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  1. A few random thoughts: Crystal must have been super upset not to come to dinner and more pointedly, none of the women went to check on her, encourage her to join them, or bring her food. I'm sure that would have been filmed if it had happened. And we know Kyle or Lisa would have been all over that! My thought is that Crystal had a few words with production and it was understood that she was at her limit. Lisa is despicable for comparing a rape to ANYTHING that Denise did last season, but even more so to allude to secrets she is still hiding to "protect" Denise. She desperately wa
  2. You are a quick study! You nailed it! Lake Tahoe has so much to offer, but to these pretentious ladies, I'm sure they couldn't be bothered with anything more than a house used for a movie set.
  3. I don't buy her act. She knows what Red Bull is and even a regular soda wouldn't be the best thing to consume in the middle of the night, when having insomnia. Also, the cameras were filming this, which is not usually the case while the ladies are sleeping. Seems scripted. Kind of like "The Simple Life..."
  4. It was surprising to me that Dawn and Byron's desserts were so similar in so many ways. I agree with those of you who said it would have been better to have a tournament of champions and then the judges could have sent home one of the chefs that didn't make it past the first round. Sorry to see Byron leave... it's going to be difficult each week because we have become acquainted with these chefs and they all have a lot of skill and personality.
  5. But she does bring monogrammed flasks! and boots! and purses! and gifts baskets!
  6. I like your thinking here. This whole season could be for the purpose of rehabbing the Hilton family's image. Kathy is being portrayed as a kooky, fun eccentric who plays innocent pranks and doesn't glam it up. Paris is just a misunderstood youth. There has to be a reason Kathy decided to be a part of RHBH after all these years.
  7. I agree. She's got a couple of things that are making her even more paranoid and stressed out. 1. She's convinced that Crystal thinks she is a racist and doesn't want to be painted that way on tv. She keeps putting her foot in her mouth and makes it worse with each utterance. She just needs a little education about why being color-blind is no longer the goal. She needs to stop trying to equate her experiences as a Southern white woman with those of WOC. She could learn a lot by just listening and taking it all in and keeping quiet for a bit. (Though I don't know how she has not al
  8. I kind of live for Garcelle's forthrightness in talking about her past assumptions of Paris (or whatever the subject might be). It's far better to bring it up to the family and get clarification than to talk about someone behind their back, which is too often the case with other housewives (or in the confessional). This way, we are hearing some tea and Kathy was able to defend her daughter in a dignified way. I would love to see more of these women be as open as Garcelle.
  9. I agree that if there is a gang up this year, Sutton will be the one in the cross-hairs. She really messed up jumping into that conversation with Crystal like that and not letting her talk, on such a sensitive topic, no less. (I think being tipsy may have added to her cluelessness.) Now, the other housewives who like to target someone they are jealous of have fuel for their fire.
  10. Her recent nose job and other work probably helped!
  11. I don't agree with this. Kyle even admitted she called out Garcelle because she was upset with her. She has different standards for those who are friendly with her. And, I think it was rude and tacky to call Garcelle or ANYONE out publicly before making a phone call and reminding them to honor their pledge.
  12. I'm a big fan of Portlandia and enjoyed Carrie and Fred as guests. Their kind of humor is not for everyone, but I like the way Top Chef varies the guests/ challenges, highlighting the region, of course. There's usually something for everyone during the season...
  13. I agree. Many people were pro-Sutton, based on her not being as horrible as the others last year (same with Dorit). But, we really don't know that much about who she is. Hopefully, she learned a valuable lesson from this. Goodness knows, we need some positive people to root for on this show!
  14. I felt this way seeing all the post-season social media posts she made. Lots of scantily clad soft porn type shots of her without a care in the world. A little humility and an apology would go a long way...
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