosting before I was born.
  14. I was doing okay until the "see you next week". I wonder if how long the break was suppose to be. I then lost it when they showed the clip at the end :(. You will be missed Alex.
  15. I was glad to get a break when I flipped to our CBS station to see as usual Jeopardy on it's usual time. I think they aired wheel and it before going back to the news. Anyhow as for FJ. I was thinking 1917 but then I remembered it was a more recent movie. I didn't think of WW. Is that really a war movie? The first half is in her world, then they go to war. But then the third act is her fighting a super villain. So I'm not sure I'd call it a world war 1 movie, just taking place there. Which is kind of mean of the show. Clearly the contestants felt the same way.
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