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  1. I thought about that too. It is very common to develop allergies any time in life. But what I don’t understand is why that wouldn’t be disclosed before so he wouldn’t get hooked up with a cat lover. I will assume it’s all faked drama for the show. They should disclose they’ve had plastic surgery too, weird when you have a kid and it comes out with a big nose out of no where lol.
  2. here's an article about Erik and his supposed cat allergy https://soapdirt.com/married-at-first-sight-erik-lake-busted-in-big-lie/
  3. Looks like he has another meltdown next week. So be it eh 🙄
  4. Paige & Chris both make me sick. I'm glad you're back being single Haley but I doubt you will ever be happy.
  5. Me too ‘nodding off’ unfortunately I missed the dolphins and I doubt I will go back there. I guess we see the dock smashing next time 🤔
  6. Seriously usually it's the Mother who is an issue on this show but Kolini really needs to mind her own business and act like a guest not the boss of everyone.
  7. What really annoys me about Tiffany besides all of the above is how she takes no responsibility for her own actions yet doesn't hesitate to call out others. She really needs to look in a mirror.
  8. Just curious were you sick with your 1st Moderna too, I was for 4-5 days very sick, not looking forward to 2nd and it is supposed to be a lot worse...I almost don’t want to get it.
  9. Seriously why wouldn't she get it, just added drama I guess, they don't usually do this bit
  10. I thought they said they were only two hours without power.
  11. Another episode about nothing 🙄
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