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  1. Wendell is my favorite winner of all time. He is a smart, fun, talented, family-oriented, very devoted to friends, introspective, thoughtful guy IRL.
  2. MerBearHou


    I am! I thought I'd love the Most Wanted version, but it was a distant second for me over the original FBI. Hoping for a winner with FBI International. We shall see!
  3. Melora and Amanda are my two favorites to watch. Hope they go far, far and one of them wins! Tyra can go. She is absolutely the worst host I've ever seen on pretty much anything. Intolerable for me. Muting the TV when she speaks is going to be a must.
  4. I thought it was a good return episode overall.
  5. I cannot watch Giada at all. I did watch the recent Ice Cream Wars (I forget the name) that Molly hosted. It was actually entertaining (to me) -- on the campus of Ben & Jerry's with the resident B&J Taste Taster as a judge. Ben and Jerry came on the last show and Jerry was a judge. Molly clearly had been told ahead of time to tone down her mega-perky personality because she was just right -- she was sharp, warm, smiled a lot but not manic, personable and encouraging without being a cutesy made-for-TV cheerleader. I change the channel with those kinds of personalities and Molly
  6. He generally seems like a private guy, and he went through a pretty public breakup right before Ted Lasso blew up. His demeanor at all of these events has screamed, "Shucks, this is great, but the mother of my children left me for Harry Styles this year, and everyone knows it, and that kind of sucks." Totally agree. It's interesting - with him being so public and funny on SNL, I get the strong feeling that he's a really modest Midwest guy who doesn't like the spotlight ONLY on him. I loved that he thanked his parents first and said their names. I really like Jason. Hope his heart
  7. I wasn’t going to watch the Emmys tonight but I am glad I did because it’s so fun to watch/comment/snark along with all of you! As my son just said, the show sucked but the winners were good. Agreed! Till next time…
  8. Diverse hats at the Emmys this year. We’ve seen top hats, equestrian riding hats, and swimmers caps. Who knew?
  9. That woman in the yellow hat is ready for a Mrs. Maisel swim in the pool. What??? OMG - that’s Emma Corrin!
  10. I thought Halston was really bad. I like Ewan - his tuxedo shoes look like clown shoes!
  11. Tough category - glad for Kate Winslet but wow… Quick question - who’s the man in the white strapless dress? I don’t know him and he has had a ton of screen time.
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