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  1. This resonated with me. Yes, it can be a PITA but her house flooding is also an opportunity. We built a house last year and (hadn't planned to do it) we had many decisions to make. I assume some of her house was salvageable but even if not, she was able to pick out new cabinets, light fixtures, bathroom tiles, appliances, paint, finish, etc. It really isn't that hard to do. I was in the Air Force for a gazillion years so I had many opportunities to pare my belongings before each move. If Richard's stuff in the basement was ruined by water damage, just pitch it. Nobody wants it. IF her 18,000 holiday decorations (pick your holiday), were ruined, Hannah is eternally thankful. As an aside, I think millennials don't want or value the same stuff I do. I used to take a winter indoor cycling class and I would always set my bike up next to a young married couple. One day I mentioned something about china (I have a lot of it) and they both looked at me and said they weren't interested in ever owning china. So there you have it. BTW, I'm sure it was a shock to have her extensive water damage but you pick up the pieces of your life and move on. Aren't her mom and sister there? Why not have fun with them redoing your house? ETA: Her observation that John couldn't understand/didn't have the same level of responsibility, etc., ummm, I think he had a business to run (the kind with income and expenses, payroll and taxes) and I guess it wasn't going too well for him. She is a piece of work. Clip.
  2. Was it this thread where Paris Hilton's documentary was discussed? I just watched it. In the end, I cried more than Kathy Hilton (who shed not a tear). Obviously this is Paris' point of view but wow. I thought it was worth seeing.
  3. Dear Lisa, please move the show to LV if it comes back. Plan for a retrospective a year from now on "Where Are They Now?" It was a fun, young person's run but nobody cares about their maternity journeys. Let them pitch their own bullshit (and as a note) but nobody wants to see them decorate nurseries, meet with doulas, decide on pain-management options, etc. YOU had a great run--move this to LV. Start over.
  4. Teddi was never very interesting to me so I don't think the show will be inherently better or worse with her absence. I also haven't been following her company/program but if she isn't doing some heavy lifting WRT lifestyle changes, the program is bound to fail her clients. Have any of her fellow cast mates weighed in on her departure? I hope she and Denise get replaced by the "ladies who lunch" crowd (I'm thinking Sutton's friends). I think the "Own it/Be honest" crowd are ruining the franchise. These women aren't very educated but it is time to bump it up a notch in that direction. Wonder if we'll see her at the next White/Black party.
  5. I think it is because he doesn't want to get sideways with those promoting the needs of the mentally ill. It is clear to even the most casual of observer, Dorinda needs help. Unfortunately, it isn't clear to her. I don't know anything about the rehab discussion/ultimatum but I hope Dorinda gets help on her own away from the cameras. Leah's "I over-drank" explanations have me scratching my head; I've never heard that expression before. Curious. Regardless, Leah, you drank too much and have much to be sorry for on camera. This has nothing to do with Ramona citing an on-line article you wrote regarding your particular mental illness. I hope she doesn't return either.
  6. Meh, Chicago has been playing for 25 or so years. Nobody needs to see Erika in a busted role. When I saw Chicago 25 years ago at the National Theater in DC, I couldn't tell you who played Roxie. Nobody cares about Chicago; it is a high school musical production at this point. I'm a broken record; Bravo is losing me. I know I am a party of one but I'm done with this shit show. I like Backyard Envy and Cash Cab. Other than that, I'm feeling done. No interest.
  7. *Sniff sniff*. I smell another lawsuit happening......
  8. I am very sorry for your loss. I bet her last thoughts were happy ones thinking about you and your Dad. I wish you peace.
  9. I always appreciate your comments and this struck me. Lets hope Dorinda gets the help she needs.
  10. Please tell me this is not true. Please. I'm not even sure if I want her to own it. Jesus. Tour de France is on. France is beautiful.
  11. This literally made me snort wine through my nose. Luckily it was rose, a la LVP so it was nice and pink!
  12. The moms are home schooling their kids? I'm just going to let this sink in a little bit. Hmm. Poor kids.
  13. Yeah, I'm with you. Didn't watch last night and I don't think I need to. PSA: The Tour de France is happening. Much more entertaining......
  14. I'm laughing because I got botox yesterday and I now have a black eye (first time this happened--it is all in the needle placement). Ha, I have a hair appointment in an hour and I go on vacation tomorrow. All with a black eye. *Sigh*. Promise, no kitty cat face!
  15. MS. Chick, I've seen a couple of your posts regarding Tinsley's privilege and I feel like I am missing something. Ms. Noire addressed some of your comments but I think you have a point to make that I'm not getting. Goodness, we've read each others posts around here for many shows so I only want to be respectful. Don't you think most of them have had some sort of privilege? Or if not privilege, the moxie to get them where they are now? "Life is but a dream...." (The Birdcage) and I'm now off for some Pirin tablets. And, "We are Family..."
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