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  1. maryle

    S01.E11: Islands - Part I

    And, lea for me enable him and call name his mentor they both know to be his only father figure all this time like she herself admitted it at one point but dont encourage Shaun To talk with him even There. I dit love all the rest and I am happy that claire was finally participing in the major case, I like the resolution of Dr. Merendez et his fiance cause I was afraid they were going for the cliché triangle and even if I now like the other resident I found realistic that he was still fired. I know I am probably the only viewer who hate the Shaun and lea odyssey, but I thought that Shaun and lea were brat yesterday! The truth is in reality a resident cannot just not show off and have a big wig protect him and make excuses. Shaun himself said a resident cannot not answer to his cell.But, he never cares to listen the Dr glasman message even after the crash to know if there an urgency concerning one of his patients or reassure him about his Well being. I am sorry but it's the first time I doubt Shaun has the maturity needed To be a doctor, yet! And, Lea for me enable him (more than help to appreciate life!) and call name his mentor they both know to be his only father figure all this time like she herself admitted it at one point but don't encourage Shaun To talk with him even There. It was more like watching to teenager escape school for a day except Shaun is in formation to become a doctor by ils choice and must like and résidence respect the rule or face some responsability. And, I hope je does I did love all the rest and I am happy that Claire was finally participating in the major case, I like the resolution of Dr. Merendez et his fiance cause I was afraid they were going for the cliché triangle and even if I now like the other resident I found realistic that he was still fired.
  2. That does proven what I already thought about once not being lead material anymore! And, ils wont be better next year but once is brand as "family show" so its unlikely they will change the timeslot so its another indication toward the likeness to be the last year, not sure yet! But, the against a renewal seem heavy when looking at the big picture and the pro just depending on unknow factor really hard to judge.
  3. I never thought they were not going to show all 22 or 23 episode so I dont think not reducted the order show anything ! And, yes objectively this show is doing bad like quantico that people was laughing at bad! And, I cannot see this show being lead in material never again! I watched agent of Shields and I do believe that having a show that Los is detrimental to and show that follow it. The question is Will they have another season and if I dont think its likely at most I guess they could have a short last season but the question is why? Now, for when they do decide to cancel or renew, Well not that long ago they cancel castle I think the same week that they show the serie final! For which they bad to adjust just before it air to give a bien a final serie! So, that telling! Now, the more cancel announcement is make the less likely the final would be memorable or bring back the original cast back! So, now Will see ils low spring rating will go and that Will mean for the show!
  4. maryle

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    I don't have any faith that we will see any of the charming in 7b! The only exception is if they ask them ( all the veterans cast back) to be in the serie final ( if it turn out to be ) in may and even if this scenario happen I will believe it's more despite Adam and Eddy that their initiative. I just don't see from them much love for the charming clan!
  5. I just hope ABC and Disney does what better for their show, their rating cause I do believe their some bts drame we dont know at least bettwen jen and Adam and Eddy! Even, if she want to do more convention, open to more cs story and her history with prior show demonstrated her willingness to come back for the final! am not sure Adam and Eddy Never envisage asking her back or gosh for the final even série final. So, I hope someone show them the advantage for their show of the présence of the original cast back! Now, once is the worst of the network, all the Friday show even blindspot does better, the show they remplaced was doing better and all data I can see show the same décline over les than 10 episode! Objectively the reboot has already failed! And, most major site peut it in big trouble or cancel!
  6. Well, objectively when all the data does point toward 1 direction for me it definitely make for a convincing argument and whatever how good this particular measure is don't erase the downfall of once from last year ! And, last year I saw all portion of the once fandom use it! E R cause she was number 7 and I believe? CS cause they were in the top ship of the year... Anyway, the tendance is clear all objective data point toward the reboot being failing, the only argument can be how much it's it's failing! Ho! Ho! There actually a list that once 2017edition made the top 10? buzzfeed top worst storyline of the year ! Here you go !
  7. I did a little digging to see how once is compare to Friday others show caused a lot of fans use the Friday night excuse, well here the data! MacGyver is stable around. 8 its the same time slot as once Hawaii 5-0 still stable at 1.0/. 9 after they got their own controversy cast changed this year. The Chritmast special and as got 0.8 and .7 for aos and finally last man standing average was above 1.0 My conclusion is that Friday night does have a potential of viewers, but those viewers just didn't choose to remain as loyal to once than before the change. The change of cast does seem to be a greater factor in the fallen rating and to look at these data and the fact that the biggest fall happen after ep. 2! I will be interesting to see if they do go back to.5 but if they don't.....
  8. maryle

    S01.E09: Intangibles

    I not going to lies I do like all the characters and I am interesting in most of the relationship! But, for me the the one I care the most are Shaun \claire Shaun/Glassman Melendez\ So, ok for Lea and Shaun but everytme the little interaction between Shaun and Claire stole de show! I just loved the how Shaun was very attentive at Claire lesson and how she was his primary study case! And, Melendez is hot but I don't want some triangle between him, Claire et his fiancee, please show your better than that! Lastly, why Claire seem the one always in difficulty, she is the the only female student and I am beginning to want her to have a success soon! I liked at first they didn't go for the cold ultra competent female doctor but...let the girl be a part of the main operation for once!
  9. Funny, just cause I was preparing myself to consider once could be back for a short s8 cause my favourite the reaper still at them at 55% of renewal today he decided to finally adjust down to 45% so for me ... its game over! Cause, his the one I listen the more and seem fairly conservatively in his method! Adding the other predictor I know have already once in big trouble or predicting cancellation! Now, I just hope that ABC and Disney decide to invite the original cast back! They are the one who made this little fantasy show this heartwarming show it was once upon a time!
  10. Well, just following the fandom is fascinating it seem the backslash after the rape by deceive episode is more big than I first thought cause at least 2 actress including a child who was not directly implicated in the storyline decided to weigh in! Interesting by what he tell me! They must be getting a lots of negative feedback at abc and since they are in a very weak position rating wise they probably their best to killed the negative feedback before it escalate more! I mean all the sexual abuse is a very hot topic right now! Now, I will really like to know if Allison was encouraging by the show to make her statemant! Just, seem too odd! And, if they are in someway using a child as pr tool ist despicable!
  11. Wont even lies I was smiling when I saw the first but not last .4 ! Its always hard to know the cause of rating cause they are multifactor at play! Always, remember the rating is up cause last episode when it was regina centric befor a cs episode... But, the tendance are not good for the most rapist fairytell family show! Cause this time the rating for many show can grow, but when once get lower it usually still there! And, even if they get back to low .5 more .4 in the spring with probably less than 2 millions viewers! For, me the show jump the shark with 3 raped , 2 babies and confirm its cancellation in spring! I was waiting for .4 and how soon it will be! So, I got my Christmas present early, thanks Adams and Eddy! But, the third rape surely didnt help the second hours that seem a very good possibility! Once upon a rape got the rating they deserve!
  12. I actually agree with a lots of your saying! But, the spec about being jen fault cause she cancel dont explain the fact that there speculation about Bex and Emilie too! So, I think its more they want to promote the new cast ! Hoping they reconsider does invite the oc for the very likely serie final and invite Bex, Emilie and Jen at some con! Still, hoping for gosh or at least josh to appear!
  13. First I am not a con expert cause I kind of find them a bit just too gimmick to extract money for the most fervent fans but I know that other have canceled in the past and even colin did! Second there a warning that actors and actress can cancel from the con itself and speifically jen herself state that her appeareance will be depending of her schedule! Also, Jen is in the same boat as Emilie so if she dont do con for that reason alone emile de ravin should have the same problem as well! And, without really make any search I saw that there rumour about her and Bex not being invited back either. If thruth it sound one of the real reason is too invite the new cast. Now, for jen not being a draw I saw that she and colin actually was sold out in the last when even lana was not at the time. So, she, colin and cs definitely is one of their biggest draw adding that the rumbelle con this summer didn't had the same succes at selling ticket and attendance that from one of the biggest rumbelle shipper who was in attendance at the con. So, because I don't think jen will be as much open to others type of con cause of some past problem with them I hope that they will reconsider and for the fan invite her at least at some same for Emilie and Bex. I really dont believe any new ship or cast can and will beat the original cast and ship as draw. Lastly, I find rather funny with the multiple time this show, showrunner have mislead and lies a lots of cs fans first and reaction his to trying to put all the blame on jen and all the situations! Never grey, or multiple factors always the simple atavic reaction it somehow must be jen liying or fault. I wonder what about her that brought that reflect so easily? Being beautifull, ambition still is a problem to some? Genuinely wondering ?
  14. I try to be objective but, the fact is when looking objectively since season 6 and even the trajevtory of emma as protagonist! Can just indicate at best indifference toward jen's character. I remember how jen was insisted to point that Emma was sacrificed herself for all the characters and storybrook and not just Regina. Many fans just saw a duel between cs and sq but I always thought jen insistence was for the integrity of Emma as character above anything else! And, putting that with the contradictory statement of adam and Eddy depending of the days on that matter. That was the first red flag that smt was not right and more the season pass the more I saw red flags. And, everything this summer just solidified this impression. There something that stink in the once universe bts concerning jen, cs emma. There just too much coincidence for just be hasard even the rapunzel and whook pairing seem strangely odd. They really make it difficult fore any foremost cs fans to not want the show cancel with a little more every day! Maybe that what they want! Well, if it is hope they will get it!
  15. maryle

    Law & Order: True Crime

    I actually like the show as someone who didn't know anything about the case it was interesting! Sure, could be more balanced a bit but I think it is perfectly obvious that it's the defense side that is presented and I don't have a problem with it! Why, it is ok to have a prosecutor bias sometimes and even often in show of this kind but cause this once it's more the defense view it's wrong! I think this case as many layers and I did see them while watched what surprised me the most was the judge attitude who objectively does sound to be prejudiable to the defense by his overal and repeat desicion. And, that what make me question the trial not the way the defense lawyers were favored.