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  1. I'm just watching this series now, sorry to be 4 years out of date 🙂. Generally I like it, with a few quibbles (and I wish they'd stop shooting people in the head all the time). But I just need to get off my chest that the decision to destroy Deimos strikes me as one of the most strategically idiotic ideas in human history. I have no idea how anyone with even an ounce of common sense would possibly think it was a constructive thing to do, no matter their background or perspective, especially coming so soon after the Donnager. It takes me out of the show to think that the people governing E
  2. Just finished this. My post contains spoilers. I really enjoyed it a lot but also agree with many of the criticisms people have offered here. The show is at its best when Assane is doing one of his public schemes -- the Louvre heist, the (completely OTT) Belgian Congo lady, the delivery bike chase, etc. When you sit back and think over some of the broader arcs, that's when things fall apart a bit. Better not to think so hard and just enjoy the ride. The whole idea of Assane as a master of disguise makes no sense. Especially since the show makes racism and its dehumanization of peo
  3. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously but isn't this the second week in a row the guest judge has been one of Chris' former students? That's a real conflict that I don't think is fair to the other contestants. Or, really, to Chris, even though I don't like his attitude very much. (Witness his joke about how he should have given a better grade.)
  4. Glad to see this show again and I agree with everyone's comments above, even the ones that aren't entirely consistent (if that makes sense). It seems like a good group of people and yeah, unfortunately it was pretty clear who was being sent home. It's a real shame to come halfway across the globe for one 28-minute episode. Hopefully Chris replays the episode in his mind and figures out that he's not as strong a contestant as he thinks he is. I have to admit, though, to being a little intrigued they brought up gender issues again. They covered that theme a lot last season. The
  5. Uh oh, I think you all have started a rush for the exits! I watched a couple more episodes last night and it doesn't get better. In fact it makes less sense now that it did before.
  6. I've made it through this ep so far. Agree with the general tone of the comments -- I can't tell if this show is bad, or so bad it's good. The only things keeping me interested are the ballet, my need to know who did it, and the location shots of Chicago. A few specific issues in no particular order: 1. As the show moves on the editing seems to be favoring the actors who can actually act. The actor playing Bette is lightyears ahead of some of the other kids, and I wonder if they didn't adjust the storylines accordingly. 2. The Gossip Girl-esque voiceover narrations are re
  7. We caught this last night. It was hilarious! So many great lines and scenes and the actors clearly all seem to have a great time being with each other. Especially loved the "revolting" slime. Why would anybody put that in a trifle to begin with? Does anybody know why Prue was in crutches?
  8. Nice little interview with Laura in the Guardian today. Pretty standard stuff -- she chooses to accentuate the positives and not bother with the social media trolls -- but good to know she's doing well. And she really likes Matt Lucas. My personal favorite bit was about Dave wanting all the other bakers to do his wedding cake.
  9. I just finished this season and had the same reaction. What started out as a light drama/romantic comedy turned into a dark and depressing slog about evil drug dealers. It's got to be one or the other and if they're going to try to high-wire both types of storylines, they need better writers. I simply don't give two craps about Charmaine's birth plan or whether Lizzie baked the pies or if Muriel is moving in on Doc if this is really a show about Jack crying, alone, over a fallen soldier or drug dealers driving their new recruit out into the forest to murder a snitch and bury his body. It w
  10. This is what many of the people criticizing Laura and questioning her presence in the final seem to overlook. The judges consistently raved about her food. It was always delicious. Not, "yeah it looks like crap but it's tasty enough," but rather "this is some of the best ___ I've ever had." Laura clearly had a problem with organization, and she was a bit more dramatic than some of the other bakers, but the judges clearly seemed to love her finished products as much as anyone's. I personally liked seeing things like Peter's understated "I'm allowing myself to feel slightly stressed," or wh
  11. But they still refer to the British name in various places. You can see the "real" name in the trophy they award, and you also hear it in at least one of the family videos they showed. (I don't remember who, I think it was Laura's dad? He was proud of her being on "Bake Off") It's also odd that they would re-write the text for the US version and literally change the facts. Either Peter's flatmates knew he was on the show or they didn't. It's not that hard to get it right. Anyway, good to see Peter win but I realized I was rooting for Dave. Glad he did really well, and being
  12. I knew Hermine was going home and was not surprised at all when they announced it. She had a bad week, didn't do anything particularly well, and made a showstopper that was ugly and inedible. When everyone else does better . . . it's simple math. Sorry to see her go. The points @dbell1 and other people are making up thread about Laura and social media are absolutely right and need to be emphasized. These are ordinary people we're talking about, who like to bake and seem generally lovely and agreed to do a show that millions of people love to watch. You and I are watching an entire we
  13. I don't know . . . in the last three years they've aired 20 episodes and one special. Meanwhile the Great British Baking Show managed to do an entire full season during the lockdown. I know it's apples to oranges, but at some point Who's scarcity really becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nobody misses a show they never see.
  14. I'm surprised by the near-consensus in these comments. People are making some great points, but it's disappointing to see so many people not liking this season overall. I agree Paul is overrepresented, that some of the most charismatic bakers have been kicked off the past few weeks, and that Noel and (especially) Matt aren't quite clicking, but it's still great TV for me. I like all of the bakers. There's no drama, nobody whose presence on the screen irritates me, no manufactured crises like somebody taking somebody else's bake out of the freezer and "forgetting" to put it back.
  15. This is much closer to how I see it, too. I tried to be crystal clear that in suggesting that Beth wanted to defect, I was talking about her POV, rather than some objective notion that the USSR in 1968 was a nice place to live or that Beth moving there would be a good idea. Hell, you couldn't pay me to live in Russia now, forget 50 years ago. But having said that -- and now I feel like I'm back in college -- I honestly think you can solidly deconstruct this show to argue that it is, at best, ambiguous about which side in the Cold War was the "right" side. There's so much symbolism, a
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