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  1. I think Sandy is creepier than Matt and as far as chefs go, he can be creepy and offensive but he has great qualities too, better than most chefs. I doubt Lexi learned anything, she’s a narcissist….and working on a boat requires teamwork and she doesn’t work well with others.
  2. The whole point of this show is to get married so of course Myrla and rachel want a husband and I don’t think either are willing to settle for just anyone to be married and AJ is currently still married and seems like they have a great relationship and more than a dinner partner.
  3. I bet she will now she knows she's such a gift to him
  4. I guess when Evelin wasn't a big enough bitch they threw in her two fugly sisters?
  5. His old one probably expired and they tossed it.
  6. If I'm going to eat out I want it as good or better than I can make at home or what's the point? And as far as fast food, I would rather make a quick grilled cheese or omelet etc at home too! I think I might be a lot like Myrla ha ha
  7. Sometimes I wish they would show us the specific expectations ..... ie their wants and needs when they applied. Maybe Myrla did say she isn't attracted to bald guys, I do kind of recall her mentioning that before she met him at the alter. Maybe Gil requested a well dressed gal with great taste? I would expect there would be specific questions about pets, likes, dislikes, allergies etc.
  8. Zach is as wreck IMHO, and he runs hot and cold in a flash.....whoooosh! These guys are in their heads way too much, maybe they should focus on sex ha ha
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