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  1. I feel so bad for Hart and Meghan. As far as Jimbo- call me an asshole but my first thought was that he would be disappointed that he has one less chance for a kid to continue his “legacy”...that’s why they were so keen on having a boy, since most of his kids are girls. I don’t think much of that jerk.
  2. DeeplyShallow

    Ghosts of Housewives Past

    I believe it was against the cop who pulled her over
  3. This is so heartbreaking. Poor Meghan. Poor little Hart.
  4. DeeplyShallow

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    My theory with the guests is that they hated the food but didn’t want to come off looking like jerks on camera so never said anything. But, when the cake came out it was so good that they knew it couldn’t be the chef, which is why they asked who baked it.
  5. DeeplyShallow

    Who Will Stop Watching?

    Gina and Emily are definitely back, they’ve been filming. NY is the only one left for me.
  6. DeeplyShallow

    Who Will Stop Watching?

    I’ve already stopped watching. I stopped after the kitchen confrontation because I was so disgusted by how everything went down. I attempted to watch a couple of other episodes when they were on repeat post the Lisa/Kyle fight and they were so painfully boring and insipid that I turned it off. The show is horrible. I’ve been lurking here to see if I’m missing anything and it doesn’t seem like I am.
  7. DeeplyShallow

    Bethenny & Jason: The Divorce Showdown

    I was just commenting on the hair dye
  8. DeeplyShallow

    Bethenny & Jason: The Divorce Showdown

    That’s a thing now with girls that age. My daughter is just a few months younger than Bryn and lots of kids that age (girls and boys) are dying their hair bright colors- pink, red, green, purple... I see it a lot
  9. DeeplyShallow

    Bethenny & Jason: The Divorce Showdown

    Maybe rent for her office?
  10. DeeplyShallow

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    This Long Island native who lives in LA thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, thank you.
  11. Now I’m reading that it was Milania, who posted originally and Gia reposted
  12. Gia wasn’t old enough to vote in the 2016 election 😂 try again, little one
  13. DeeplyShallow

    Nico Scholly

    I don’t know, I thought he was a douche in his previous season, before his brother died.
  14. I’ve come to the conclusion that the line between soap opera and real life was blurred with Lisa a long time ago. Joining RHOBH, I think that she went in playing a bit of a role but is now completely living life as though she’s in a soap opera. It’s pathetic
  15. DeeplyShallow

    Mexican Dynasties

    I wish there was more activity on this thread! As I noted before, Doris is creepy with Adan. But. Adan creeps me out in his interactions with Doris too. Hilarious that he brought a speaker to the cafe to play his horribly generic song. I like Elan’s music much better; too bad the dad’s reaction was muted compared to the love fest at Adan’s listening session. As always, Madrazos for the win. I could watch a show with just them.