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  1. TVFan17, you're amazing! Great source of info and I like the way you write. I always enjoy your updates -- thank you!
  2. MerBearHou

    The Kitchen

    Hahaha same here — this phrase now comes to my mind every single time!
  3. MerBearHou

    Good Witch

    I am a very late discoverer of Good Witch so my experience has been quite different. I just started watching the movies, then the series, this summer (binging them over a few weeks). They came along at a very, very anxious time of upheaval in my life and kind of amazingly, Cassie's serene outlook and finding the good in people and situations has literally had an affect on me. I am calmer and find myself adopting a "less control, let it play out, things work out if you don't squeeze so hard", etcetc mentality. So I'm here to say that a concentrated viewing of Good Witch has helped me find more balance and stay calm, cheerier and positive. I do see that the magic is (regretfully) greatly reduced from the movies and oh, I miss Chris Potter. I like the levity and warmth that Martha, Eve and Derek bring and I have grown so fond of almost every character (except both Taras who bug me).
  4. It would sure lure me in! I would watch Paul Campbell in almost anything. He is so smart, funny, wry and very handsome IMO.
  5. Ugh, Mark Deklin and Victor Webster look like they could be Danica McKellar’s father. I prefer them over her — shes too babyish for me.
  6. MerBearHou

    Good Witch

    So last night I decided to go back and start Good Witch from the very beginning, the very first movie. I too thought I recognized Donovan's mother -- isn't she the same one who played Nancy in the first movie? The one who was the first lady in town to like Cassie and went to her shop and got aphrodisiac oils which helped her get pregnant?? I was glad to see the show's return on Sunday. Yes, it has continuity discrepancies and lots of characters we like who seem to just vanish, but it's a wonderful escape for me and I like Cassie's serenity. There is no comparison between the chemistry and genuineness that Chris Potter brought vs James Denton who is OK but his manner of speaking bugs me and he's not warm enough for Cassie IMO. I love Martha and Catherine Disher as levity in the shows and Abigail serves well as one who's prickly and finding her way and in a totally different way of going about it, wants good outcomes for those she cares for. Now that the announcement has been made that Bailee Madison won't be in the show going forward and watching her on Sunday, I really think the show is going to miss her. Are Abigail and Donovan going to be the future of Good Witch?
  7. I just watched the “Picture Perfect” movie tonight. I was in a good mood so I wasn’t overly critical of it. But OMG, the killer was so obvious! Kudos to seeing a pretty diverse cast — good step in the right direction.
  8. MerBearHou

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Crickets and radio silent are used here in Texas!! Hated to see the Idaho guys go. I'm in agreement -- I'm far less invested this time around and I'm not sure why. I actually like the trucks and the lack of any jerks in the bunch.
  9. MerBearHou

    Best Baker In America

    Count me in at your table, Rai! I don't mind Jason one bit and like his good heart. He does know baking -- I think it's just that his delivery doesn't sound as smart as he actually is about the craft. Personally, Marcella is the one I prefer less but she doesn't make me turn off the show (I do skip whenever she is on The Kitchen re-runs -- her sing-song and uptalk voice drove me absolutely nuts). Scott was a great host this season and is a great presence in the baking kitchen -- he calmed down the contestants and injected a nice touch of warm humor.
  10. MerBearHou

    All Episodes Talk

    From reading the link above, it sounds like Ree's mom has been a therapist for those with cancer and mental health issues; at a later stage in her life, she sought out additional education and ways to help others. I don't mind someone like that winning Mother of the Year, famous relative or not.
  11. I loved the 2nd installment of Mystery 101 tonight. Kristoffer Polaha and Jill Wagner are the best duo on the Hallmark channel IMO. I pray to the Hallmark gods that they don’t mess with their excellent chemistry — it’s smart, fun, balanced, friends but “interested” — not an ounce of cutesy or silly. The mystery kept me guessing and I loved the Agatha Christie-ness of it. I’ll watch again!
  12. MerBearHou

    All Episodes Talk

    The Paige news — seriously slow news day...
  13. MerBearHou

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    So y’all are referring to NYU, right? I wouldn’t be surprised that she’d want to go to college near home, near the family perks.
  14. MerBearHou

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Curious about where Lola is going to college in the fall - wonder if she’ll leave NYC unlike big brother Michael. Anyone know?
  15. I know, I'm just tired of it and growing more and more jaded about their Christmas movies. Just too too much. IMO obviously!