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  1. I just glanced at her Instagram to see if someone asked and sure enough, earlier today someone said there is enough room in the Kitchen for them to all be in there and social distance. Sunny did her usual clap back saying “have you been in the Kitchen — no? — well, that solves that” and on and on. Looks like she gets asked in almost every post. She is sticking to her guns that it’s her choice for her safety and she likes it this way.
  2. If someone says anything slightly critical directed to Sunny — even as a fan and trying to be constructive — she stings back like a scorpion. I’ve seen it many times from her.
  3. Those are both on my short list of “really enjoyed” as well — along with Christmas by Starlight, Cranberry Christmas, The Christmas Waltz and On The 12th Date of Christmas. All because of the cast and their chemistry and unique stories. I liked USS Christmas and A Little Christmas Charm but they weren’t at the top of my list.
  4. I seem to miss 50% of ATK and I like the show so much. How were you able to find it tonight?
  5. It sure did. I almost included “like” as well. She’ll grow out of it! She’s way ahead being articulate, kind and sweet — she sounds like, sooooo great 🙂
  6. One of my pet peeves — inserting “literally” where it doesn’t fit! I also hate the overuse of “you know” and “if you will” (hello, Sunny) as a filler.
  7. Oh yes, that's another thing that made us both say out loud "yeah, right". She was ready to quit the absolutely incredible opportunity after perhaps a DAY?
  8. I enjoyed A New Year’s Resolution too. I’d never seen Aimee before and she was more than OK — I liked how she handled her producing work and thought the New Year’s resolution was a good one, given how she’d gotten in the habit of saying no to everything. Michael looked great — even more than usual — and I liked his little bit longer, fuller hair (filmed back in 2019). Michael is so good at conveying a connection with his co-lead. Aimee comes across as a smidge young and flat in selling a love-match. I was so caught off guard when (a) they kissed before the end and (b) mid-movie they said they were dating! Progressive, Hallmark! My daughter and I watched Christmas at the Plaza tonight because she loves NYC and we thought it would be a fun watch. Good Lord, now THAT actress is flat in her emoting. No way did we buy that Ryan Paevey’s character would fall for her. My daughter was talking back to the TV and telling Ryan’s character to RUN the other way! Won’t watch again.
  9. Barba talking at the speed of light — even faster than usual — made him seem more arrogant and frankly, like he was on drugs of some sort. To me, he was pretty insufferable for 99% of the episode. So glad Carisi won — absolutely unbelievable that Barba was defending this vigilante who clearly premeditated murdering the foster father (who was guilty but deserved to go to trial just like any other perp). Being a wounded vet does not give anyone the right to be judge, jury and executioner. Loved the engagement news about Fin — wish we’d seen the moment! I've always liked Jennifer Esposito in the roles I've seen. I actually don’t mind that Carisi is a stable, normal, stand-up guy in Rollins’ life. Enjoyed the happy reactions when he walked into the apartment on NYE. I very much liked that Benson took a back seat on this episode. The amount of Benson was just right IMO. Something I missed: how was the daughter found? On the street, bleeding out, if I heard correctly? What did her foster father intend after he gave her the abortion pills — she could have died if she hadn’t been found. Someone fill me in please.
  10. I *might* give those two a try based on my always-like for Will Kemp and usually-like Bethany Lenz. So many people say good things about Crown for Christmas so I may have to take a peek at it and see if I can stand the royal-ness of it.
  11. Ditto here. If it's royal related, I'm out. My one exception -- and it's kind of an old one -- is Paul Campbell's "Once Upon a Holiday". He's just so wonderful in everything he does so for Paul, I'll make this royal exception. Ok, I remembered another and it's because of wonderful Laura Osnes and Aaron Tveit and their delightful, fun supporting cast in "One Royal Holiday" this year.
  12. Welcome back to this fun show. I always enjoy the Duff and Valerie pairing. I didn’t mind the parents and thought they were pretty low-key, though I do imagine being aware of the parents on the other side of the screen really adds pressure to those kids and they’re feeling plenty of pressure already. I hated that both Nemo and Trey were in the bottom 2 of episode 2 — liked both of them so, so much. Zemo interacts so well and so good-naturedly with Duff and Valerie and no doubt the restaurant experience he has gives him a comfort level of bantering with them. He needs to watch his goof-ups though! I wasn’t a fan of Bella — sorry — it bugged me when she verbally seemed to be a little pleased that Andrew burned his caramel cake in episode 1 and her cake “looked like it fell off of a truck”. I thought she should’ve been eliminated over Andrew. I think her quips make her more producer-desirable at the moment. I’m a cynic like that.
  13. Hilaria/Hilary now sounds absolutely loony! Fake in-and-out Spanish accent, "how do you pronounce cucumber", born in Mallorca when in reality born and raised in Boston (on Beacon Hill, no less), came over from Spain to attend NYU, on and on... L-O-O-N-Y!
  14. I cannot tell you how much I love Greater Tuna! I still quote it in my office (it came through the Houston stages quite often so my co-workers don’t look at me like I’m crazy) — “Let’s talk about Ducks”. These two stars are so terrific. Thank you for reminding me!
  15. Sorry to be a grump, but my least favorite baker for weeks actually won the whole thing. I am in disbelief. Her horrible bake last week just barely squeaked by and tonight’s final cake of 3 tiers looked horrific IMO. I would not pay $1 in a bakery for that cake. Very, very disappointed. I wanted Lorenzo to win but would have accepted Megan or Eva. Not Juliana.
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