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  1. Exactly, Deaven knows what Jihoon is like, why didn’t she say I’m planning to rent this place could you please check it out and the neighbourhood. It’s really on her, not him. and her mother was just rude and unhelpful. Why would Jenny even want to get married at this point?
  2. I meant no offence I was merely supporting your opinion ✌
  3. She doesn't appear to be any better than he is, she now has two kids and lives with her parents.
  4. I though she seemed very animated to the point of being ridiculous - I find her extremely annoying.
  5. I agree it would more likely be cutting and I wasn’t suggesting she is obese now but maybe was at some point. I didn’t notice it in the first episode just this one, I actually reversed and watched it again just to make sure. It was when they were in the vehicle coming back from airport.
  6. And don’t you think Ariela’s Mother who travelled all that way with her would go see the apartment to see if it was acceptable.....just doesn’t make sense to me that she wouldn’t.
  7. Did anyone else notice the scars or stretch marks on Ari’s arm, either from cutting or from being obese?
  8. Ha ha a culture coach.......just what the world needs now
  9. I think maybe its all just acted drama for the show
  10. Paul definitely has some issues, mental health, oxygen deprived at birth, or some other brain deficit.....maybe he had a brain injury. I don’t think he can do much better than he does, some people just can’t.
  11. Interesting statement and I agree too, but ironically Nicole thinks she’s a knockout.
  12. OK good, I hope it’s a fun scene with Larissa & Jess, I have to admit I am usually pretty amused by Larissa. Does anyone know if she can earn money now living in the states, I’m just curious if she is even getting paid for being on this show. Or maybe they are paying for her cosmetic work. Ha, nice work finding a lady doctor in Samoa 👍
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