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In Jamaica, Gina confronts Shannon at dinner about not being a good friend to Tamra during Eddie’s health issues; Shannon feels betrayed when Tamra doesn’t defend her; Shannon isolates herself from the group and misses bobsledding.

Airs 10/22/18 at 9:00 PM Eastern

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It’s got to be exhausting to be friends with any of these ho’s. If you are not supportive (in their minds), don’t say I love you or constantly ask how are you, then you are not a good friend. That’s high maintenance friendship. 

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1 minute ago, dosodog said:

I learned a lot about divorce and tbe feelings it stirs up from RHONY.

It is different for everyone.  Some deal with it differently.

A true friend, who is sincerely concerned, doesn't gossip about you or whine about you or stir people up about you.

They also don't publicly berate you over depression. They don't expect you to "flip a switch".  They support you and gently direct you and talk to you about behavior that doesn't help you. 

Oh I agree with you but don’t think that’s how they keep their apples or oranges. Cause drama or be gone seems to be a theme script for these shows. 

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2 minutes ago, Pickles said:

Kelly  is right. There is nothing wrong with medication. It would definitely help Shannon. 

Yes, Shannon has the money for plastic eye surgery so she can afford a therapist and some medication, plus I think she’s still probably going thru menopause. 

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This show needs help and FAST! Here Bravo, here's some ideas.

Have Jeana, Lauri, Brooks, and the rest surprise Vicky in a family van at the reunion carrying casseroles. After they enter and sit the casseroles down they sit on the couch. Andy walks in and declares a hunger games type of reunion. Bravo cameras will take them in said family vans to CUT fittness where they will have to compete to stay on the show. Shane Simpson is the judge. The winners also get to eat the casseroles. 

The losers will have to go on dates with either Jim Bellino or Brooks. At the sushi place. 

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