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  1. I did watch this On Demand just through the Jet-Antonia cookoff (so glad Jet won). Have to say -- I'd vote for Ming Tsai as the next James Bond. Goodness, he looked so debonair and gorgeous in his suit. When he walked out (after Nancy and Marcus), wow...
  2. I was saying the same thing to my TV! The guy was assigned a cupcake and he was dinged for making a snack cupcake that may or may not need a fork? I didn’t follow that. I felt like they were looking for reasons to low-score Derek. All of the four desserts were big enough to technically need a fork. Please....
  3. Derek BROUGHT it with his national park/camping scene. Wow. It was so interesting, tasty, multi-faceted, showed different techniques, was colorful and beautiful, had out of the box elements like the pine nuts, a cute red Solo cup that many of us know well, cool blue stream, I could go on and on (and I have!). Was also impressed with Natalie’s hamburger — super cute. Veruska was definitely the one to go — she’s given NYC and that’s all she came up with — and it required explaining?
  4. Thank you! Great to hear - love Jet. I’m not planning on seeking this finale out On Demand — this season didn’t do it for me at all.
  5. Right in Front of Me was enjoyable because of the lead guy IMO (Marco Grazzini). He is wonderful in all ways and I hope we see him again. The lead actress (Janel Parrish) was passable — I didn’t dislike her enough to change the channel as a few make me do — but I don’t need to seek her out in other projects. Gorgeous food. Matt was super bland, but he was supposed to be good-looking with no BS, I gather.
  6. Delighted for Dawn’s win and so glad Chris and Kiki didn’t go home. Brittany seemed to be a bit of a weaker chef so I thought it was the right call they had her pack her knives. Gabriel’s help to Shota with the spices turned out to be valuable to the flavor in Shota’s well-received dish. Jamie and her Disney voice drive me nuts and her overreaction when she placed nicely in the Challenge — ugh, she is just too precocious kid/ “look at me” for my taste. Avishar’s reaction, on the other hand, was absolutely heart-warming.
  7. Ditto here. Love Jet always. Antonia is sort of OK to me, but she seems to *always* win. I was delighted when Darnell beat Tiffani.
  8. I told my daughter who was watching with me that you can always tell from FN editors — the team that says “I think we won this” or something to that effect, NEVER wins. You can also tell from the flat talking heads of BFD vs the cheery, smiley TB that TB won. I hate their name — won’t say it. I’m sure they’re perfectly lovely women, but I thought BFD was the stronger truck in the competition with a stronger concept.
  9. I really enjoyed it too! Allen Leech is a favorite from DA and I thought he did a good job in this one. Joanna Garcia was just right as well. The supporting cast was fun and I liked the festival activities — perfect excuse to squeeze in all of those local charm moments. As others have mentioned, the scenery was incredible and makes me long for a trip to Ireland. The castle lit up with white lights on the night of the party — oh myyyy. One question: why did he get upset with her about the business contact she had made on his behalf? His mood turned on a dime and that was odd to me.
  10. Oh yes! This mop will go down in Hallmark history as one of the most unattractive of all! I enjoy the movie so much and have seen it a few times — the evil fiancee’s hair never ceases to boggle me.
  11. MerBearHou


    I said that very thing when “full ride” to Harvard was mentioned. A very specific detail like that usually circles back to connect to something.
  12. I cannot believe how often the Peleton ads are playing now and that music is driving me nuts. I hit mute the minute the ad starts now and I don’t have anything against Peleton. They just play way.too.often. The ad I currently hate is the Xfinity ad with the woman lounging in a chair while her friends are moving her furniture. Amy Pohler asks what she’s been doing and the woman says meekly “delegating”. What in the world? What a horrible human. I have an irrational loathing for the woman in the chair! Bad ad, Xfinity.
  13. 100% agree. The Blais dish was producer-driven. Gabriel doesn't bother me either.
  14. I gasped when I saw this news -- I was so hoping he would be able to make it to his centennial and could be honored / celebrated. What an amazing life and partnership Philip had with Elizabeth for 74 years.
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