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  1. Toya should never had told her kids that she was pregnant at 7 weeks. Way too early. I wonder if they went to school too and told everyone their mom was pregnant. There is a reason to wait at least 3 months before broadcasting the news.
  2. Heavenly is really trying hard to make her daughter some kind of star. I don't need to see any of these kids on here.
  3. I was flipping channels this morning and stopped on Today, because they had the cast from Downton seated at a big dining table doing an interview. Hoda, Craig and Carson were there. Hoda, at least to me, seemed pretty silent during the interview. I was wondering if she had even heard of Downton Abbey.
  4. Quad kept Simone waiting at least 45 minutes at the restaurant. I would have been out of there after 15 minutes, but I guess Simone had to stay there for filming. Such a passive aggressive move on Quad's part. On a shallow note, I really wish Simone would get braces. Is Contessa doing a Masters in Public Health? Maybe from Vanderbilt? I had thought you could do a lot of those classes online, with occasional trips to the university. Just wondering why she had to actually move to Nashville and how long is her program--two years?
  5. The Bronx Zoo show is my favorite, but I am enjoying San Diego. What I have noticed is how it is SO sunny all of the time. Some of the zookeepers wear sunglasses, but all of them should be protecting their eyes. Does anyone know when the Bronx Zoo starts up again?
  6. Think I am officially over Steve. He really seems like an unpleasant jerk this season. The girlfriend storyline is weird too. They do not seem like a couple to me. How much do they actually have in common, other than the baby? How does she have healthcare here? I guess she doesn't and Steve is paying all of her doctor/hospital birth bills. I cannot picture them staying together. I saw Emilia and Ryan on WWHL after show. She obviously had a difficult time getting pregnant. Went through IVF. Said she watched a lot of the Housewives during that process, because she was home alone throughout much of it. Said she was afraid to post anything about her pregnancy. Hopes to have more children.
  7. This is so ridiculous having the Delta faucet commercial built into the actual episode. Give me a break.
  8. I noticed the smaller lips on WWHL too. I wonder if she realized how ridiculous she had started looking with the super inflated lips. Or perhaps it is just time or them to get super plumped up again. Lol. I wonder if Steve was actually happy about the girlfriend's pregnancy? Knowing someone one month and then expecting a baby is kind of like having a baby with a stranger. Maybe this is why he didn't tell anyone for a while. I wonder what his parents think?? They seem very down to earth.
  9. I agree. It felt like half the episode was each of them singing each other's praises. Gag.
  10. I think LeeAnne is rather bizarre looking. Cruella always comes to mind.
  11. Lee Ann is so crass. She is embarrassing. And cringeworthy.
  12. The Spain episode. The husband was fine. The wife was supremely annoying. She looked like an unfortunate 12 year old, yet seemed quite smug. Of course, they got the place she wanted which was an hour from their jobs. But, she didn’t care because she likes to knit on the hour long commute. Guess it doesn’t matter what the husband likes. I think they were both working at the school.
  13. This Brown Mother needs to go!! Seriously, she is LOVING being in the spotlight. She is not a housewife! Go away! Anyone who wears an EGO and MEDICINE WOMAN necklaces/badges wants to be the star of the show.
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