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  1. Jennie was a boat person for crying out loud. She apologized so I vote for moving right along.
  2. Lordy, I'm ready to reach into my TV to slap the shit out of him!!!
  3. Yep! And they are more important than his 1,234 biological children! Dude doesn't care.
  4. Kody is a fuckwad. COVID-19 rules change every two days. Why would a father enforce the "rules" over seeing his kids? Oh, Robyn. Got it. Seriously, they are still alive so my point is valid. Kody wanted to ditch his wives and kids. Terrible.
  5. Great point. I also hate the reliance on Food Stamps, etc., because you can't afford the kids you have. Glad the kids (sans Robyn's--are they all special needs?) seem to be productive members of society. Pay your taxes.
  6. Fuck you David. He has a "new" family needing protection. Really? I hate, hate, hate these divorced dads who disown their first family. Fuck you David. I hope one of your construction vehicles runs you over.
  7. This is where I scratch my head. Why would Shannon have to negotiate their kids' college tuition? These aren't HER kids, they are their kids. Figure out how to pay for college, you morons.
  8. Seriously, why would she need to negotiate that? Isn't David their father? Is he a deadbeat Dad? But, yeah, pay for their school.
  9. My experience is that the first kids get crumbs. The sooner they figure this out, the better. The second marriage kids get the ponies, bounce houses, school paid for, etc. First kids? Dudes don't even care.
  10. I'm sorry she came back. I think I sort of liked her the last time (understanding she was quite pretentious) but I really dislike her this time. I can't even begin to imagine shutting down your own house party with all of the drama that entailed. Especially since the drama was, what, on a scale of one to ten, a two? I've watched the business a couple of times and I'm still struggling with the whole "everybody is forgiven except Shannon." Shannon, I will pay you $1M if you laugh in Heather's face at her "Godfather" threat. Lord, who talks that way? Terry, run, run far away.
  11. I think there are too many prima donnas on this show. Somebody should have told Meredith that she and Jen will be invited to all group events and she (Meredith) should plan accordingly. I bet we would hear a lot less of the "her or me" discussion/ultimatum. Mary isn't used to any push back of any sort but she deserves everything she gets. I so wish at the lunch somebody would have said to the table, "We here in America believe people are innocent until proven guilty. It is a bedrock of our democracy, actually. Jen has a lot on her plate so lets's leave it at that." The end. Also, M
  12. I would be right there with Meri. One/sixth is one/sixth. I applaud her for this if this is how it worked. I believe the others had access to birth control if they wanted smaller families.
  13. But you did not sign up to be a plural wife. To me, this is looking at it through the lens of monogamy. Of course none of us wants a bunch of kids walking through our homes. Most of us wouldn't want this more communal way of living. Hmm. This is monogamy. It is Kody and Robin, right? Strikes me as monogamy. The kids can go up the outside stairs. Jesus. I think they can walk up and down. Kody doesn't care about the "other" kids. This is not a plural arrangement. Sorry, it isn't. Kids, climb the stairs. Janielle, perhaps that might be good for you as well.
  14. I live in Colorado and take bird feeders out every morning and take them in every night. The whole "outside in the snow uphill both ways" is really overdone. I'm not even sure the kids need shoes most days. Meri didn't want 12-15 kids traipsing through her house. Neither would I. Okay. Go outside for 30 seconds, walk upstairs, and get where you need to go. Only Robin's son has special needs and he wasn't even around then. Such a stupid fight.
  15. C'mon man, I believe this is crazy. I think they don't want competition for his love. I can't speak for Hannah being adopted or not. I don't see an upside to that. My guess is they are successful enough on their own and probably aren't counting on any "inheritance." Trust me, it is a nice place to be!
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