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  1. I think Sutton has great pieces similar to Dorinda - I wouldn't wear them the way she does but she has great clothes. Sutton to me is the most truly stylish than the rest of these twats besides Crystal and Garcelle gets a pass. Sutton's biggest issue is she wears things that accentuate her flaws sometimes. BH is very trendy like Atlanta and OC- they remind me of the younger shows like love and hip hop and VR- The clothes wear them. Versus the NYC girls and at times some of the Potamac Lasses - They are more stylish, wear clothes for their body types, etc. Kyle is the worst. She is a pretty la
  2. I wish PK was in that dress in that updo, whispering in Erica's ears to not flash the puss. Dorito really did herself no favors in her behavior to Garcelle. It was def racially suspect behavior and her excuses for Erica's isolated instances is bullshite. That Bitch is A BULLY. ERICA IS A BULLY. SO is THAT Prune in the purple body stocking with lips. I didn't care for Crystal's comment either but she did look beautiful. Garcelle from the neck up was flawless- that women is PERFECTION. ANd no Dorito she doesn't need your broke, grifter ass to be relevant. Dorito did look pretty tho- She is a pre
  3. Say this louder. I ended a friendship with a 52 year plus woman whose response to any kind of venting was, " I am going to come see her. I don't talk." Yeah you do. All day. In the group of girls ironically, I am the one who LIVED in the HOOD the LONGEST. Well she got loud with me and threatening, I calmly told her, that was not happening, you will not speak to me like that or there will be consequences. Meaning Bitch - Bye til u learn how to act with friends. My 46 year old ass ain't 12 in the HOOD anymore getting teased for my emo pink hair in the projects. I have shit to lose now. No
  4. I fast forwarded from Brit and her mess. Either that shit is staged or she's running a scam and Marc u was drooling over that cheese board u barely said your lines. Lisa pray to Jesus about those wigs u and your corpse got.
  5. I was praying for Shawn's Creepy Tush to slip and fall and then he did. Its the small things
  6. This show is depressing me- I only watch so I can keep up with y'all. I been writing all day (getting shite down) I think I will go back and then come back and read y'all snark.
  7. Yes its just making a terrible situation worse. Cut it Victor! I am not snarking on the poor folks who went through this hell. I live in Miami, Hurracaines are SATAN- The wicked witch of the west of fears until the season is over. However we are lucky that we are in America, have flood insurance and have the means to evacuate. Mother Nature is not playing with us. I am just snarking on Spice Lady Ellie and this dried up Dude who needs to shave she is acting a right fool over. I hope her trifling roaming the island got some help at least for the folks there- publicity, fund raising,
  8. Is Ellie legally blind? The Caribbean has BEAUTIFUL folks. Victor is not the best she can buy. I mean dear Lord, Baby GIrl Troll Lisa did better.
  9. Armando, Hannah, Avi and Mimi are the best things about this shit show. Ari is really a TWAT. Jenny is a wet dish rag of need but her tops are so cute.
  10. That "nice guy" veneer while being creepy and sex obsessed is the same memo. Steven is more passive aggressive about it. However Daonte is missing several brain cells, i suspect due to excess dish washer fumes, as well so there is that.
  11. He's not attractive at all and his eyes are hustler's eyes. Ellie is a fool. I was side eyeing her for the spice nonsense, ( Lady I been all over the Caribbean, my ancestors are of the Caribbean, LADY we are the spice land boo, We good. ) but now with this going to the destroyed island with nothing but Sharp cameras and shocked five head faces, Gurl even the vile Bethany came to hurracaine ravaged areas with gift cards and cash. Go home. Start an amazon wish list with your restaurant proceeds of supplies for the folks of that Island.
  12. I have given up my obsession with this show but I tuned in to see the lying liar who lies terribly, sumit and his brilliant catch of a sugar mama til the bills go over six hundred bucks a month, Jenny. This Steven character is not fun to watch. He's creepier than the dude on LAL that has sex with a headless torso sex toy he washes in the rinse cycle. That's a high bar to climb, people and Steven did it. Ellie. That is not the vacation peen who cheats and has committed Domestic violence in the past to Just give it up for. GURL. If you going to throw caution and common sense to the
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