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  1. Well, yes. He is a piece of work. WRT Kate, I wish her the best. I've enjoyed her on BD and hope she lands on her feet. She seems to be a savvy sort so I'm not too worried and am looking forward to hearing about her next adventures.
  2. My husband and I have a trust (and we only have one kid). Wouldn't setting up a trust to address inheritance issues take are of all of it? Not an estate lawyer but I think all of these issues can be taken care of before they go to Planet Kody. Of course, because they have so many kids, they will be quibbling over $10K at the most., per kid. Good luck, kids!
  3. I have not watched this show from the very beginning (and perhaps I might) but I am fascinated over the whole one house discussion. Christine especially intrigues me. If she wants to live a single life with an occasional visit from her spiritual husband, wouldn't that result in some cognitive dissonance on her part? She is a plyg. It must be some sort of a hard financial reality situation on her part. I agree with the prior discussions about Kody's role as the head of the household. If he wants the one house, shouldn't he just decree that this is their way forward? I'm also confused about Robin's tears. If LV was nirvana, why are they in Flag? Wasn't that Robin's doings? These folks don't make any sense to me.
  4. I think Simone was the most mature and rational person on the boat Hee Hee. Too funny! Good one!
  5. I sorta watched this and I have no ideas what happened. Golnessa was angry? Mike cheated? Smarmy guy wants to get remarried? Eewww.
  6. I've already made it known I hate the brus but after watching some of the reunion previews, I would think twice about releasing Aston's rope last season after his foot was caught it in. Okay, kidding (sorta) but I don't understand their doubling down on their behavior given all of the negative feedback they have received. I don't think we'll see any of them again and I laugh that their antics have been caught on camera as a recording forever. Ashton is clearly jealous of Kate, Kevin's skills are subordinate to Kate's (and he hates that) and Tanner has some special needs. As in IQ challenged. I don't quite know what to think about Brian other than I feel very sorry for his daughter. Nobody deserves a Dad like that. To quote Heather Dubrow, if everybody says you're dead, it is time to lie down. Brus, if everybody calls you mysognistic, it is time to check out. Go away. Go home. You were given an opportunity to be loved and you blew it. Get lost.
  7. My guess Ashton won't be ack asked on this season an the Reunion preview. on't miss him a it. I like the idea upthread that they bring back an All-Star cast is a great one.
  8. My prior post was deleted but I agree with you.
  9. I'm sad, but completely intrigued about "Wellness Clinics". Can we get a group rate? Please say YES! I can probably tap into whatever emotion insurance covers. BravoCon has nothing on this.
  10. I really love your posts and I generally try not to stir things up. Lost my dad this week and my posts are probably a complete mess. For those I"ve offended, I'm sorry. Next week? Game on!
  11. I think D'Andra was riffing. IIRC, a viewer asked why Jeremy couldn't get job if they were hurting financially. She then stated he was helping her company and then went down the VA habit hole of disability. It really is a rabbit hole. For example, sleep apnea gets a large disability rating (which is why everybody wants the diagnosis). I have a disability rating because I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Seriously, nothing Service-connected about it. RABBIT HOLE. He gets a pass from me.
  12. I disagree. She is mentally unstable. I'm not sure she has worked long enough to collect Social Security Disability Income but she does deserve to be spoken of like the village nutcase. She IS the village nutcase.
  13. That isn't how the VA disability system works.
  14. I want to understand your point but I don't. I honestly don't get it. Help?
  15. Guess I missed all of those drunken sprees CAPT Lee has. Ashton has a real problem, the first thing to do is accept it. Don't need AA for that.
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