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  1. And, yet they were all aghast that Garcelle said in an interview that some of her BH colleagues were coming after her- which is exactly what they were doing. They certainly don’t like to “own it.”
  2. Besides the love I have for this show, I am currently watching "An Extra Slice," which is just wonderful in its own way. Lots of laughs and an interview with the departing baker. It's a gem. They said next week was German week, so I guess Jurgen will probably be a step ahead (as if he need it!). It's kind of like Bread week with two Italian bread challenges, which Giuseppe nailed. I'm sure these themes are planned out well in advance, so I'm sure it is a coincidence.
  3. We desperately need a meme of this! After reading your comment, I had a 5 minute laughing jag (which had my husband running in to see what was going on!) just remembering that scene. Absolutely bonkers!
  4. Jughead, from the Archie comics. (But Jughead never sported a neon red mustache.)
  5. I'm so happy for Chigs' win - he really nailed his bakes and the Star Baker title was well deserved. I must admit I wasn't sure he would be around very long due to his short history with baking. He's certainly proving me wrong! I'll miss Maggie's positivity and upbeat personality. I'm sure she is an amazing baker, but the competition and timed baking aspect of Bake Off was a challenge for her. She has a lot to be proud of. I'm impressed with Jurgen and Giuseppe and look forward to their future bakes. I'm rooting for Lizzie- love her sense of humor and accent!
  6. I liked Chastity's look and couldn't figure out why it was in the bottom. Megan's look seemed less flattering than Caycee's and looked liked there were construction issues where the seams were gathered. Darren is not long for the competition and I really feel the judges should have made an exception and sent him home despite his team winning. For someone else to put together his entire look is a new first.
  7. I agree with your points about how Sutton is being portrayed at the reunion and WWHL. I'm wondering if it is Andy's doing or the producers of the shows. Andy's Jackhole roast of Sutton fell flat with the studio audience, so hopefully he gets the message.
  8. https://tenor.com/bjLm8.gif I have read a post that her constant lip licking has to do with her lip fillers. I'll try to find the source- don't want to paraphrase the wrong thing.
  9. Rinna came for Garcelle so strongly in the beginning, even interrupting Dorit's nonsense with a snide remark and then yelling at Garcelle not to tell her what to do. Yet... within 5 minutes, she was literally cozying up to her, trying to be besties again. I'm thinking that when her denial of the "bringing race into the show" comment didn't work, she regrouped and decided to make nice. I believe she is trying to avoid another PR nightmare. And, I also agree with you astute posters that Kyle was likely the source of that gem.
  10. Maybe she should have treated it more like a business and not just a "store!"
  11. I was laughing out loud at everyone's reaction to Jurgen explaining his baby bread (during the preparation time, not at judging). Loved the quips! Again this year, I am enjoying everything about this wonderful show. I have watched from the beginning (in US, so not the very beginning) and have enjoyed the various hosts and judges (Mary Berry is a treasure!) and what they bring to the program. I think we all have our favorites and others will not live up to them, in our eyes. Each year, it is so much fun to get to know the contestants and so very hard to see them leave the tent.
  12. I have to speak up for the guests (gospel singer and friends) who tipped $15,000. Many of the Galley Talk commentators thought it was a small tip, but this was a 1 day charter, so that should be taken into account. Not bad for a day's work! (I really wished I could have spoken to them through the tv at that point!)
  13. I'm so glad you brought that up! Malia was Tom's sous chef last season, bosun duties be damned! We knew she was a huge hypocrite and this apparently hasn't changed. Mat is indeed a fragile little flower, which is too bad, because I was hoping he would redeem himself after the shenanigans of the beginning of the season. I guess he brings the drama...
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