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  1. Same here -- just saw the episode --oh, hell no to carrot hot dogs!! They sound (and surely taste) absolutely horrific.
  2. One of the worst of all Hallmark Christmas movies IMO. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Inane women characters which drive me nuts. And nope, I didn’t stick with it to see if it somehow got better. PS: I truly appreciate that we’re allowed to speak our minds about Hallmark here — respectfully, of course. Some of the sites on FB seem to discourage anything that is less than totally positive about a show, movie, plot, actor or actress. It seems almost Stepford-like!
  3. By far, SSD is my favorite Hallmark series / movie / anything Hallmark. I am delighted and will have this channel on all day tomorrow. Eagerly awaiting a new SSD movie -- love the characters and stories and there's a bit of unfinished business with Oliver and Shane.
  4. Selene was the only character I didn't like -- she seems a little psycho (pun intended) and Gus deserves someone awesome. The writers seemed to have given an "out" with her still being married so we'll see. Gus has always been drawn to the kinda-crazy females (Kerry Washington was a hoot), but to marry and have a baby with, I'd like to see him finally find someone non-loopy.
  5. First of all, I’m so so sorry to hear about all of the difficulties seeing this gem of a movie. We love our Psych and this one warmed my heart the whole way. A great way to spend an afternoon. I had to rewind several times to re-hear some of the jokes and lines. It was a huge treat to see everyone and they did a great job. Must have been so fun for them. I enjoyed all of the little cultural references that we expect to hear but have no idea where they’ll pop up. Pound for pound, minute by minute, this show packs in more wit than any other I can think of. So many nicknames and lines made me smile, but my favorite might just have to be the familiar “You are out of your damned mind”. Dule and his line delivery and so-very-Gus facial expressions — just gems. The ending brought big tears to my eyes — I did NOT expect to feel that way at the end of a Psych movie, but oh, I loved it. You can tell how much this crew cherishes Tim-O. Genuine love in those eyes as they watched him act. I watched the first couple of episodes of AMLT but then quit the show so can’t comment on James’ chemistry with the actress, but I thought it was a nice gesture of him to include her here. Cat-cafe and all! Jimmi Simpson is a favorite of mine in everything he does so I was delighted to see him / Mary — he’s such a quirky-cute guy IMO. Like others, I didn’t recognize Kadeem!! Oh how I hope there are more Psych movies in our future.
  6. I believe the renewal of “Good Witch” was announced tonight. I’m pleased!
  7. He's the best. So darn clever.
  8. The thing is - at least for me - I’m talking about the show but the tiny bit of interest I had in watching is now totally gone. From season one, I was a faithful DWTS watcher and enjoyed it so much w friends — great, mediocre, wacky dancers and all. But it stopped being “must-see” for me after Bobby Bones and the judges wore thin for me too. Now it’s just sad - TPTB just screwed w it too many times and this is the final blow.
  9. Seeing this all over the place now. Hold on, they’ve already named a new host and it’s Tyra Banks???????? Incredible. She seems perfectly nice but I do not see her as being so great, so sharp, so witty, so deft with judges and dancers that this would justify letting Tom go. I am shocked.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. Tom’s humor and warmth are irreplaceable. Bad move, ABC. I’m predicting that ABC goes young with hosts and dancers — ie, aiming for the TikTok feel. Lots of YouTube-famous types. Ugggghhhhh.... I’d have gotten rid of the judges too if they are letting Tom go.
  11. Couldn't agree more! Kristoffer is a kind of rare soul, IMO -- very genuine, interesting and interested, engaged in interviews and with his co-stars. That's why I think his chemistry comes across so well with Jill and many other co-stars. He is in my top 2 faves (Marc Blucas being the other).
  12. Absolutely heartbreaking. From following his COVID story through Amanda’s updates, you just rooted for him every day. He was hit so hard by this blasted virus. A healthy 41 year old. Just incredible. I’m so, so sorry for Amanda, Elvis and those who loved Nick.
  13. What’s interesting is that Hallmark doesn’t seem to have a concern hiring gay actors and actresses in leading romantic roles, but they have to play straight. I didn’t even give it a second thought in the ”Olive Tree” movie when two guys seemed to be more than just friends. Both good fellows — it was a nice addition IMO.
  14. I actually really do like Ryan and think he seems like a pretty good guy, but Shayna — girl, listen to us — do not ever get back together with him. He may have more money than he knows what to do with in a lifetime, but that’s not enough, Shayna.
  15. Yes, now I remember food truck guy -- super thin and had such a crush on Stephanie. Adam came into the food truck situation due to his Monte Cristo sandwich, IIRC. Ben was the really nice carpenter who opened the movie theater. Loved him but even so, they weren't a match for all time.
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