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  1. Now Kelly Bates still has a show plus Gill is on the board of IBLP. Boob and Michelle are probably seething.
  2. Maybe I should visit Arkansas and give Anna an empowerment talk. I got major wanderlust lately. After I'm done with dog sledding in Alaska I'll stop by the compound. Nah.
  3. If Josh is put away for over a decade will Anna remarry? Hey, Boob. Want more TLC money? Wedding special! Anna and new man. Then her blessing canal will remain in business.
  4. Perhaps that thought will help Anna should a guilty verdict happen. That way she can separate the crime from the man she loves. Vomit.
  5. I'm wondering what the fundies in Big Sandy will think about Boob and Meech now. Sympathy?
  6. If Mackynzie follows tradition in 10 years she will be married and starting her own quiver. Josh wont be allowed around the grandkids likely.
  7. I'm hoping that it goes on as scheduled and they give him the maximum sentence. What if it happens and Anna misses male relationships?
  8. In the world they come from fertility is status it seems. She has bigger issues to focus on but I think she still believes he will come home without a doubt. Unless she was under a different name she was not at the zoom for the bond hearing correct?
  9. Anna even if no sentence has been made yet has to be beside herself. Her blessing canal might be permanently out of business so now her purpose is taken from her too
  10. I suggest M7 be named Mnesia like amnesia only without the A so she can forget about a future with Josh.
  11. Them favoring Hazel is only going to breed resentment in the other kids and other negatives too.
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