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  1. I never thought Megan was particularly nice and I couldn’t stand her but Vicki is so horrid and repulsive that the focus really shifted on her so much that Megan didn’t get as much negative attention. Vicki didn’t think Megan was nice because Megan was on to her 😉
  2. Surprised not to see the news here; Juicy’s final appeal was denied.
  3. I can’t see Tamra or Lynn for the first one. Further up north on the freeway doesn’t work for either of these OC-ers. Also, the way it’s written sounds like the housewife gave up the show for “love” and both Tamra and Lynn were dumped. I think it’s a former BH Ho...Taylor?
  4. Wow, I really see the (unfortunate) family resemblance to Kathy in this picture
  5. Considering that she’s walking around w a $6000 Cartier LOVE bracelet on, it’s probably her shawl
  6. Probably to prevent scratching (my 3 month old is constantly scratching his face, despite me constantly cutting his nails). But, they can at least take them off for pictures, especially bc these look like socks on her hands 😂 At this point, why wait this long to get married? They’ve been “engaged” how many years & now have a baby? Go to the courthouse & get it done. Plan a huge party for a milestone anniversary then if still saving up money.
  7. Really? I’m Jewish and I don’t know anything about this men in track suits thing. I get creeped out by Jackie’s father. Ick.
  8. Tamra is cunning and “street” smart. She knows what she needs to do to survive. She’s not smart in other ways, though. MO, of course.
  9. And, yet, you are incapable of not being blinded by your hate for Kate when she is clearly enduring hateful, mysogynistic, and dangerous attacks.
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