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  1. Behavior that puts others in danger can be judged and shamed. Fat shaming, age shaming- weight (sometimes) and age are things that we have no control over and shaming is wrong. Gina making the idiotic and dangerous choice of drinking and driving (as well as her idiotic choice of reckless driving after that) can and SHOULD be shamed bc that bitch could have killed someone on the road
  2. Sexuality is on a continuum. I did not say that she is fully a lesbian but I do believe that she leans more toward women than men. Being with Shawn allows her to have the family unit that she lacked growing up.
  3. I think that Brawny more lesbian than bisexual. My guess is hubby is more of a best friend who she has kids with but she really prefers women
  4. Tinsley couldn’t handle OC because they are far too trashy & poor for her. With the exception of Emily, they are all uneducated nitwits. Tinsley is from real money, went to boarding school, was part of NYC & southern society. RHOC is full of nouveau riche (&, not so riche) trash.
  5. She contradicts herself- they started from scratch because they wanted a boy...followed by Jim “didn’t care”. If he truly didn’t care, why not try w the healthy embryos they already had? It’s not all Megan. He wanted boys and she wanted to “give him” boys so she could hang onto him (obviously didn’t work) Anyway, what I was recalling was from their first go around w IVF while on the show.
  6. I never thought Brianna was popular; I often see her referred to as Eeyore and a bore. I, personally, hate the idea of Vicki coming back full time. I can’t stand her. I'd rather they just tank this franchise (& I’ve been watching from the very beginning)
  7. Jimbo, being the asshole that he is, wanted sons so he could continue his baseball legacy. It was discussed in the past, but he wasn’t thrilled to have so many girls; he has one son and I suppose he’s not an athlete? Or, maybe he is, but won’t make it into the majors. I may be misremembering, but when they were transferring embryos, they had to decide which two to transfer. The female embryos were stronger but they opted to transfer one male embryo (which wasn’t as good quality) in the hopes of having a boy- but that one didn’t make it, ultimately. There was a lot of emphasis on this jerk wanting a boy. I’m surprised to read this, 50/50 custody is extremely common here in CA; in fact, I seldomly hear otherwise.
  8. So stupid. She believes that he started the affair in Key West but has no hard proof. Meanwhile, she knows that he did have affairs in Orange County- yet she didn’t move away 🙄
  9. She’s so full of it. This bitch was just saying that she’ll never leave unless they completely fire here, regardless of her role. She’s so narcissistic and egotistical that she thinks she can play hardball with the network; she really believes that they need her- Bravo WILL call her bluff.
  10. For southern california, that income can still be considered “working class”. Median income for wealthier cities is well into 6 figures. Glendora can’t be compared to Orange County; you are comparing a city versus a huge county, which includes very wealthy to low income cities. Newport Beach median is over $119K, for instance. Coto median income is $165K
  11. Fixed that for you. Tanner was quite ill the night before. Ashton should have spoken to Captain first thing that morning about the potential for being down 2 crew... & he should have requested a medic to look at Tanner first thing as well. Ashton is a piss poor manager, he’s absolutely clueless. Also, Ben did help out during the last charter’s docking on BDM. He went on to explain how he was a First Officer before he became w chef.
  12. Lauri Peterson is one of the original OC Hos; she left after season 4 w a quick friend of appearance several years later. She has nothing to do w the Beadors; she’s a gold digger whose new husband was dubbed “The Wallet”
  13. Omg, I saw the pictures and all I want to know is WHY???? WHY?!?!!!!!!
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