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  1. Archie is still in Canada. Staying with Mulroney’s. Interesting.
  2. Okay we can all just agree to disagree. My opinions are my own. Happy birthday to Kate today!
  3. But M appeared to have a relationship with some of her family members and then they were seemingly just cut off. Wasn’t there a lawyer cousin in VA that she was close to? It just seems to me that she dispenses with people easily and now H is doing the same. I can’t believe all of these family members and friends were dysfunctional. the way it is going, I doubt M and H will ever be at any royal family gatherings again. I even wonder what will happen when Philip dies. Will H attend the funeral?
  4. Yes the Queen is Harry’s grandmother. She is 93. Charles is his father. I cannot even fathom treating them with such disregard and blatant disrespect. i used to be a fan of Meghan. Now I am not. Lol. I am sure you can tell. This is all just my opinion. I think M wants to be super famous and beyond rich. She has put plans in place to do that. It’s fine for them to leave the royal family. Probably even for the best! But have some respect for the monarchy. This was a big FU to all of the royals and the crown. It is just interesting to me how she has no family in her life except her
  5. Plus, they have trademarked everything under the sun so are planning to monetize their royal status. That may not fly though. The Queen may take legal action, as well she should,
  6. I don’t know why everyone is so worried about M and H surviving on $40 million. M has big plans. She will giving speeches. ‘Write’ some books. Hobnob and try to become the next Oprah or Kardashian. It’s all about money and fame.
  7. I can certainly understand this. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  8. The Queen is not going to comment on things, until all plans are in place and agreed upon. Meghan and Harry released their vision of how THEY want things to go. The Queen may very well have different ideas and she has the final say. She may not want them to continue to use Frogmore as a residence. She may not want to fund a Canadian residence or allow them to monetize their royal status. She may want to strip them of their royal titles and their royal protection. Apparently, none of that has been worked out yet. M and H jumped the gun by putting their vision of their plans out there. Let's wai
  9. I think Meghan wants to be the next Kardashian. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. I don't think the UK is too sad about this news. Lol. The UK taxpayers will be happy. Now the Canadians may be paying taxes for them.
  11. I hope Liam DOES end up with Steffy and I don't even like Steffy. Lol. I am just over dopey Hope. I always thought it was weird how Douglas called her Mommy. And even weirder how she wants to co-parent with the psycho who kidnapped her baby and lead her to believe the baby was dead. Why isn't he in prison??? Hope deserves what she gets.
  12. Well, it kind of is her call since she is the Queen. If nothing else, it shows immense disrespect for the royal family and Harry's grandmother, particularly. And with the statement Kensington released, it is pretty much the Queen saying--hey, hold your horses. I know you want to quit, but we have things to work out first.
  13. If they really did not notify anyone in the royal family before making their announcement, I cannot even comprehend what they are thinking. Never mind that this is the Queen, she is also Harry’s grandmother. Wow. They have shown their true colors. The BBC royal correspondent is reporting it as accurate. No one was informed, prior to announcement.
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