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  1. I love all things related to exposing MLMs. This was wonderful. Having grown up in a cult, I totally applauded the one that made the connection that she realized she was in a cult, because she WAS. I find the amount of people involved in fundie religions that participate in MLMs fascinating, and wonder why people don't make the connection more. I have a pair of (admittedly rather loudly patterned) leggings that everyone assumes are LLR, and I always get offended and tell people I would never buy from there. LLR was huge around here in approximately 2016, and seems to have disappeared. I'm glad
  2. Are they at the coast, or at the Roloff house? Where they live would be right off the main drag from Portland to Seaside. And it is hot and getting stupid hot again here this week.
  3. MY George Washington is going to be on??? On one hand yay!!, but why SOOOO many people in this cast? Congrats to John and Bo, but I swear when I first saw they were a couple (quite a few years ago) it was presented as a much bigger age difference. Was he shaving some off of his age?
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/topless-model-seen-princess-eugenie-184546863.html Apparently Jack Brooksbank is a Casamigos tequila brand ambassador, and this is what his job entails. Apologize for the link to the poorly written article, but the it seems the original story with the backstory comes from the Daily Fail, and I refuse to give them any clicks or links.
  5. Go Bobby Finke. I still say the last lap of the 800 he swam is the best thing I've seen all Olympics. I hope more people pay attention to what he's done, and he gets some more press or sponsorship deals, because this dude deserves it. Did they say that the other competitors didn't know anything about him, because this is his first international competition? If so, wow again. It also gives me great joy that he is the polar opposite of a certain other American swimmer, and turns on the jets in the end to have a spectacular win, instead of having a sad epic failure in the final lap/last par
  6. That last lap was the most exciting thing I've seen all Olympics. WTG Bobby Finke.
  7. I have been watching, but it is Western Nationals for my daughter's softball team, so have a lot of other softball going on in my life right now. All I can say is only 6 teams????? Wow!!! The USA HAS to get their bats going against Japan if they want gold. I realize how well Cat and Monica are throwing, but Monica has been playing in Japan for how long? They know what to expect from her.
  8. estellasmum


    Not necessarily. My son is 18 in less than 2 months, and he works at Walgreens and I had to go down to his store and sign a permission slip both for both shots before they could give it to him, and also when my daughter got hers. If they had gone to the vaccination clinic at their high school, I wouldn't have had to, though. I'm one of those every 4 (or in this case 5) years gymnastic fans, so was laughing all night at Nastia's dress, and the approximately 2 tons of fake hair she was wearing that somehow managed to get lost behind the dress. It looked like grandma's curtains meets Godzil
  9. I really enjoyed this series. I thought the second and third episodes were just amazing. I just put Black Girl Baking by Jerrelle Guy on hold after watching that episode. I'd love to see a second season of this.
  10. I just binged this week's episodes, and my reaction to Mayim is, "what is she laughing at"? It seemed especially noticeable on Wednesday. I'm also wondering if Julie might have been a bit more toned down (just a fraction) with another host. I really don't know much about her at all, other than I loved her "It's a tiara" bit on TBBT, so I was prepared to really like her, but she's not my favorite.
  11. Did the judges see that part, though? I think where it really showed was in the planning, and prep work when they weren't there. Than all of them sucked at interaction when the judges were there. I would love to know what Tom and Padma et al would have thought after they watched the episode about Dawn's role. I told my husband part way through Penny's service that Dawn was going to come out on top, despite her actions hampering her fellow teammate's plans.
  12. As much as I would LOVE to see an Ethiopian food challenge, Injera isn't suited for a quickfire. The way to get that "sour" taste is to leave it ferment overnight. As a Portland farther out suburb dweller, this has made me miss all the great restaurants that we can't eat at, because it is just too long to get home with takeout. I'm sad that so many of the brick and mortar restaurants featured in this episode are closed, or permanently closed now.
  13. Maybe she enlisted the help of Dr. Rick, Parenta-life coach? 🤷‍♀️
  14. https://sports.yahoo.com/joe-buck-will-guest-host-jeopardy-put-himself-in-the-running-for-permanent-job-142206896.html Ugh. Not as bad as Dr. Oz, but that's another two weeks I'm not watching. I do have to say, while I don't want him to be a permanent host, I was pleasantly surprised by Aaron Rodgers, and thought he did better than expected. He's a little low energy for me, personally, but it was fun to see his sense of humor.
  15. Dear Show: Next time you get Brandon Victor Dixon, could you at least make him a singing weatherman? There are a lot of things that you ask me to suspend belief about, and I'm not really good at doing that, but I promise for this I happily would.
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