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  1. I hope Liam DOES end up with Steffy and I don't even like Steffy. Lol. I am just over dopey Hope. I always thought it was weird how Douglas called her Mommy. And even weirder how she wants to co-parent with the psycho who kidnapped her baby and lead her to believe the baby was dead. Why isn't he in prison??? Hope deserves what she gets.
  2. Hopefully, they will not be like many other people who assume (bank on ?) their kids getting some free ride or huge scholarship to college. Much easier said than done. Hope they are saving for college.
  3. Wow, I think that would be pretty wonderfully fabulous if TLC fired her. Finally.
  4. I think they probably used a surrogate. There were pictures of her not too long ago and she did not look pregnant. She is 47.
  5. Maybe no shrieking, but flipping off from Leeann and F-you, F-you, etc from Leeann. She is the epitome of class. I honestly don't know how people think she is the least bit attractive. Her personality is vile and her features are so hard and bitter looking.
  6. I doubt those children will learn any manners or etiquette from Hoda. Or the use of proper grammar.
  7. What is up with Leeann and her mouth?? She is always licking her lips with her tongue sticking way out and then moving her tongue all around in her mouth causing contortions. So classy using the f word and flipping people off. She is beyond trashy.
  8. Leeann is such an ugly person inside and out. I don't understand how anyone in Dallas "society" wants to be around her.
  9. Seriously! I am so hoping she will not be back next season, but I doubt anything will change. Cannot stand her.
  10. Matt Lauer supposedly has a new gf. Some marketing guru. They spent Christmas together in New Zealand. He owns a property there. I can't imagine any woman in her right mind wanting to be with him.
  11. Julianne Hough declared last year that she was "not straight". Okay, who cares? Be whatever you want to be. Now her husband seems to be saying this too. Says in 2020 he wants to explore his sexuality. How attention seeking are these people? It's all for headlines. Really a bit desperate.
  12. I don't see any HH or HHI episodes scheduled for this week at all. Maybe they think everyone is still off on vacation and not watching tv this week?
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