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  1. I see what you mean. And then there was the one from France (Suryia Bonaly??) whose program seemed to only be there to lead up to the inevitable backflip. Maybe I don't mean artistry, I'm not sure what I mean. My mom grew up loving skating, and we'd always watch it on TV and go to the tours every year, and it was exciting. Tonya also practiced at my local mall growing up, and we'd watch her a lot. (Don't count this against me, I used to have to help her in my job, and it was always a fight to NOT help her.) I haven't watched since I left the house, and watched the entire ladies program the other night, out of sheer I just wanted to veg out in front of the TV and there was literally nothing else on, and was highly disappointed. Or maybe bored. I watched the last 2 competitors only of the men's program today, and it just seemed much better, even with the falling.
  2. Ok, I haven't watched figure skating for a long, long time. Think Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding. What happened to women's skating in the US? That was pretty different than I remember it. The one who won was boring and just kind of waved her arms around in between jumps (along with a lot of them, IMHO) and the one that went last that a lot of you seemed to be rooting for, I feel bad for also, because she seemed like she actually had some artistry. Is it just me, or did the artistry leave the sport, or is it just this group, or am I wrong? I see from reading a few pages that we must be pretty poor compared to Russia/Japan, so I'm hoping this is just a down few years.
  3. My husband and I both thought Ken did a really good job. It was weird, because he wasn't Alex, but I mean, everyone in the world would be weird at this point. He does have a higher pitched voice and seems faster, but watching some of the old games in the few weeks of repeats, Alex sounded so different that we were wondering if commercials were longer now, and they were speeding the episode up, because he was so high pitched and fast. I really thought he struck a respectful tone, and did a great job acknowledging his absence without being totally depressing. It will never be the same without Alex, but we can definitely listen to this. Also, I had to check to see if today was April 1st when they announced Aaron Rodgers as a guest host. My 15 year old was disappointed, and said he would never make it through all the clues, because "he doesn't know what he is talking about, and talks kind of slow", and for sports, she wears jersey #36, because that is Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck all added together.
  4. I was not expecting this, I thought it was just a regular episode, and had no idea what Derry Girls was, and almost turned it off. But now after binging all 2 seasons (which didn't really take that long), I'm so happy to have watched this.
  5. It is behind. There was a game that was supposed to be played on Sunday that got cancelled due to COVID and it was moved to tonight, which was supposed to bump The Voice to Thursday. But they still have issues, and it isn't going to be played until tomorrow, so The Voice is back on.
  6. Welp. My run of not knowing anyone with covid is over. My husband's cousin (early 50's) was diagnosed with it, and while he isn't in the hospital, he only had enough breath to talk to my husband on the phone for just a few minutes. His son (early 20's) has it too, but is asymptomatic. Now the real cause for concern is that the family all had a big Thanksgiving dinner, and he has exposed most of the cousins, and all of the people of my in-laws generation, including my in-laws. Every single one of them had no qualms about Thanksgiving dinner, because "covid is just the flu." My in-laws wanted to travel to spend Christmas with us, but we asked them not to, prior to this, due to Covid concerns, so they were planning to go visit her relatives in Reno, Modesto, and Fresno, instead if they don't catch it. Sigh.
  7. From what I've read (American here) it is very middle/working class to say "I beg your pardon", and the correct upper class term is "wot/what".
  8. Not as big as Willie Taggart buyout money. 😁 Go Ducks!!
  9. Mine too. And Vergangenheit was one of my favorite episodes of any TV show, ever. Judging by the lack of response on this one, we might be a pretty small minority, though. I'm not a real Margaret fan at all, but Helena Bonham Carter is just killing in the role for me, and somehow fictional Margaret is one of my favorite characters, if not my favorite of seasons 3 and 4.
  10. I think it has to do with how little I'm actually paying attention to every episode. The renaming the neice was about the only storyline that grabbed my attention, and yeah, crazy that they did that in real life.
  11. After 3 episodes, the only astronauts that I can look at and know who they are would be John Glenn and Ken Cosgrove. And Ken Cosgrove is Ken Cosgrove, not whichever one he is supposed to be. I think after this one I can tell Alan Shepherd and Gordo Cooper. I'm not sure I'll remember them by next episode, though. I'm guessing that isn't a good thing.
  12. Imaginary Dragons. I hate them so much, I refuse to call them by their correct name.
  13. But he has pocket squares! And fountain pens! Certainly that counts for something?
  14. I'm so happy that The Good Place got some award love from somewhere, finally. WTG fellow Primetimers.
  15. estellasmum

    Hamilton (2020)

    Wow that sucks about the Disney free trial, but I guess that I would have paid money to go see it in the theater with my daughter, so if I have a one month option, I will definitely pay to see it. I'm sorry for all of the people that had to listen to other people sing along. The crowd in the city I live in "got" it, and only sang along with the small part that the audience is supposed to participate in. We had 3rd row tickets, and I would have been livid if I had paid that much only to hear someone sing the whole time.
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