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  1. I've enjoyed reading all your comments about this episode, but can't believe no one mentioned Colt's new girl's beer drinking talents (?)- that was cringeworthy! Also, I think Colt was drunk in the Uber on the way to the hotel. He kept putting his foot in his mouth and then digging the hole even deeper. He wants to be careful and take it slow on his way to "getting laid?" I wonder if he has developed a drinking habit since the whole Larissa thing- could be how he put on so much weight.
  2. Those were my thoughts, too, but you said it better!
  3. OMG! "Butt cleaner!" Won't "bidet" suffice? If not, there must be a more professional way to say it. I've been wanting to get one, especially with the tp crisis, but I'm afraid I would end up like Pedro and not have the right connectors. I just had a thought: how many bidets have been purchased due to Jihoon's stellar recommendation? Maybe he should start selling bidets!
  4. Was this during the time when toilet paper was not to be found?
  5. You said it! Fame-mongers, get off the Fiancé Train. I'm here for the real relationships, good, bad or ugly, but at least authentic.
  6. On the plus side, he has an exceptionally clean anus.
  7. I tend to agree with this. She tried several times to hold his hand and he was yanking it away. I think he was so worked up, he was warning her he might crush her hand and didn't want to do that. She finally put her arm through his.
  8. I, too, am hoping that Kenny and Armando's story turns out great. I found myself feeling so emotional while Armando was talking to his sister and recalling the last time that he came out. He's had to live a lie, as a sacrifice for his family, and now his sister said that he was being unfair by showing a different persona (not by his own choice!) I'm glad she seems to be coming around, though. I don't know if his parents will take it so well- at least in the beginning.
  9. Jenny is making all kinds of mistakes right now. First, Sumit NEEDS a job. I can't believe he is $10,000 in debt to his wife and is not working like a madman to pay it back. Also, Jenny needs to use her reality tv money to help her get through these next few years and not touch her SS. That reduction that she would have by taking early retirement is permanent and will end up costing her a great deal. Also, despite his words, Sumit's eyes and body language give him away as being shady af and continuing to lie. Wake up, Jenny!
  10. Or, one could think of it as being akin to risotto, since it is a rice dish. An Asian cousin of risotto, which could explain why the white truffle worked with it. I do agree, however, that it is time for Melissa to lose the congee recipe for the remainder of the challenges...and Kevin- no more meatballs!
  11. I don't feel right about defending Aaron completely because I think he has made some major errors in judgement regarding the way he communicates, but I do believe as an invited guest to the BBQ, he had every right to voice his opinion. He had a vested interest in the topic because it concerned his family, and his wife has been bearing the brunt of it for weeks now. Since these Housewives freaked out over Denise's legit and harmless request, which they ignored, they have been raking her over the coals, slut-shaming her and demeaning her kids. (Not to mention gaslighting her- "mom shaming.") I'm sure Aaron wanted to say something that would end the abuse. He wasn't very good at it and it didn't help, but I defend his right to be a part of the conversation.
  12. Yes! I think Denise was alluding to this when she said she got the message not to bring the kids around the group if she was worried about what they would hear. I sure wish Bravo would have replayed that part because it really set the stage for Denise to leave the kids at home.
  13. I think it should be a thing: Darcy will be on every iteration of 90 Day Fiancé, fiancé or not, and Jesse should show up for each and every Tell All...
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