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  1. Unfortunately I feel quite sure that is exactly the case — I think TPTB think we viewers would just loooove for Kevin to win after recovering from his very scary cancer (which I respect was all too real for Kevin). But nope, that doesn’t make me want him to win over the others. Bryan V for the win!!
  2. My thoughts exactly -- I think dissolved rice aka congee sounds a lot like oatmeal. That consistency is not impressive nor appetizing to me unless I'm sick and only want oatmeal for breakfast. Bryan V should have won. His dish is what I would've wanted to eat.
  3. I am so, so, so bummed. Love Gregory. Gosh, I wish Bryan V would’ve won the Elimination Challenge. He is *right there* so often. No way was Tom going to miss that cool truffle hunt — I watched every teeny moment — so interesting!!
  4. Very, very, very unhappy.
  5. I thought that was classic Ina oohing over everything dear Jeffrey attempts to do. No, it wasn't a Win, but I loved him trying and with his little chef hat and apron -- such a sport.
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed today's new episode. and THEN I coincidentally happened to check in on Instagram and there was Ina doing a live interview with an editor and it was the most delightful hour of Ina-chat and Q&A from questions that the viewers were asking. So I got to spend most of my early Saturday with Ina -- heaven!! On Instagram, she was so relaxed (with her quarantine curly wave hair!) and fielded every question with such ease. Her voice and manner of speaking are big keys to why I enjoy her -- so soothing, articulate, intelligent, light but never a hint of "uptalk", a great tone. It was awesome!
  7. We MerBears think alike! Melissa and Gregory are my faves too — both so lovely — followed by Bryan V. After plate-gate, I can only imagine how Kevin would have reacted if his dishes had not made it to the judges table.
  8. I think Malarkey was thinking seriously about quitting and stepping aside so Gregory could advance. I also think Gregory telling him essentially “don’t do this — I don’t want to advance by default” was reasonable and appealed to Malarkey not disrespecting Gregory in that way. That was crap that the servers took his food to the wrong table — I have never seen that in all my seasons watching Top Chef. I’m OK with the folks going to Italy except I would switch Malarkey for Kevin. I’m just cranky about Kevin in general. Even the way Kevin talks is getting on my nerves.
  9. Bryan Vs dish is beautiful
  10. I loved that “Good God” moment by Malarkey about Kevin!
  11. Totally agree. Joy leaves me cold and I don’t think it was necessary to add her (the actress doesn’t do anything for me either).
  12. Looking real good for Stephanie.
  13. Awww man, the winner gets a trip to the Tokyo Olympics...which wont be happening...
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