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  1. So the all-knowing St. Olivia sniffed out that Luna was innocent and being gaslighted? I thought Luna was seducing Bobby AND stealing from her company. This was a bizarre one. Hadid — and the actress playing her — not impressive at all. Luna had a miraculously quick recovery from her crazy (well-acted) breakdown. I did not like the episode at all.
  2. Glad it was Danni. She was neither in the old timers and the newbies group. Plus she bugs me. I want Rob and Parvati to last as long as they can but they won’t win, that’s for sure.
  3. If you've ever seen how viciously Sunny goes after any negative comments, even quite small, against her on Instagram, I can only imagine that Food Network couldn't get through to her to make any changes. It's like it revs her up.
  4. MerBearHou


    I enjoyed the episode too -- more team effort / less Maggie-OA domination. Totally noticed this -- the billionaire father's behavior led me to suspect him being involved. Way too unemotional as time wore on during the search. Jubal did a great job and I admit to being surprised and sad when the kidnapper father passed away at the end, but he saved his daughter from a horrible situation.
  5. It bothered me that Naima said I’m the shortest, youngest, weakest when she was being kind of whiney about not knowing about Italian rainbow cookies. She was my least favorite due to the playing to the camera vibe. Her bakes looked inedible and I was surprised when she just squeezed bbq sauce from the bottle as a topping. No wonder Duff called that out. Morgan’s were so pretty, so appealing. She would have won if her pizza side dish was fully cooked. I was happy for Reggie’s win though. Loved him telling the camera operator that he “ain’t tossing the dough”. Funny kid. Insight into Reggie when he said that he doesn’t jump around and show much happiness on the outside but he feels it on the inside. Liam is just a sunny kind of guy. I thought he showed such poise when he was describing his work because you know he wanted to just cringe. Yes, he’s a little goofy but seems like such a dear. Sam’s Italian lessons cracked me up.
  6. It’s so nice to hear the above about meeting Carla in person. She does seem so very warm and genuine. But Yeah No, I am with you on the loudness level nowadays. It drives me NUTS that some of the folks on TV have decided to — or been told to — dial up their voices to an 11. It literally makes me turn down or mute my TV as quickly as possible until they calm down. Sunny is the worst but Jenna Bush Hager’s voice does it to me too.
  7. I really enjoyed this episode. A good amount of Chunk and a satisfying outcome. He handled the last witness so perfectly. I’m glad Benny let Chunk see the trial through. Yes, it’s a big stretch that a 3rd year law student would be allowed to take over representation in a murder trial but because I love Chunk, I happily went along with it. Not liking either of Bull’s baby girl name options.
  8. That surprised me. Allie is a pretty level-headed character and this made her come across as almost stalkery, like "I thought we were partners" in a slightly delusional way. I'm a pretty easy sell with the mystery movies because I so prefer them over the romance ones. I watch literally all of the series -- and prefer some far more than others -- and the PenaVega duo is absolutely pleasing to me. I just like both of them. It's nice to see a couple of color and their chemistry is nice which makes sense since they're married (not always a guarantee!). Another area where I may differ from others is that I LIKE seeing the Hallmark rotating cast of actors show up in different roles. It's become kind of a game when they walk onto the screen -- sometimes as a good guy/girl and sometimes as a villain. It's a comfort thing for me that this channel has a "stable" of actors they turn to. This episode had me guessing about who did it but I sure had my suspicions from the beginning.
  9. Can you imagine how it feels to look back and realize you were close friends with someone like Lori? That would make me ill.
  10. Loved this episode. One of the joys of Schitt’s Creek for me has been looking up new Moira vocab words like corvidae. They are always spot on for the situation. I feel like I look up 1 or 2 words every single episode — makes me smile every time.
  11. Tonight’s Dateline was all kinds of disturbing. Question: so who is watching Chad and Tammy’s 5 kids?
  12. Wendell is my favorite winner of all time. He is a great fellow.
  13. I'm going to respectfully disagree. I really like these kids, especially Reggie! His dry, quiet, smart humor is right up my alley and I love that his personality is different from the types we so often see. Kids Baking Championship is a treat for me to watch every season because of Duff and Valerie and seeing these kids bake 1000x better than I can now (and certainly not then).
  14. I missed who voted for whom. Anyone know?
  15. Question for Sandra: did you tell Boston Rob you would be on this season?
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