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  1. estellasmum

    The Pioneer Woman

    So I've never watched this show, but I've read the forums for years. Turned on the TV, and there she is, so I am sitting and watching. After watching her put chipotle and pretzels on things, my daughter looked at me and said, "Why are you watching this, and who is this lady?". I told her that she was a famous food blogger with a big following, and she couldn't figure it out. A few minutes later she asked why she had a show, since she couldn't cook good food, and has no personality to have a TV show. Ree said something about how good her blue cheese dip was, and my daughter just looked at the TV, and said "You keep believing that, lady.".
  2. estellasmum

    S15. E12. Sixty Foot Monster

    I'm wondering if Edgar is a cause of their lack of screen time this year. With him being such an important part of their operations, I have wondered that if any mishaps, dangerous situations or breakdowns happened (the interesting stuff we'd want to watch) he'd be front and center, and therefore any of that footage is unusable, and there isn't much else to show? Couldn't agree more about Steve. (Don't like him enough to use his nickname.) Every time he comes on, my daughter wonders why they picked a boat with a captain that is so unlikable, "because they already have Jake". Hard to argue with that logic.
  3. estellasmum

    S15. E07. Winter is Here

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2018/07/19/deadliest-catch-star-edgar-hansen-pleads-guilty-sexual-assault/801214002/ He fished king crab, too, but this is why he hasn't been shown. Nothing was said about it on the show that I've heard, they've just chosen to ignore it.
  4. estellasmum

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    After reading all your comments, I just decided to delete this episode without even watching it. Hopefully I won't have to do that again, but from now on, I'm coming here first before watching.
  5. estellasmum

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    This one was a meh for me on the actual designs. IMHO Sebastian got robbed, and so did Tessa, because her mother of the bride outfit should have put her in the bottom with Hester, and they should have only had a bottom 2 this week, because they were both that bad. The judges should have taken one look at Hester's dress, and declared that from now on, PR is never giving out immunity again. Hopefully someone made Hester glue pasties to herself, and then take them off, because her model deserves hazard pay. Speaking of models, how do they decide which ones go home? For all their talk of embracing "curvy" girls, they sure aren't many "curvy" models left. And why is Garo's model still there? Every time she walks, I make "galumph" sounds when her feet hit the ground. OTOH, Mimi is the MVP of the season for me. I feel like whoever has her has the advantage, not because of her size, but because she SELLS whatever it is she is wearing.
  6. estellasmum

    S15. E01. Battle of Kings

    So their whole way of dealing with the Edgar problem is to pretend he never existed? Does anyone know if he is actually on the boat or not? I thought there might have been a glimpse of part of someone extra on the Northwestern in the biting the heads off the cod scene, but I couldn't be sure.
  7. estellasmum

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    I have watched all of these and had no idea Joseph came into money by blackmail. Shows you how much I paid attention to that storyline.
  8. estellasmum

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I know I'm behind, but I couldn't get on. JHud made my ears bleed. That was baaad.
  9. estellasmum

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    I can see that happening, too, and if it does, I'm out. I'm only sticking around this season because Laurence Fox brings the pretty to the show. This show has strayed so far from history, we might as well get a show where English people do revolt against the crown, and Victoria and Albert are out, and in their place, Lord Pam and Ernst are installed. That way London gets the swinging 60's about a century early. We're just basically watching a soap opera, anyway, so why not?
  10. I find it laughable (not surprising) how easily Scientology shot itself in the foot on this one. If they didn't call the cops, Mike and Leah would have had a fairly boring segment. Instead they did, and only proved the point that Mike and Leah were trying to make. What I want to know is how did the Clearwater PD have so many resources that they could have that many officers show up for 3 people sitting on a park bench? That just blows my mind. IDK of any police department around here that would do that for a non-emergency call.
  11. Could not agree with you more, @kicotan. I just am a pessimist, I guess, and can see the government possibly going after the "weird cult" religions, but I think the big ones are too powerful to ever have to worry about that. If something as small and bothersome as Scientology has so much power, imagine what the ones with millions to billions of followers have.
  12. I'm so happy to see Leah and Mike go for the tax exempt status this year. Unfortunately, I think taking that away is the only thing that will do damage. As an ex-Jehovah's Witness, I have seen several scandals go down in that organization, and a lot of the ex members always think that this is going to be the catalyst of what causes their eventual downfall, but it never does. I'd love to see the Scientology tax exempt status go away, and then have the IRS look into the status of other religions. The JW's have moved their headquarters from Brooklyn, NY to a tax exempt haven in upstate NY. They have sold over a billion dollars worth of buildings, all of which had free labor renovations provided by their members, all tax exempt. And they still have quite a bit of prime Brooklyn real estate in their portfolio that they haven't sold. Think of how much money has stayed in the hands of the "church" that should have made its way back to the government, and how much more will stay in their hands should they chose to unload their remaining properties. Unfortunately, there's always going to be a vulnerable population that easily falls into a cult like this, and there's always going to be a hardcore membership that the more you attack, the more they dig in and support the organization.
  13. Look up cognitive dissonance, it is a very common thing among people in cults.
  14. estellasmum

    S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    Other than Gary and Katherine, none of them really have jobs, do they? They don't really have anything else better to do. I get there's the restaurant, but it doesn't seem like much is happening there. They're bored.
  15. So much this. My cousin died because my aunt and uncle refused a blood transfusion for her. She was a minor, so some authority managed to get a court order to force them to give her one, but it was too late. And what I remember most from that is being somewhere in the hospital and even though the room was full because all of my family was there, and I felt so alone, because I felt like I was the only person from the family that was sad she died. They had various hospital people there, and my family was trying to tell them how it was a good thing, because now she will be resurrected because the family stood firm in their beliefs. They sent the hospital chaplain down, and all my grandpa wanted to do was tell him how he was a minister for Jehovah's Witnesses and get in to a doctrinal debate with him about the scriptures and what they had to say about blood. The hospital chaplain didn't take the bait, graciously said something to the effect of then he was going to go and let the family grieve, since my grandpa seemed to have it covered. I was only 8 or 9 at the time, and I remember comprehending on some level that the chaplain wasn't afraid of my grandpa's superior knowledge, he just was trying to be a decent person. I never did feel like anyone thought twice about her as a person after she died, she was just a symbol of how much faith my aunt and uncle had to let her die.