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  1. I really hope Anissa isn't responsible for any living life but herself and this dude.
  2. Lisa could play Big Ang of 90 Finace in a Docucrime pic, they always vanity cast but not by much.
  3. Lisa could play Big Ang of 90 Finace in a Docucrime pic, they always vanity cast but not by much.
  4. This is my to my self date night, terrible FUNNY AF folks to snark on, snacks and TONIGHT, Tequila.
  5. All I have to add is Sonia saw Bershan's possible dethroning of drunken clown mess of herself AND I BEEN telling you Sonja will cut a bitch that plays with how she puts food in her mouth. LITERALLY. She was like another Trick coming for my food? Oh Hell no. Its over for Bershan, Sonja ain't getting oysters no way else than this show.
  6. That poor child tugged at my dark heart like Miley Grace did. Sarah (Patch) and Shavel are questioning tacky mothers with their male choices of partners and sperm donors but their kids are clean, well fed and seem happy. They have a fighting chance, their eyes aren't aged and old yet. Miley Grace and Dougie seem like old folks already. I hope their smart little brains give them that chance their parents and their choices have not.
  7. America's Racial Structure was the model for the Nazi Movement in fact they thought the one drop rule was too harsh. My daughter descends from Slaves in this very country, even today through all that has changed, she still can be shot dead in the street like an animal, well not an animal, excuse me, I feel sometimes folks care more about animals than BIPOc humans. The women in my family was experimented and the birth control pill was tested on them in Puerto Rico, what has been done to BIPOC folks in this country has never been atoned, Period. BIPOC folks can invoke it all they want. Just like
  8. But its IMPORTANT TO RESPECT not what you feel White Supremacy is to YOU but what in Reality it is to A Person of Color is far different. Eboni isn't explaining it the best way to understand but White Supremacy is alive and well in all kinds of ways. I am not a Transgendered person but nor will I dismiss when a Transgendered person tells me how something is and affects their life. this says so MUCH. Right. Here.
  9. I was being sarcastic but I do find her voting suspect for how "fight the power" she is being. I hope she elaborates on that. This is based on my experience and my opinion.
  10. OMG that's when Cindy's ship sailed! Sonja was like this trick messed with my free food ? She's going down.
  11. True but that puts her in the same position as Ramona and Lu. Lu was raised working class with very little money. That doesn't mean she grew up in extreme poverty either. In sense of economic class she is the same as Sonja, Lu and Ramona. I think Eboni is being encouraged as Leah is to go after Ramona because everyone knows Ramona is an asshole, def not racially sensitive and an easy person to get to say some foul ass shite. I think Heather's comment about "articulate" said much more about how racial attitudes are not always in your face and can be said and performed by folks who don't t
  12. Join me Love! I liked her pants too lol. And I would watch Harry Hamlin Lifestyle but No to lord Douche. I met him once- he's very handsome in real life, I was surprised. Whoever here compared him to the American Pyscho is spot on. I also have my giving Leo Di Caprio Shade once, a story for another thread.
  13. I have a thing for leather pants - I am blind to the "ugly" small voice.
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