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  1. Can you imagine taking your beloved pet to her and she’s explaining the diagnosis and you’re like “I’m sorry, what? Could you repeat that??”
  2. I really enjoy Rosie too! She has grown on me so much and I find her awkwardness endearing. She does talk at lightning-speed and mumbles so you won’t pay too, too much attention to her — she is obviously more comfy with animals who don’t talk rather than humans who do. But she is so genuine and I root for her. I actually really like all of these final 5. Henry is, far and away, my fave though so tears... Justified boot but still...
  3. MerBearHou

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    Loved when the editors chose to show a flock of birds taking off when Noura squealed with excitement on IOI. I am a steadfast Boston Rob fan and his facial expressions are so subtle but you can see what he’s thinking. Loved Sandra and Rob’s reaction to Noura — she was very extra-Noura with them. On the other hand, I was pretty surprised with how subdued Noura was when Rob and Sandra first walked out — how are these people not more shocked?? Jamal’s torso and nipples look to me like someone who’s lost a lot of weight in the not-too-distant past. I felt for him when he said he’d just gotten out of a very bad relationship. He is trying to figure things out and is hanging onto “serenity” platitudes to help him navigate things. I don’t blame him a bit — they are what he feels he needs as he gets more clarity. He is great at puzzles and has a calmness which are huge plusses — his negative is that he can’t help himself — he separates out from the group when he shouldn’t and that’s a mistake in this game. I’m such an Elaine fan.
  4. MerBearHou


    Agreed 100%. I do like FBI and it’s new enough that they can hopefully avoid the screw-up that SVU became due to St. Olivia.
  5. MerBearHou


    I do enjoy this show but it’s starting to feel very Olivia Benson that Maggie is always right, always the one who solves things. Spread out the kudos, show. Otherwise, it will get very, very old and eye-roll-worthy.
  6. I loved Blake singing "Amazing Grace" over the dead bird's grave and then quickly finishing once he realized everyone had walked away. I also like dopey-tired Bess at the Quilting Festival. LOL moments for me which I appreciate in a show that tackles such serious things. Ugh, no to Dmitri. Nononononono...
  7. Totally agree! I couldn’t believe when John said it was a split vote — what???? Her “pie” was drippy and borderline inedible and I feel sure they were being generous when they said it tasted good.
  8. This one was interesting. Loosely based on Britney Spears. Tough situations all the way around.
  9. I really enjoy Brittany and hope her Holiday Dates movie is a good fit. She’s delightful in everything and you’re so right, the French accent was spot on.
  10. I enjoyed it too. I laughed out loud when she was with Brennan Elliott in the car, talking about growing up, and she said she’d spent time on her family’s farm and knew how to milk a goat. Fun little wink to their prior series together.
  11. I felt the same way about the new young lady. She has no warmth and literally said “yeah” like a teenager would when Julia asked her something. She added nothing positive to the show IMO. She does have chicken carving skills, but they all do.
  12. I absolutely loved Jay and the actor is outstanding. Darn it -- I am sorry he was surprised -- I assumed he'd moved on to better things now that this show is winding down.
  13. Ahh, thanks jsm1125 — I missed it. I also didn’t hear Jeff say “you’re getting your first look at the tribe — Molly voted off at the last TC” or something like that. Did I miss it too? I wanted to see their surprised faces about Molly.
  14. After all of these many years of watching Survivor, I’ve decided one of my very favorite moments is when someone is voted out with an Idol in their pocket. I love it just about every single time. Wasn’t a fan of Vince at all so I don’t mind him being booted off the island, but I am glad he had his Sandra/Rob/IOI victory — that’s a cool memory he’ll always have and meeting them clearly meant a lot to him.
  15. In the past, this show has been in my top 3 of “must see”. I’ve admired Bess and I enjoyed her relationships with her Super-Husband and her team. I felt cheated in this first episode that it’s already 100 days into her Presidency??? I mean, we’ve been along with her on the ride and now she’s WON, been to the Inauguration, said goodbye to some staffers and a daughter we knew very, very well, moved into the White House — I could go on and on. I didn’t like the new vibe at all. The entire episode felt very off to me. What I did like: seeing Russell and Blake, Russell’s reactions — “Carol, call the gardener” and wanting more liquor to be poured, the gorgeous (though weirdly quiet) White House hallways, the funny scene in the bedroom when Bess and Henry were talking about Bess being his superior and he didn’t know how to respond. Hated the Colbert segment (not a fan of SC in the first place) and there was no doubt in my mind that Jason thought his dad was responding all wrong as FGOTUS. The prospect of multiple episodes covering the election investigation — boring and major UGH. So disappointed because I loved this show when she was just Madam Secretary.
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