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  1. Hmm, Cindy Crawford commented at how unfortunate J LO was. I think J LO is a fat ass but she was good in Selena. Remember, we're coming off of the Olympics and I believe a beautiful toned body is the best ever. As in, not J Lo or Erica. If they win a race, I'll reconsider. Until then, fatties.
  2. Huh? Erika is fat. I look at her picture she proudly posted and think "fat ass." Did I miss her in skinny-town? My opinion and I proudly have it. She is a fat ass. Fat ass. Spanks is your friend. Fat..
  3. Compared to Lisa , everyone looks fat, just have to say. I'm not comparing Erika to Lisa, I'm comparing her to my eyes. I think she is a complete fat-ass. I've been told there are those who like the sort of thing. Not me. She looks fat and that is nothing to be proud of. Hope she finds the females who like her in prison.
  4. Ha, I look at that pic and think what a fat asss! Girl, that is nothing to be proud of! Seriously, fat ass. ETA: Look at those thighs. Heifer much?!?
  5. If I could like this 10 gazillion times, I would. Perfect! I'm sure it is producer driven but I am completely put out with the lack of manners when attending these functions (and yes, I'm looking at you, Ramona). As much as I dislike her, this was Rinna's day. Dorit starts out with her complaints (and nobody cares about Dorit), and then Erika tag teamed her. Erika, you are a bully. Her sneer about Sutton's "sensibilities" made ME laugh. Erika, you have no friends; do you think the law firm partners' spouses wanted to get to know you? I mean you're at rock bottom and these fol
  6. I always liked Tinsley for some reason. I would offer my opinion that after the coarseness that is this season, she would be a breath of fresh air at any Shabbat dinner she attended.
  7. Wendy can dress however she likes. I think most of the women on this show could also wear the same outfits Wendy is modeling. The difference is in the words "can" and "should." I don't think her wardrobe is doing her any favors. I semi-sorta watched this twice and I was still surprised at how quickly Wendy lost it but I really watched it twice so I could see what the women had for lunch. Those entrees were huge and looked quite tasty!
  8. Late to the party; I had to brace myself to watch this episode.....I want to echo those upthread who were completely appalled at Ramona's behavior. I couldn't believe it. Do you think it was a producer's suggestion that she act like a total boor while a guest in a stranger's home? Excuse me, to act like a boor while having the privilege of being a guest at a dinner with religious significance? If not, I'm speechless. Rather than Eboni speaking to Leah in the other room, she should have asked Ramona to speak with her in private to explain this was an important dinner for her and she ne
  9. She is probably putting it out there before she visits the Big House....
  10. Was Kyle at Lake Tahoe when she was FaceTiming with Portia? I can't remember. When Portia was reciting the classes she missed, I kept wondering where Mauritio was. Granted, I wouldn't expect him to be home during the middle of the day but why wasn't he helping to make sure Portia was up first thing in the morning? I was also bored with Kyle feeling sorry for her situation in that she couldn't keep Portia entertained (or whatever). Kyle, you don't work outside the house; it is part of your job to help her stay engaged. Pick a subject to explore together. How about learning
  11. Isn't that stereotyping a certain type of white person? Seems like it to me. ETA: I'm not watching this show anymore and only read these threads to confirm my decision. Perhaps I missed the nuance but Ebony didn't seem to have much when I was watching.
  12. I'm still scratching my head about the jealousy comment. Why? Crystal needs to head home and figure out how to help her daughter.
  13. Sorry, don't see it. Guess I missed Garcelle breaking down and people kicking sand in her face? Bless her heart.
  14. I don't even know what that means; is this related to the episode?
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