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  2. xingu

    "The View": Week of 6/24/2019

    Here's my Yiew. MM was raised in such a political bubble that she doesn't know what to believe. She was raised by a war hero whose standards she could never meet. Her father was away most of her life to be raised by a cold-hearted mother named Cindy. The heir to the AZ beer conglomerate. Cindy is now pretending to be an advocate against human trafficking, but has yet to put her money behind her message. MM is a spoiled brat. She has Fuck You money, which is the worst kind.
  3. Ah , so that would be before the tell-all. Colt and Larissa came in guns a blazing, a unifed front, and Debbie was on social media saying how proud Larissa handled herself with the other couples. So it was after the 2nd arrest when Debbie was spouting that. They are all so weird.
  4. As much as I would love to see Maddie get point....I won't be disappointed if Heather gets it. She would be amazing. My triangle wish would be Maddie at point flanked by Heather and Amy.
  5. bichonblitz

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    I read somewhere that he doesn't want to be on the show and he has a problem with Camille being on the show. We will see if she's even on next season.
  6. FlowerofCarnage

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I took a look at the Zillow listing. The damn elementary school is rated a 5 out if 10!!!!!!! For a house that is close to a mil, the schools better be well...damn well! Lol but then again, a school district worth the price tag of your house is nothing when all that matters is being close to baby daddy no. 50-11!
  7. phlebas

    S15.E07: Week 7

  8. Jan Spears

    The Hills

    I suspect Lauren Conrad would agree with you, which may be why (at least in part) she declined to be a part of the reboot. The original version of The Hills was Lauren Conrad's story. Without her, The Hills is just another reality TV program (and one that's probably on the wrong network given the ages of the cast relative to the target demographic.)
  9. Gina is amazing, but after watching that video I wouldn't be too mad if Heather got point. I don't know if she's in the running though. I'm betting they already chose point and they just aren't telling us
  10. SuzieSioux

    S03.E06: Household

    Agreed! I mean she had no problem ordering a girl's eye to be removed for a bit of sass, there was also another handmaid shown later with her tongue removed, wasn't there? Now we're expected to believe these situations are putting doubt in Lydia's mind? Please. It better bloody be. Something's got to keep me watching! (Honestly, it took me a moment to realise the Commander was um, "presenting" himself to Fred like that because I briefly thought maybe it was just the show making an in-joke reference to Christopher Meloni's ass.)
  11. Spartan Girl

    Book Moments That Anger Up The Blood

    Say what you want about Nick in Gone Girl but I did share his anger and indignation that after Amy "reappeared" the cops and media, instead of apologizing for persecuting him for a month, just acting like it never happened and they were all friends now. The cops smugly celebrating and being eager to sweep the whole thing under the rug just to cover their incompetent asses really pissed me off, regardless of the holes in Amy's story. They practically helped her get away with it. Boney was the only one who sincerely apologized to Nick and admitted he was right. And she did try to bring Amy, but she couldn't prove it, not to mention she was outranked and outnumbered by the idiots that wanted to cover their asses.
  12. oakville

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Joe said that Trump's policies are getting more illegal immigrants to cross the border. The smugglers warn immigrants that they have to cross the border before the wall is built.
  13. She walks into the room, patient's jaw drops when he sees her tits, dentist jumps in and does his work. All without Novocaine. You're welcome. Crews. Xander Crews. Have some respect.
  14. Dutchgirl

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    I'm still kind of fuming at this episode. I resent the Dorit and PK pile on because of their financial issues, as though they are somehow less worthy of being within such an "elite group". Fuck off. I'm not a huge Dorit fan but none of these other bitches invented penicillin. All of them are on this show because they've done some shitty tv work, married someone who did shitty tv work and/or sold something and got lucky. Camille was a hooker who married a man in a sitcom. Not exactly a blue blood/Mayflower pedigree. Kyle's single mom pimped out her daughters to pay her bills. Kim was the breadwinner and likely the victim of sexual abuse, now she's chemically dependent and destitute, and her sister outs her on tv? Nice. Kathy is a billionaire, meanwhile Kim was caught shoplifting while homeless. Nice family. Salt of the earth. Kyle's husband made a living off his in-laws then swiped clients and staff to build "The Agency". Talk about grifters... Teddi's dad John Cougar Mellencamp was a teen dad, alcoholic/drug addict loser who miraculously made a hit record 30+ years ago. Teddi was fat. Her husband installs security systems. Denise: C-list actress who married Charlie Sheen. Erika: Thirsty waitress who married a lonely old lawyer. Lisa: Failed model, turned sporadic soap opera actress, turned failed shop owner, now sells polyester clothes on QVC. Her claim to fame is her b-list husband who now spends a lot of time enjoying the US exchange rate in Canada and making pies that his anorexic wife and daughters won't eat. They're all grifters as far as I'm concerned.
  15. I will never, ever feel sorry for Meghan. She can have the biggest breakdown ever!
  16. Bryce Lynch

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    I assumed the rummaging was part of Larissa's search for hairdresser money. She was going through all the drawers downstairs looking for (somebody else's) money to pay for her $240 hair appointment. I can't figure out the deal with the screen, and it is starting to bother me. :) Could something have been thrown by one of the lovebirds that missed the other and went through the screen? I can't think of any practical reason, other than pure vandalism, for either of them to intentionally cut through it I guess it is also possible that Colt rummaged, after the arrest, looking for bail money for his beloved wife.
  17. LucidDreamer


    Way too slowwwwww. The pacing on this is all wrong. I think the story has potential, but it should have been a 3 episode mini-series or something, not a series. (And no way am I back for a second season, even though my husband is a big King & Co. fan).
  18. bichonblitz

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    Yeah, I'm so tired of Rinner's shit stirring. When do we see them all turn and pile on her? It's long overdue.
  19. Oh, you're worse than I am. Are you thinking of Eraserhead?
  20. GHScorpiosRule

    Outlander In The Media

    Starz is having an Oootlander marathon next week. I'm blanking on the dates, as I was looking for something else when I noticed it on my dvr schedule. Starting with Season One for anyone who's interested.
  21. SuzieQ

    S04.E05: Reap

    Yes. If it's not his kid, there is really no reason for her to be back. Could be? I guess I was just expecting some dialogue about it. We know Craig isn't the most intellectual, but even in their kitchen scene this week, he's just acting like a concerned friend. I don't see any kind of acknowledgement that this has anything to do with him.
  22. oakville

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Perhaps Joe could apply for a job like Poet Laureate?
  23. TattleTeeny

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I just did a complete rewatch a couple weeks ago. And now that it's over (again), I am left feeling empty!
  24. Fake Jan Brady

    S03.E06: Household

    So is mouth wiring a regional thing? Big in DC, yet to catch on in Boston? Or possibly optional, since Serena said she should have put a ring in [June's] mouth the day they met...? I shoulda deleted my recording timer when I had the chance...
  25. Bryce Lynch

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    But, Nicole was at least as awful as Chantel, probably more so. If anything, they should have apologized to each other. But, from a practical standpoint, that was never going to happen. Pedro should just accept that fact that his family is never going to get along and try to keep them separate as much as possible. But, he seems to enjoy having them fight over him. Trying to force Chantel to apologize to Nicole, but not asking Nicole to apologize to Chantel demonstrates that he puts his sister ahead of his wife. There is a strange, almost incestuous, bond between Pedro and Nicole, that most wives would not put up with.
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