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  1. I watched and thought there were parts that were pretty slow and other parts were overly dramatic, but I eventually got sucked into it. Love the scenery. I did think it was kind of crazy that Paige was shown dying her son's hair, yet she has not changed HER appearance at all (if we are going by the driver's license picture shown). Seems odd not to make some change to her own appearance, if she is on the run. And I had to laugh at how the dumpy, run down cabin was completely transformed inside and out. The furnishings and everything looked fabulous. Lol. Seemed pretty incredible that it all was done while the guys were not working their jobs at the bar and that new furniture, bedding, porch furniture and everything else under the sun magically appeared. It was too much high drama for me though, between the baby and the husband dying. So much for one person to handle. Just my opinion. Was overkill.
  2. I really hope they give her the boot, but I bet they won't. I don't see how she can redeem herself. One racist remark would have been bad enough, but she made multiple racist remarks. It was over and over and over again. She showed her true colors, as far as I am concerned.
  3. How does Leeann fit in with the Dallas society bunch when she is so raunchy about having sex everywhere with everyone, going on and on about her carny past, and now spouting off with her awful racist views? Why hasn't everyone in her high society circle distanced themselves from her?? Maybe they are all racist too? I don't get it. Who would want to associate with her?
  4. I was just reading about the Honeycomb tiara and it was the Queen Mother's and then was passed to Camilla when she and Charles married.
  5. It is called the Boucheron Honeycomn tiara. Really beautiful! Honeycomb
  6. Kensington Royal Instagram has some good pictures! The Queen is wearing a multitude of emeralds. Kate looks very regal.
  7. Kate was wearing the Lover's Knot tiara tonight and an Alexander McQueen navy velvet gown. She was also wearing a sash and medals signifying the honors bestowed to her by the Queen.
  8. I agree. Tamra herself is looking really pinched up in her face. Plastic surgery and not aging well.
  9. Pictures on Daily Mail of some of the royals attending a funeral service. Sophie and Camilla look lovely. I don't believe the pictures can be used, even if Meghan told Meyer she could use them. It is against the rules. Royals cannot be used for promotions or advertising.
  10. Was just flipping channels and Sally is in a Hallmark Christmas movie. A Merry Christmas Match.
  11. Princess Madeline is so pretty and her tiara is my favorite. Not crazy about the back tattoo on Princess Sofia or her tiara.
  12. Love seeing little George in his red shorts. And the picture of George with William on the day Charlotte was born---love them in their matching blue sweaters. Can't wait to see the Christmas pictures!
  13. Wow, I felt like Curtis was threatening to cheat again if Jackie didn't fawn over him more. What a sick creep. I became enraged listening to his little talk with Jackie. I don't know why she wants to be with him. For all of her big women empowerment talk, Jackie must have very low self esteem and feel she can't be without a man. She needs to kick him to the curb and get herself into therapy.
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