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  1. This. We have a series of Human Trafficking PSAs that periodically run on TV. Julia's situation reminds me of human trafficking. She gets room and board (such as it is) for slopping the hogs, etc. Does she get out? Does she get an allowance? She is a much better sport about it than I would be. Her life at home must be pretty bad to be putting up with this. Her best hope is to have them get married, move out, and never look back.
  2. I hate when they get into political discussions......
  3. I think COVID upended lots of behaviors at the beginning. We were"Wine for lunch, Wine for dinner," who cares if we are diagnosed with COVID and die? It is now clear we have never been diagnosed with it nor do we know anybody who has been diagnosed with it so we're back to "clean living and self-denial." Sure was kind fun though.
  4. Oh my, this show is being put up on the shelf with New Jersey and Atlanta, Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm. I liked the scenery in the DMV but I can travel back each year to visit it. My Bravo-verse keeps getting smaller and smaller.
  5. That whole scene bothered me. Do we really think she served caviar? My guess it was roe, not caviar. Also, the thought that the women have never heard of creme fraiche is absurd. It is widely available, and for the record, I actually prefer sour cream to creme fraiche. I guess I'm déclassé.
  6. I may be the only person in the Universe on Shannon's side on this. Shannon did say she has a lung-scarred tissue (not a health professional so don't know what it is or how lethal); I assume her kids know why she believes she is at high risk. They went out, partied, and brought COVID-19 home. As a mother I would feel betrayed. Those girls need to live with David for a while. Our local news starts every morning and every evening with the numbers testing positive for COVID-19 and those dying from it. I only ask the world to pick a lane. If it is no big deal and Shannon is just being Shannon, don't start the news with COVID cases/deaths. If it is a big deal, don't discount Shannon's hurt at her children's actions.
  7. I disagree. As I remember it, Vicki gave her a car AND the car payments. Gee, thanks Mom. Brianna is a nurse. While weirdos may be the outliers, I consider nurses to be very special people and should have been "Time Man of the Year," especially this year. They are our heroes. If she is a real nurse (and I think she is), she is the real deal. Please note I'm not commenting on her mother or brother.
  8. This has bothered me as well. He is a pouty, emo sort of guy who probably lives an upper/upper-middle class life (which his dad gave him) and he is bitching about his dad not being at his "fashion show?" Please. I don't watch all of the HW shows and I am watching this to see Salt Lake City; I've never been there. My general understanding is if any of these housewives are on the show, the Mormon Church has been done with them for a long time ago. Heather should only be sad it took her such a long time to figure it out. We'll see how Mary does with her Congregation. I don't think Pentacostals are particularly wealthy but I don't profess to know much about the faith so it will be interesting to see how her experience plays out. Regarding her son, I would have slapped him to sleep if he had showed up at home a day later. She was completely unfazed; what was up with that? I spent half a day in bed when our indoor cat escaped (she hid and came home the next evening).
  9. So cute! I received some good investment advice when young and my baby and I have shed tears over our good fortune. It really was only hard work and saving when you are young. I gave her my new car because I hate it. Last night she asked me if I purchased a new car. My response? No, I'm still driving your 11 year old Prius. Works fine!
  10. Yes, I don't really have a problem with that. We give our daughter money; I'm planning to pay her $140K Vanderbilt debt and just gave her a new car to launch her life now that she is a tax payer. We agree to disagree. And it really is that simple.
  11. I politely disagree. From the previews, we've seen where Bravo is now showing a Michael ass-grab from Season One (might be later; didn't quite catch it) and Ashley is asked to address it. As Heather from OC said, Bravo can't show your behavior if you don't do it. Personally, if I were a housewife, I would never drink during filming. First, I would never be asked to be a housewife because I'm too boring, second, I'm not rich or fabulous enough, and third, I'm not pretty enough. Oh wait, I also don't have enough degrees. It is quite possible I misunderstood your post. It is Saturday night and I'm watching Iron Chef America.
  12. Are Chris and Monique paid to lead congregations in faithful worship? No. My point is Jamal is a church leader who is paid to lead his flock to enjoy a more fruitful relationship with God and Jesus and he should be above this; he gets paid to be above this. This is my vision of a church leader. No, I just don't like Candiace. It really is that simple. I don't know why she settled for a guy with children from two different women while allowing her mother pay for (and dictate) her life. That is the real head scratcher for me.
  13. Politely disagree. Jamal is a Pastor; a man of great faith. I would think he would be above it all. Seems like he is a cad. Please throw him under the bus! I would think a man of great faith would "turn the other cheek" but I'm not a woman of great faith so I may have gotten my Bible quote wrong.
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