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  1. They do! It’s definitely not enticing enough for me to subscribe to another streaming service.
  2. No, the show with current HWs is All Stars (Theresa, Kenya, Kyle, Ramona, LuAnn, Cynthia, Melissa & will air on Peacock. There is a different loser version (don’t remember the name) that will have Dorinda, Jill, Vicki, Tamra, Brandi, someone else).
  3. All of those faces & that’s not the complete collection
  4. Yes, they should. But, don’t you know it’s usually the girl’s fault for dressing a certain way or getting herself in precarious situations? Fits with their/his line of thinking
  5. I agree, Brandi did not show remorse at all. If she truly did and truly learned, she wouldn’t have been triggered by Tiffany’s Asian face and essentially putting it on Tiffany for making Brandi feel uncomfortable. Bye, girl. You should’ve been shown the door a while ago.
  6. Meh. Michael has been publicly humiliating her for over 5 years now & he’s scum who has shown that he’s incapable of fully supporting his wife (emotionally, mentally) so he deserves everything rude and then some. 100000000000% agree on Wendy. She’s insufferable.
  7. Wendy just comes off as more and more pathetic with each episode
  8. Monica was out of line and showed herself to be such a smug bitch. Season 3!!!! (Bring the drama but please don’t go the way of housewives)
  9. I love that the aunties are only a part of the show because hopefully it’ll keep it from devolving into Housewives nonsense. We have enough of that, they don’t need to be corrupted! Grandma is part of it, but it’s also what he said about putting himself and his sexuality out there in the community. These folks identify themselves by not only family & friends, but by their community. I imagine it’s like coming out all over again and it’s anxiety producing. The reason why (I suspect) that he hadn’t experienced harassment like Dillon is because he is far more reserved and not as obvio
  10. The title of this episode is beyond tone deaf. Actually, I find it to be repugnant. It’s crap like this that continues to push me further & further away from nearly all of these Howives franchises, especially this one.
  11. Danielle’s presence is random and she brings nothing to the documentary. But I did enjoy Dana/Pam. It’s a good special; Tom Girardi is lower than a piece of shit & Erika can burn with him.
  12. Just read today (ugh, can’t find the article) that Brawny’s friend Noella signed up. She was the thirsty curly haired friend who showed up one episode.
  13. It’s a weird mix, truthfully. Heather & Shannon have a connection (though, Shannon is unbearable) and then there’s Emily and Gina. You’ve got Heather living in an estate to Gina and her little townhouse full of people. That’s a wide gap. Hopefully the new people will make sense and really round out the cast. and, please, no more of Shannon’s histrionics over everything.
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