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  1. A daughter remains a daughter for all of her life, a son until he takes a wife. My late Father would never have missed the birth of one of his grandchildren and he did have to travel for two of them.
  2. Thanks it is so hard to follow the drama when we are watching episode's a year after they happen. I do seem to recall that Robins house sold first and there was some time before the others sold.
  3. it's announced that Maddie is pregnant again then Kody makes it all about him 🙄
  4. Didn't Robins house sell right away, a long time ago, before they even moved to Flagstaff maybe? Kody can be such a drama queen.
  5. Yes i get that, I should have been more clear in saying regarding snarking about peoples looks ie the size of their teeth, nose etc, the things a person can’t change about their looks.
  6. To be honest I think you about covered it, they should maybe have a pillow talk episode where we can just catch a few hi-lights of the episode. I too cannot imagine the comments if they had less attractive people, it's not snarking to comment on peoples looks.
  7. I think Mindy is very attractive and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally do not find Zach attractive at all but I know Mindy did.
  8. LOL it turns out I had 'Video Description' turned ON - I haven't a clue how that got turned on but I finally figured out it was happening on other shows too, I looked it up and turned it OFF. I wondered why no one else was complaining about getting this play by play while watching the show.....it was so annoying ha ha 🤭
  9. I completely agree and what do they have to offer at his time, there's no relationships. I hope Taylor's relatives aren't a reflection of what she's like, they had a lot of nerve IMHO.
  10. What's with the annoying narrator, is that new?
  11. They’re losing me.......seems like the A1’s are everywhere 🤔
  12. Natalie seems like such a fatal attraction at times but then I wonder how much of it is just over acting the drama for the film crew. We all know how different these characters are when they are on Pillow Talk vs the regular 90 Days.
  13. they are all all a bunch of users and losers and so is the production company honestly I wonder why I even waste my time watching them 😕
  14. Yep one stupid move after another is how they roll mostly because of ratings I’m sure because without this show what do they do? No doubt Kody will probably take on another wife especially if Meri can swing a spin-off and or leave the family. He probably had the house designed with his own quarters in case he did choose to take on another wife. He is so full of himself.
  15. Really what’s not to like, she seems pretty sweet and a genuinely nice person.
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