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  1. estellasmum

    Hamilton (2020)

    Wow that sucks about the Disney free trial, but I guess that I would have paid money to go see it in the theater with my daughter, so if I have a one month option, I will definitely pay to see it. I'm sorry for all of the people that had to listen to other people sing along. The crowd in the city I live in "got" it, and only sang along with the small part that the audience is supposed to participate in. We had 3rd row tickets, and I would have been livid if I had paid that much only to hear someone sing the whole time.
  2. This wasn't my favorite episode. I didn't know anything about Kaiseki, and honestly, I'll totally agree with the people that say they'd probably leave hungry. I also thought that Niki pretty much wanted all of them to go jump off a cliff for not executing perfectly. I just found a series on Netflix called Chef's Table, and Niki - n/naka was featured on one of the episodes. I have to say, I liked her MUCH better on there, and am glad I watched it. But I still think that out of all the chefs and restaurants featured on there, hers is about the last one I'd want to go to, because it just doesn't seem to be my type of cuisine. Which probably isn't saying much, because if you gave me a free meal at Noma, I'd probably decline.
  3. I only watched the first 2 episodes, and genuinely could not remember if Sean had been on or not, because the Jake and Harley and Junior the asshat show is just too much for me. Good to know. I had 4 episodes sitting on my DVR, and they are all deleted. I think the show jumped the shark for me a season or two ago, but this year hit the tipping point of becoming unwatchable for me. I'll come here for the discussion, but I'm looking at the number of posts, that's only going to take a few minutes of my time.
  4. This has turned into the "men who can't catch crab go poach off of those who can" hour for me. What I'm wondering is, are they really that inept at catching the crab, or is it producer-driven for a story line? And if it is, why oh why would they want themselves on TV looking that dumb and asshole-ish?
  5. That was horrible for me. The winning design looked like streetwear for cults. The bottom two looked like what happens when you want to wear your trashbags as clothes for one group, and then shiny purple poopy diaper shorts for the other. I still don't really care about these people, so I don't know anyone's name, but the lady that steamrolled the other one because she was the streetwear expert is really lucky, because I think a lot of people would have punched her after that.
  6. I didn't even realize there was a whole topic about food on here!! I made a chipotle and fresno chile salsa marinated skirt steak nacho with Cuban black beans with red pepper and onion. Topped it off with a red cabbage and jalepeno slaw and guacamole. I had a bunch of ingredients that I had left over, because there were so many things out of stock from my grocery delivery I couldn't originally make most of what I was going to make for dinner this week and had to wing it, so was down to a bunch of random ingredients.
  7. I can't believe nobody on here has posted this yet of the Cambridge children. I can't lie, something in me absolutely loves Charlotte every time I see her. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-NZ0tSFc0X/?hl=en
  8. It's a trap!!!!! My family hasn't talked to me in years, because I left, and I suddenly heard from them. They are being told that this is now the end of the end of the last days (funnily enough, it's been the end of the end of the last days since the 1870's) and it is every JW's job to get as many people to convert before Jehovah comes in to kill everyone that isn't a JW. Let's just say they aren't fun to talk to at all. Even when they're family. Hi all!! My name is Estellasmum, and I lurk. A lot.
  9. That family must be trying to make a run of it on reality TV. The son he brought with him was one of the makers on this past season of Making It. I usually FF through all the stories, but saw the wife and kid when the chairs turned, and went back to check.
  10. I'd pick Josh any day of the week. I'd just address him as "sex pest Josh Duggar" every time I saw him, and I'd say that he has enough self-awareness to stay away after the first time or two. I believe that not only does Jill R. not have any self awareness, the grift game is strong with that one, and it would be nothing but bible tracts and asking for handouts every hour of every day that she and her family were here. And David would eat all of the food.
  11. Delvin: No way I can sleep in the workroom. Editing: Multiple cuts to him sleeping in the workroom. Marquis: They haven't seen girly girl from me <shows sketch> Editing: Shows 2 of his previous outfits that kind of look like that. Me: <Dying at editing this week>
  12. Party, party, party, everybody's at the party. Skip! Stop! This show is so dumb. So, so dumb. But I love it.
  13. Wow to that. Happy, but surprised. With as little as they promoted it and as quickly as they burned it off, I knew there was no chance of it coming back.
  14. This whole thing has made me very sad. From 2004-2010 I posted on a British parenting website that I loved very much, I found it to be much better than any American forum out there, and I wanted to be an honorary Brit. Then I quit. After Andrew the pedophile, I went back to see what insightful things they had to say, since so many of the reputable news sources in the UK are behind paywalls, and they did have things to say, but not as much as I thought. I went back again for this, and about 9000 messages later, and the vast majority of "news" links are from The Daily Mail (!!) and Blind Gossip (!!!) the overwhelming consensus on the site is Camilla and Kate are wonderful, (which cracked me up, since when I was on there, they were known as Princess Horseyface and Waity Katie) and Meghan is complete trash, only married for the title, and a chance to cash in, and Harry is a dolt. Also, no racism from the press, and she's planned to separate him from his family from the beginning. And they keep asking each other if they are all ok, because "nobody ever asks them that". I no longer want to be an honorary Brit. You go Harry and Megs. Go far, far away and never look back. The one thing I did learn is there are message boards out there for people who severely dislike Meghan that have instructions on how to slam Meghan 1) in a way not look like a bunch of nutters that hate her, and give tips on how to direct conversation so they can turn the tide of opinion against her, or 2) goad people who are praising her into getting into a huge fight on the thread, and get mods to shut it down.
  15. The FACE that puppet can make. Or maybe CGI help, I don't know. It was the embodiment of the Emperor telling Luke to let the hate flow through him. Please don't make my cute little Baby Yoda bad.
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