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  1. MerBearHou

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Crickets and radio silent are used here in Texas!! Hated to see the Idaho guys go. I'm in agreement -- I'm far less invested this time around and I'm not sure why. I actually like the trucks and the lack of any jerks in the bunch.
  2. MerBearHou

    Best Baker In America

    Count me in at your table, Rai! I don't mind Jason one bit and like his good heart. He does know baking -- I think it's just that his delivery doesn't sound as smart as he actually is about the craft. Personally, Marcella is the one I prefer less but she doesn't make me turn off the show (I do skip whenever she is on The Kitchen re-runs -- her sing-song and uptalk voice drove me absolutely nuts). Scott was a great host this season and is a great presence in the baking kitchen -- he calmed down the contestants and injected a nice touch of warm humor.
  3. MerBearHou

    The Pioneer Woman

    From reading the link above, it sounds like Ree's mom has been a therapist for those with cancer and mental health issues; at a later stage in her life, she sought out additional education and ways to help others. I don't mind someone like that winning Mother of the Year, famous relative or not.
  4. I loved the 2nd installment of Mystery 101 tonight. Kristoffer Polaha and Jill Wagner are the best duo on the Hallmark channel IMO. I pray to the Hallmark gods that they don’t mess with their excellent chemistry — it’s smart, fun, balanced, friends but “interested” — not an ounce of cutesy or silly. The mystery kept me guessing and I loved the Agatha Christie-ness of it. I’ll watch again!
  5. MerBearHou

    The Pioneer Woman

    The Paige news — seriously slow news day...
  6. MerBearHou

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    So y’all are referring to NYU, right? I wouldn’t be surprised that she’d want to go to college near home, near the family perks.
  7. MerBearHou

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Curious about where Lola is going to college in the fall - wonder if she’ll leave NYC unlike big brother Michael. Anyone know?
  8. I know, I'm just tired of it and growing more and more jaded about their Christmas movies. Just too too much. IMO obviously!
  9. MerBearHou

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    I saw that photo - wowwww! Lola is gorgeous and major HOT. That was some dress!
  10. Hallmark -- Christmas in July. No thank you.
  11. I enjoyed the Julie Gonzalo / Tyler Hynes movie tonight “Flip That Romance” for a few reasons. Julie and Tyler were a more mature, completely non-ditzy pair of leads. They had a nice chemistry and were a pleasure to watch. I loved watching the home do-over renovation work, loved the end results, loved Tyler’s woodworking with restored wood and old pieces, and Julie’s own home was one of my favorites I’ve seen on a Hallmark movie. The supporting players were all a pleasure — no evildoers. The ultimate kiss was a treat because, though it had a momentary interruption by a phone ringing, they went through with it anyway! The editor of the magazine was a little flighty in mannerisms and voice, but she grew on me somewhat. I liked the unique premise of the dueling duplex renovations — a nice change for Hallmark. I’d watch it again which is a big thumbs-up.
  12. MerBearHou

    Shazam! (2019)

    We saw this today. It’s a delight!! Great cast, witty, has heart and is so fun.
  13. MerBearHou

    Whiskey Cavalier

    It boggles my mind the number of lame or mediocre shows that get renewed year after year and Whiskey Cavalier only gets one season. What’s the real story? I can’t believe it’s only ratings.
  14. MerBearHou

    S07.E01: The Further Adventures

    Welcome back, beloved Elementary! I got used to Joan’s blond hair — Lucy Liu is so pretty that she can carry it off. Loved Kitty’s son and Sherlock eating ice cream on the bench. Did I recognize the doctor as being in Sixth Sense?? The crime case kept me guessing.
  15. MerBearHou

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I did the same. Fingers crossed this show gets picked up somewhere and soon. I love this ensemble cast and don't want them to scatter.